Went to OKA POINT for the first time ever with Natasha and it was so beautiful! We talked for a little bit and she was venting to me which was great but then this guy came and scared us so we left and walked to Hilton and ate because her mom works there and well now I’m at home and sleepy so I’m going to take a nap but today was amazing ok bye

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People are too stuck on sex. Isn't it enough to know they seem to be happy? Why the need to know if they are getting some action and with whom? My friends think I'm the most boring person because the only sex life I'm interested in are my own. It obviously makes me happy when others are happy and are getting some but unless they're sharing techniques I can apply to my own sexy times, I could give zero f*cks what's going on. Why is it so strange to mind one's own business?

I love their adorable happy weird friendsy thing. I am not going to pretend to be high minded enough that I am not fascinated by their bizarro sexual chemistry thing, but I definitely don’t find it the most interesting thing about them.

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Hartwinorlose? Harryunwin?

I only just started talking to @hartwinorlose and she’s wonderful! Very friendly, and also makes very good Kingsman posts~

@harryunwin is my URL twin and we are friendsies till the death. We are amigos and I love the things she posts~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLAYNA!!! 🎉🎈 I hope all your wishes come true. I’m grateful to have a friend like you. You’re one of the only people that tag me in funny videos on facebook just to probably make me laugh and I really appreciate you for that. I wish you genuine happiness bc I never want to see you cry, or else I will ask “why you cry?” hahaha. But for real I hope you have a great day today bc you “have a basketball game tomorrowww” lol love u hoe 😚💖