friendship otp: the most special person in the world to me

Soooo..... SQ remained subtext

Oh well. Such wasted potential cuz SwanQueen could’ve been an epic fairytale… I’m disappointed I guess? But here’s a bit of silver line for you my dear Swen. Did we really want SQ to be canon considering how A&E wrote canon ships like CaptainSw@n, 0utlwQueen, Sw@nfire, Rumbelle, etc? I’d much rather have SQ as platonic co-parents than the soap opera cliche that CS is anyway.

In some ways, I’m glad SQ is left non-canon and therefore untainted cuz I couldn’t bear my OTP turning into anything resembling CS. Seriously, all Hook ever did was lie and lie and lie and all Emma ever did was play “doormat girlfriend” and make excuses for him. Fight, separate, make up, fight, separate, make up - that was their story. Season 5 onwards, their relationship turned abusive and had a very disturbing pattern of kissing to cover up the betrayal and deception. Hook called Emma an “orphan" and made her cry, invited all the Dark Ones to terrorize her family and allowed one of them to choke her. No matter how pissed you are, YOU DO NOT DO THAT to the people you love! No exaggeration but CS is least epic lovestory that I’ve EVER seen in my entire life! So lucky is my OTP to escape that terrible fate lol. A&E certainly know how to write epic friendships like SwanQueen and SnowQueen but they fail at romances (except with Snowing I guess). Anyway, for me personally, my expectations for romantic SQ were so high that the reality would have never lived upto the fantasy anyway. So, things are better this way. :D

It’s ok Swen we’ll get through this! Thanks to our super talented fandom, we have fanfiction, fanart and manips to mend our bleeding hearts. :) The ending may not have been what we had hoped for but still I’m quite pleased that SQ are a family with Henry forever.

As for Regina not ending up with a romantic partner (yet) I’m cool with that cuz Regina once said: “My happy ending is finally feeling at peace in the world.” Acceptance and self-love without some dude kissing your feet is a powerful message to send out.

Was SwanQueen ever in the cards? Maybe if we had 10 seasons and had Jen stuck on, who knows. Were we ship-baited? Yes. Why? Cuz the writers wanted to entice us and perhaps they thought adding lesbian subtext created depth to the show a la Xena/Gabrielle. Ship-baiting is an unfortunate thing that happens even for straight couples. I mean, have you seen Bamon on TVD? They were a hetero ship that had 8 seasons of development, looks, blatant jealousy moments, parallels, etc but Delena were the golden couple so the show went with that in the end. Do you know about Ichiruki from the manga Bleach? They too had 10+ years of development, looks, symbolism, colorspreads, poems and even a freakin MOVIE… but in the very last chapter, the author chose to pair up Ichigo with the girl who had a crush on him. So, I’ve learned the hard way that in fiction, 9 out of 10 times canon prevails over subtext. Knowing that all SQ subtext we saw didn’t amount to anything is a hard pill to swallow but oh well life goes on.

Why I am not more furious? I was but I’m over it now. A&E still created SQ (“unintentionally” of course) and Regina Mills, queen of our hearts. They brought me to you awesome Swen so I can’t bring myself to be completely mad at them.

Also, the truth is that we DON’T NEED some fictional ship to validate our existence. The antis/trolls turned our fandom experience into a nightmare but to me this was NEVER a competition or about “winning” some stupid shipping war. The antis had canon all along but it STILL wasn’t enough cuz they would constantly invade our tags and fanworks out of insecurity. It means their canon doesn’t satisfy them and I pity them lol.

All things considered, the show still ended (even though technically it still isn’t the end) the way it started -> Henry and his two moms. Ever since Emma saved Regina from the fire in season 1, I always knew SwanQueen were meant to have a “unique and special” bond… and now 6 seasons later, they do. 

In conclusion, Swan Queen dropping off their son to school is the most beautiful and purest endgame that I could ask for!

Joe And Caspar

They share this bond and everyone can see it. They seem so inseparable and it doesn’t seem right when they’re not together. Joe and Caspar living together really made their friendship develop but I think the both of them moving out was what made this bond stronger. The time they share now are treasured because they’re not living under the same roof anymore. They don’t see each other almost every minute.

The way they look at each other makes my heart melt. Their eyes are either filled with compassion, fond, love, comfort, caring and more when they look at one another. Caspar looks at Joe with so much happiness and you can tell by how his pupils grow large, the crinkles by his eyes show up more, his smile so bright and his cheeks always glowing. Joe looks at Caspar with so much comfort. We all know that Joe isn’t the most affectionate person in the world but when Caspar is with him, he forgets about it. The way Joe would randomly wrap an arm around Caspar or set his hand somewhere on him. Joe’s eyes look brighter when he’s with Caspar and his smile looks bigger. He looks so alive.

Whether you like them together platonically or ship them together romantically, you can’t disagree with me when I say that there is something special about them. Something about the two of them together gives me hope and happiness. They make me feel free and open.

“We’re the two best friends that anyone can have.” -Caspar Lee

”You’re just naturally funny, you always do things that make me laugh.“ -Joe Sugg

“You do know the way to my heart Caspar Lee!” -Joe Sugg

"I think it helps that we’ve got each other.” -Caspar Lee

A Sehun/Lu Han analysis - Overdose era & beyond

I was debating for the longest time whether I should write this monster of a post, considering how easily bored I am and how quickly I give up on… pretty much everything. It turned out to be not as long as I expected, but still long enough for me to lose my train of thoughts more than several times and end up rambling (most of this post is pure nonsense, you’ll see). It’s something I’ve been discussing with @hunhansguardian though, so I thought I’d still finish it for her, at least.

Boring disclaimers: Most of the graphic stuff are mine. Some are not. Don’t take anything away just to be safe. A big hug to those whose graphics I used instead of my own because I was too lazy to make them myself – you guys rock. Also, words are mine. I guess.

Warning: Kind of image heavy. Don’t use your phone’s browser.

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I finally figured out what exactly it is about Dean and Cas’s relationship that has drawn me in so completely and taken over my heart. 

Some of you may not know this but in Greek there are four different words for love, whereas in English there is only one. These four words, storge, philia, eros, and agape are all different types of love, not just romantic love. 

Storge is a type of familial love by the definition “brotherly love” or it can also be between two people who have otherwise found themselves together by chance and they form a familial love.

Philia is basically love between friends. 

Eros is romantic love/sensual desire and longing. However, this kind of love doesn’t have to be sexual according to definition. “Eros can be interpreted as a love for someone whom you love more than the philia, love of friendship. It can also apply to dating relationships as well as marriage.”

Agape is unconditional love. It often refers to a general affection or deeper sense of “true unconditional love” rather than the attraction suggested by “eros.” This kind of love is selfless; it gives and expects nothing in return. Essentially whether the given love is returned or not, the person continues to love regardless. This is also considered self-sacrificial love considering that the most common example people think of is giving up your life for the life of another person. 

So the point with explaining all of these four kinds of love is that Dean and Cas share all four of these. That’s what makes them so special. Especially that they have agape love for each other. Because no matter what the other one does, they still love each other and still need each other even when one of them makes mistakes like breaking the world. 

Their love is a force of nature. A love that transcends heaven, hell, purgatory and earth. There is a reason we call them the greatest love story ever told. 

 A man who taught an angel what it means to be human, what it means to feel and to truly love another person with every fiber of one’s being. An angel who taught a faithless man to pray, who gave him hope when all his hope was lost. An angel who gave up everything he had ever know, for millions of years for the sake of one man.


Let me tell you about my otp and why all this stuff I’ve seen about it ‘being out of character’ is a lot of nonsense. Basically, let me tell you why Alana Bloom is queen of the universe and Hannibal Lecter actually gives a shit.

The whole entire show has implied that Alana and Hannibal have had a working best friendship for freaking years. Let’s discuss how she shows up to his office completely and totally uninvited. You know what’s horrifically rude? Showing up on someone’s personal territory and expecting them to take time out of their daily schedule to entertain you. Like, does Alana mean an ounce of harm by it? No. Hell no. And you know why, and do you know why she gets away with it? Because Alana Bloom and Hannibal Lecter have been catty-secret-sharing best friends for years and they have a working relationship that centers around a mutual respect and love for one another, and the core of it is comfort. They sit on the couch with their knees turned toward one another, bodies angled to face the other, and this sort of language is an openness of trust, the very posture for telling secrets, intimate conversation.

If I even have to bring it up (and I do, it sends my heart atwitter), she was placed by him to examine PhD candidates during the week of the Ripper investigation. And friends, do we know why he did this? He did this because he genuinely cares for the well-being of Alana Bloom. He loves her and he didn’t want to have to hurt her if it could be helped. Don’t say ‘it was for his personal gain’. Hannibal Lecter fancies himself the King on the chessboard of life. If it was him in mind he would have let her on the case, and then he would have fucking killed her like he does to everyone who gets too close. He didn’t want her too close, because Alana Bloom has a special appeal to him— intellectual, fiery, capable of matching him in conversation, culture, and wits— and it would be a universal loss to have to take her from polite society. It would be removing something beautiful from the world when Hannibal Lecter is obsessed with making society more decent and appealing. 

Let’s dip further into the ‘I learned as much from her as she did from me’, the conversation that discusses Alana as an intern at Johns Hopkins. We can land her at a few years of friendship with Hannibal (as we see by her personal reserve of beer, her impolitely showing up without warning but being politely received) and let’s face it, Hannibal doesn’t keep people around consistently often. He has friends, people he cares about because he feels the world a more positive place with those people he feels kindred to in it. Camaraderie among doctors can be a tight bond. Late shifts and long nights and frustrating emotional situations— and Alana is absolutely the emotions run high sort— it’s easy to get close to a mentor or a doctor in that same field who understands the struggles of the career and the stress. Easily inferred is the fact that they saw a lot of each other (‘You realize they thought we were having an affair’ ‘Why didn’t we?’) and he doesn’t bother closeness and extracurricular time spent with anyone he does not wholly and completely find worthy investment in.

Hannibal Lecter is a strange man, not entirely a sociopath (after all, we ‘have no word for what he is’), but he loves and he bonds. The difference is he can sever these things like quick flashes of light without caring very much for it. Do I think on a deeper level he’s inflicting huge and staggering damage on his psyche by so carelessly snipping away ties that bind? Oh, totally. But I also think he loves Alana Bloom. He’s going to manipulate her relentlessly, hurt her, harm her to the point of inevitably and unwieldily trauma. But somewhere inside himself he loves her, the way a boy loves a butterfly before he seals it beneath an unforgiving pane of glass.

The fucking darkest and most stupidly complicated OTP. So don’t you sit here and tell me Hannibal Lecter sleeping with Alana Bloom is out of character, because the signs have been there from the goddamn beginning. While we’re at it, how about those of you against it quit hating on Fuller like the whole show is imploding to shit for it? It’s pretty uncool and disrespectful.

I will keep this short as the list will be long.I’m naturally grateful for each follower I have, that goes without saying. I’m having a really wonderful time writing Lexa, creating wonderful journeys with equal wonderful people. So thank you. I love you all!! <3 (I can’t put everyone on here, but if you’re not or I forgot you by accident, doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less. -mwah-)

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araitsume  asked:

Are you seeing this? whitecocoamocha(.)tumblr(.)com/post/107127644937/i-wished-naruto-went-the-way-of-avatar-legend-of

You know what I gotta do now right?

“I wished Naruto went the way of Avatar: Legend of Korra. I doubt they planned Korra and Asami to be together.”

And by flipping the switch and deciding to stick em together in the end screams pandering to the emergent fanbase that Bryke are VERY much aware of.

“Kishi probably did planned Sasusaku and Naruhina to be. But Bryan and Mike, they probably had a much different ending in mind.”

Bryan and Mike are even worse at romance than Kishi and they made it a habit to deliberately fuck with the fanbase since the whole Zutara debacle and the story suffers for it.

“Maybe even Korra and Mako to be the endgame but then the story became its own and they realised they wouldn’t work.”

No, they knew exactly what they wanted with Korra and Mako by design.

“They grew too far apart and it made no sense to bring them together after everything. After all the character development they made.”

Or the horrendously written trainwreck that was Mako’s relationships with them both because Bryke SUCKS at romance.

“There would of course be doubts, especially with Asami and Mako even that one moment of slip with Mako and Korra and it could have happened for Sakura and Sasuke(just one slip with Sakura still believing she is still in love with Sasuke but realising she never knew him. Not really.)”

Except Sakura knew him well enough to know he’d leave that night. Sympathized with the loss of his family. Kept faith he’d find his way back even without knowing the truth of why he turned against Konoha in the first place.

“Even Asami realise there was no point fighting for a man like Mako, no point fighting Korra for a love that was not meant to be. Then a new pairing was formed from nothing but very strong friendship and understanding.”

And a regression of Korra’s friendships with everyone else to paint Asami as someone special. Seems more like Kishi’s treatment of SasuNaru to me.

“And Korra and Asami became canon because it made so much sense.”

More like it did because Bryke knew it would cause controversy and ratings.

“And I believe that is what Kishi couldn’t see. I believe he did expect Sasusaku and naruhina to end up together way before shipudden but then the story became its own.”

The only element Kishi let run its own course is Sasuke’s development and while he became a plot tumor and it kinda muddied SasuSaku, it holds no lasting effect on the other two pairings since even if Sasuke was evil it wasn’t inspiring romantic affection for Naruto in Sakura, nor does it impact Naruto’s fondness for Hinata whasoever.

“His characters took life on their own and formed strong bonds and friendship with other people. Sakura with Naruto. Naruto with Sasuke.”

Incorrect. Naruto & Sakura’s bond was the weakest link at the end of Part 1 and needed some focus. Sasuke & Naruto’s bond was more telling than showing even up to their final battle. The actual strong bonds developed in Part 1 that we see are actually SasuSaku & NaruHina hilariously enough.

“Sasuke with Karin.”

*Spits out drink from laughter*

“Sasusaku and Naruhina no longer made sense, barely had any development.”

So…you just cast aside the events of Part 1 without which Naruto & Sakura would have nothing to bond over to begin with?

““I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and girl appear in the same feature, a romance must ensue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where the two mutually inspire each other to live - if I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.” Quote by Hayao Miyazaki.”

This applies in the case of a feature where the characters involved don’t end up with anyone, and their relationship is THE most prominent factor of the story. NaruSaku does not fit this at all. The focus of the story us Team 7/ Sasuke & Naruto’s rivalry/Naruto’s gaining acknowledgment.

“And he may have even wavered.”

He did not. He gave it thought and realized how much it would suck.

“He gave parallels consciously.”

To mislead. He said this outright.

“But then he went back to the old mindset because he wasn’t strong enough to let his characters dictate their own stories,”

Bullshit excuse. You can’t draw the conclusion that the characters dictating their own stories would result in a NaruSaku/SasuKarin ending. Your interpretation of things was wrong.

“Sakura and Hinata became stuck with who they used to be and is now permanently stuck in the past”

Sakura is still Konoha’s Strongest Medic while still remaining devoted to Sasuke while he does his atonement journey. She’s a Cool Big Sis to Naruto & Hinata. She used to be a bratty fangirl only interested in romance totally ignorant to the profession she was getting into and totally despised Naruto for being a moron towards her [which he was at the time]. Hinata gains the strength to be acknowledged as Neji’s equal by her father. She used to fail and cry and think of herself as worthless. Stuck in the past? Their academy selves would gawk at their adult selves in AWE at the women they’ve become.

“and Naruto and Sasuke became collateral.”

Two orphan boys ending the cycle of hatred and finding love and family in women who have stood by them through all the hell they’ve been through is collateral damage? What?

“Pretending everything is just ‘red herring’. And everything was tied with a pretty bow. I’m so disappointed.”

Everything? Just the implication that Kushina’s last words would have any actual bearing on the end pairs. I mean really, how in the fuck did you think that comment was supposed to impact Naruto & Sakura?

“And Naruto saying that “He finally realised what he wanted to protect.” for Hinata. It makes me so depressed. I don’t recognise this Naruto who would say such a thing, disregarding everybody else he promised to protect.”

Someone’s forgetting Haku’s words “If someone who accepted you from the bottom of their heart appeared, wouldn’t that person become the most important person in the world to you?”

Naruto comes to the realization that Hinata has loved him since he was a total nobody who thought he had no one. Not even Iruka. Before he and Sasuke were even on each other’s radar. Its not invalidating his bonds with his other friends, but any person in love can tell you there’s a stark contrast between friends and the ONE person you want as your lifelong companion.

“Disregarding everything that he fought for. The person whose childhood made me cry as a child, just as Gaara’s did. Just because you planned for the end, it does not mean it is what you should get. It does not mean it is what you deserve. Just because something is planned from the start doesn’t mean it should end that way. Sometimes you need to let it go. And I’m truly tired of people saying “He planned it from the start!”

To those people, I’ll reply,


This just sounds like a big whine about why couldn’t he let his story structure go all to hell so my OTP could asspull its way into existence. Someone doesn’t understand there was a point to Sakura’s love enduring. There’s a point to Hinata loving Naruto from when he was invisible. These are much stronger love stories than forcing Sakura with Naruto because Sasuke’s gone and Hinata should just get over it because reasons. Nothing of value is lost in killing NaruSaku when Naruto never invested in his crush beyond chapter 3 anyway. So even if you let the characters choose their own destiny Sakura will remain devoted to Sasuke & Naruto would grow fonder and fonder of Hinata who has never been given any legitimate reason to not go after what she wants.

Why KnB is my all-time favorite Anime

So today is December the 11th of 2014 and I have been sitting here for the past few days trying to think about what I could honesty do for the “KnB Countdown Project” and then I said to myself “Why don’t I talk about what this series means to me” and also “Why Kuroko became my #1 Anime of All-Time”

First let’s start with “What being a fan of the series actually means to me”

I was never an Athletic kid growing up…truth be told when I was first born it was believed that I was going be DEAD due to health complications when I was first born.  The fact that I am sitting here and next year I’m going to be celebrating my 34th Birthday is an honest miracle but I digress!

When I was a kid I always enjoyed watching sports and among them were Football, Soccer, Pro Wrestling (yes we know its scripted but there are athletics in it), Hockey and of course…Basketball!

When I first tried to play basketball it was in a Catholic School and let’s just say right off the bat that the kids there treated me like garbage…FACT!  It wasn’t the most pleasant place to be but hell you have to get an education somehow so whatever.

When I would go visit my one grandfather (I had 2 sets of grandparents growing up) one had a basketball rack set up at his hous and we used to shoot hoops a lot!  He basically tried to teach me how to play and I still wasn’t really all THAT great to be honest…I think if you wanted me to be brutal the skill level was about as bad as Kuroko’s stats and I didn’t have any wizardry to make up for it!

When I heard about this series for the first time it was on here during season 2 and I was confused as to what in the HELL everyone was talking about!  The thing was that I needed to see it so i watched the first season that WAS finished at the time and decided to check it out for myself.

I was SOOO GLAD that I did!

When I saw Kuroko in many ways I saw me…I saw a kid that didn’t have the GREATEST skill set like say a Kagami or Hyuga or hell even Furihata!  I basically saw him at the time as literally speaking an Anime counterpart of myself but what I was going to see in those 25 episodes was something special and it didn’t take me long to “get it” especially in the first mini game they played with the First Years vs. Second!

They say that Kuroko was a “Phantom” and I didn’t get it at first…well that changed the MINUTE that I saw the way passes were getting redirected (or intercepted) but NO ONE could even see him…heck the COACH was having ISSUES trying to find him when he was clearly on the court!

From that moment and also the moment when he got up off the bench after the accidental KO shot from Kise to give Kaijo their reciept I KNEW there was something that was truly special about this series and when I finished the first season I KNEW that Kuroko had the heart and determination to prove to himself and the team that he was going to help them get to the top and while Bakgami was a stubborn fart he listened as did everyone else and to me that was just the beginning of a magical journey which hasn’t ended yet even if in Series 2 I got my scare again!

So why is this series my personal #1 of All-Time?  Well…

This was an Anime that I was late to the party in seeing.  As I stated I didn’t really get to see Season 2 till after it was completed (Okay I COULD have but I rather had waited) and it was interesting because honestly I had to do most of the research on my own to find out what even the series was about.  When I read about the characters and the plot I thought to myself “Alright…let’s see what kind of story we got here” and then strapped in for Season 1.  When I saw the mini game and the Kaijo match I KNEW something special was coming down the pike and the wizardry that Kuroko exhibited as well as the rest of his teammates and even his opponents was something I really hadn’t seen before!  Some people might not really appreciate what was going on but for me it was a serious adrenaline high!  It was something I never experienced before and yet it was one of the best feelings in the world!

A REALLY good example of this is the duel between Kaijo and Touou when Kise and Aomine went at it and the end result of the match…WHOA!

I want you to understand something when it comes to me as a person and when it comes to people whether they be real or fictional:  If you want my respect you have to EARN it and that’s harder to do than LOSING it trust me.  That being said the duel that Kise and Aomine had was such that Kise EARNED my respect 10 fold after what he put his body through!  Forget for a minute about OTPs and all that stuff because seeing Kise in a heap on the court after the adrenaline pretty much left his body from the duel against someone like Aomine was such that ANYONE that DIDN’T applaud Kise or Aomine for their show against the other…you don’t understand what we saw or even what I saw!  I saw two young men become two grown men after they racked their body and put it through a level of hell that even I never thought possible!  I seriously was getting concerned cos I was thinking either one of them was going to drop dead of a stroke OR it was going to be ME…little did I know that Seirin and Touou were going to nearly make it so I couldn’t walk after their second encounter!

Holy hell…THAT play!

So Teppei makes his shot and he needs to miss the free throw for Kagami to get it and slam it home for them to win the match…problem was that Touou wasn’t going to make it that easy!

Teppei misses that shot but it gets swatted back to near the center court where it appears that Seirin is done again because all Imayoshi has to do is take the ball for an easy layup right?


I dunno how he did it but Kuroko made it ahead of the wisecracking Megane and sent the ball BACK to Kagami whom with the last gasp slammed the ball home and sent Touou packing!

That play…


If there was ever a moment that sent me into a maniacal state after the fact it was that one!  I nearly went into a crying fit and ended up laughing as I couldn’t BELIEVE what I just saw Kuroko do!

Oh and don’t even get me started on earlier in the match when Kagami knew he needed to do what he could to counter Aomine when he entered “The Zone” but for some reason he couldn’t get his leash off…not yet!

Then…“it” happened!

There are other moments when you can kind of understand the friendship that Kagami and Kuroko have but it was at this point when he saw his teammate crying because at this point he felt absolutely useless!  Momoi had done what she needed to to counter Kuroko’s magic BUT she didn’t have her way to counter Kagami once his leash came off…sucked to be her!

When it happened Kagami had his own duel with Aomine and they went at it!  If you had told me that something like THAT was going to happen to set up “The Play”…I’d have said not a chance at all!

The fact that Kagami dared to enter the place that Aomine went was a spectacle but it was also one of the most underappreciated moments in the series.  Kaga wasn’t fighting for himself but he entered that dangerous place KNOWING that FAILURE WASN’T AN OPTION!  If he COULDN’T match Aomine or get it close they were DONE…AGAIN!  The FACT that Kagami went and succeeded in his duel with his friends hopes on his back told me that Kagami Taiga changed greatly from Season 1 to at this point…he truly became a MAN at this time!

These are just SOME of the moments and also the reasons as to why Kuroko’s Basketball became my #1 and I have very little doubt in my heart that Seirin and that Teal entered my life earlier this year are going to take me on a ride that I will soon never forget!

You are 29 days away from Season 3 and my friends…get the pain meds because the adrenaline rush is FAR FROM OVER!