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Fushimi Saruhiko + Yata Misaki :: Miyano Mamoru + Fukuyama Jun
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can i just express how important the recent tsd was??

like aibashi presenting shiba inu puppies to nino because he had one growing up??? nino was so used to the puppies and was totes having much fun (also iirc one mag interview arashi was asked what dogs the other members would be and aibashi said nino was a mame shiba which was the specific breed that guested???) also the next dog being a bulldog was also kinda rlly heartwarming, bc nino’s sister also brought home a french bulldog and nino raised it too. (he was called buu-chan) ((i also recently found out nino also had an unnamed mini dachshund in his family house)).also aibashi being like “oh it’s not a french bulldog just a regular bulldog” just kind of implies he presented bulldog puppies for a specific reason??? aaaaah my heart. Also smol moments in general like how aibashi just casually consoles nino in the background when he went to fetch the big parent wolf-dog bc he knows nino is scared of big animals??(backed up by recent baystorm where nino was like “i can’t with animals that i can’t win against). 

Like, thank you for this episode it was truly a blessing i need someone to hold me so that i can breathe 

do u ever think about how pure and unconditional vmin’s friendship is? like they’ve literally had each other’s backs since day one and they are just so good to each other in the best ways possible. like despite the teasing and playful arguing, their friendship roots so deeply from encouragement, admiration and just the pure love that they give each other and with all that, they have built such a strong home base for one another and it’s so hard for me to comprehend and grasp because it’s probably one of the purest and most loving things i have ever witnessed. they are each other’s support systems and homes and it’s so clear how much they care for each other and how mutual their love for each other is. like they have the kind of friendship where they sit so comfortably in each other’s lives because they have this mutual understanding of what they are to each other hence the iconic soulmate moment that occurred and neither of them will ever have doubts about feeling any less because when it comes to being in each other’s lives, they are always on the same wavelength. they are so important to each other and so mutually attached to the hip that it’s so odd to think they didn’t know of each other all those years before? it’s moments like ‘my savior’ or ‘i hope our friendship lasts forever’ or ‘jimin and friends’ or ‘i only have you’ that make me believe vmin are a forever thing because even they can’t imagine their lives without each other now.



Also, note Captain Lawyer Bang and faithful shipper Lawyer Ji Eun-hyuk sensing something’s up between the lovebirds.


Childish Ji-wook and his mash up family. So much love.

We all want a season 2 of Eyewitness, but...

We all want a season 2 of Eyewitness. If there even comes a season 2, the makers want it to be with the original characters again because of the fandom (thanks tumblr, go philkas shippers!) but if we think about that, it will be hard to make it a thrilling season again. Season 1 was about Philip and Lukas witnessing a murder while they are falling in love with each other, but what could possibly happen in season 2 (besides some philkas action)? Will they witness another crime? Will this be a good season or will it just leave a “oh, that again” kind of feeling? I’m scared that season 2 (if it happens) won’t be half as good as season 1. We all love to know what happens next to philkas, but what will be there to witness?

Yakulev for georgieporgiepuddininpie because the Nekoma ova made me miss the Haikyuu kids so much and I love Lev.  Also height differences.

It was a normal, unremarkable day during a completely average practice at Nekoma High when Haiba Lev had a life-altering realization. He’d just missed maybe the tenth receive in a row and Yaku-san was lecturing him to ‘watch his form’ and ‘stop getting distracted’ and ‘try and not to let the ball connect with his face’ when it hit him-

Yaku-san was cute- like really super cute; especially when he scrunched up his nose because he was frustrated with Lev for not listening to him.  Yaku-san was friendly, and, sure, a little stern half the time, but Lev really liked him.

Like, like liked him, that is.

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monty green appreciation week // day 3: favorite romantic relationship

» monty ♥ happiness ; i’d like to give earth a big hug.


My stylist once asked me, ‘How long have you known Varun for?’ I said, ‘Three years’. She said, ‘You look like you know each other for a lifetime’. And that’s how we are. Alia Bhatt