friendship bullshit

I wish there were more discussion about friendship breakups and how hard they are. Romantic breakups have songs, movies, cultural weight. You can talk about breaking up with a significant other on social media and expect sympathy. Nobody talks about breaking up with friends.

I know that’s because of amatonormativity and how romantic relationships are seen as ‘more important’ than friendship. Which is bullshit. We need to talk more about the importance of friendship and how much it hurts when suddenly someone you thought you knew and trusted decides you’re no longer an important part of their life.

This obviously doesn’t just apply to arospec people. It just been on my mind a lot recently and I thought it’s something aro people could really relate to.


“It’s bullshit to think of friendship and romance as being different. They’re not. They’re just variations of the same love. Variations of the same desire to be close.”
- Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

so done with this “i rather have them like this than none at all” “gonna choke down my feelings for the sake of the friendship” altruistic bullshit. man life is too short and fleeting to keep your feelings to yourself go and tell people how you feel trust me it’ll blow over way faster than the public drunk messy breakdown you will have from holding back shit for so long. the era of self restraint is in the fucking past man just go and express yourself for the sake of yourself


The original Paper Mario may be my favorite, but this song still makes me cry every time.

So it happens. We grow up and we stop talking but it’s like instead of growing apart, we’re all growing in. When we should be growing into ourselves and into the world, we’re actually finding ourselves in our bedrooms and hiding our fears in-between the sheets we never have the time to wash. All of a sudden it’s our senior year and everyone is partying but all we see are the walls of our rooms and not anyone we used to care about. It’s time to get up but all we really want is to get out. Suddenly I’ve forgotten all the people I’ve always really cared about.

September 19, 2016 | 10:05pm

-c.n.p // thesoulpages

i need more fics with tomlinshaw friendship where they don’t call each other best friends (because this is bullshit expression anyway and a person can have as many different friends as they want and they can call all one of them or hundred of them the best if they feel like it) but they just get each other. it can be an au, where it’s sometimes easier to write them that way. or it can be canon compliant where nick comes to h&l house when harry is out to find louis deep in thought, writing some songs which don’t seem good enough, and louis doesn’t tell nick that it’s kind of a bad time, louis just waves in the general direction of the fridge for nick to grab whatever drink he wants and they sit in the kitchen, nick going through his schedule for the next month and louis trying to write about sex without saying the actual word again; “i don’t know”, nick says after a while, “tomlinson, honestly, you’ve written about your morning wood already, try something else”. “i will write about my morning wood for years if i feel like it”, louis says, because he is a stubborn shit who is also quite tired and it’s quite late in the evening, and nick just snorts, “whatever, you can just write the word sex twenty times for you lot to sing and i’d listen anyway”. “well aren’t you a lyric genius”, louis decides happily, actually writing “sex” exactly twenty times one under the other in his lyric journal. 

they are still playing the “who can find the most creative ways to describe fucking poetically” game when harry comes home.

I just wanna make clear that when Stefan saved Matt over Elena in the end of season 3 it was because he respected Elena’s choice… in 6x22 was totally Damon’s choice save Bonnie over Elena, so… there you go. Damon put Bonnie first because HE CHOSE HER before the “love of his life”, you can’t make me buy the platonic friendship bullshit. Stefan belongs to Elena, Damon belongs to Bonnie.

Crystal: Will you at least try to resolve this before everyone goes to separate ways in a few weeks?

Jovan: I guess. 

Crystal: Jo!

Jovan: Alright. I’ll talk to him tomorrow. I’m staying here tonight. If that’s cool?

Crystal: Of course it is and thanks. I don’t want a 4 year friendship to end over bullshit.

Jovan: Yeah.