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Inuyasha, “A New Path” Shiori

Fandom: Inuyasha

Title: A New Path

Author: @quirkyspaynesgrey

Characters: Shiori, Inuyasha, Kagome, Rin

Rating: All Ages

Spoilers/Warnings: Post-canon, Adult!Shiori, warning for character death

Genre: Hurt/Comfort and Friendship

Word Count: 1,390

Notes: For @inusecretsanta 2017 for @onikik and @mishellja . I hope you like it! I was so happy to get a prompt for one of my favorite minor characters, Shiori!

Link: AO3

Summary: After her mother’s death, Shiori knows she has to keep moving on and find a new home.

A New Path

Shiori wrapped the prayer beads around her clasped hands, closed her eyes and prayed. She knelt at the fresh grave before her - her mother’s grave, located outside the town that had been their home for many years on the high cliffs of the Western shore. This had been her mother’s favorite spot, a sanctuary from the tough times and more importantly, a spot that she and her father had met in secret so many times long ago.

To Shiori, this would always be a place of peace and the most fitting resting place for her mother.

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Date Night

Penny comes home to a quiet apartment on Friday night.

Word count: 802


I open the door and see Simon’s head where it shouldn’t be: the couch.

“Did your date get canceled?” I call from the doorway. He shrugs with a small smile and points down at the couch.

I make my way over to him, dropping my bags in a trail along the floor. My back is going to hunch like an old lady by the time I’m thirty because I always take half the apartment with me when I leave for class. My shoes hit the couch with a thud as I fling them off.

I regret making all the noise because now I see that Simon isn’t alone on the couch.

Baz is curled up with his head in Simon’s lap, eyes peacefully closed and resting. Simon uses one hand to balance a textbook on the arm of the couch, and the other hand is holding Baz’s. He must have fallen asleep like that.

“He fell asleep as soon as he got here,” Simon whispers.

“He must be exhausted. Isn’t he taking more than a full course load this quarter?”


“I’m glad he’s getting some sleep.”

“Yeah,” sighs Simon. “How was your lecture? Did you teacher give back your paper yet?”

“No.” It sweet of Simon to remember, because he really doesn’t have to. He still keeps up with what’s going on in my classes, even though we’re not in the same ones anymore.

We’re talking in hushed tones, and Simon closes his textbook to run his fingers across Baz’s hair. I don’t know if he’s consciously doing this, or if it’s a habit his hands have learned to do on their own. “Lecture was good, though,” I say. “I got in a fight.”

“With the usual girl?”

“Yeah, the Tory. I gave her such a good smack down. A few people clapped.”

I grab the blanket we keep near the couch and lay it over Baz. It’s the big blue one with down inside and it’s also his favorite—I can’t believe I know this. I never thought I’d have a future where I would know Baz Pitch’s blanket preferences.

“You’re going to become friends with her one day,” Simon tells me.

I roll my eyes. “Not all of us make peace with our enemies by snogging them, Simon.”

He grins at that and looks down at Baz, and I see him get lost for a bit. I give them hell for their stupid flirting, mostly because it pales to moments like this. Quiet moments, when they both find some peace by being together. I wonder how long he’s been bound to this couch, trying not to disturb his sleeping boyfriend.

They were supposed to go to a fancy restaurant tonight, and Simon put a lot of effort into getting a reservation. I don’t think Simon cares that they’re missing it. With the way Simon is looking at Baz right now, I think that this is Simon’s idea of a date. Spending time close to each other, making sure they’re taking care of themselves. Staying inside, away from the pressures of the city. Inside, where Baz can fall asleep on Simon’s lap when he needs, and Simon can play with his hair.

“You guys are sweet,” I say. Simon rolls his eyes, but he’s still smiling. “Let’s get take out when he wakes up.”

There’s quiet for a few nice moments, but then I look at Baz and find that he’s looking at me.

“I’m not asleep anymore, Bunce.” The tosser. He heard me.

“Good morning, love,” says Simon. I think Baz would start poking fun at me, but he responds to Simon’s voice like a call, immediately turning to look at him. Everything about Baz changes when Simon calls him ‘love’. They’re getting lost in staring at each other.

“It’s still the evening, Snow,” Baz protests. He pulls Simon’s hand from his hair, kisses it, then holds it to his chest.

I make a big show of groaning and loudly place our food order, but I’m happy for them. There are so many times that we could have fallen apart, but we haven’t. Not yet. And I don’t think we will. I think we’re going to keep on getting through this.

I hang up the phone and am forced shove a pillow in their faces because they’re snogging. Already.

“But I thought we were sweet, Pen,” says Baz, and I smack him with a pillow again, then jump on the couch to sit between them, the three of us nestled under the blanket, hiding from the world and waiting for our food to arrive. It’s such a lame way to spend Friday night, but it’s what we usually do. I think we earned this, after everything. 

Above me, I hear a wet smacking sound. Being short is horrible, sometimes.

“I swear, if you are snogging directly above my own head I will invent a new spell so horrible you will never recover.”

I feel them break apart from either side of me. Baz laughs, but his voice still sounds sleepy when he speaks to me. “Tell me about the smack down you gave at lecture today. And from the beginning, your lecture stories are always epic.”

They are epic. But still, it’s nice to hear it from him. I start from the top.

daishou and mika are watching the match live which means high possibility of bumping into nekoma and also kuroo talking abt karasuno to daishou

wheres the daishou reacting to karasuno content i need sensei i cant be delivering all these to myself man


Delphine Cormier Appreciation Week | Day 3: Favourite Friendship


“I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty overwhelming keeping on top of it all – there’s the WhatsApp group with all the Call the Midwife girls … they’re champions in my life though – and we could all use more of those.” - Laura Main

It's the thought that counts

Summary: Lucy was a good person, down to her core. So, when she saw someone she thought was in need, she decided to help them. Little did she know, sometimes things weren’t as they appeared. Modern AU, spin on one of my favorite tropes.

Rated T for foul language and adult situations.

Genre: Humor, Friendship, Romance

Word Count: 5.8K

Read on or AO3.

“Yeah, I shouldn’t be too long,” Lucy said, her phone pressed against her ear. “I’m just going to pick up the book I was telling you about.”

“Lu, you and I both know you’re not going to just pick up a book. When was the last time you spent less than twenty minutes in a bookstore?”

Lucy found herself stifling a laugh, knowing Levy was right. She was notorious for spending hours at a bookstore, combing through countless shelves to add to her overflowing collection. She couldn’t help it. Levy tried convincing her to switch to e-books, telling her it would save space. Lucy didn’t give in.

There was something about holding a book in her hands, turning the crisp or worn pages that made her soul feel alive. She preferred real books, and she was positive nothing was going to change that.

“Okay, so maybe I’ll browse a little.” Lucy walked down the sidewalk, hearing the busy traffic all around her. She could have taken her car, but what fun was that? The weather was beautiful and her body craved excitement. She didn’t receive that driving the short distance from her house to the bookstore. It was boring even if she took the scenic route, which involved driving past Lucy’s favorite local bakery where a lovely redhead sold the best homemade cakes in Magnolia.

Lucy’s stomach growled, but she ignored it. She could swing by that bakery on her way back since it wasn’t too far out of the way. She just hoped it would still be opened by the time she left.

“You’re ridiculous,” Levy teased, a soft giggle traveling through the line. “Oh, Gajeel’s here. Gotta go!”

“Have fun!”

Lucy heard the girl say her goodbye before the phone hung up, leaving Lucy by herself. She didn’t mind being alone. After growing up with her negligent father, Lucy had grown to enjoy her own company. She could spend the whole day by herself and not get bored. Sure, she liked having friends around, but if she had to be by herself, she was content too.

Lucy crossed the street when it was her turn, looking up at the sign to one of her favorite restaurants. Their delicious meals and great staff earned them Lucy’s business. Whenever she got to pick the place her friends would hang out at for dinner, she always chose ‘Fairy Tail’. It was convenient for her too, seeing as it was a short walk from her house.

Lucy didn’t think anything of it when she glanced at the large windows of the restaurant, seeing the patrons gathered at tables. One particular man caught Lucy’s eyes, her brows raising when she noted his brightly colored hair. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was naturally pink or if he dyed it. Either way, she found it intriguing. She looked to see who he was eating with, eyes widening when he saw the seat was vacant.

She looked at the man, seeing him sip a glass of water. Her cheeks tinted pink when she noticed he was attractive, but she couldn’t appreciate his features too much, her eyes tearing away from the scene a second later.

'It’s none of my business,’ she told herself, continuing her journey. 'His date is probably running late.’

Lucy pushed the image of the man out of her head, replacing it with the idea of venturing around the bookstore. She had one book in mind she wanted to buy, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t open to the idea of getting more. Her chest filled with excitement as the store’s sign came into view, her pulse picking up just as her feet did the same.

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♡ make me choose  @lilinalii asked: blue & adam or adam & gansey

“some days, all that grounded him was the knowledge that his and adam’s friendship existed in a place that money couldn’t influence. anything that spoke to the contrary hurt gansey more than he would have admitted out loud. with precision, he’d asked, “is that what you think of me?”

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Have you felt it too? Have you seen how your best friends love everything about you- except the things that count? And your most important is nothing to them; nothing, not even a sound they can recognize.
—  Ayn Rand

I opened up to a good friend of mine (who never fails to surprise me with spontaneous ideas) and told him about my heavy heart, and that I would love to see the ocean. He lives 6 hours away, but instantly said “I’m coming to Berlin this weekend, I will pick you up and we will go to the ocean.” So I’m going to watch some waves, smell some salty air and hug a friend all day this weekend and I feel very grateful to be alive and be blessed to have kind souls like him in my life.

What Happens in Vegas

Author: Petalene

Rating: M

Status: Completed in November 2017

Word Count: 58,351

Summary: Kurt’s weekend trip to visit Las Vegas is the perfect time to have some fun. Sure, he’s there for a work convention, but he’ll have a little time take in the sights, see a show, and maybe pull a few slot machines. Instead, he crashes a party where he meets Blaine, the man of his dreams. Now everyone thinks the two of them are engaged and should get married right away. But Kurt’s not worried about all the crazy, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless, of course, there are pictures.

Tropes/Genre: AU, alternate meeting, humor, accidental!marriage, romance, Cooper Anderson, Kurtbastian friendship

Lynne’s review: This fic is a giant funny fluffball of insanity and I loved it! Cooper and Sebastian are nuts. Kurt and Blaine are connected despite the crazy circumstances and the smut…the SMUT…yeah. It’s sweet, hot, funny and did I mention the SMUT?

Read at: AO3

Lams Fic Rec: Fluff

props to all the authors who provide this stuff. they’re the real heros. i’m just here to read all of it. feel free to recommend anything that you think deserves to be on this list. fics aren’t in any particular order.

laurens, i like you a lot, word count 5176, rated explicit

its got a teensy-weensy tiny bit of plot but I thought it was a really cute premise and it got sexy at the end (fake dating au? sort of)

Bold Strokes, word count 1777, rated teen

this!!! Im crying!! Alex thinks john is mad at him but really john just drew alex a bunch of times and feels guilty about it!!! My babies are too much!!

conifer, word count 1748, rated teen

historical lams, this one was so cute!! The emotions were very raw and you could tell how much they cared for each other (warning: gore for bandaging a wound)

And Now, word count 1578, rated teen

very sweet historical lams, complete with a john that needs reassurance and a love confession

visit philadelphia, word count 3575, rated general

wasn’t sure exactly where to categorize this. Historical lams, honestly the dialogue and just alex in general are golden in this one

sharing body heat in the passenger seat, word count 1626, rated teen

this one is very cute and popular! I wish it was longer!!

Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, word count 607, rated general

I love this so much!! Its so cute and fluffy and it’s way too short (aka misunderstandings are my weakness)

take me home, word count 4492, rated teen

this one’s really cute, historical but I’m pretty sure its musical!verse, because a lot of the dialogue is modern. Anyway alex and john are in love and im in love with them being in love

The French Mistake, word count 3043, rated mature

a classic. Washington walks in on alex and john making out so they convince him that it is a customary French greeting, hilarity ensues. Includes Washington/lafayette