My comicbook Persephone is out in France.
It has been a looong road from the starting point to the release date.
I have to thank many people without whom none of this would have been
possible (could it sounds more cliché ahah) : Tamia Baudouin, Queen
of bande-dessinée, David Chauvel, who said ‘amen’ to every weird path
I decided to take during the book’s conception, and of course all the friends
I met while drawing the book. Life has been so great since I started to sketch
Persephone, I’m thinking she was my lucky charm, I’m sad to let her go live
her own adventures without my help.

Farewell little girl !

the signs as things my dad has said (part 4)
  • aries: *reads my sister's math homework as "four boobs" instead of "four boards" on purpose, laughs for ten minutes*
  • taurus: *whenever mildly inconvenienced* you know what? fuck it. that's what i always say
  • gemini: [every time bb8 came on screen during The Force Awakens] i love that little snowman guy
  • cancer: *calls his friends his "friendsies"*
  • leo: [whenever our dogs misbehave] *monotonously* stop it please....
  • virgo: [constantly, sometimes for no reason] okay so what's happening right now
  • libra: *calls our dogs his "big good friends"*
  • scorpio: [looking up from his phone 2 minutes after i sneezed] uh...bless you
  • sagittarius: [immediately after i woke up at 6am] wow u look're like the face of tiredness
  • capricorn: [every time he hangs up after calling a store to ask for their hours] ok bye i'll see u later!!!
  • aquarius: [after i said a rock on star trek looked like a dick] what the fuck would you know
  • pisces: [on the phone with his work friend in the bathroom] me? i'm just peeing
heather fuckin chandler

lemme tell u something about heather chandler

heather was rude and bitchy and a total bully with inexcusable actions but tbh????? she deserves so much more than life gave her

heather chandler had one real friend

veronica hated her and heather duke hated her

heather mcnamara however is the only one that even remotely liked her as far as we can tell

she called heather chandler her best friend, and after giving martha that note, she went back over to the heathers and actually hugged onto heather chandler’s arm (which was insanely cute btw i love it)

everyone else in the school thought she was hot but none of them liked her

and the sad part about it??? i’m pretty sure heather at least somewhat cared for her friends

she had pictures of her and veronica in a photobooth in her locker along with other pictures of her and her friends

i mean, she really did like veronica too

she brought veronica to a college party instead of her other friends, she gets pissed off when veronica talks to other people (ESPECIALLY jd oh god she gets so mad), and according to veronica, heather calls her late at night just to babble and talk about literally whatever

she confides in veronica, she likes her, and chansaw is rEAL just very one sided and repressed

and do u think i’m done bc i’m NOT

tw mentions of rape and sexual abuse below

i noticed something v upsetting while watching the movie about heather at the party

there was a short scene of heather making out with one of the college guys at the party but she pulls away and says she just wants to get back to the party, which he responds with that they will, but she just looks so hot tonight and he can’t help himself

and here’s where it hit me in the feels HARD

heather’s expression after he says those words

she seems uncomfortable, a bit nervous, and it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to

and the fact that it’s not something she wants to do really stands out when the college guy’s hand moves to her upper back and he actually has to move her downwards

shortly afterwards, there’s a very short clip where she stares at herself in the mirror, drinking a glass of water, and then she suddenly spits out all the water over her reflection with this look of disgust, looking at herself the entire time

now i think this scene is overlooked for a specific reason, and that reason is the other girls in the movie

when ram is kissing heather mcnamara, she is very clearly struggling and pushing at him and fighting

when jd kisses veronica when she tries to leave him, she fights him and pushes and escapes

but heather chandler doesn’t fight

she doesn’t say a word, she doesn’t try to leave, she doesn’t fight him at all

here’s the thing about that

heather chandler is a very sensible person who can tell when something isn’t right

we see this when she claims jd should be put in prison for bringing a gun to school because he’s clearly dangerous, while her friends don’t think it’s a big deal

when jd hands her the cup, she immediately assumes that because of what happened last night, veronica did something to the cup to prank her and at first refuses to drink it

she’s smart, she’s clever, and she knows what’s going on

and because she knows these things, i think she’d also know that there are some men who don’t take kindly to a girl saying no

think carefully

they were alone in a room, and if she happened to refuse and he got violent and hurt her, nobody would see or hear it happen

she knows this and knows that for her own safety, it’s better to go along with it, get it over with, and go back to the party

this is all entirely speculation and i’m just going off of little details here but quite honestly, it makes sense to me 

tldr: she was a bitch, but heather chandler honestly needs a protection squad and deserved so much better and i just have a lot of emotions about her


So, the UMBC mascot, True Grit, has basically looked like this for most of its history.

OK, you get it. Oh here’s a fucking dog, an angry chesapeake Bay Retriever, look at him dance and do push ups and pump up the fifty parents who came out for the basketball team tonight. Fairly normal looking mascot though right? In fact, it’s a great looking mascot. I’d follow that thing into hell. 

Anyway, when I first went to school, the mascot looked similar. I think it was light brown, not dark brown. I thought it looked good. Not as sleek as the current dog, but if a stranger saw it, they’d be able to connect the dots and say “Oh, I recognize what that mascot is supposed to represent. 

BUT THEN, for one awful year, they changed the mascot. They changed it into something HORRIFYING. It looked like the type of creature you meet at the end of a maze. 

It hung around for a year, and then they brought “Angry dog” back, thank GOD. Not only that, it was almost impossible to find a picture of it. Like the AD gave a specific order to eliminate all traces of it from the record. Nobody remembers it either! “hey guys did you remember that ugly UMBC mascot” and they’d say “No, I never went to a single sporting event on that shithole of a campus.” 

For ten years I’ve been searching in vain for a picture of this fucking creature. I’d almost given up. But fortune favors the persistent and my friends

I present to you. 

Where to start? The half horse half dog mask? The gigantic hips? The FUCKING TALONS. Look at those nails! I wonder how many cheerleaders got lacerated by that thing. That’s some alpha predator shit, don’t let the “smile?” fool you. The Athletic Director had to feed that thing chunks of human flesh every night, lest it break it’s chains and start devouring Information Systems majors. 

Are U Coming? 



The One With The Internship 

You’re an intern on the late late show and Harry is beyond rude.  

The One Where You’re Sick

You’re sick and Harry comes home to take care of you.

The One Before The Wedding

You get nervous the night before the wedding.

The One Where He Cheats Part Two

Harry cheats on you and you’re not sure what to do.

The One Where You Get Jealous 

Harry writes about another girl and you can’t stop thinking about it.

The One Where He Saves You 

In which he is a life guard and you fall off your float.

The One Where His Family Doesn’t Like You Part Two Part Three

You’re a college student and his family believes you’re using him for money.

The One Where You Drive Me Crazy

Y/N and Harry are in a lip sync battle and she gets him a little flustered.

The One Where You’re Families Meet

Y/N speaks another language and plays translator between the two families.

The One Where You’re Just Friends

Y/N is shy, too shy, to the point Harry thinks she hates him.

The One Where It’s Empty

Y/N is left alone while Harry goes away and the house feels empty.

The One Where You’re Class Buddies

Y/N and Harry are both shy, staring at each other, cheeks pink. So What happens when they work together on a project?

The One Where She’s Nude Part Two Part Three Part Four

Her nudes have leaked to the whole world, and it’s all his fault. 

The One Where They Meet Again Part Two

After a bad break up Y/N and Harry meet again at Niall’s party.

The One Where She’s His Little Secret 

Y/N is a private person, and she made that clear to Harry, they were fine until pictures were posted of the two cuddling.

The One With The Interview 

Harry can’t stop talking about Y/N and the cute faces she makes.

The One Where She Comes From Old Money

Y/N has always been spoiled, which leads to a fight between the two.

The One With The Surprise 

Y/N buy’s Harry one of his dream gifts.

The One With The Smoothie

Harry meet Y/N at a smoothie bar.

The One With Sweetness 

Y/N is the perfect girl for harry.

The One Where You Fake It

Y/N fakes her orgasms.

The One Where He’s Sick

Harry is sick and grumpy.

The One Where She’s Stressed

Exam grades are coming out and Y/N has never been more stressed in her life.

The One Where She’s Welcomed To The Family

Anne supports Y/N.


“I’ll Protect you at all cost.”


Kitten Part Two Part Three Part Four (In Progress)

He had nothing to offer her. He worked in a bar, he could hardly afford rent, but for her he would do anything. He would work hard just to give her whatever she wanted.

Soulmates (In Progress)

Everyone is born with a soulmate, a mark on their bodies that match their other half, but what happens when the pairing hate each other?

Anxiety taking control of you?

I have been under a lot of stress these past few weeks from life. I have  been feeling like I can not take catch a break. Every Time one situation improves, another situation gets worse. The amount of stress I have been under has been causing me to have to have frequent panic attacks.  I was at work two weeks ago, and I started to have a panic attack, and it was at the moment when I realized I have to take control of this. I have to be proactive to about this problem. I have been taking steps to improve my stress level and anxiety.

  • I meditate more than once a day.  Every time I feel myself getting stressed out, I go and mediate. No matter where I am, I will find a quiet place to calm myself. 
  • I made yoga extra mandatory
  • I have increased the amount of chamomile tea I drink. I have also started carrying chamomile pills in my bag.
  • When panic attack happens, I focus on my breathing and tell myself I will be okay, i’m doing good, and things will get better. I repeat these things to myself until I calm down.
  • I have been spending time with my partner and friends
  • I have been spending more time on my hobbies
  • I have been working out at home. ( Hopefully I will start going to the gym again)
  • I have been writing my emotions

If you are under a lot of stress or battle anxiety , please don’t let it control you. Take some small steps to get in front of it. It might take some time to completely get a hold of it, but at least you will have some control or have the tools to reduce it.

If you tried any of these tips, please comment below if they helped you.

Newsies Live Checklist

❏ Newsies Cap

❏ Cookie Cake

❏ Plenty of space to tap dance

❏ Silence from anyone around

❏ Solid decisions on the jeggings, by the way

❏ Oop grab the tissues

❏ A Friendsie always helps

❏ Mental preparation for seeing The Fankhauser’s nose in HD in your own home

❏ Blanket to cuddle under during Letter From The Refuge

❏ Do your pre-show rituals … poOR gUy’S HEAD is sPINNInG

❏ Cover all nearby surfaces that could potentially harm you during “Brooklyns Here”

❏ Grab some coffee and doughnuts - preferably not curdled or molded

❏ Get ready to have your day SEIZED

Maybe i was eight
When i was first asked by my friend
“Who do you like?”

Now the thought had never occurred to me
The feeling had never run through me
And although i’ve heard how it felt
When i listened to my friends
I could not help but not feel that way

I never felt that way
So “no one” i said
And by the look on her face
I could just tell
That there was no way

No way that was true
Written in all my friends’ looks
No way that was real
Must my lack of feeling be concealed?

Maybe i was ten
When i was asked again
By the same friend

Same event
Same thing i felt
Nothing had changed

Now those weren’t the only times
So at one point i lied
Said i had liked someone
Though it hadn’t been for a long time
I just wanted to be part of the crowd

Looking back
I think i mixed my mind
Two feelings combined
As if i hadn’t been able to tell them apart
I used someone i had felt stongly about

Replaced friendship for love
Appreciation for adoration
Told part of myself “in the closet you go,
No one can know”

I’m in nineth grade
I am asked again
“No one” i said
Knowing all too well
The response i was gonna get

“That has got to be a lie”
“Don’t you trust us”
“How can you not like anyone?”
I didn’t know how
And oh, how i wished it was a lie

“What do you think of him?”
“And of him?”
Nothing still
“But you think they’re cute, right?”

There was nothing i felt
I didn’t even care
Except for when i realised
That it didn’t make sense

No One: my asexual journey

hamilton + bed time rituals headcanons

i really need to get back to writing normal fics


  • always reads before bed
  • like he picks a book for the week and always reads a few chapters before bed
  • majority of the time this isn’t a good idea
  • cause he’ll stay awake till all hours of the night reading 
  • he still reads at night anyway


  • always listens to music before bed
  • doesn’t want to disturb everyone else so he uses earbuds 
  • bad mistake though because they get tangled
  • and they’re just everywhere
  • and sometimes fall from his ears
  • and he could potentially not hear the fire alarm if it ever goes off


  • always has a cup of tea before bed
  • like peppermint or chamomile to calm him down 
  • sometimes he accidentally reaches for the box of caffeinated tea 
  • you can imagine how awful he feels the next morning after drinking a cup of that


  • takes a long ass warm shower before bed to unwind 
  • once fell asleep leaning against the shower wall
  • nearly fell
  • but he was okay
  • just kinda climbs into bed afterwards in whatever he can find in his comfy clothes drawer


  • has a big glass of cold water
  • sometimes even warm milk with cinnamon
  • tends to read too but not a book he knows he won’t be able to put down
  • just an easy read 
  • maybe even a romance novel 
  • he never admits that though


listens to white noise before bed

  • like soft rain showers or acoustic music
  • puts like four blankets on her bed
  • tends to put her hair in braids before sleeping


  • is always up late because she thinks of last minute things needed to be done
  • or things needed to be ready in the morning
  • she always listens to soft classical music before bed 
  • she writes about her day in a journal


  • is always up talking to her friends
  • is told to go to bed like an hour ago but damn netflix is important ang
  • usually falls asleep after spending two hours searching random shit on youtube
  • occasionally forgets to plug in her phone


  • always has a classic novel to read before bed
  • of mice and men is his personal fav
  • he usually sits in the dark with only candle light reading
  • he knows he’s damaging his eyes but oh well
  • sometimes falls asleep while reading and loses his page


  • will make sure everything is ready for the next day
  • will stay up for a bit double checking every little thing in his mind before finally settling in bed 
  • but even then his mind is all over the place
  • he drinks a little tea before bed to calm himself usually
  • just needs to calm down much more