The Touch of Your Hands

I’ve had 4 anon requests for a Destiel one shot. Hope you all enjoy! XOXO

Summary: Cas asks Sam for help in becoming more used to human customs. It takes a strange turn and ends up causing him to confront his feelings for Dean.

Word Count: 2480

Warning: Destiel smut

Cas appreciated the friendship of the Winchesters, he truly did. He wasn’t used to humanity, had never cared enough to learn human customs or emotions before, and the Winchesters had stuck with him despite that shortcoming. Cas knew it was an annoyance at the very least, his lack of knowledge about humanity, and he had decided it was high time that he learned how to act human. It would be a way to show the Winchesters that he was grateful, and a way to avoid all the problems his lack of awareness caused.

It wasn’t just that it would make Cas’ life easier. The last few years had changed him, shown him things he hadn’t known existed. He had never known that humans experienced so much, and the more he learned about human life and love, the more he wanted to have it for himself. The Winchesters sacrificed themselves over and over to save humanity, and Cas desperately wanted to understand why they fought so hard. What they were fighting for.

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oh, how we’ve grown - eight songs about friendship, growing, changing, and loving. [listen]

1. GOD ONLY KNOWS - she & him [but long as there are stars above you,
you never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it] 2. TAKE CARE - beach house [i’d take care of you, if you’d ask me to] 3. COME WIND COME RAIN - vashti bunyan [we’re on our way and everyday, is another ten miles and an armful of hay] 4. YOU’VE GOT THE LOVE - florence + the machine [sooner or later in life, the things you love you lose, but you got the love i need to see me through] 5. LANDSLIDE - fleetwood mac [but time makes you bolder, even children get older] 6. ISN’T IT A LOVELY NIGHT? - the decemberists [and so alight with fireflies providing us their holy light] 7. WE ARE YOUNG (FUN. COVER) - hozier [so if by the time the bar closes, and you feel like falling down, i’ll carry you home tonight] 8. HEROES - david bowie [we can be heroes, just for one day]

for sunnystargazer, happy early birthday, darling heart

anonymous asked:

what exactly is a slow burn couple? I don't understand.

Okay, short definition: 

A slow burn couple is that relationship who is build up slowly, and doesn’t happen from day to night or in 10 /12 days whatsoever. 

A slow burn couple it’s the couple who take their time to happen. 

They can begin as “enemies”, but slowly start to know each other, and understand each other. 

They slowly become friends. 

They slowly start to trust in each other and to care about each other. 

The sexual tension it’s palpable, but no one gives the first step, even when you feel something more than friendship.

Like I saw a friend of mine saying on twitter: “Slow burn” in fans dictionary means the solid building up of a romantic relationship and if it is done properly, it is never boring!

I hope that I can make any sense in this reply dear anon! And thank you for asking ! :)

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Pisces female and Leo female as friends?:) (compatibility) love your blog by the way!

Thank you <3

I answered a question like this for a relationship hehhee well, it’s a very improbable friendship but suuuuper cute! Pisces feels so nurtured by Leo and vice-versa, you’re both so sweet for the people you care about. You’re both artistic and have always creative ideas and plans to do and you share a lot of interests. I’m imagining Pisces and Leo doing the dumbest, yet, most creative, things together hahaha You never give up on each other, you have meaningful conversations and deep down there is mutual understanding, but you’re very different. Leo probably stands up for Pisces when she feels like she has to be nice, Leo will raise hell if she needs to, to protect Pisces. Pisces doesn’t mind giving the center of the stage to Leo and they appreciate each other’s talents. It’s a great and weird friendship ;)

“Do you remember me?” The girl asked “Do you care?”
The boy, who had forgotten about his old friend, just stared.

A years worth of memories that they had made were lost, disappearing in the back of his mind, where they had been tossed.

The girl cried for days after he left, and her anxiety didn’t stay in it’s home where it usually crept.

Days and days went by and the girl found a new best friend, someone who loved and cared for her, someone who swore that their friendship would never end.

I guess you could call this fate, could you not? It all happened so quickly that everything about the boy, she almost forgot.

The girl now sticks by her new best friend’s side, she loves her so much, there is no lie. 

What did you expect from a girl so blue, other than to find someone new?

- fate; g.z

Good news of the day!

I’ve gotten close to a classmate who’s been flirting with me since January, but I was never able to give a direct statement that I wasn’t romantically interested, even though I care about him quite a bit platonically

You can’t say ‘no’ to a relationship with only a subtle flirt to work with. Just roll your eyes a lot.

But he finally asked me out tonight so I was able to give a definite 'no’

I think he took it well

(So relieving. People, don’t leave other people in situations like this for months on end)

You know what I’m fucking sick of people that don’t know the value of friendship. they hang out with people talk to them everyday call them their friends but never do they actually care for them, they never ask twice about how they’re doing, if their okay, whats going on in their life because they generally do not care. I’m sick of always pulling my end in the friendships in my life and I mean all of them and never getting the same treatment back, I bend over backwards helping everyone else but nobody ever asks me once how I am. I spend hours making sure my friends are okay and happy and content with their lives but they make it clear they don’t give a shit about mine and I know I sound selfish I really do but it feels like I don’t have any friends, Like it would take something drastic like walking off the face of the earth for them to really care. Everybody acts so bitter and so cold as if they are living on this earth for themselves only, people don’t understand what goes into a friendship or what the value is and everyone takes it for granted, All because their stuck in the whirlwind of their own lives that they do not have time to step a side and make a small effort. People spend their lives chasing people who don’t give them the time of day yet they do not realize that they are so blessed with people who are doing exactly the same. I feel as if I am everyone’s friend and I’m always there for everyone to fall on but I have no friend of my own. and I know what you’re going to say, if people treat you like shit then why be so good to them? Because if I wasn’t, I’d be just as bad as all of them.
—  Thoughts

I know I’m rarely active but this was seriosly something I have never experienced before, and it felt amazing. I just wanted to tell you guys this because I get asks about their lovelife or friendship with a boy or a girl who don’t care about their mental illness. So I just wanted to tell you that there still is someone out in this world that does care about your daily struggle. 

So there is a festival in town this week, and there is people everywhere. So my anxiety kicks in of course. I was with my bestfriend, so thats a plus, but still freaked out. The worst part was when I got home, and was alone. Thats the time I think about everything that have happened, how many people there was. Then suddenly it feels like I’m being stabbed in the chest over and over, and the pressure of someone pushing their fist in your chest.

Around 1 AM a friend of mine started chatting with me, and he knows exactly how the anxiety feels like so he is very supportive. But I figured out that I couldn’t stay in anymore, so I asked him if he wanted to meet me outside. Of course I thought he was gonna say no, after all it was around 1 AM and it takes a little while to get there. Then I got this big surprice, he actually said yes.. I have NEVER had anyone meeting me at night to calm me down. But then I went, and I got anexity just by meeting him.. After all it was the second time, since the first time I was completly wasted so I didn’t think much about my anexiety then. But once we walked up to his house, I started to get relaxed.. It is so god damned easy to talk with him about anything. So I stayed there to a little past 3 AM, and what we first did was talking about what have happend today, and a little about anexiety and what his therapist told him about it. And the fact that he has a cute little animal that loves to cuddle also calmed me down.

BUT once it started to get better we ended up listning to old metal music, like what we both used to listen to. And just talked about concerts and what music we like and such. And then I got this big hug when I left, and damn it was good.

This might seem like nothing to many people, but to me.. Its amazing that someone actually bothered to stay up til 3 AM just to calm me down even when he is so tired he could probably fall asleep at the spot.

I’ll never see Bard and Tauriel as a romantic ship tbh 
but like, tragic friends i mean ??? 

recognizing a certain stubbornness of will between them, that sense of duty and obligation mirroring to each other. a loneliness between them and an awareness that they neither concede to the general social expectations. She’s not looking to step in as a mother figure to Bard’s children and he doesn’t want her to but she cares about his kids and they like her and that’s enough really. they’re not asking the other to be anything more than who they are, understanding how sometimes friendships/relationships don’t have to make you better they just need to let you be

and the same really applies for modern au as well? sometimes bard worries that it’ll confuse his kids if he’s too close to someone else but they seem to understand that just like they have friends so too can their dad have friends. they’re my perfect unlikely but entirely plausible friends. 

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Spencer Reid!

what a bitch

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: derek morgan of course

favorite friendship: holy shit i don’t know????? no one ever gives a shit about what he says and i hate that so fuck everyone they don’t deserve him(……) BUT i’m going to say garcia

general opinions: well fuck me he’s the best human being ever existed and he’s too beautiful too see all those horrible things. we would be great friends because I WOULD NEVER TELL HIM TO SHUT UP and he knows so many things i don’t, and he doesn’t know shit about modern stuff(???) SO I COULD TEACH HIM SOME OF IT and yes did i mention he’s the sweetest thing ever
also he’s just SO BRAVE but all the bad shit happen to him so please chill spence okay

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: mostly leckie, but hoosier/leckie/runner/chuckler is ot4 because have you seen them

favorite friendship: H COMPANY OF COURSE

general opinions: he is a sarcastic little shit who’s probably better than me and you and everyone else also he’s 38942390% done with everyone’s shit all the time but he genuinely cares about his boyfriends and the way he struggles to show it is so adorable never forget this post i’m ALSO HE’S THE BEST EVER BECAUSE HE PROTECTS THE DOG OK

send me a character!

The Continuing Adventure of My Boring-Ass Life

HELLO I NEVER HAVE DRAMA IN MY LIFE so you all get to hear about the next best thing ad infinitum.

Okay, so you know that line where Peggy’s all “So dramatic“ at Steve in TWS? Put a gif of that on my tombstone, for it is me.

I’ve been low-key thinking out how to reopen friendship with Guy, like, ask him for coffee? Make sure he knows I still care about him as a friend? Drink? WHEN TO SEND THE ALL-IMPORTANT TEXT RE-OPENING RELATIONS??

Yeahhhh and then I got included in a mass text and now Imma go over his house tomorrow for a Fourth of July party. Brisket and beer and my infinite zucchini breads will be involved, all is well, the end. I do rather like it when life smacks me upside the back of the head :)

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Ugh, I need help! Me and my crush are more than friends, but we're not quite dating. What should I dooo?

You could always talk to him about your feelings if you’re not satisfied with the relationship you have now. I don’t know enough of your situation to give proper advice, but I figure if you two are pretty close that your friendship could withstand a little awkwardness if there is indeed rejection. And you never know, you two might end up really caring for one another ^^

Do consider though if you think your friendship now is enough. If you’re not for certain, I’d let your feelings develop for a bit until you’re ready :)

[To anyone needing advice, please read my FAQ and this post first]

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I really like this guy and sometimes it seems like he likes me too but other times it doesn't. What should i do?

i fee like im an expert in this but the thing is ive never gone out with anybody that ive experienced this with so i dont really have much advice. although i have kissed a lot of them, so ill tell what i did when this happened.

although i didnt do this cus im a coward, you could always just ask them if they like you. this is the most straightforward way to deal with this, but probably the most scary. it also depends on if youre pretty good friends. if you are, then it can be scary to ask upfront cus you dont wanna ruin your friendship but if this person cares about you they wont leave you. if youre not friends, then theres really nothing to lose.

now each time this has happened to me and ive been really serious about liking said person, i analyze their actions like crazy before going for it. so, ill see how they act around me and stuff and decide if im imagining how they feel about me or im correct. every time i think im correct, ill wait till we’re sitting close to each other (obviously not in pubic. generally when we’re hanging out) and ill wait to see if theres tension between us and if there is, i kiss them. which can be a pretty drastic move, but its worked for me pretty well so far. although we never end going out thru a mutual decision, we usually end up talking about how we feel afterwards and work out our feelings.

honestly, just ask them though. its quick and easy, and you dont have too much to lose.


All of my life I have always felt that I am here more for my friends than they are for me. I have always felt like I care more about them then they do for me and that has always sucked. But with my best friend, I never feel that way. I know she loves and cares about me just as much as I do for her, and that is honestly the best feeling in the world. I love her to the moon and back and I couldnt ask for anyone better. She is the person I cannot go a day without talking to. The first person I text when I have Good news. The first person I text when I wake up in the morning. My best friend. I love you a lot torfster. 😙💕💕
@ flawlessklaine

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Expanding on the Skye/Kara friendship idea. I specifically love the idea of Skye slowly help ease Kara back into Shield after she has recovered, but never pushing her, and supporting any decision Kara makes. Even if Kara decides to officially resign, she knows she will have Skye's unwavering support no matter what. It isn't one sided either. Kara will also support one of her, not because she feels she owes Skye, but because she truly cares about her, and knows Skye genuinely cares about her.

There is so much that we could have had, in regards to Kara, and it’s infuriating that it was all wasted in order to bitchslap SWWers!
Yes they needed that bitchslap, but it’s still infuriating!

Phone Notes 5/18- 6/7 2015


I joke about suicide as a method of coping with the fact that there are more moments than id want to mention that i dont want to be alive


I stopped asking questions that people never thought about enough to answer because the looks on their faces when i ask them genuinely hurt too much when they don’t understand how to even formulate a response to a question ive been feeling for longer than ive had words to describe it


Possible Grocery List




Parmesean Cheese


I am absolutely terrified of other people changing because I feel my lines of friendship are so tenuous and precarious that even the smallest change can make the people I care about realise that I’m not worth the time theyve already expended on me so they decide to leave just like everyone else


My nights are spent thinking of conversations im too chicken to make a reality when the sun comes up


I’m sorry for being honest, because being honest always seems to fuck things up for me. But maybe it’s easier for you


Electric Love - BORNS


meaning not method




mode pas facon


Breakout Kings


It’s discouraging when the popular opinion is that you dont have enough potential to do the only thing that makes you feel really truly alive, not good enough to have the opportunity to learn to be better

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Letting it out: Fuck you for cutting me out of your life after we stopped working together. I actually cared about you, and I wanted our friendship to last. So nice of you to ignore my message wishing you a happy birthday and hoping you're doing well. I love you, goddammit. I've thought about you every day since the last day I saw you three months ago. I just can't shake you from my mind. It hurts to see you ignore me, forget me, probably never think about me. I wish I could forget so easily too

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