anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could recommend any aesthetic/literature blogs??

Oh god my time has come and I feel so unprepared. Hope you like ‘em I sure do:

@artemiseia, @gansgay @cassiophea, @pureblud, @adamparrisih, @rhysahd, @dayskevin, @rennewalker, @mathiashelvars, @ghaffas, @rxchardgansey, @dreamingcourt, @prettyminyard, @aminyard, @daniellewild, @elainslucien, @jostenneil, @ohtroyes, @lilyshale, @tsarist, @memeyards, @allisonjrenyolds, @gnseysblue, @oydssey, @teddeylupin, @softfinch, @noaww, @hcrmiones, @heartrnder, @theravenkng

and I’m sure i’m not thinking straight so here’s my blogroll, which I specifically made for this ask 🌞

Better late than never am I right or am I right? Okay, I just want to take a minute to acknowledge all the people who have made my tumblr experience amazing. You guys are the best, I consider you all friends and sometimes I talk about you irl

Anyway, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out and I apologize for any spelling mistakes because it is kind of late.


ღ 1000picsofroyalty ღ allthingscatherineandmary ღ camchuckforever ღ catherinemiddletonn ღ cheeriosheerioo ღ claireofluxembourg ღ


ღ dina1221 ღ duchakaladydiana ღ duchesskatemiddy ღ duchessofpennsylvanis ღ dukeduchessandprinceofcambridge ღ hrhsussex ღ itwouldhavebeenher ღ irwinninng ღ


ღ juaniandtheroyals ღ kronprinsessa ღ lionessdonotweep ღ lovingtheroyals ღ maryandkateourfuturequeens ღ


ღ phff ღ phff-anythingatall ღ phff-myheroine ღ phff-neverletgo ღ princessingridalexandra ღ princessleonors ღ princessleos ღ princessmadeleines ღ princessofluxembourg ღ queenestelleofsassden ღ


ღ ravishingtheroyals ღ thecrownoutfits ღ timeandwisdom ღ vic-of-sverige ღ williamkategeorge ღ williamsexybaldspot ღ