friendship: the booth


#ThankYouBones week: Day 10 - 3 Other Favourite ships/friendship(s)


     I think you’re made of very, very good stuff.


2016 bones challengeday 6: favourite friendship(s) ~ everyone x everyone
“Good people, they leave marks on each other.” - Seeley Booth

Ok but honestly Nimah and Ryan and Alex and Harry’s friendships are lot more important and precious than any love story that happened in Quantico. And their scenes are what I look forward to watch in every episode.
I also hoped that Dayana and Leon could have developed a nice friendship, bc they actually seemed to get along well initially.


Episode of the Week - 9x20 “The High in the Low”

I didn’t come here to make you feel guilty I just wanted you to know that I’m not a loser. I would never think that you’re a loser. What you’re dealing with, and forget that I’m an agent right now, all right? I’m your friend.