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I've read that some high profile figures either get training in some sort of hoof-to-hoof combat or conceal a weapon or two on their person, just in case. Considering your recent encounter with the witchleeches, perhaps you should consider something like that to supplement your magical abilities. Or a bodyguard. Equestria needs you to be safe, your highness.

That’s really not common. High profile figures are rarely in danger. Mostly they’re surrounded by ponies who appreciate them, at worst perhaps some that have a hard time respecting personal boundaries and might be a bit annoying, but that’s hardly cause for violence.

There are of course places in Equestria which are less safe, at least when you’re on your own. Once you get away from civilization there are wild things about which might not be as kind as ponies are.

Still, that hardly justifies having guards. I’ve already discussed my objections to this, so I won’t repeat them. If anything I should have the company of a friend when going through places like the Everfree Forest. My friends are quite capable.

As for non-magical self-defense, I have read numerous books on the topic. But that won’t help when I’m caught by surprise and overwhelmed before I can react. And while I try to stay in shape, I’m not exactly an athletic pony, so my magic is going to be my primary means of defense.

It really was just unfortunate to run into creatures against whom magic was not a viable defense, at least once caught, and the fact that I was successfully ambushed (which granted isn’t simply bad luck but rather that I can be lost in thought while wandering and not pay enough attention to my surroundings).

I know my safety is important, and there are times I’ve passed up opportunities to do things I’ve dreamed of, because the risk is too great. Not for my own sake, but for Equestria. But I don’t want to live sheltered either, I did that for a large part of my life and it kept me from growing as a pony.

If I live in fear, surrounded by guards, disconnected from the citizens, I will not be the kind of Princess of Friendship that Equestria deserves. I have to try to be a regular pony, as much as that’s possible in my position, but without exposing myself to extreme and unnecessary risks.



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