Disclaimer: i do not personally know Dan or Phil, i am not friends with them and i don’t know if this is the truth. this is just my interpretation of the stuff that has happened over the years. 

first, i’d like to point out a couple of things: Dan and Phil have lived together for years now. they obviously share something more than just a normal friendship, their bond is stronger. also, i find interesting how they look at each other or touch the other.

in some videos (1.07) when they are sitting on the floor, either Phil is sitting in the most uncomfortable position ever or his legs are around Dan. now, i don’t have many male friends who would sit like that if there isn’t something going on between them, but fyi: the way you sit is not something that gives your sexuality away. i’m tired of seeing people saying that “touching a man like that means that you’re obviously gay.” that isn’t true. you are gay if you ARE gay, not if you behave like this or that or wear your hair a certain way. which leads me to the next point: their sexuality. i am not going to say that they’re gay/bisexual/whatever because of how they behave. that isn’t fair and it’s judgemental, and that isn’t something i want to be. anyways, Dan hasn’t been clear about his sexuality at all. back in 2009 he admitted being bisexual, and even pansexual. Phil’s facebook apparently stated that he was bi as well. again, this doesn’t mean that they’re together, two gay/bisexual/pansexual people who live together are not necessarily attracted to the other, as well as two straight people who live together are not attracted to each other, so get over yourself and stop using their sexuality to prove their relationship.

for me, there’s one big issue here, which i’m not comfortable enough to talk about, but you can’t really talk about Phan without addressing the video that shall not be named. i won’t post a link, nor will i talk about what was on the video. it is a clear invasion of their privacy and they’ve both stated that they don’t like it. regarding this subject i will just say that it seems odd to me that they’d plan an april fool’s day prank two months in advance, and that they would post it (in a private setting) two months in advance. that’s all i’m going to say about this, so suck it up if you’re curious.

also, something i find really, really interesting is the way Dan reacted when they were doing one of the BBC Radioshows and earlier that week, Phil had spent some time with Molly from The Saturdays, they were joking about moving in together . After that, on Aled’s show, Aled asked Molly about this and she said that she might as well say yes to Phil. (OBVIOUSLY A JOKE) Dan and Phil hadn’t heard about it, so they decided to play the recording to see their reactions, and well, just watch: 

First, Phil is all like “hell yea she said yes!” he’s following the joke, but Dan? Look at Dan’s face, goddammit it’s heart-breaking. he’s shocked, as well as hurt. even if it’s a joke, you wouldn’t like someone you love to say stuff like that, even more when your relationship is hidden. when Phil realises that Dan is hurt, his face changes completely. he lowers his arms and looks away, almost like saying “fuck, Dan, it was just a joke…”

After this, Dan made the most passive-agressive comment i have ever seen:

i mean can he be more obvious? 

this is just my little interpretation. i’m relatively new to Dan and Phil, as well as to Phan. this is shorter than any of my Frerard stuff because well, i’ve been shipping Frerard for 8 years and Phan for like 7 months. but yes, i do believe they are together, and i think that they are doing the right thing hiding it from everyone. when you are a public person, your relationships have a lot of pressure on them. if you break up with your partner when you have thousands of people who know about it, you won’t be able to have a private break up. it will feel like you’re breaking up with not only your partner but the people who follow you as well. i think you’d almost feel obliged to continue with the relationship even when you don’t want to. so yea, i think they are doing the right thing if they’re together and want to hide it. also, i know they seem really comfortable now with all the Phan stuff, but don’t be annoying. you can ship without harassing the people involved in the ship. 

It’s always great to meet another hardcore Rivetra! Hi! 

Our thoughts on the relationship….well though we didn’t quite see enough of Petra Ral in the series, as least not as much as we wanted to, one can’t deny that there was something there between her and Levi. Whether it be a romance, a close friendship, or even a bond between him and his whole squad (which we know he did have), Petra was a part of his life in some way, even if we didn’t see much of it. Now, I’m not saying Rivetra is canon, because it was never officially stated, but there are so many hints pointing at the two as something more, it’s impossible to say they weren’t a part of each other’s lives in some way. In the manga, the animated series, the Wings of Freedom Counter Attack game, even little things Hajime Isayama himself has said about the characters when asked by fans…so much points to them having a connection of sorts.

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Thursday. Boston. Memories will be made. Old friends reuniting. New friendships and bonds will be made. Can’t come soon enough


pet name

a way of adressing someone you are romantically attatched to.


He lets her go. He lets Amy go. His Amy, the dearest, the most important person in Rory’s life. Amy is and has always been what Rory values the most. Not even his own life means this much. He would trade it, he did trade it, for her life, her safety, her well-being instantly. When she suffers, when she’s endangered, when she’s in need, insecure or terrified, Rory will do everything in his will to save her from harm or take it all on himself if he cannot prevent it. And here she is, in pain, scared, confused, they both have no idea what is going on, what is true and what is not anymore. And the Doctor orders him to leave her. To let her go. God knows where, what will happen to her, how long they will be separated, if they ever see each other again. Doctor orders him to leave her, to let her go,  though Rory swore to himself, to her, in his heart since forever and in his wedding vows he will keep her safe and protected, always. Always by her side, always having her back. You and me, always.

And it is killing him, breaking the vows, hurting her with his betrayal, because that’s what is.


Yet he does let her go, though she pleads for him not to, though she clings to him like he’s the only confirmation of truth and safety. The way she always does. She shakes her head in disbelief and despair and yet Rory’s body moves on its own.

Because the Doctor asked, because he ordered. And Doctor’s word, his request, his disposition means more than Amy’s fear and confusion. In his trust and devotion to the Doctor, Rory is willing to risk everything he pleaded to keep: Amy’s safety, him being by her side no matter what. Deep down inside he is certain (or he believes, but he believes so much that it equals with knowing for sure) that Doctor knows the answers to all the doubts, he has always known, and he has always managed to save them by the end of the day. And so he will this time, as well. 

The moment he stepped on board of the TARDIS, the moment he didn’t try to force Amy to go back with him, it all proves Rory trusts the Doctor with Amy’s life, which by default means he trusts him with his own life. And it’s all the more valuable, as it’s not dictated by hero worship and false idealisation. This trust in the Doctor has been many times verified by Rory’s down-to -earth approach, his scepticism, his distance balanced with reason. Rory does not follow Doctor blindly. He follows him because he saw with his very eyes Doctor’s devotion to them, he felt all the Doctor’s care, love and protection. Doctor is not an invincible hero, magical figurine with otherworldly powers in Rory’s mind. He is a loyal friend, willing to do anything to protect them just as they are in return. Doctor is a family you trust completely not  because they showed you you can, but because there’s intimate, deep bond formed between you, out of so much mutual experience you had been through together.

Rory does trust him completely and Rory does let her go.  Though it feels like betrayal, with Amy terrified, looking at him with hurt and accusation, making him suffer her pain, making him hesitate, but in the end doing what Doctor orders he must. Despite of Doctor being harsh, cruel and definite, offering little or no explanation. Though it costs Rory so much effort, still it stems from equal amount of faith. Because it’s the Doctor. Because he’s a friend. He’s a family.

This is his ultimate testimony of faith and trust in the Doctor. Even grander than Rory’s sacrifice in “Cold Blood”. This time it’s Amy’s life at stake, something much more valuable to Rory than his own life he gave to save the Doctor then.

This is how much Rory trusts the Doctor. 


au | ever since he escaped a wolf attack, scott has had weekly visits to the guidance counselor at his school. when ms morrell moves his appointment to another day, he doesn’t think anything other than a date and time’s going to change. little does he realize his appointment is going to be back to back with another person’s appointment: lydia martin, the most popular girl in school.


p3m #1 spring of birth: relationships ► makoto yuki & fuuka yamagishi 

"How can you talk like that? Isn’t she an acquaintance of yours?"

  • 月夜ノ舟
  • 夜ト(CV.神谷浩史)
  • 「ノラガミ」キャラクターソング・サウンドトラック

There goes the glorious sound of my phone ringing!———
Now that my job for the day is done,
I sit and watch the sunset, smiling to myself
as I dream of building the best shrine for me.
The sun sinks into the horizon,
and a familiar silver crescent rises in the night sky above.

I’ve finally found my friends I can share this bond with
and spend happy days laughing together.
I start rowing this moonlight boat,
wondering where should I go from here.

I was saved more times than I can ever say,
by a fate who could see through me when she normally shouldn’t…
And even though he might be a pain and a brat sometimes,
the one I gave a name to is the second fate I’d come across…

The moment our eyes met,
I felt the subtle shift in the breeze around us.

These bonds that will stay with me and be my strength
gently push my moonlight boat along.
I wonder, just how far I can go from here…?

The reason I live
is because they’re right here by my side.
…I wish with all my heart that I am never forgotten.

The memories and stories of years past
float slowly and fade toward the distance.
All I have to do is keep straining at the oars
that were missing until now, so I can move on.

I finally have friends I can share this bond with,
who believe in me as much as I believe in them.
We may be from two worlds apart,
but drifting along together as one on this moonlight boat…

we can make it anywhere.