being hannah’s sister would involve:

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  • being her best friend
  • working at the shop
  • going to kat’s house party with her
  • checking out zach and justin
  • playing beer pong with monty
  • becoming a cheerleader
  • influencing hannah to hit up justin
  • covering for hannah when she sneaks out
  • threatening justin after that inappropriate photo goes around
  • scolding hannah
  • being on the ‘best’ list
  • consoling hannah after her fall out with jessica
  • avoiding alex
  • dating montgomery
  • standing up for tyler against monty
  • tyler stalking you and hannah
  • catering hannah and courtney’s sleepover
  • sleeping over at monty’s
  • your parents buying a new car for the winter prom
  • hyping hannah up to dance with clay
  • bitching out courtney after hannah leaves
  • getting free popcorn
  • trying dollar valentine’s
  • hoping to get monty
  • getting jeff
  • monty breaking up with you before valentine’s day
  • going to the movies with jeff
  • seeing monty with sheri
  • encouraging hannah to go out with someone for valentines
  • taking care of her after her date with marcus
  • hearing hannah snap at zach
  • meeting ryan shaver
  • hannah closing off to you
  • persuading hannah to attend jessicas party
  • setting her up with clay
  • spying on her and clay
    • with jeff
  • loosing hannah
  • hearing about jeff’s death
  • getting angry to deal
  • noticing hannahs depression
  • dealing with your parents arguing
  • “whats wrong with you hannah?”
  • “nothing”
  • “bullshit”
  • seeing her come home wet and distraught
  • “what happened?”
  • hannah slamming her door in your face
  • offering to help hannah with her ‘project’
  • not seeing hannah after school
  • your dad picking you up after school
  • seeing hannah
  • completely shutting down
  • blaming yourself
  • tony consoling you
  • hearing the tapes with your parents
SF9 As High School Students


  • takes all AP and advanced classes and has stRAIGHT A’s
  • tutors literally everyone
  • teacher’s favorite
  • we all have that teacher that hates everyone
  • well that teacher adores inseong
  • gets really annoyed when people wanna copy off his hw
  • never late to class
  • perfect attendance record
  • does all the work in group projects
  • every teacher wants him as their teacher aide
  • has so many extra school supplies
  • finished his hw before 11pm and actualy sLEEPS


  • only wears sweats and caps
  • basically always wearing athleisure
  • pretty lowkey in school
  • president of one of the school’s dance clubs/crew
  • choreographs all the performances for rallies
  • eats his lunch in the middle of class so he can practice dancing during lunch
  • late to his class after lunch cuz h was too busy dancing so he didn’t hear the bell
  • wants everyone in his dance club to do well so he’s always pulling people to the side so help them with any moves they might be struggling with


  • not popular himself but is friends with the popular kids
  • tries to show off during PE because he is a “manly man”
  • ends up with a ball to the face and he blacked out for the rest of the period
  • hangs out in the computer lab during break and lunch
  • secretly plays slither during class whenever they use computers
  • wears the same hoodie basically the entire year
  • the only friend in his squad that can drive
  • so he’s always giving everyone rides
  • gives really entertaining presentations full of memes and puns


  • everyone knows who he is
  • he may not be friends with everyone but he just knows everyone
  • friends with entire school on facebook
  • has snapchat streaks with half the school
  • always making comments in class to make everyone laugh
  • hands down class clown
  • never has his school supplies
  • does morning announcements and his is so damn loud and peppy
  • so once the school hears them they’re awake
  • the guy who gets everyone hyped at rallies
  • blew something up in chem and the entire school got evacuated and sent home
  • wore booty shorts to school to protest the unfair dresscode


  • discreetly places his mixtape around school
  • but it’s fire so everyone is trying to figure out who made it
  • most lowkey BTS fanboy ever
  • the one who breaks up fights
  • works at the milk tea place nearby so he can earn money to make more mixtapes
  • got in trouble for watching videos on youtube on the library computers instead of using them for school work
  • hacked the school wifi
  • has a stash of instant noodles in one of his classrooms
  • part of anime club


  • lead role in school plays/musicals
  • ultimate mom friend
  • works in cafeteria and the lunch ladies LOVE him
  • makes better food than the lunch ladies
  • so he cooks food for everyone
  • tells Dawon to put some pants on so he doesn’t get dresscoded
  • like Jaeyoon he’s always giving people rides
  • doesn’t fit in the desks
  • always makes milk tea runs after school to see juho
  • all star of baseball team yes just like his character in cyh
  • has a bunch of fangirls
  • is the only reason people even go to the school baseball games


  • vice president of youngbin’s dance club
  • constantly teasing everyone
  • you know that one guy who’s almost always joking around
  • that’s taeyang
  • heavily involved with the drama department
  • he choreographs the musical dance routines
  • when he’s not dancing
  • he’s running with cross country team
  • does this very rarely and he’s not part of the cross country team
  • he just runs with them sometimes and they don’t mind
  • plus he runs shirtless so at that point who would mind
  • never gets in trouble because he blinds the teachers with his smiel so they forget what he even did wrong
  • he and Rowoon are the main heart throbs of the school
  • almost always is dating someone and he and his s/o are #relationshipgoals


  • his looks confuse everyone
  • so everyone thinks he’s older than he actually is
  • has cat buttons on his backpack
  • unlike Zuho he straight up hands people his mixtape
  • was ok looking as a freshman but oohh he glo’ed up
  • so senior year he’s a hottie
  • always asking Jaeyoon and Rowoon for rides
  • goes to nearby milk tea place to ask Zuho to play his mixtape there
  • phone dies before lunch
  • kept bringing food to the library and kept getting caught eating it
  • so he go banned from the library
  • crushes on the same person all of high school but nEVER TELLS THEM THAT HE LIKES THEM
  • the only reason the school newspaper is still alive


  • looks up to Rowoon literally
  • he wants to be part of school musicals but he always ends up playing the kid version of Rowoon’s character
  • but when Rowoon graduates THEN he’s the lead
  • too shy to even look at any of his crushes
  • always running from class to class
  • always participates in rallies
  • whether it be Youngbin’s cool choreo or the silly skits
  • very involved with his class
  • always at the off-campus fundraisers for his class
  • tries to be part of student gov but he never gets elected
  • wears the same damn sweatshirt everyday
  • everyone’s just like
  • “what is this 13 year old doing here lmao”
  • then he opens his mouth and starts talking and it just leaves the people around his speechless

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hey, dude.

you seem down and stuff today.

things’ll look up, dude.

trust me.

everything happens for a reason.

sort of.

sometimes shit just kinda happens.

but i guess rolling with the punches is something we should be getting used to by now?

chin up, chest out.

friendwork, teamship.


So, I left my computer unattended in my room with my closest friends, just for a few minutes when I secluded myself. Instead of posting a funny FB status for me, reblogging girly photos on Tumblr, or giving me a weird Twitter tweet, my friends left me this in my draft folder.

This is friendship.

I appreciate it a lot.


Il giradischi con i vinili è diventato un monopolio di mio figlio, soprattutto da quando ha scoperto i “Pikkols” (The Beatles); al contrario, tutti i CD che girano dentro casa sono di mia moglie, che non ha mai smesso di comprarli, anche quando, ai tempi di Veltroni segretario di partito, le mostrarono le meraviglie dell’Internez. 

Salgo in macchina, accendo la radio e parte “Truth Be Known”, dal disco Mirror Ball di Neil Young insieme ai Pearl Jam. È una roba del 1995, quando eravamo tutti più felici per il semplice fatto che nessuno sapeva un cazzo di come passava le giornate l’altro e potevamo ancora sognare di avere amici speciali che facevano cose speciali e magari la vicina di casa con cui avremmo voluto procreare o anche solo scopare in attesa dell’ascensore la incensavamo, nella nostra mente, come una persona di elevate doti soprannaturali, tipo conversare di Neil Young e fare i pompini con due mani mentre oggi, invece, sai che va in giro a scrivere cose su Fidel Castro del tipo “io ho parlato con un cubano e posso assicurarvi che se la passano tutti molto male.”

Ho letto, coprendomi gli occhi, i pensierini di Saviano su Castro. Non li voglio commentare perché Neil Young non meriterebbe mai un ascoltatore che pensi a Saviano mentre un suo brano suona. 

“Saw your friend
Working in this hotel
Says he used to know you when
And your dreams”

Probabilmente per descrivere uno come Fidel Castro non basteranno altri 50 anni e io provo sempre di più la sindrome del commentatore a caldo. Alla fine di un film, quando finisco di ascoltarmi un disco - ché io c’ho ancora sto brutto vizio di ascoltarmi i dischi da inizio a fine, come quando leggi un libro, senza fare altro - non sopporto chi poi ti chiede “eh, che ne pensi?” Non lo so ancora, l’ho finito appena 13 mesi fa, non ho avuto il tempo di assimilarlo.

Una volta andai a Cuba, nel 2011. Casualmente conobbi un certo Jesus Martinez, un signore di 75 anni, veterano della rivoluzione, o come ci disse lui, “della seconda guerra d'indipendenza cubana, appartenente al primo plotone, agli ordini del comandante Camillo Cienfuegos.” Dei suoi racconti mi restano tante cose e la frase “il socialismo è per i poveri, il capitalismo per i ricchi”. 

Poi mi ricordo di un altro cubano, grande, enorme, nero e che aveva combattuto in Angola ma non mi parlò di politica, bensì del suo amore per una ragazza portoghese che aveva conosciuto lì. Anch’io ebbi una storia con una portoghese, anni e anni fa e mi sentivo molto vicino a lui e poi di abbracciarlo forte forte perché, in quella piazzetta di non mi ricordo dove, bevendo rum e fumando sigarette senza filtro, eravamo diventati nostalgici per due tipe del Portogallo che probabilmente non avremmo mai più rivisto. 

La cosa più importante, comunque, fu che dopo quel viaggio avevo ancora meno chiaro cos’era Cuba, il castrismo, i cubani, la rivoluzione, i gadget e via dicendo. Una sola cosa avevo capito: il “Che” era amato ma allo stesso tempo lo prendevano pure un po’ per il culo, forse per via di quel fatto di essere andato in Bolivia con 20 uomini e senza una mappa del Paese per fare la rivoluzione. 

Ovviamente, ogni volta che scoppia una discussione politica con in mezzo un personaggio tipo Castro, qualcuno spara sempre il commento “eh però col cazzo che avreste voluto vivere a Cuba!”. O in Russia, o in Cina, fate voi. Ovviamente è tutta gente che commenta mentre si trova in coda al check-in per venire qua negli Stati Uniti d’America a godere delle gioie sfrenate del capitalismo con le tasse basse, zero sociale e soprattutto zero burocrazia. Ah, quanti porchiddii caduti inutilmente sulla tastiera come marines in missioni di pace. Ah, ne cercano di nuovi da mandare in guerra. Le iscrizioni non chiudono mai, ma affrettatevi. Potrebbe essere l’ultima.

In generale, mi sento di dire che da adesso saremo tutti un po’ più soli.