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He Started It (NamjoonXReader Smut)

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut

Warnings: oral, kissing, etc.

Summary: Namjoon is stressed out, and in hindsight maybe telling him that he needs to get laid isn’t the best idea…

A/N: Reblogs/favs/comments always appreciated~ <3

Honestly, you’re not sure how this conversation has started, but currently you’re beginning to think you should really shut up. You’d come to the studio with pure intentions, honestly. You had no classes today and knew the boys were working hard on choreo and producing, so you’d decided to be a kind soul. You brought them all snacks—lunch—and they’d been ecstatic. Everyone had been gathered in the practice room except for Namjoon, who Yoongi informed you was cooped up in the recording booth, trying to produce a new song from scratch. So, sighing, you’d gone to see him.

And now here you are, yelling at him things that should never come out of your mouth—but he’d started it! Really!

“Kim Namjoon, what the fuck!” you hiss at him from the sofa pressed against the back wall. You pick up a pillow and chuck it at him. It misses, hitting the back of his chair, and, scowling, he picks it up and throws it back.

“What?” he questions, angry for some reason. You figure it’s because he’d been stressed out all day, and maybe joking that he ‘needed to get laid’ wasn’t the best idea, but…

“You honestly can’t tell me you’ve been getting any more than I have.”

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I just saw someone validating your sexuality and assholes stay away from one of my fave tumblr humans or I'll fight u with a spoon. If you need cheering up imagine drunk beronica and B tells V she loves her and V is like 'lol ok' but then B says she meant it and our baby V can't comprehend being loved back by literal sunshine and doesn't believe her. So at school Betty takes her some flowers and says 'the yellow was never for friendship to me' Bughead is gone and our girls our happy together

Write the show now I demand it


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guest starring: SEULGI and WENDY from Red Velvet

+ for: anon 07

+ words: 1.2k

+ genre: angst, heartbreak

+ summary: Can I please request a taeyong angst scenario where you fing him cheating on you with red velvet seulgi (or any other girl). Please make it super sad and heartbreaking. I want to cry. Please and thank you 💋💋💋

+ i hope this is sad and made you want to cry like you asked. im not proficient in the art of breaking up or even dating, im just a hopeless romantic so let’s hope for the best. it took me awhile it come up with this but i hope it was well worth the wait.

+ request? masterlist?

Middle school was the high time to be fake and undesirable to everyone. Kids began to transform from children into teenagers, feeling the maturity right in their grasp but letting it slip right past their fingertips. You were lucky to find Taeyong at such a controversial moment in time, where finding oneself was so important. You two met in the science hall when fake girls stood before you, starting to pick on your looks and almost started to get physical.

“What are you doing?” his deep voice asked, the girls spun to grin awkwardly with their bright pink lipstick. Taeyong was popular within the school’s walls even if he didn’t want to be. He rolled his eyes at their screeching hellos. “I asked you a question.”

“We were just having a nice chat with brace face.”

You slumped into yourself, your fingers reaching up to touch the metal inside your mouth, twitching at the pain they caused. You had only recently gotten them and it started to attract more bullies to her.

“You’re a joke,” he sighed, looking down at the ground as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. He stepped towards you, pushing past the girls and setting his hand on your shoulder. “Come on,” he nodded, leading you out of the hallway and to the roof.

“Wh-What are you doing?” you asked, looking up at the dead eyes the boy held.

“Helping you out. You want to go back?” he asked, shooting his narrowing gaze towards you.

“No,” you whispered.

On that roof, a friendship blossomed from there. You had never gone to the roof, mostly because you didn’t think there was any access to it. Taeyong pulled out a smoke, and was surprised when you held out your hand, taking a puff of his smoke. He smiled lightly at the sight of such a clumsy, awkward girl pulling a drag. Most girls were uncomfortable around the smoke pulling some lame excuse, but you were different. Your interests were similar too.

So, when you continued to go up to that roof for lunch, you didn’t expect to see him up there.

“Hello, again,” he grinned, handing her a lunch. “My mom makes the best, trust me,” he laughed, opening his own and digging in.

That friendship over time grew as the two of you watered it, into a beautiful friendship and from there a passionate relationship.

The years overturned that the two of you were together. Inseparable was the term a few of your friends used, especially when you started going steady. Time to time an argument would ensue, but by the next day you’d kiss and makeup.

Then, it happened. Things were flying, drinks were spilt and tears slipped. The two of you had gotten into the most heated argument of the year, of the century. Taeyong had walked in on you and one of your old friends from high school talking. Everything was fine until he made a move on you. His lips quickly took yours and before you could explain, Taeyong had left.

It was innocent on your part, you hadn’t told him you were taken but he also hadn’t asked if you were, and now everything was ruined.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he screamed.

“Tell you what?!”

“That you… you and him were still talking, that you wanted him instead of me.”

“I never said that!”

He slammed his hands on the countertop, his eyes full of dark fury for once, an emotion you had never seen in him. “You kissed him!”

“He kissed me! I had no part in that,” you argued, taking a step forward but he stopped you.

“Don’t. Get near me.”

“Oh, what? Now you don’t even want to work this out?”

“You… You know that’s not it, but you going behind my ba-”

“I have done nothing wrong! If you’d just li… where the hell are you going?” she asked suddenly as he moved into their bedroom.

“Out,” was all he said, grabbing his clothes.

“This isn’t just going out,” she seethed taking his wrist in her hand. He glared down at her, ripping his wrist from her and shoving the clothes into his bag.

“I need to fucking think, so if you need me. Don’t.”

With that he stomped out of the room, slamming the front door shut. You picked up your phone, messaging the only one he would go to, “Take care of him.”

She messaged Taeil before falling onto her bed, curling up with the sheets.

A few days after the horrid moment of their relationship, your close friend and neighbor, Wendy, burst into your house seeing you watching netflix with a big tub of ice cream she had left at your doorstep the day before.

“Alright, I’ve let you mope, now it’s time to get out!” she called, clapping her hands.

“Wha?” you asked pathetically. She looked down at you and rolled her eyes, taking the ice cream out of your hands softly.

“This will be here when you get back, now, put this on,” she commanded, walking into the kitchen to put the ice cream in the freezer.

You had the plastic bag in your hands to find a maroon dress. “What is this for?” you asked softly, shuffling into the kitchen.

“Johnny Seo is having a party and we’ve been invited. By we, I mean me but you’re coming with anyways.”

“Isn’t that-”

“No questions. Get in that room and change, I’ll help with your hair and makeup, alright?”

You nodded, shuffling into the room and pulling on the dress with a sigh, trusting Wendy with what she was going to do with you. The dress fit nicely, a small opening underneath your breasts to see a peak of skin. You smiled lightly at yourself but felt disgusted by the fakeness and exited the room.


“Yes? Are you ready?” she asked, poking her head out with a small smile. You nodded and she set you on a chair in the kitchen so she could have easy access to you. Once she was finished the two of you left the apartments and to the party. Hesitantly, you opened the door to Johnny’s party and stepped inside.

All was going well and good. Wendy stuck by you the whole time, like a good friend was and understood this was not the time to try and get you a man. She was sweet and a true friend, unlike those who ditched the moment a cute boy stepped by.

As the two of you were moving to the kitchen for a drink when a sight of white hair struck her attention. She turned to see Taeyong leaning on the wall as he bent down to capture a girl’s lips. Wendy stopped beside you and looked. She gasped loudly, the girl being her friend Seulgi.

Taeyong removed his lips from Seulgi’s, a thin string of saliva connecting their lips until it broke. Taeyong smirked down at her before turning to see you standing there in total shock.

“How does it feel?” he asked, taking Seulgi’s thin hand and pulling her along. You couldn’t watch the scene as he brought her upstairs. Holding in a sob, she gave Wendy the sign she wanted to be alone and rushed out of the main event. Just as she was about to exit to the backyard she bumped into someone’s chest and fell back onto her butt.

“Hey, are you alright?” a deep voice asked, holding a hand for her.


I don’t know who I want mystery man to be and I wanted to keep the angsty feel so you guys vote who you want to be the man and I’ll post that next Sunday. ;^)

Bad Spell

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Summary: Hi, can I please make a request in which the reader suffers from depression and they’re going through a bad spell and Bruce finds out and helps them somehow?

Pairing: Bruce x Reader (semi platonic)

Warnings: None? I don’t even thinks this swears tbh

A/N: So. This one has been written for a while. I had it typed and everything but my computer decided to reset itself one day so I was forced to retype it and ughhhh

Word Count: 742

Everything seemed so dark these days. It was always raining out and the clouds would always block the sun from view. The grass didn’t look as green and the sky didn’t look as blue. Everything was so boring and sad. It was as if I was living my life in monotones.

And it seemed I was living it alone.

Now not to say the rest of the team didn’t notice the shift in my demeanor. They did. They asked me if everything was okay countless times. They always got the same plain and simple answers from me.


“Don’t worry about me, i’m okay.”

“I already told you nothing is wrong.”

“I promise, I’m alright.”  

I’m almost positive none of them fully bought any of that but, it seemed, for the time being they were going to leave me alone.

That was exactly what I wanted and, at least, what I thought I needed.

Yet here I was sitting on my bed, rolled up in a blanket and letting silent tears slip down my cheeks. I had no particular reason to explain why I was crying. Maybe it was the movie I was watching. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten in a couple days. Or maybe I was just crying for no reason.

That seemed to happen a lot with me these days. Everything I did seemed to have no rhyme or reason anymore.

The soft knock at the door snapped me away from my thoughts.

I wiped my tears away with my over sized hoodie sleeve and called out softly, “Come in.”

The door opened slowly and the person I least expected to seen walked through it and closed it softly behind him.


Now… not for nothing but Bruce isn’t much of a talker. Granted, before my bad spell hit I use to go down to the lab to hang out with him and Tony but our friendship had never really gone passed the few laughs we’ve shared and all the questions, of mine, he’s answered.

I moved over slightly so Bruce would have some room to sit down besides me as he looked me over with a frown.

My hair was piled up at the top of my head in a messy bun. My eyes were ringed by dark circles. My cheeks were tear stained and rosy. And my body was being evolved by clothes that were too many sizes too big.

“I’m worried about you.”

I snorted softly keeping my eyes glued to the tv, “I think there might already be a club for that in which you could join. They seem a bit over eager when it comes to new members.”

Bruce’s frown deepened and I could practically see the worry etched into his features, “Y/N please… You don’t have to be alone through any of this… we’re all a family and we care and love one another, no matter what.”

I sighed, looking over at Bruce and nodding slowly, “I know… and I know that you all just want to help but… I just feel as if it’s not real. That the only way I’ll make it through this all is if I do it alone…”

Bruce nodded, slowly wrapping his arm around my shoulders, “I know you may seem alone… it may seem as if that there will be no one mourning your death if you go… hell, it may even seem like death is your only option left and trust me when I tell you it isn’t. If you… with you gone the whole dynamic of the tower would change. The whole team would be crushed. We need you Y/N…I need you.”

I frowned, resting my head on Bruce’s shoulder - not really sure how to handle this “new” piece of information - and sighed softly, “I… I’ll try harder. I’m not making any promises but I’ll try…”

Bruce gave me a small smile as he brushed the loose hair out of my face gently, “That’s all I’m asking… and you’ll get all the support you need… we all love you okay?”

Bruce kissed the top of my head softly as I let my eyelids flutter closed, as I let the weight of everything I’ve just heard, of today, and of everything hit me.

“Mmhmm… I know, and I love you guys too.”

( Sorry for not being on as of late… I’ve been busy out at parties and then just last night I was at a concert. But - unless my mom follows out on her plans - I’ll be a free elf! ~ Steph)

Trading Mistakes (Male!Reader x George Washington)

This prompt has been sitting in the inbox for a long time. A looooong time. Since the blog’s beginning I think. It’s for anon, who got George Washington and 604 from the prompt generator; “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

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i have a single letter left to write to you,
and it will tell you,
how little i miss you anymore.

when i was someone else,
and you called me by the same name as everyone else did,
i loved you as much as i could.

i always had a bad habit,
of giving too many important pieces of myself,

i misspelled the name that you called me,
when i had to write it on official paperwork,
that’s when it occurred to me that you don’t know my name.

you have been gone so long,
that you would not recognize me when i introduced myself,
and if someone were to shout at me from across the street?

you would not look up,
because there is no part of my new name,
that would mean anything to you.

you do not know my name.

when i wrote to you,
i would tell you that you could not pick me out of a police lineup,
maybe i couldn’t do it either.

if you let me talk to the girl i was when i knew you,
she would be a stranger,
i would not recognize her either.

i have dozens of unsent letters,
they will never reach you,
i do not feel bad about that.

i never really wrote them for you anyways.

this is the official end,
of my mourning for you.

it’s over.

i’m not saying that this is the distinct end,
of my missing you,
i’m just saying that it’s more nostalgia than pain nowadays.

i am nostalgic for a best friend,
for the other third of the trio,
that has long since disbanded.

i do not mourn you,
i’m not sure if you were ever mine to mourn to begin with,
but i carried you in my heart regardless.

i’m not saying that there won’t be days when i miss you,
when i wake up crying with what i can never get back,
i’m just saying that i don’t mourn you anymore.

they’re very different,
when you feel them chewing away at your heart.

i’m sure there will be poems written for you,
tears shed every blue moon,
passages written in a journal that keeps my secrets.

you are a nick in my wall,
a scar on my arm,
something to be remembered.

i just don’t need to hurt so bad about you.

it took you a week to stop thinking about me,
to forget what i looked like,
and it took me years to stop mourning you.

—  to the boy who used to know me; l.m.

You know what I always find incredible… how the all-forgiving protag could continue being friends with someone after a conflict/betrayal. 

I mean… I’ve went through a friend break-up before. And the thing is… I did forgive them. We never quite held it against each other and I understood where they were coming from. And I still like them as a person and wish them happiness. But even still, when our mutual friend mentions her name a knot forms in my stomach from stress. 

We don’t talk anymore, not because we hate each other, but just because it’s stressful. I held no qualm against their person, but my desire to be with them is gone. 

I never really questioned anime friendship before. But now that I think of it… continuing to associate with someone after they tried to kill you is… pretty incredible… almost irrational. 

the signs as anberlin lyrics
  • aries: don't try to wake me up even if the sun really does come out tomorrow, don't believe anything you say any more, in the morn, in the morning // alexithymia
  • taurus: hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you, lines and phrases like knives, your words can cut me through //
  • gemini: i thought you said forever, over and over, a sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion // paperthin hymn
  • cancer: we are who we were when, could've been lovers but at least you're still my day late friend // a day late
  • leo: was this over before, before it ever began, your lips, your lies, your lust, like the devil's in your hands // the feel good drag
  • virgo: the closer i come to you, the closer i am to finding god, you're a miracle to me // cadence
  • libra: and i finally found that life goes on without you, and my world still turns when you're not around // naive orleans
  • scorpio: innocence gone, never take friendship personal, if you can't hold yourself together, why should i hold you now // never take friendship personal
  • sagittarius: backing away from the problem of pain, you never had a home, you've been misguided, you're hiding in shadows for so very long // the unwinding cable car
  • capricorn: you are the noise in here i cannot sleep without, constant reminders everywhere in between // everywhere in between
  • aquarius: all i ever wanted, all i ever needed, is here in my arms, words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm // enjoy the silence
  • pisces: i wanna break every clock, the hands of time could never move again, we could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives // inevitable
IMAGINE: Kiss at Midnight

The air was crisp at Neverland. The music was loud and booming. There were children everywhere most running around going on rides with their parents. 

“c'mon, i’ve got this timed perfectly.” Michael said pulling me toward the Ferris wheel.

He ran dragging me behind him. He nodded at the control man.

“Michael, we’re not gonna make it.” I said.

We sat in the seats and strapped ourselves in. The wheel began to move slowly and steadily.

“This is gonna be amazing, i promise.” He said nudging me.

“Michael, you’re crazy.” I giggled.

“You know you’re my bestfriend right?” He said looking down at me.

I nodded. His words pierced like a needle…bestfriend. I loved Michael but not as a bestfriend…as more. It hurt me to be in this position but it would hurt me even more if our friendship was gone because of my feelings. So I never said anything. I never told him how I felt and I probably never will.

“What are you thinking about?” Michael asked.

“You.” I giggled nudging him.

The music stopped and a loud voice called.

“Alright it’s almost time! 10, 9, 7,6” He counted backwards.

We were almost at the highest peak of the ferris wheel.

Michael looked at the sky as he mouthed. “5,4,3,2,1”


The fireworks shot up all at once causing an spectacular show.

“Hey.” He said.

I turned to him and before I could answer he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pressed his lips tight against mine.

“I love you.” He said in a whisper.

I could barely hear him over the whistle of the fire works and the loud music playing Old Lang Syne. But I heard enough. 

“I was trying to find the right way to tell you, but I’m just gonna say it. I love you so much.” I said

He smiled as he pressed his lips to mine, kissing me like he’s never kissed before. Moving his lips gently to mine. It was perfect.

“Happy New Year’s.” He said.

“Happy New Year’s Michael.’ I replied.


Maciej Kot and Piotr Żyła after the cancelled competition in Titisee-Neustadt (x)

I think this is one of the cutest vids I’ve ever seen. the moods in the Polish team are pretty “Planica” style :D top quotes:

1. I: Piotrek, how far are you planning to fly in Planica?
Piotrek: Wooooaaah, very long. Into the space!

2. (On Maciek catching the snowballs):
Piotrek: Yeah, still got the reflex. Grzesiek, come to the interview with us!

3. I: Yesterday was Dawid’s birthday. Did you celebrate it somehow?
Piotrek: Very, very poorly.
Maciek: (…) We’ll remind him about us after the season ends.

4. I: I’ve noticed you go together everywhere - up on the hill, down from the hill… Is this some kind of comeback of your friendship?
Piotrek: Tadziu! Tadziu! Don’t instigate!
Maciek: [The friendship] has never gone anyway…

their friendship is amazing and still, it has no appreciation in the supporters’ eyes. 


Christmas Lights

Day 6 of 25 Days of Christmas

Summary: “I live below you and I was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window when I saw a body fall. Are you really putting up Christmas lights right now?”

Read it on AO3

A/N: Day 6! I just want to take a quick second to thank you for all the support you’ve been showing me in the past few days for the 25 Days of Christmas. I’m usually not the kind of person to stick to something so I’m really surprised to have made it so far and it’s all thanks to you guys. It’s a little hard for me to reply to your ‘replies’ and reblogs since this is a second blog and replies show up as my personal blog but I swear I read and appreciate every single comment. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart x (and sorry for the long author’s note).

It was a cold, December winter evening. All weather forecasts had been warning everyone to stay inside for the last couple of days because of the strong winds and snowstorms. Dan didn’t really mind since it gave him time off work and no one would judge him for enjoying having to stay inside.

He was spending his days scrolling through Tumblr with an occasional random binge on Wikipedia and he had drunk his own weight in coffee. Life was good.

Things started taking a turn for the worse when Dan opened his cupboard and realised he was running out of coffee. It was the first time in two days where he started hoping the snow storm would let up sometime soon.

For now, he was just going to turn to hot chocolate instead and enjoy the peace and quiet of a cold day in Winter. He had finished everything he had set out to do during the day such as replying to the emails he had been ignoring for weeks and editing a video so he figured he deserved a break.

Dan made himself some quick dinner and then settled down next to the window to peacefully watch the snowfall out of the window. He could finally feel himself start to relax when he saw a body fall in front of his window and he jumped a foot in the air, managing to spill half of the food on himself. Shit.

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Do you know what it is like to fall in love with a friend? It is the pain of being so close yet so out of reach. You can tell I love you’s but the major rule is to never fall in love. You can do things together but it is important not to assume that what you’re doing is something sweet and special - its part of the rule - don’t assume. You can talk all day and all night but that’s just it, nothing more and nothing less. You can have long phone conversations with your voice so low but it’s not the same with the phone conversations that real life lover has. You can share your secrets and fears and dreams and plans, but you can never share a romantic future with them. You can be there for them but you know things will change when your friend starts to fall in love with another.

Do you know what it is like to fall in love with a friend? That’s when you make plans to surprise his girl. When you help him and when you exert efforts to make his girl happy. That’s when you remind him that his girl deserves to be loved, that she deserves to be loved, while you are secretly wishing that he will realize that the “she” you’re pouting out is nobody but yourself. It is when you listen to as he tells you their love stories. When you’re the first person to know about what’s happening between the two of them. You become their diary, their journal, their own personal notebook. And you painfully digest the stories they’re writing. Faking smiles and hiding the tears because you know that nobody, most especially him, should fine out about your feelings. It is against the law of friendship you created. You thought the feelings were gone but they never were gone.

Do you know what it is like to fall in love with a friend? It’s the pain in your chest when you try to decide whether you should leave or stay. You know it would be best for you to leave but since its not the best thing form him, you chose to stay. You chose to stay ‘cause you can’t bear to leave him hanging with all the questions and with the guilt that he never noticed that his friend is already in love with him. You chose to stay because you don’t want to ruin the love story he has with his girl. You don’t want to confuse him at any state. And you know that it will be hard for him when you leave because you became his diary, his companion, his friend, his sister, his adviser, his everything but not his love.

Do you know what it is like to fall in love with a friend? I do.