Another Infected!AU doodle! This time it’s of Rarebear and little Sweetie Belle. :3 In contrast to Twilight, these two’s clothes are far more pristine and don’t have as much wear-and-tear to it since they’ve been living in a relatively nice settlement. Regardless, Rarity is by no means helpless or weak; she pulls her weight just fine and can handle nearly any long-ranged weapon with scary accuracy. After the death of her parents a little bit after the outbreak, she’s taken on the mantle of caretaker to Sweetie, something she takes seriously. It’s because of Sweetie that she would much rather stay in a group of other survivors (not to mention the luxury of an old sense of normalcy).

Unfortunately, the settlement they were living in came under new leadership, who then began to bring about new and unsavory “rules”. One of these rules involved the “disposal” of anyone under the age of 13 and over the age of 60, deeming them unfit to benefit the group and therefore a source of wasted resources. So Rarity decides to leave, but trekking the post-outbreak Equestria is no safe feat. Luckily enough for her, she ends up meeting Twilight and Spike who visit the settlement, and she manages to convince the two of them to lead them to the settlement that Shining Armor runs.

Rarity in this AU is a little more open to trusting other survivors, but she isn’t naive; she knows what others are capable of, and that the living is more dangerous than the infected: at least the infected are predictable. She’s still into fashion and tries to come up with little outfits out of scraps of clothing in her down time, but she misses the access to more supplies she had from Before. Rarity is very protective of Sweetie Belle and will do anything she can to ensure her sister’s comfort and safety, but it’s because of this mindset that Sweetie doesn’t know how to take care of herself outside safe walls.

As for Sweetie, she’s more soft-spoken and withdrawn, partly due to her being traumatized from witnessing the death of her parents. She sticks close to Rarity when she can and, while in the settlement, would much rather spend her time with her big sister instead of playing with the other kids her age. Unlike Spike, Sweetie doesn’t know how to handle weapons or fend for herself outside a settlement, a dangerous situation should anything happen to Rarity. Thankfully she’ll eventually learn. She’s about 13 in this AU. 

I’ll write more later, but for now I think this will do. Feel free to ask questions, and I hope you like it! ^.^