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It’s time.

And this is a new OC called Valkiria, or for the friends, just “Valkie”. I unintentionally made her color scheme look like Fluttershy in this picture, probably because all of the reddish shadows ended giving that impression.

I guess this is one of those few pictures that I kind of like how it ended looking like that is not even just the bust.


Little this pony knew that, the more angry she gets, the fluffier she’d be…

anonymous asked:

Starlight Glimmer recently told me about Discord’s shenanigans at the school and I don’t really understand how Discord came back to the school after he was banished. Was the ghost form Discord was in just a projection of himself from somewhere else? If creatures can get around banishment like that, the did Nightmare Moon ever do something similar?

It is my understanding that it was only his corporeal form which was banished. The rest is a matter of Discord’s nature, which I don’t have detailed insight into, but it is clear his corporeal form does not function as it does for ponies. It’s certainly highly malleable, and appears to be entirely optional.

I would not call it a ghost form, but Discord is a spirit of chaos, so it stands to reason his spirit can move around freely without a body. One might call that a projection, but if the projection is not simply an illusion, if he, as I understand was the case, can perceive and act at the location where his projection is, then from a functional perspective it would be the same as being present in every sense but physical. A projection implies being in one place while seeming to appear in another.

With this in mind, I would argue it is apt to consider the phenomenon a spirit presence. Which of course should not be confused with the expression that somepony is present “in spirit” as that has a very different meaning.

This sort of circumvention approach is not applicable to creatures who are tied to their physical form, nor to every type of banishment magic. This just illustrates the importance of using the right spell for the situation as a corporeal banishment spell will not deter a non-corporeal or quasicorporeal entity.

Either Tara Strong doesn’t understand what “girlfriend” means or she has played every character she has ever done as gay.


Two prints I’ll be taking to Bronycon! Just the sisters doin’ their thang. The combination pic I have on the top was just an experiment, but I really like it… might bring that along as a limited edition poster as well as the separate ones in case someone wants just one of them alone. o3o

I managed to record Celestia’s but not Luna’s painting, but I’ll add the process vid soon! c:

Sunburst almost felt as if his heart would burst from his chest as he stared at the mare. It’s been long, far too long, since he’s seen that wild mane, confident posture, the blaze going down her muzzle. It had to be her. It had to be his…

“Sis…” He couldn’t help but whisper. And it must’ve been audible, for the mare stopped in her tracks and turned those glowing eyes toward him, and he watched as they seemed to brighten with recognition.

She stilled much like he had, one hoof raised, faces drawing inward as she squinted at him with a deep interest. Then, almost cautiously, she murmured back:

“Little Sunny?”


Okay so like, I don’t know what happened, but I noticed the near uncanny resemblance between Sunburst and Sunset Shimmer and when I put them side by side I was basically like “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and a idea popped into my head. So the idea is this:

What if these two are related? Specifically, siblings? I can see all the possible drama and everything that could come with it too: Parents divorce and the siblings are split from one another because of it. Sunburst’s utter lack of self-confidence possibly stemming from how his older sister became Celestia’s student. Sunset running away and disappearing led to many believing her dead (including Celestia: I disregard many things from Equestria Girls, including their being an entirely separate universe)… and then here she is. At the Crystal Empire train station, entirely fine and healthy. And it’s the first time her baby brother has seen her in years.

I thought it was a fun idea so I did a quick doodle to go along with it. C:

Speedpaint also coming soon!