friendship that the writers cannot destroy

So, I just finished the final season of Hemlock Grove...

and all I can say is Thank fucking God it’s over. I wanted to claw out my own fucking eyeballs just to make it stop.

I mean, this show has always had its flaws, but THIS season!? It’s like they gave up. No horror. No suspense. No atmosphere. Boring. Meandering. Nonsensical. More plot holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese. And most infuriating of all… they unnecessarily destroyed the central friendship between Roman and Peter and proceeded to kill off EVERYONE for the sake of finality. It was such a slap in the face to people who have followed this show, and its core relationship, from the beginning.

The writers wasted any potential this show ever had of being a dark, weird and interesting drama and turned it into a muddled, frustrating mess.

It was truly, completely fucking awful and I cannot wait to move on and forget this show ever fucking existed.