friendship pact

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nell snol and marlena

Fuck: Marlena ( @natalie-sancoeur ) because of that one time she told me she’d fuck my Kuroo cosplay if she was into girls

Marry: ( @thewardencomander ) Nell because infinite pasta for dinner and sinnamon roll

Get Drunk With: ( @wonderfulcatman ) Snol cause he’s a minor and this is the least awful choice jesus friends 

Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With. Send me 3 names.

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I am LIVING for Art and Anatomy! This chapter has truly fucked me up! I feel bad for Trixie for trying to give all of herself to one person and not having it reciprocated, but I also feel what Katya is going through on a spiritual level! unghhhhhh I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion!!'Can we be friends? I like y'all over here lol!

If you’ve cried or cum, I’ve done my job as a writer (any bodily fluids will be accepted for our friendship pact) <3 <3 <3

I’m also split between team!Katya and team!Trixie on the breakup. I’m mostly just team!getyourshittogethergurls. 

me and my best friend made a pact.

we said that when we’ll go watch the sea of monsters at the movies, we’ll take a copy of the book, and follow everything step-by-step.

if we see that they messed something up, we’ll throw popcorn at the screen

(I feel sorry for the people who’ll be sitting in front of us)

Watch on


“I will protect everyone.”

“Oh Sophie. Never stop being you.”

((Deleted Scene: “Never” Never” “What’s our motto?” “Never give up”))

Hello! I’ve recently hit 700 followers thanks to all you lovely people, so I decided to do another follow forever!

It’s really amazing to me that I’ve gained so many followers over the last year, and I’ve made so many amazing friends on here that it really is unbelievable. You guys are amazing, and I love all of you so much more than this little list is able to convey!

Pork Roast Pact of Friendship aka people I only just became friends with that are already super awesome (except andrue because he won’t delete that god damn picture)
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Special People:
@akashiiiya : YOU’RE THE BIGGEST NERD I’VE EVER KNOWN. but I am so so so happy that we met because you’re so endlessly important to me and I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU OH MY GOD. I know we’ve both been super busy lately but you’re still one of my closest friends and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without your friendship at this point. (ps, it’s Illinoise and I will fight you)

@snicklefrit-z / @little-dragneel : you are probably my favorite person on this site omg. you’re the only person I can be salty with and also the one to basically introduce me to the FT fandom so pretty much every good thing that’s happened on Tumblr to me this last year has been because of you and I am eternally grateful for your friendship (and also that you put up with me still screaming over Haru and Elie).

@the-love-bat : AKA THE SWEETEST AND PROBABLY NICEST PERSON ON THIS WHOLE SITE??? you are absolutely amazing and the most wonderful friend I could ask for even when I’m being really dumb. You always know just what to say to make me smile and I will forever be happy that we somehow stumbled into each other’s lives even though neither of us can remember how???

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