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The newest episode of the booth just went up on YouTube! Go ahead and give it a look. Today we head into our Standard format going forward, as a Q & A podcast about voiceover, the industry, and any interesting stories from the booth. Thanks to everyone who asked questions! We had too many to go through in this episode, which is great because that means we have material for the next episodes! Continue to send your questions to us here or on Twitter with the hashtag #VOboothQA or you can visit us on our new Twitter page @TheVOBooth.

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Topics today include:
“Turning VO into a career”
“Voice Matching”
“Vocal Blowout”
“Voices that come naturally vs harder voices”
“What to do before attempting to get an agent”
“Horror Stories from inside the booth”


Bones » 2016 2017 rewatch - 5x01 “Harbingers in a Fountain”

So what do you want? Just wanna share a drink, you know, with one of my closest and dearest friends who, you know, I can trust um with certain things. Oh god. There’s lasting brain damage isn’t there? Something you haven’t told anyone. What?


     I think you’re made of very, very good stuff.

Please Continue To Send Your Voice Over Related Questions

We’re always going to be looking for more voice over related questions to answer on “The Booth” podcast! We’ll be recording when we can, typically every couple of weeks. So please, continue to send your questions to us here, or on Twitter with the hashtag #VOboothQA. Or you can visit us on our new Twitter page @TheVOBooth. We’ll answer as many as we can every week, but we definitely want a backlog of questions to sift through. The two questions we ask that you refrain from asking are “how to get into the industry” (because that’s a big question, and we’ll more or less be answering it frequently through other more specific questions), and “can you review my voice demo” (a public podcast is not the place to do that). Other than that ASK AWAY, LOVELIES!

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#ThankYouBones week: Day 10 - 3 Other Favourite ships/friendship(s)


2016 bones challengeday 6: favourite friendship(s) ~ everyone x everyone
“Good people, they leave marks on each other.” - Seeley Booth

The Booth Update:

We’re currently rendering the episode to put it up tonight. Thank you for all of the awesome questions you all asked! We were not able to get all of the questions today, but we will be getting to them in The next episode. Please continue to send questions to us here, or on Twitter to our new Twitter account (at)TheVOBooth or hashtag #VOboothQA.

Thanks again, everyone!

Ok but honestly Nimah and Ryan and Alex and Harry’s friendships are lot more important and precious than any love story that happened in Quantico. And their scenes are what I look forward to watch in every episode.
I also hoped that Dayana and Leon could have developed a nice friendship, bc they actually seemed to get along well initially.


Episode of the Week - 9x20 “The High in the Low”

I didn’t come here to make you feel guilty I just wanted you to know that I’m not a loser. I would never think that you’re a loser. What you’re dealing with, and forget that I’m an agent right now, all right? I’m your friend.