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Requested by anon.

John/Meg/James discuss Jecky: their chemistry, the possibility of a drunken makeout sesh, and Becky’s boobs. Basically, James and Meg are Jecky trash.

anonymous asked:

Hey can I request a scenario where Johnny tells his gf he loves her for the first time? :)

“Hi, Y/N,” he greets with a smile as you open the door to your house.

“Hi Johnny,” you greet.

“I love you, Y/N,” he looks into your eyes and blurts.

You laugh it off until he pulls your wrist and makes him face you with your face inches apart from his.

“I really do,” he whispers.

“Enough with the jokes Johnny, come inside, the dinner’s getting cold,” you pulled him inside.

“Y/N, everything I say is a joke to you, right?” he pauses as you reach the dining table.

“Johnny, are you okay? You’re not your silly and abnormal self today,” you laughed and started arranging food on the table.

Johnny pulled out a chair and sat down, sulking. He loved you, he really did. Was he too silly that you stopped taking him seriously? Was he a joke to you? Did you friendzone him forever? Johnny was lost in pessimistic thoughts until you tapped the back of your spoon on the table to get his attention.

“Johnny, are you really okay?” you got up and put your hand to his forehead to check if he has a fever.

“I’m alright,” he mumbles and removes your hand from his forehead.

“Why aren’t you eating? I thought you loved pasta,” you scooted closer to him, your brows furrowed as you stared as his blank expression.

You had never seen your best friend this sad before. You wanted him to blurt out all he has to say so you pulled your chair closer to him and starting inquiring.

“Johnny,” you took his hand as a gesture for him to trust you. “What’s wrong?”

You searched for an answer in his deep brown eyes. You could see his lash-line getting pooled up with tears and you couldn’t help but hug him that instant.

“I love you, Y/N. I want to make you happy. I want to be the highlight of your day. I want to spend all my time with you. I am obsessed with you, your smile, the way you laugh at my lame jokes,” he spoke his heart out the second you hugged him.

You teared up at his words and broke the hug to look at his eyes which only reflected honesty, sincerity and innocence.

“I love you,” he kissed your forehead. “Please believe me, Y/N, please!”

“I do,” you wiped his tears and nodded in assurance, “I love you too, Johnny.”

“I love the way you make pasta for me every weekend too, you know,” he said with a bright smile and tears in his eyes.

You both shared a laugh and started at the cold pasta.

“Let’s call this a date,” you suggested.

“Sure, babe.” he winks in amusement.


I couldn’t find the Jecky dental skit online in good quality anywhere, so I figured I’d upload it. Enjoy!