Closed rp with Unlikely-Friendtrolls


> You toss a chip into the air, catching it as it falls back down without taking your eyes off your last opponent. They’ve got a pretty good poker face, you’ll admit, but you can tell they’re sweating underneath. You on the other hand are the epitome of smug and certain, as per usual, leaning back in your chair casually, balancing it on the back two legs, rocking slightly as you wait for the inevitable. 

> Your ‘Lucky streak’ has gained you a bit of a crowd. Won’t be long until the managers come to see what’s up, but you’ll be out of here by then. 

“Ya gonna fold’r what? Don’ got all day, sweet cheeks.” 

> Your opponent glares at you from behind their cards. You can tell what they’re thinking. ‘He can’t stay lucky forever but he looks so certain.’ It’s all or nothing at this point. There’s a rather large stack of chips on the line, though, and you know they can’t resist. 

>Sure enough, they push their stack to the middle and declare that they’re in. You smirk. The dealer tells you to show your cards and you oblige casually, watching your opponents face fall as you reveal blackjack, trumping his regular 21. 

> The crowd roars with mixed cries of disbelief and amazement. The guy that followed you from the slots looks like he’s won the lottery. You’re not sure what he expects but he certainly ain’t gettin it. 

> You’re done at any rate. You gather up your chips and wave the crowd off as you go to cash them in. A large sum of sweet sweet cash is waiting for you.