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To quote a previous tweet of Kaitlyn, “I’m crying laughing”!


So proud of those guys!! Their friendship is really unique & a goal to everyone!
Hope every kpop group follow in Shinhwa’s footsteps.

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song imagines: 

i have questions by camilla cabello

break my heart by hey violet

quit by ariana grande

last kiss by taylor swift

dive by ed sheeran*

sorry by halsey*

everglow by coldplay

perfect by ed sheeran*


when harry is marrying someone else

when time isn’t in your hands

when you try to save your relationship


when we look at the steps towards the proposal

when jeff decides to play matchmaker

when harry will never be able to take back the words he said

when you accompany harry as his date

when harry finds a new employee at the bakery

when the au watches too much himym

when your daughter finds the first picture harry ever took of you

when harry took advantage of your love

when you put a friendship over your feelings

when niall asks you and harry questions for your pre-wedding video

when you promised you’ll love harry till the day you die

when finally you’ve had enough with your marriage

when Y/N broke the one promise she vowed to keep

when Harry and Y/N finally get the closure they never got when they broke up years ago

when you and harry make a pact


birthday presents*


“Please don’t tell me you’ve shaved off my eyebrows.”

“Let’s give these fuckers something to talk about.”

“I wanted more.”

“How come you’ve never written a song about me?”

* =requested

Eric’s wedding, the beautiful ceremony that showed off how Shinhwa’s friendship is goals to everyone including Kpop groups. Shinhwa members who have a long-lasting friendship that started when they were teens, & now they’re marrying off their leader. The six friends spent their teens, 20s, and 30s together, and now, they’re entering a new stage in their lives together, walking each other down the aisle. Everyone has a friend during each stage of life, but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life. That’s a true friend, that’s Shinhwa. Sticking by each other at every stage in their lives despite life changes. The world changed a lot in 20 years but this friendship is eternal. 

On Eric’s wedding, the members shared this new stage of their lives together. They were surrounding Eric, celebrating the joyous day with him & happily cheering for him with bright & proud smiles on their faces. They were around him the whole time, making sure he feels relaxed & everything is going well. When Eric was feeling nervous, the members massaged his shoulders in a funny way, making him laugh so hard. Eric might be only son in his family, but life gifted him with the best 5 brothers he could ever ask for ♥ 

Eric’s best groomsmen where ALL 5 members of Shinhwa. Not only a member or two, not any other friend. But his best groomsmen were all of his Shinhwa brothers. He wanted them all to be beside him & share the precious moment with him as his true friends & brothers. And when the 5 groomsmen walked down the aisle with bridesmaids then stood beside Eric, that was one of the most heartwarming moments ever ♥

What’s better than being surrounded by such caring & loving true friends whom you know they’re genuinely happy for you.on your special day?.. The members happiness for Eric couldn’t be described in words. They were showering him with their love & support during the whole ceremony, making him laugh when he felt nervous. Junjin couldn’t contain his happiness & kept on kissing Eric on the cheek & the other members were loudly cheering for their beloved groom & expressing their happiness for him in every possible way that everyone at the wedding was pleased to witness such friendship.

We can say that Shinhwa’s friendship even surpassed the stage of being just friends, they reached the stage of becoming a REAL family. Seeing how all Shinhwa members bowed to Eric’s & Hyemi parents along with Eric & Hyemi as if they’re real members of Eric’s family. Such strong friendship that has family-like bonds.

The fact that Shinhwa members’ friendship has been lasting this long, despite life changes & obstacles, work, contracts, military service, & now marriage & soon parenthood, is really incredible. Maintaining such solid friendship throughout years & making sure they stick together so they can navigate through the waters of change is something that makes everyone in awe of such friendship in a kpop group. Every member in Shinhwa is truly blessed for being surrounded by such amazing and loving and supportive friends in his life. Goals indeed. 
What happened on Eric’s wedding & how the members were sticking together showed more & more evidence that this group is beyond being just a boyband. This is a true friendship that’s lasting for a lifetime. As true friends & real family, they’ll stick together till the end. Single or married, young or old, parents or grandparents, Shinhwa is forever. Ever-lasting friendship.  

Congratulations Eric & thank you Shinhwa for showing us another example of how amazing your friendship is. Let’s all grow old together, and waiting for the day when all members are married & Shinhwa juniors welcome the world so we have another team for our kids to stan :)
p.s.: I genuinely hope other Kpop groups will follow Shinhwa’s beautiful example when their members want to get married. Friendship is all that matters.

witchy idea

hey, friendship bracelets are still a thing right?? people other than me have them?? okay well I think they have a lot of potential magick-wise, for example:

*enchant both to strengthen your friendship over time/distance

*enchant them to be in tune with the other person’s emotions

*wards! that draw energy from your bond! gotta have a strong relationship though

*connect them so that way they mirror each other- so if you cleanse one, the other is cleansed to!

*and if you mirror them you can also enchant them with glamour spells so you both are fab af

*or any intent really, I mean luck or happiness or anti-anxiety, the list goes on

this could also work with wedding rings, friendship necklaces or what have you. Just think of the possibilities! You could also inscribe sigils on them, and because they match, the magic is amplified!

When you get married to someone who has a lifetime friends xD
Sorry girl, but Shinhwa is a whole package. When you marry one member, it’s like you’re marrying all other 5 members as well lol. They’re inseparable xD
Junjin: We may kiss the groom now too

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Oh my god it looks so good!!! I love how in the first with Dave peace sign how John’s floating at the top and I see your hand over there, Jake. I see it! And then Kanaya is the most gorgeous bride and Rose is too. Ahhh it’s so wholesome and awesome! And P.S. I love your Asian John headcanon, so when I saw John I was overjoyed because I love all of your Johns in general. TINY CALLIOPE!!!!!!!!!! There are a lot of other things too but... so good!

thank you ; v ; i tried to fit in as many little details as i could (and had the time for)!


terezi is wearing crocs w a pyralspite charm

Sherlock playing his beloved violin at John and Mary’s wedding.

Drawn in about 30 minutes. I’m not satisfied with the result, it’s very raw, but I love this scene and I felt the need to draw something about it.


“Shinhwa debuted in 1998. They’ve been sticking together for almost 2 decades, and now they’re marrying off the leader.The world changes a lot in 20 years but their friendship is eternal.”