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If you want to know what heart break sounds like, ask someone why they don’t talk to the person that meant the most to them in high school.
—  Things I realized when I went away for college, part VII
Grown Up Hot (Stiles/Derek)

loveactually-rps said: Hi Inell, can you please write - Sterek - “i used to pick on you in middle school and then we went to separate high schools but now you’re at my college and your hot as hell and really popular” au - Thank you!

This is #2 for the 2017 Prompt Challenge. I really hope you enjoy it, bb!

Grown Up Hot. Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

Derek’s college Dream Boy just happens to be the nerdy kid he bullied back in middle school. Karma sucks.

“Whatcha staring at?” Erica whispers the question right in Derek’s ear, and it startles him, which makes her laugh. The tips of his ears flush with heat as he tries to give her a serious glare.

“Don’t do that,” he mutters, thankful that Laura and Cora are nowhere around to observe him being snuck up on by a pack member. He’d never hear the end of the teasing if they’d witnessed this.

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Like many people, I absolutely cherish the close friendships I forged in college, nearly mumble-mumble years ago. But we rarely think about how these friendships might affect the path to graduation. If anything, students are typically advised to avoid social distractions and keep their eyes on the academic prize instead.

A new book from a researcher at Dartmouth College puts a new spin on that idea, mapping out the ways differently structured social networks affect students’ experiences for good and for ill.

Janice McCabe, an associate professor of sociology, interviewed a diverse group of 67 undergraduates at a large Midwestern public university (unnamed to protect student privacy.) She asked them to name their friends, which ranged from 3 to 60 individuals, and then she painstakingly mapped out the web of connections that made up each person’s friend network.

Her conclusion? “It’s important to realize that friends can have academic as well as social benefits.” And the type of network you have matters a lot.

How College Friendships May Affect Student Success

illustration: LA Johnson/NPR

Its inevitable, high school is gonna end, we are gonna move to different towns. We aren’t going to see these people everyday anymore, we have six months left together. Six more months of lunches 5 days a week at the same table in the same room in the same school. About 150, give or take a few, days until we graduate and leave this school forever. 4 years of our lives is done. And some people might think that this is a dark depressing thought, that in six months we will leave our best friends behind and move on to another part of our life story. But I think there is a difference between me and someone who thinks this is dark and depressing. You, who thinks this is a dark thought who doesn’t want to hear it, you are probably scared, terrified for the inevitable future that awaits you. And thats perfectly fine, be scared to leave your best friends, that fear is going to drive you to make the most out of these last six months together. Its going to make you want to go out and go to games, dress crazily for spirit weeks, not give a crap about what other people in the school think because you are enjoying yourself for the last time with these people. The difference is I am okay with me and my friends splitting up. I have seven best friends and we hang out all the time. I know that these people are going to be the ones I can count on, these people are going to be with me for the rest of my life, most likely the ones I want to have in my wedding. There is going to be distance put in between us and it will be hard to talk. Seven different people, seven different schedules, seven different towns, finding the time for everyone to talk will be so hard but I’m not worried. These are the people that I know I can count on, that will call me out when I’m lying and will help me through a bad day. I know that we might be able to talk everyday, and I think I’m okay with that because I know that these are the types of people that I don’t need to talk to everyday because  I know that they will always be there for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to talk to them, believe me I am, but it means that I will be okay if there comes a point where everyone is too busy to talk everyday. Now with all this being said, and how I am not scared, that doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of these six months, I will. I will enjoy every moment that we spend together, every lunch, every dinner at my house, every song played on my guitar in my room, every old movie watched together, every car ride blasting music. I’m going to love every minute of it, but I know that I will be okay when it comes to the point where all of that is just a memory. I will be okay when we all  leave, yes I will be heartbroken but I know that we will always find our ways back to each other.
I think more seniors need to understand this. People think when high school is over they end a book, they think of there life as a book series, but its not, its one long novel. High school is just a chapter in it, and just because the chapter is over doesn’t mean the main characters cease to exist. Yes new characters come into the story, but the main ones will always be there, maybe not like they were before, and maybe not in the next chapter, but they will come back into the story. It might be years down the line, but the people who are supposed to be in your life, have a way of coming back. These are your best friends, the people you meet in high school and if your lucky they will be there for the rest of your life.
—  Something I said during my religion class today

Confession: I came to college thinking I would be ready for the experience of meeting new people and making friends, but it seems that I just don’t know how to do it. I continue to put myself out there and it seems like I have to constantly pursue people. Which I don’t have a problem with, but when I stop that’s when all communication does. I just continue feel that something is wrong with me because other people keep saying you should have no problem making a friend or friends. But in reality, I do.

I want a close group of friends..we would go on spontaneous trips when we have vacation, hang out at each others houses in the weekend and cook, drink wine, smoke and just vibe to music, chill on rooftops to watch sunsets/sunrise, study together for exams, spontaneously go out to cafes and try cocktails, go to summer festivals, try new things together, try to take artsy photos of each other. But we’d genuinely care and love each other. Grow as individuals together.

this is all I want

person: why are you crying

me: [thinking about the very last night before graduation when ransom and holster are each lying in their beds pretending to be asleep, crying silently and trying not to be terrified about what will happen to their friendship after college until ransom climbs down and crawls into holster’s bed and they hold each other and sniffle into each other’s shoulders] i dont understand the question

Plot 117: Joy Ride

Muse A has been sheltered for most of their upbringing, coddled by loving but overprotective parents well into their teenage years. They’ve yet to experience most of the milestones that their same-age peers take for granted, like attending a school dance or getting their driver’s license. The only time that Muse A isn’t under the watchful eye of their parents is when they’re at school and even then, they’re under strict orders to come straight home once that dismissal bell rings. Muse B hasn’t resided with a parent/guardian since they were legally able to live on their own. They didn’t come from a nurturing environment, not even close, but they’re not looking for a pity party about it. Muse B fends for themselves in this world and they’ve earned a bit of a reputation for snubbing their nose at authority at every opportunity. 

Muse A encounters Muse B one afternoon as they’re making their way to the bus. Muse A can’t help but stare with envy as Muse B mounts their motorcycle—able to ride off whenever and wherever they please. Muse B catches Muse A staring and they offer Muse A a ride. Muse A accepts, hastily snatching up their first little taste of freedom.    

Leo & Pisces
  • Pisces, getting dressed, hears his phone message ding go off:
  • Pisces, opens & reads a text from Leo:
  • "good morning mf"
  • Pisces: Aww.
  • Pisces, replies w/: Good morning to you too, you sad excuse for a fucking person of the male species
  • Leo, hears his phone text sound go off:
  • Leo, smirks:
  • Leo, replies w/: See you in class, baby dick
A fluffy friendship AU that nobody asked for (for purely selfish reasons and because a girl can dream)

MoMo is tired lately

He’s wearing the eye mask Jian Yi got him for Christmas (he bought it as a joke and never thought Red would actually wear it, but he’s secretly pleased every time he does)

So they’re suppose to be leaving for first period already but for some reason MoMo was out late last night (*cough/hetian/cough*) and he looks exhausted [college isn’t easy for him]

Jian Yi tries, but he can’t seem to get MoMo to wake up.

It’s okay though, Jian Yi knows what will help

No matter what happens, Jian Yi will always work hard for MoMo (and make him cups of coffee when he needs it)

cause that’s what friends are for! (ノ◕ω◕)ノ*:・゚✧:゚✧  \(^o^)/

^^^momma bear jian yi doing his best and taking care of MoMo!!!^^^

[AFF] Write Me Into Your Fiction, Hyung

Title: Write Me Into Your Fiction, Hyung
Author: ShiningRose
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Jongin, side!Minseok/Luhan, OT6/K, OT6/M
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Comedy, Fluff, Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Romance, Roommates/College/Fanfic Writer!AU
Warnings: Mentions of Kris/Luhan/Tao’s departures

Summary: Kyungsoo doesn’t see anything wrong about devoting whole chunks of his life to writing fanfiction. After all, his favorite group Exo-M is the best group in the world. And so shippable! Particularly Xiuhan - and the world definitely needs more Xiuhan fics! It’s his roommate Jongin who has a problem with it though, especially when Kyungsoo spends more time on the computer reading and writing fics than he does off the computer, when he should be spending time with Jongin. When he should be noticing Jongin.

Reasons Why You Submitted: Just some nice comedy and fluff abt soo writing xiuhan fics and jongin being just yakno… There… Totally recommended~

anonymous asked:

Hey Chris! So I just found out that I will be getting to study abroad this fall and I'm really excited! And I told my friends here at college about it and they seemed happy for me, but also they don't act like it. They made a new group chat without me in it, basically ignored me all weekend (I told them Thursday night), and we've been growing apart for a while now. I honestly don't want to be friends with them anymore, but I have such trouble keeping friends and I feel like I need them too...

Wow…anon I am so sorry. I have experienced this personally as well. It’s really shitty…finding out your “friends” aren’t really the friends you thought they were and it’s extremely disappointing and a big let down and I’m sorry you’re experiencing it at the moment. 

You have SO much to look forward to. If they’re not meant to be friends in your life…let them go. One of my FAVORITE quotes in the entire world is the following: “God says, ‘The reason some people have turned against you and walked away from you without reason, has nothing to do with you. It is because I have removed them from your life because they cannot go where I am taking you next. They will only hinder you in your next level because they have already served their purpose in your life. Let them go and keep moving. Greater is coming.’” < One of my all-time favorites.

Keep doing you. Be kind, be respectful, be civil, but remember that you deserve people in your life who will be so happy for you and will make you feel included and loved, always. You did nothing wrong and you’re doing the best you can.