friendship is always better

7 women i could never forget.

1. it was all about experiences. it was a necessity for you to feel. diamonds and gold didn’t move you as much as books and flowers. you liked wine in the morning, and coffee in the evening. you liked beethoven when you were happy, and trap music when you were sad. your laugh was light, but your mind was heavy. you spent so much time dreaming, and not enough time living in the moment.

2. your eyes were enchanting, but the words that came from your lips were even more captivating. gospel to the soul. water to the mind. i remembered every small detail about you, even though you thought it wasn’t important. funny thing is, you didn’t feel important, you didn’t know your purpose. if only you knew the power that existed in the little things you said and did. you’re a goddess. you’ll make a fine mother some day.

3. you were always a volcano waiting to happen, but somehow i was drawn to that. i was drawn to your passion, your spirit, your exuberance. i thought it was beautiful, they felt indifferent. they kept their distance because they thought you were destructive. they didn’t understand you, but i did. amidst all the confusion, i still chose you, but you chose to push me away. you left burns on my soul and left me picking pieces of myself off the ground. my mother always taught me not to play with fire. i wish i listened.

4. miss crystals and sage. miss zodiac. miss what is your moon, sun and rising in? miss let me see your chart, so i know it’s real. you’re appreciated. you taught me so much. your spirituality fueled me. your oneness with yourself inspired me. your awareness opened me, but your over analyzing closed me. you inadvertently disposed of me. ego killed our connection. can you imagine how far we would’ve gone if we both just swallowed our pride?

5. my first love. my soul mate. you opened my eyes to things that i didn’t even know existed. you opened my senses to feelings that i never even knew could be felt. our connection was intense, even though we weren’t together for long. but it’s hard to write about you. it’s hard to string together sentences and talk about you. a part of me feels like you don’t deserve my words, because you left without saying a word.

6. there is so much to you. i have seen the light and dark sides, the sun and the moon, but everything is undeniably beautiful. there was a gentleness about you, even in your rough moments, a softness about you, even after the way the past treated you. but i was young, naive, immature. i didn’t quite understand what love or friendship was. i didn’t quite understand myself. but you’re a good person, an angel. i hope you found someone who compliments your spirit.

7. strange. it never moved past friendship, but i’m glad that it never did. we were always better off as platonic companions. we mixed together well, without adding romance to the pot. it’s ironic that the reason we don’t talk as much anymore is because we decided not to take that plunge into the unknown. i miss your smile, your humor, your friendship. but i also understand that it’s okay to love someone from a distance.

—  iambrillyant
Alone- Part 1

Based on a prompt line; “Don’t leave me behind.”

Warnings; Fighting, Feelings of Worthlessness

Words; 1,249

A/N; Honestly I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. If you want a part 2 though let me know!! Feedback is encouraged! :)

Pairings; Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

It had been almost 3 years since Bucky became an avenger. And it had been almost 3 years since you developed the biggest crush ever.

He had sauntered into the compound and looked at you with those piercing blue eyes and that was it. Ever since then you’d been inseparable. The bestest friends ever, but that was it, nothing more.

The only other person who knew about your feelings was your best friend Nat. She’d been trying to encourage you to tell Bucky how you felt for years but you couldn’t, you were almost positive that he didn’t see you that way and didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

You always told her “Something is better than nothing.” To which she’d dramatically roll her eyes.

You were looking down at the book you were currently reading but couldn’t focus on the words. All you could hear was the high pitched giggling coming from the kitchen and every note pierced your heart. It was one of the many girls Bucky would bring over when he was ‘lonely’.

He strolled over to you, coffee in hand. “Hey doll, whatcha readin’?” He asked as he sat down next to you and handed you the hot mug.  

You smiled and grabbed the coffee from him. “Thanks Buck. It’s uh-”

He grabbed the book from your lap before you could protest and read aloud. “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

He paused for a second, his cheeks going lightly pink and looked at you. Your eyes met and it seemed like his eyes glossed over before he let out a loud awkward chuckle.

What the hell was that about? You thought.

His eyes were still lingering on you as the blonde girl came up behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly and turned to look at her. “Honey we should let her read, come on let’s go back to bed.” She purred. He looked visibly uncomfortable as he stood up and followed her down the hall.

As you stared into your mug urging your eyes not to water and trying to suppress the stabbing feeling in your chest, you missed when Bucky turned back to look at you, a hopeless longing in his eyes.

* * *

A few hours later you were in your workout gear pummeling a punching bag, imagining a certain blonde.

Why couldn’t you be enough, why couldn’t he see you as more. What were you doing wrong.

Why. Why. WHY.

You felt hands touch your waist and turned just as fast sweeping their legs out from under them. There was a thud and an “Ow! (y/n)!”

Steve was laying splayed out on his back looking vengeful.

“Oh Steve! I’m sorry! Instinct.” You shrugged as you helped him up.

“It’s okay it was my fault, shouldn’t have snuck up on ya like that.” He smirked. “So what’s got ya so angry?” He pointed at the still swaying punching bag.

“Honestly I don’t even want to talk about it.” You sighed.

“Wanna practice then? We do have a mission tomorrow.” He smirked again inching towards you.

“Rogers, don’t even try.” You ran at him flipping over his shoulders and he turned slowly, not expecting it.

Just then Bucky walked by the door of the training room, but you were too distracted by Steve to notice.

He sauntered over to you and got right up in your face. Grinning he pushed a strand of hair out of your face. You were always very fond of Steve and had a flirty relationship but never took it any further. With one swift movement he took you down and was straddling your hips  inches away from your face.

Bucky couldn’t watch any longer, a lump growing in his throat as he walked away feeling defeated.

Just as he left you flipped Steve over and put him in a head lock. “I win!” You sang cheerfully.

There was clapping from behind you and you both turned to see Nat walking in. “I want in on this!”

The three of you spent the rest of the afternoon training together until you were all too tired and sweaty.

* * *

The next morning you met in the hanger fully dressed in your gear. This mission wasn’t going to be all of you. It was just a simple mission to retrieve information from a Hydra base.

As you, Bucky, Steve and Nat got into the quinjet you tried to make eye contact with Bucky but he wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Alright, Nat and I will go in through the front and (y/n) and Bucky will go through the back.” Steve said over the comm. “You two will take out anyone in your way and get to the communications room, there should be computers. Back up the information to a USB and get out of there as fast as you can. Nat and I will check for prisoners and take out anyone else. Everyone understand?”

We all nodded in unison. Thirty minutes later everyone was in position. You and Bucky made your way inside, working together to take out the four guards blocking the door. He still wouldn’t meet your gaze as you crept down the dark hallways. A man came from your left, you didn’t see him in time and there was a direct hit to your side, you crumpled to the ground as you heard Buckys metal arm hit the guy and he went down.

Bucky helped you to your feet, your face only inches apart. “Watch yourself next time.” He said in a flat tone as he turned to walk down the hall.

You reached out and grabbed his hand to pull him back. “What did I do that made you so upset?” You asked quietly.

His cold eyes bored into yours. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend.”

You stood there shocked. “My-my what?”

He pulled his hand out of your grasp. “This isn’t the time for this.” He said as he turned and walked down the hallway turning into a room a few doors down.

Once you were in the room you told Steve and Nat over the comm that you had begun transferring the information.

When the screen read 94% there was yelling outside of the room you and Bucky were standing in.

He looked over at you and nodded. “Stay here, make sure it’s done.” With that he left the room.


Someone was thrown against the door.


There was a gun shot and a loud yell.


The door crashed in, Bucky and another man rolled into the room.


They both stood, the other man had noticed you. You reached for your gun.


There was a bang. Then a lot of pain, you looked down to see thick red blood coming from your stomach. You fell to the ground.


Bucky walked over to you, glanced down and took out the USB. You could see him saying something over the comm but couldn’t make it out. Your vision was starting to fade in and out.

He started to walk out of the room.

He was leaving? Why is he leaving? You thought urgently. Don’t.

“Don’t leave me behind.” It came out as a whisper but he tensed and you could tell he had heard you. Your eyes locked on his and your vision went black. 


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Today while I was climbing down the staircase laughing and joking around with this new friend in college, I realized this is what letting go really feels like.
She may have been a new friend but she wasn’t someone new to me.
She was my ‘best friend forever’ from 4th to 6th grade. She then moved to another state. A year later I moved to another city. We changed multiple schools and cities and now finally years later we met again in college.
But we were different people now.
I wasn’t a mean kid and she wasn’t a dumb kid.
I didn’t boss her around and she didn’t obey me.
But neither did we have any bitter feelings of whatever went down between us.
It was so long ago. We were kids. It seemed foolish to hold on to that.
So I kept my old notions of her aside and genuinely listened to her talk about herself and her life.
She didn’t care to ask me about mine but I honestly didn’t mind.
That’s who I am now, I am okay with myself and I don’t need to be proving that to others.
But I think a major reason why we both were able to move on from our kiddie, too close too toxic friendship with way too many tiffs was because when we moved schools, me made new friends and indulged in new adventures and learned new things.
Now that I’m trying to let go of so many people and memories, I’m trying this all over again.
And I will succeed.
I already have before.

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Could you please make a fluff fem tony stark fic? :)

Well, I can try :) I think after the angsty mess that is CD we all need it lol. Also for some reason I heard “fluff Antonia” and immediately thought of college cuddling with friends… Idk, it just happened.

With a heartfelt groan Rhodey dropped down next to Antonia on the sofa.

“Aw,” Ty cooed from her where he was draped over her other side. “Did the poor baby have a hard day?”

Antonia smiled. Initially she had been wary about introducing her two best (and only) friends to each other, but thankfully that worry had been completely unfounded. It had been love at first sight between those two. Not that that should have surprised her, Rhodey and Ty had a lot in common.

They were both stubborn jackasses, for one.

Rhodey scoffed. “Bite me, asshole.”

Alright, maybe it hadn’t exactly been love at first sight. But they hadn’t tried to kill each other yet (there was no proof that Ty had been involved in the Stairs Incident, so that totally didn’t count). Antonia was willing to take what she could get when it came to these two.

Besides watching them fight like spoiled children over anything (mostly her) was hilarious. As long as they didn’t actually fight over her. She had put an end to that nasty habit very quickly.

“Gosh, you have such a way with words!” Ty mocked in a thick, British accent that made Antonia raise an eyebrow.

“You know, if I’d known you could talk British you’d have had a hell of an easier time getting me into your bed back when we first met,” she stated drily. Grinned in satisfaction when that earned her a splutter Rhodey and a curious head-tilt from Ty.

Of course, the three of them being who they were, the silence didn’t last long.

“You were fifteen!” Rhodey yelled outraged.

Ty just smirked. “Don’t flatter yourself, princess. If I’d wanted you in my bed, you would’ve been.”

“Sure, sure, cowboy. You just keep telling yourself that,” Antonia said drolly, making sure to convey how utterly unimpressed she was.

Ty’s smirk widened. He leaned in even closer, the tip of his nose almost brushing against her own, a dangerous glimmer in his eyes. 

He opened his mouth and Antonia had no doubt at all that whatever he was going to say would be absolutely filthy, but Rhodey hit him–and by virtue of how close they were her–in the face with a pillow before he got the chance.

It shouldn’t have been as hilarious as it was, but dear god, Ty’s expression was priceless. Antonia snorted with laughter every time she caught another glance of his face–or turned towards Rhodey and saw the way he preened in the face of Ty’s fury.

This, she thought in the privacy of her own head, this was exactly why the three of them worked. Despite everything. 

Because Tiberius was an arrogant, entitled brat and quite possibly a sociopath and Antonia got him. She understood the way he looked at people, the way he–for all his inappropriate jokes, sexist comments, racist slurs–didn’t care about anything but the use other people had for him.

That was why he was here after all. Ty hadn’t approached her in her first year at MIT because she’d been pretty or easy or prey. He’d approached her because she was Antonia Stark–and as fucked up as it was, there was something soothing about that. Because Antonia was cut from the same cloth. Looked at people the way Ty did. Used them the way he did. They were from the same world, and sometimes it showed.

Rhodey wasn’t like that. Wasn’t like them. He stayed because he liked her, genuine and pure and nothing at all like what Antonia was used to. Rhodey didn’t want the same things other people wanted from her, and sometimes that was confusing. Antonia didn’t really understand Rhodey, not the way she understood Ty, and maybe that was why she enjoyed having him around so much.

He fascinated her in a way Ty didn’t, soothed wounds that she hadn’t even realised were still stinging, just by being there. By staying–despite Ty’s many attempts to drive him off.

He hadn’t succeeded though, and maybe that stubbornness and his obvious intelligence where the only things Ty respected about Rhodey–but he respected them. And Rhodey tolerated him.

And sometimes, on Thursday afternoons like this one, when the world narrowed down to Ty’s outrageously expensive apartment and both of her boys on either side of her, Antonia thought that this, all of it, was more than she could have ever wanted. 

Then Rhodey pulled her closer and sneaked his still-cold hands under her sweatshirt to tickle her side until she begged for mercy. And Ty growled and snarked because her struggle had cost him his least favourite, stupid glass figurine. And somehow she got all three of them wrapped up under her favourite blanket, the one that was soft and fluffy and bright pink that she’d fallen in love with immediately for the simple reason that Ty would hate it with a passion–and he did.

Until they were a nothing but a tangle of limbs, and Rhodey and Ty argued about which movie to watch while Antonia leaned against the chest of whomever was closest, listening to the steady sound of their heartbeat. And Ty rolled his eyes at them both, and Rhodey carded skilled hands through her hair.

And it wasn’t perfect. But it was so fucking close.

Might not be what you had in mind, anon, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways!

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I love that you give me a mix of spidey and sheith on my dash :)) Imagine Keith as spidey, sneaking back into his room thru the ceiling like in Homecoming and didn't notice Shiro until he hears him whisper "Holy shit" behind him coz Keith totally forgot they were supposed to have a sleepover and Shiro's been waiting in his room lmao. Meanwhile Shiro's now having an existential crisis coz he realizes "oh god I always told him I crushed on spidey. I have a crush on my best friend. And he KNOWS"

THIS. I’ve always wanted Keith to be Spider-Man but no one agrees with me on this lmao so THANK YOU. You didnt ask for a drabble but I’m writing one anyway because this is my chance to prove myself :))

[Sheith Spider-Man Homecoming AU] Part 01 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

“Holy shit,” was pretty much the summary of what Shiro was feeling at that moment Keith—fricking Spider-Man from damn fricking Youtube—entered his own bedroom from the window in his red and blue suit.

“Holy shit!” Keith cursed as he turned around to see Shiro sitting on his bed, eyes wide in fear? Surprise? 

Shiro’s heart was beating so fast. Suddenly it all made sense. The times Keith ditched practice, the times he was always the first one out of school, the times Shiro noticed some bruises on his arms, the times…

Right at that moment, Shiro’s eyes widened in panic.

“You knew,” he said softly.

“Uh, knew what?” Keith squeaked out, trying to strip down his suit. 

“I kept telling you how I’m pretty much crushing on Spider-Man because he’s cool on a daily basis and now it turns out you’re The Spider-Man and all along I’ve always had a crush on you as Keith but then I didn’t wanna be weird about it cause you might not feel so same way, so I kinda crushed on Spider-Man instead so I could stop these feelings I have for you but now it turns out you’re the same guy and I’ve been feeling so shitty because I felt like I was cheating on you which is ridiculous because you never knew and now it turns out you’re the the one I’m cheating with too because you’re the same damn guy!!” Shiro said nonstop, clearly he was panicking as he ran his fingers through his hair, turning away from Keith. 

“Oh god, you weren’t supposed to know about that,” Shiro groaned.

He was having an existential crisis and he just outed himself to his best friend. He placed a hand on his chest to stop his heart from ripping out.

Keith cleared his throat after a while of silence. Most likely finding a way to do a friendship breakup with him. Gently.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ve always known.”

“You what?” Shiro snapped his head back to Keith. “What do you mean you’ve always known?”

Keith rolled his eyes, but a smile graced his lips. He turned around to grab his pyjamas. “That you’ve been carrying a torch for me for years.”

“No, I don’t,” Shiro quickly denied, blinking repeatedly.

“Please, don’t lie to yourself, man,” Keith smirked, buttoning his pyjama top and then shrugged. “I’m Spider-Man.”

“Which by the way we should discuss in extensive detail,” Shiro pointed at his best friend. “And please put on your pyjama bottoms. I can’t take you seriously this way.”

Keith just laughed as he pulled on his pyjama bottoms. “Thanks, Mom.”

“I’m not your Mom. I literally just confessed to you my undying love. Which we—”

“—should discuss in extensive detail, yes.” Keith finished as he sat on his swivel chair in front of Shiro. He hugged his knees as he waited for Shiro to sit down on his bed.

“So…,” Shiro started. “You’re Spider-Man, huh?”

“Yeah,” Keith gave him a small smile.

“That’s pretty awesome,” Shiro smiled back.

“It is.” Keith laughed.

Better Than Medicine // Na Jaemin


the prompt: Could I request something super fluffy and full of cuddles with NCT Dream Jaemin? Thank you!

words: 1097

category: fluff + kind of a best friend scenario?

author note: i have had this plot for jaemin in my head for months and now is the perfect time to bring it out. also i miss him so but he’s my lil honey bun and i hope he’s okay and healthy and living a unstressed life rn. ANYWAY hope this was up what you wanted! please enjoy!

- destinee

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Moon aspects: ~Female~ friendships

(Use your own) natal placements:

Moon to Sun
Harmonious aspect: I need friends who positively supports who I am, but I also need friends who can take a joke. I like my friends to be confident, fun and jovial.
Disharmonious aspect: I need friends who reaffirm who I am. I like witty relationships but not at the expense of hurting each other. I don’t like having egotistical, dominating people who can’t take anything seriously as friends.

Moon to Mercury:
Harmonious aspect: I need friends who are witty, funny and can hold a conversation. I need friends where I can talk about any topic under the sun. I even enjoy a little debate now and then. People who aren’t interested in learning or discovering bore me.
Disharmonious aspect: I need friends I can talk to and laugh with, but I despise “intellectuals”. People who talk too much, and gossip or discuss trivial topics can also irritate me too. I’d rather keep the conversation on something relevant to the both of us.

Moon to Venus:
Harmonious aspect: I don’t want drama filled friendships, I just don’t see the point in being friends with someone if you don’t get along? It should be easygoing and relaxed. If I’m friends with someone I want us to both complement each other.
Disharmonious aspect: I prefer harmonious friendships like everyone else, but drama isn’t always bad and it’s better to have an “argument” than to sweep problems under the rug. I like having friends who all express their own beauty differently

Moon to Mars:
Harmonious aspect: I need assertive friends. Friends with strong willpower and courage. I like friends I can be honest and straightforward without accidentally hurting anyone’s feelings. I don’t like having cowards as friends. Confrontation can be a pleasant conversation, not always arguments.
Disharmonious aspect: I don’t like overly moody or temperamental friends. But I still despise those with absolutely no strength or courage, better to have a little than to have none, I’d rather drop them on the spot than to continue associating with them. I want friends who listen to me and my opinions.

Moon to Jupiter:
Harmonious aspects: I need jovial, optimistic friends. Friends who I know can keep the mood light and the humour continuous. I don’t see the point in a friendship if you don’t uplift each other?
Disharmonious aspects: I enjoy humour an fun in friendships but that shouldn’t override the need to discuss actual serious issues. I don’t like people who are too bubbly, or fake or can’t take anything seriously. I don’t want friends who would rather be preachy than actually helpful.

Moon to Saturn:
Harmonious aspect: I admire ambition, I want friends who have so much strength and discipline that it inspires me to become better myself. Discipline in friendships also accounts for smooth sailing and the lack of misunderstandings which is a bonus.
Disharmonious aspects: I admire ambition too but people who are overly ambitious just seem condescending. I don’t want to be in a friendship with people like that, they only put me down and lower my self esteem. They restrict me because they only care about their own goals. Friendships shouldn’t be so serious.

Moon to Uranus:
Harmonious aspects: I enjoy friends I can be open with, where I can be accepted for who I am. I don’t like people who are overly law abiding, they’re judgemental and don’t let anyone have any freedom. I like having friends from all walks of life.
Disharmonious aspects: I like having friends with unique and different personalities too, but in close friendships I’d rather be friends with people who are like me so we can actually form an intimate bond. I don’t like people who are too rebellious. You can have fun and respect rules at the same time.

Moon to Neptune:
Harmonious aspects: I need friends who will unlock my fantasy world. Friends where conversations about dreams and stories predominate. They’re just more fun that way. I enjoy having friends who are dreamy, arty, and open to the spiritual. We deal with the mundane too much already
Disharmonious aspects: I also enjoy storytelling and fantasy but letting things like that predominate a relationships is just impractical. People that are chaotic or have their heads in the clouds end up irritating me. I’m also not a fan of people who get drunk too often. None of that can create a good foundation for a good friendship.

Moon to Pluto:
Harmonious aspects: I want “ride or die” friendships. I need friends who I count on, who will do a lot for me - possibly even go to the end of the world with me. I need friendships with extreme trust, loyalty and privacy. Where discussions involve deeper and darker topics. It goes both ways of course. There’s no point in friendship if you aren’t going to be this close
Disharmonious aspects: I also want privacy and I want trust too, although trust can be hard for me so I usually have more light hearted friendships. I don’t like friendships that are too intense - where I’m being controlled or bossed around. I don’t want a friendships where it feels like I’ve signed a contract and have to do things I don’t want to. If that happens it’s not a real friendship anymore.

Moon to Ascendent:
Harmonious aspects: I need friends who have similar opinions and world views to me. I’m allowed to be discerning and I don’t see the point in forming a friendship with someone that already know I don’t have much in common with.
Disharmonious aspects: I prefer friends with similar opinions to me but it isn’t a must. In fact, it can be more fun when the opinions and views are so diverse

Moon to Midheaven:
Harmonious aspects: I love flaunting my friends because I believe friends should be good for our public image. After all, if they’re your friends they represent you too. I don’t like associating with people who make me look bad, because that’s not who I am so I don’t need anyone else thinking that.
Disharmonious aspects: My friends are usually pretty different from one another and we love spending time (publicly) together. But at the end of the day, friendships are something that are sacred and private. How people view us could be spot on or completely wrong with what we’re actually like, I couldn’t care less to be honest.

*conjunctions can be either disharmonious or harmonious (but are usually harmonious unless a malefic is involved). oppositions technically considered disharmonious but there is a tug of war with oppositions - the individual dislikes but needs friendships like the ones stated above. they can oscillate between craving and despising the type of relationship explained.

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i thought the moral of we're back was like....spreading joy and friendship will always be better for you than spreading fear

Perhaps, but It ended up falling flat cause Dr Screw Eye’s circus is consentually visited and enjoyed by people who want to see spectacle and be scared, so the movie frames people who are interested in the frightening and the strange as “weirdos” and people who like “comedy” (the shitty clown, the uncomfortable mushy dinosaurs) as the correct experience and thing to desire.

The clown in the movie is a dick. Unlike the kids it is stated that he could of left the circus any time. The clown would of known the tone of Screweye’s circus was based around horror when he auditioned, but he constantly shits on the work of the other circus people and the audience, and gets mad at his boss for not letting him make the show about him or his act that doesn’t make sense in the context of the other performances. The clown is a bastard.

Dr Screweye is a shithead cause he forced the dinosaurs to change their minds and bodies to be of use to him and fill the desires and wants of other people. However Dr. Neweye did the exact same thing to the dinosaurs, stealing them away from their natural environment, altering their mind and personality, and telling them they are only now valuable cause they can serve the desires of others. Both are Bastards

The Children are forgiven for they are children but they are victim of societies expectation and forced pressure  of heterosexual relationships.

There is only one true moral in We’re Back, and it is that o matter how much man plays God with nature cause the dinosaurs will kill you in the end


hs yearbook: itstheaqueen asked the 100 + best bromance

remember when Matt “Clary is not making it easy for Alec to get along with her” Daddario was confused as hell when Kat said that Clary and Alec’s friendship is one of her favorites lmfao like??? they’re not friends??? 

Harry Styles - “How to Love” - Chapter Five

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Harry leaned his head back, the nape of his neck resting on the back of the chair he was sat in, letting the sun beat down on his face. He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath and letting it out in a heavy sigh. He was currently hiding out on his back deck. His phone was inside, his front door locked. If anyone called or came to his house they would think he was just busy or out. And people have been trying to do both.

He had turned his phone off mid-morning after everyone from the party the night before woke up and started spreading the gossip of the fight around. He started getting texts, some accusing him of hurting Niall because ‘how dare he get with Niall’s best friend’, others congratulating him on 'winning’ Lana, someone who many thought to be unattainable. Some took his side, saying she was a bitch and deserved every bit of his hate. He was sick of it all.

He had heard Liam calling from the front door around noon when he was in his kitchen and that’s when he decided to escape outside to the calm and peace and quiet. He had been watching the sun flicker off the water of his pool for a while before sliding on his sunglasses and relaxing in a chair, ready to pretend last night never even happened.

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I’ve realized that it takes a lot of effort and emotional maturity to be friends with exes. There also has to be a valid reason, outside of the usual, “we spent so much time together.” For me and my ex, the reason was that our relationship had already turned into a friendship. We also had always understood one another better than anyone else; we knew what to say to each other when no one else did. This made it worth it for us to remain friends.

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I know you mainly write nurseydex, but would you be willing to do some Camilla/Lardo? Or just something involving the women of omgcp?

Camilla has never been cool. She’s always been popular, but she knows that’s just because she’s pretty enough and an athlete. She’s not cool, not like those kids back in high school who hung out in the art room and said what was on their mind and truly didn’t give a damn what other people thought. Not like her freshman year roommate, who double majors in Literature and International Studies and speaks in her own language comprised of her favorite quotes and Arabic sayings. Not like Larissa Duan.

Larissa Duan, who wears ripped jeans and oversized flannels like she doesn’t even know how good she looks in them. Larissa Duan, who can be caught kicking ass at a beer pong table at midnight, then in the art building blaring music and staring at canvases by 8 A.M. the next morning. Larissa Duan, who changes her hair every semester, not because of any trend, but because she wants to. Larissa Duan, who has an entire NCAA hockey team’s respect and allegiance. Larissa Duan, who is fearless and badass and yet still incredibly kind.

Camilla is popular, sure, but Larissa Duan is cool, and it’s intimidating as hell.

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Natalie Vasquez – “This scar isn’t a secret, it’s a reminder of who I used to be. It’s a symbol; It’s no different than Parrish’s ohm bracelet or Wyatt’s plane piece.

How I choose to remind myself of my sacrifice, of being away from my girl, of my fight, that isn’t anything anyone can compromise.”

anonymous asked:

I just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to share my boy problem. I'm not sure if I'm in love with him but, what I know is that I care for him deeply. I've known him for a short time (5 months) and in that short period of time, he healed and broke me. I don't know if that's possible. He hasn't spoken to me since the beginning of April, and I know it's not that long but, I miss him. And I don't know if he's okay and I'm really worried. he won't answer my texts. My heart hurts. Help?

I do think it’s possible for someone to heal and break you. I don’t know what happened exactly but maybe be the bigger person and just go up to him and talk to him. Even if he doesn’t want to hear it, make him. If you value your friendship above everything else try to at least salvage that. After all having his friendship is always better than having nothing and him not talking to you and not answering your texts.

5 Reasons why being an INFJ perfectionist sucks

1) Most of us probably have anxiety because of it. Because we want everything to work out EXACTLY the way we want it to, we imagine every possible way it could fail with our Ni-dom. That can easily get in our way of relaxing, we’re too busy stressing out thinking we need to do whatever we can to avoid those possible failures (or not doing anything when we should because we think failure is inevitable at that point).

2) We hate judgement from others. Anytime someone has something to say about us that isn’t good we self destruct. We thought we were being good and- well, perfect; but we weren’t and now it’s the end of the world. Sometimes we try to feel better by defending ourselves, but that can come across as us being really passive aggressive about being criticized by others.

3) Its one reason why we don’t like people trying to figure us out. If you’ve figured us out, then you know our flaws that we don’t want you to know, so we get super distant and you become at risk for an INFJ door slam only because you got too close too soon for our comfort.

4) It feeds our over thinking. We already live in our heads thanks to Ni-dom, but with being a perfectionist we can be trapped in our heads imagining how we can be better. I find that often times when having conversation I’m stuck thinking about what exactly I should say, but it takes me a long time because nothing seems good enough out loud (most of the time).

5) Ultimately, nothing is ever good enough for us. We always think we can do better than we are, so it’s hard for us to be okay with the end results we have, even if they’re actually really good. It’s hard in friendships/romantic relationships too because we’re always trying to find better and improve the relationship, and that can be very antagonizing/upsetting to our significant other/friends


Did anyone else notice how during several moments throughout the episode, Spencer’s character was singled out from the rest of the group?

It’s kind of hard to explain without pictures but the camera angling and positioning of the liars during scenes (such as the one in Rosewood P.D.) stood out to me. In certain moments, the camera would pan to Spencer, who was often set aside in isolation from the rest of the girls – and the distance between them didn’t stop on a visual front. She held a strange authority over the girls decision making process in this episode, too. From concealing Mona’s secret as opposed to handing her over to the cops, to wanting to tell the truth about their involvement in Archer’s death. And as an avid Twincer theorists, I can’t help but find this symbolic.

Out of all of the shady moments we’ve witnessed over the course of this season, I definitely think this episode takes the cake for making Spencer look SUPER SHADY. I honestly didn’t trust her in ANY scene she was in, perhaps only excluding the scenes she shared with Mary…


Her interactions with Caleb felt very… odd, for lack of a better word. I’ve always loved the Spaleb friendship and generally found their scenes in this episode cute BUT I felt very uncomfortable with the line Spencer delivers about “never forgetting” the relationship they shared. I don’t know, it felt really weird and slightly inappropriate.

The fact that the camera lands onto Spencer arriving at the Two Crows Diner RIGHT AFTER Hanna raises concerns over who could be showing up to meet with Mona – THIS HAD TO MEAN SOMETHING?

Lt. Tanner comes to the conclusion that the girls hadn’t done anything wrong, therefore, wouldn’t be punished. As she said this, the camera points us in the direction of Spencer.

The “shh” delivered by Mary (although beautiful and iconic in the context of her sacrificing her freedom for Spencer and the rest of the girls) gave off an equally sinister vibe. Something about her conveniently taking the fall appeared pre-planned. Regardless, I LOVED THAT SCENE!

Tell me what you think! With all things considered, this episode gets a solid 10/10 from me!