friendship is always better


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 


hs yearbook: itstheaqueen asked the 100 + best bromance

(lol I still haven’t even watched tfp)

So out of curiosity I looked at the tumblrs of some of the Believers of the Dread Acronym

And some of them are saying, “Well, fuck Moftiss anyway, we can write fanfiction and draw them however we want, they can’t take away the way we understand the show and these characters, and anyway t— brought us all together,” 

And I can’t but think……we’ve literally been telling you that for years now??? that you shouldn’t depend on Moftiss, that fanworks and fan culture and the friendships made via fandom are always going to be better than anything they could put on screen and that the way we understand the show and the characters is always going to have more depth than the show???

I mean better late than never to come to that understanding, I guess; but it would have been nice if they hadn’t treated everyone else in the fandom like shit on their way there. 


Natalie Vasquez – “This scar isn’t a secret, it’s a reminder of who I used to be. It’s a symbol; It’s no different than Parrish’s ohm bracelet or Wyatt’s plane piece.

How I choose to remind myself of my sacrifice, of being away from my girl, of my fight, that isn’t anything anyone can compromise.”

anonymous asked:

I just please ask for prayer over my life, I've been feeling so lonely lately and just so confused and I just want God to reveal himself to me . Thanks and God bless!

Man, I will definitely be praying for you! Loneliness is really tough and never fun, I’ve definitely been there too. You have me if you need a friend to talk to! Just know that relying on Him for satisfaction and worth will always turn out better than finding worth through friendships and relationships. Feeling lonely is a side effect of basing what you are and how you think about yourself based on how well your relationships or friendships go or how many of those you have. Trust me, I know because I’ve been there and just recently figured that out. When we find who we are in Christ and base our worth in what He says we are, we find full satisfaction. Regardless of  how many friends you have, how many relationships you’ve been in, what you’ve been through, where you are in your relationship with God, what your past is or what you’ve been told you’re worth, He says you are worthy and beautiful and good enough. Praying for you, friend! And know that if you ever need someone to talk to or need a friend, I’m here! 

Finished Goblet of fire last night. Starting Order of the Phoenix tonight.  Still sick with the flue but, I am resting and taking my meds for it. I will be down all weekend. Reading and napping and trying to get better. Thank you to my one friend @angel-star-moon for being there for me during this time. I appreciate that, true friends are hard to find online and glad your mine!  Always, willing to be a friend to those whom are to myself. She has never failed me yet and I am glad for it. When I am not feeling well, a kind word of friendship is always welcome. It helps to get better. ~Lady

You are my best friend, you’re like a work of art.
And, because of that, you have a special place in my heart.
We share the promise we’re holding on
Which makes the misunderstandings all gone

All the ups and downs made us stronger
And the fights and argues, made us last longer
No one will understand, the bond we share that’s true
Since, only the both of us can see it through

I will be always there for you, I will stay by your side
To wipe your tears, to hold your hand to be a guide
I wrote this to let you know and make you remember
When things get tough, things will always get better

I swear to make our friendship last forever
Even though we’re not always together
After all, nothing can tear us apart
Because we’re meant to be friends from the start

—  S.L // Happy Birthday Hazel!
Where were all these people who feel so disgusted with Ian slapping Kat’s butt... when last year he said “would you sit on me?!” or when he took that picture where he grabbed kat’s butt?! He has made jokes directed to Kat’s butt since “Put your graffiti on me”... where were you all this time? OMG! It’s Bamon time and I’m reading all these comments about this NEW HUGE PROBLEM: Ian Somerhalder is not a gentleman... oh really?! Where were you until now?! I don’t know him personally but I know the Somergraham dynamic better than you for sure! Their friendship has always been physical and they have been fine with it all these years, also when Kat was engaged with Cottrell and Ian was Nina’s boyfriend... they joke about it all the time! And I don’t really understand...what’s the problem NOW?! Or maybe I know... and “Heads it is”! Bye! XD <3

Taylor appreciation post: it’s funny because taylorswift impacts us in so many small ways. 12 years ago when we met our best friend we never imagined that in middle school we’d be using Taylor’s song Perfectly Good Heart to form a group called PGH to get through rough times, or that at our sisters wedding we would perform love story live with her lovely voice gracing our guitar accompaniment. While we’ve spent that last 12 years making memory after irreplaceable memory with this beauty, it always turns our that our lives, and this friendship, is better because of taylor. So much love for our best friend, and so much love for Taylor, we can’t wait to dance & sing our hearts out at your show this summer 💙