friendship friendship friendship

you know what’s amazing? friendship.

friends smiling at each other with their eyes crinkled and their grins breathless from laughter. friends slinging their arms around each other’s shoulders. friends going shopping together. friends living together as roommates. friends having fights and then inevitably apologizing because everything sucks when they’re not friends. friends crying on each other’s shoulders. friends hugging tight and not wanting to let go. friends that tease and make fun of each other as their way of showing affection. friends that have deep conversations at 12am. friends that share food, clothes, everything. friends that touch each other’s foreheads when the other is sick. friends loving and caring for each other.

wow, friendship.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Hogwarts' friendships? Is it true that Ravenclaws are closer to Slytherin and that Gryffindors are closer to Hufflepuffs or is it just bluff?

If I remember correctly, somewhere on Pottermore says that you’re right, but I think it was referring to Quidditch. Slytherin house and Ravenclaw house tended to root for each others matches whereas Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs rooted for each other’s matches. With that being said, it can likely tie into friendships but in no way decides who should or shouldn’t be friends.

-Justin (Slytherin)

Going off of what Justin said, the Hufflepuff welcome letter at least makes mention that Puffs get along best with Gryffindors. I feel that in canon, that might be true, but in real life, it doesn’t hold.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

NextGen Adopt update

So for anyone here who’s possibly interested in adopting one of the nextgen designs, this is the post for ya!

Given how many folks were asking for early access to some of the designs and a possible time-change due to work, this is the updated info for the sale:

The sale for the designs will take place Saturday at 4 PM Eastern Time.

In terms of holding a next gen: asking to claim a design early is acceptable, however the price of the character in question will increase by $15 extra. This is mainly because you’re getting early access to a character before anyone else.

The limit to this is that you can only claim 1 design early, and that’s it. You’ll have to be quick on the draw for the others you’re interested on sales day in if you want them! Also though, please know that you can’t claim a character and then just hold it; that’s not fair to anyone else interested in that design. You must be ready to pay before the sale starts; if you can’t do that and you try to claim a character without the ability to pay for the early access, the claim on said character will be revoked and the design will go up for sale as originally planned.

More of the designs were picked up this way, which I wasn’t really expecting, so the “early access” thing will probably be only limited to like 3 slots for whenever I do the adopts again. That said, these are the characters that are still available as of now:

-Rarity x Rainbow Dash: $25

- Tirek x Chrysalis: $25

-Tirek x Discord: $30

-Discord x Chrysalis: $25

Twilight Sparkle x Discord: $25

-Spike x Thorrax: $20

-Fluttershy x Discord: $25

I really appreciate you guys’ interest in the designs! If this one goes well enough I’ll be more than willing to do another one in the future with you guys’ suggestions for the designs (as well as do some that’s much cheaper too c: )

Just let me know if you have any questions or concerns or if you’re interested in one of the designs available! I’ll be leaving a question mark to enable ya’ll to answer directly to this post. c: