friendship is magic part 2

huh “The Clanger” prototype is working better than I thought (Reference to this ). Seems that it works on anything that shapeshifts, let him stay there a while because of what he did (reference to this  ) Well I guess its time to get ready for work,

PART 2 of 3

QUESTION: Whatever happed to the toaster?

((Thank you Anon for the Silly Question! Cameos from Doppel, Scootoaster, and Kid Discord As always these guys are awesome and if you havn’t checked them out. DO IT! Posted this as a video because of length and difficulty to make it a gif set. unlike my usual silly gifs this is actually something pertinent to the story. Part 3 coming soon Doppel model made by Doppel mod!))

On another note I am still looking for a online table top group that is running a Pony themed D&D or Pathfinder or Ponyfinder. I am a experienced Paper RPG player and would love to play a mlp themed game once a week for a little while. Let me know if any of you got room and looking for a member ^_^

Friendship is magic Part 2

Summary: The prophecy comes true and Nightmare Moon returns and brings about eternal night, Twilight Sparkle heads into the Everfree Forest accompanied by her new pals to find the Elements of Harmony.

Plot: Now this episode actually has a plot. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy follow Twilight back to the Library where they discover that the last known location of the Elements of harmony is in a ruined castle in the Everfree Forest. Twilight insists on going alone, but her pals tag along anyway. Nightmare Moon continues to through hurdles at the 6 ponies, but each is tackled with ease thanks to help from one of Ponyville’s locals having just the right skills. When they make it to the castle Nigthmare Moon destroys what Twilight thinks are the Elements of Harmony until she realizes that she and her friends represent the Elements of harmony. They use the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon and end the eternal night. Twilight and Spike stick around and being to study the magic of friendship.

Characters: This is where the characters start to develop. Twilight becomes quite stubborn until she realizes she loves her friends. Rainbow Dash shows off her bragging alongside her heroic flying skills. Pinkie Pie sings her first of many songs. Fluttershy shows kindness in a situation no one would think called for it. Rarity shows off her generosity, only to say she will never do such a thing again. Apple jack is honest and right as usual. Princess Celestia also makes her first appearance as well as the only appearance of Luan this season.

Impact: This was the one that showed everyone that this was not your typical show for girls. You don’t usually see a fight scene like the one against Nightmare Moon in a show for girls. This also created the Shadow Bolts, Steven Magnet, and provided shows first song to be remixed to death.

 Overall: This is a rather boring episode, but it was certainly one of the most crucial to the show becoming popular.

How it holds up: It’s okay, but while it’s memorable, it’s only due to it really kick starting the show’s popularity more so than its preceding part. Together the parts are my third favorite 2 part episode as of this posting, but who know where it’ll be come season 4.