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Time to be trash again now that I have some time! :D So I’ve always had in mind a follow-up to THIS drawing, and here it finally is! Rockstar Rarity and Punk Twilight; I love drawing them like this, it’s so much fun. x3 So basically Rarity’s flirtin’ it up with poor Twily, and she can barely keep up much less talk, of course Rarity shoving her lollipop in Twi’s mouth may have somethin’ to do it with. >.>

Hey so remember how a lot of ya asked for a new Rockstar!AU based on this idea? You’re probably getting one, thanks to @rarilight‘s brilliance. The basic idea she came up with was the two of ‘em were in separate rock bands (featurin’ the Mane 6 of course) and they have a sort of rivalry, but after a bet that rivalry starts to burn more into the “who can seduce who first” territory. And the media just eats it all up.

anonymous asked:

Why do you ponies have such annoying names? Every time I say I like twilight, everybody thinks I mean you!

Oh. That’s strange, I would think the thing that comes to mind first is the time of day, not little old me. While I am fairly well known, at least in Equestria, presumably the thing which I am named after is more well known and that what you can find in the dictionary would take precedence over other meanings.

I’m assuming you’re not a pony since you used “you ponies” but you have moved to Equestria recently, given that others assume you mean me, which seems unlikely to occur anywhere else.

Ponies are usually named after things, and it’s generally not a problem since with context it tends to be clear what is being referred to. I’m sorry this is not the case in your situation and you understandably find this annoying, I know our culture can be hard to acclimate to but I do hope you can find a way to communicate in a manner which works for you.

For now, I suggest using the word crepuscular when referring to twilight, to do so in a manner which can’t be misunderstood. So you could state you enjoy the crepuscular period, which carries the same meaning.

With this in mind, I hope you can avoid the frustration of having to explain it’s not me you like. I can imagine that leading to some awkward situations.

And we’re back with another collab swoot, this time with @dimfann!

Dim is one of those artists that every time I see them draw anything I’m just totally mystified. Real talk, a big reason why I switched over from doing painterly stuff to doing colored sketches like this is because of Dim and @verulence. I’m completely infatuated by their volumes, and the past year has basically been just me trying to catch up to that crazy high standard they set. Very excited I got to work on this one (Sorry for making you wait so long on it though Dim lol, school gets in the way). I think I learned a good deal from this, especially about staying loose, it really opens up some expression stuff.

In other notes beyond me geeking out over Dim’s crazy volumes, if you get a fallout vibe that’s my 🅱. Granted the jacket colors were inspired by fallout but it’s not really supposed to be an explicit reference. Also no cutie mark is best cutie mark fight me.

Bro the new episode basically bitch-slapped inspiration into me and I just had to draw Rarity with her new hairstyle and punk-rock look. She really pulled the look off! Also, just so you guys know the thing in her mouth is just a lollipop. >.>

Anyway yeah, the episode was so charming, Rarity looked amazing, and I might end up playing with the Rockstar!AU some more now because wow.


INKTOBER 19 & 20
Forest God Luna
Nightwalker Tantabus
Princess Lunanoke Full Board

Princess Mononoke is my favorite Miyazaki movie, so I rewatched the movie while I payed tribute through drawing Luna as the forest god and Nightwalker. They were drawn next to each other on the same bristol board. (These are also two of my favorite works from the Inktober challenge, and also the longest worked on)