friendship: camren

Lauren: Once during boot camp, I had a crush on this girl. So I bought her a bag of candy.

Lauren: Later on, I caught a running head start and I saw her underneath a tree.

Lauren: Then I threw the bag at her and ran away as fast as I could.




Camila: THAT WAS YOU?!?

why camren shippers should stop shipping their nasty ass ship
  • it literally traumatized lauren. she talked about how camren shippers speculating about her sexuality made her hate herself cause she was super closeted. it must be hard when youre in the closet and having people scream “GAYYY” whenever she just looked at camila
  •  she’s spoken out about it but you still insist on shipping it anyway
  • she finds it disgusting that people write about her having hardcore sex with camila when they were still minors. It’s still disgusting now
  • the complete disrespect for whoever lauren is dating. besides screaming pr whenever lauren dates someone, camren shippers have harassed everyone that lauren has publicly dating including lucy and ty. we’re complete strangers and we have no right to say what lauren should or shouldn’t do in her personal life
  • lauren and camila are actual human beings, not fictional characters to speculate or write fanfic about
  • lauren’s tag is full of it. It must suck for lauren when she’s going through her tag and that’s all she sees. Like wouldn’t it be great if people talked about her musical talent and wonderful personality in her tag instead? And we all know she checks out the tag every once in a while, she’s on tumblr
  • camren shippers make lauren hate her fanbase cause she thinks all of them are like that but some of us actually love her for her vocal ability, personality, activism, passion, and everything she’s done for the lgbt community
  • if they actually were together at some point in their life, they’re keeping it a secret for a reason. respect that

so please respect lauren and try to at least not post about it


“my voice sounds like a man” lol fetus camila