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Dear Evan Hansen AU in which Connor didn’t commit suicide but rather he ran from home, leaving Evan’s letter behind. So pretty much the story of the musical still plays out. But then Connor ends up coming back, half because he wants to kick Evan’s ass for pretending to have been his friend, half because he caught wind of the Connor Project and… He was glad?
I mean, they were all hypocrites by the support and memorials… It got to Connor and after calling Evan a dick he held out his hand like “I’m the real Connor. Thanks for making them remember. Now get ready to deal with me and clear all these lies up.”

I want everyone to know that this has always been Natsu’s greatest power, it is not bullshit he has had this from the very beginning of the series, the flames of emotion, it was during his fight from Erigor that we first witnessed this power, this has always been with him. So to classify it as the “nakama/friendship power up” bullshit is not right and unfair, it has always been with him, the thing is it never gets thrown at face when the villain says “is that the flames pf emotion”. Not everyone knows cause it is a lost magic, people always have to be reminded of a character’s ability or else they call bullshit which infuriates me, its one of the reasons he beat sting and rogue in the tournament, what fueled his golden flames to beat zero, what caused him to awaken his dragon force against mard geer, yes i agree fighting for his friends is his motivation but the fact of the matter is he has always had this power. Honestly i love this power which its one the reasons i love natsu. I was very satisfied with his fight with zeref and now mavis will handle the rest, Acnologia on the other hand i do not feel like hes done just yet, there are officially 10 chapters left, lets enjoy this as much as we can with a positive attitude, Fairy Tail ❤️

u know what interaction has Haunted me since we heard it

  • vex: [slaps percy on the ass after he starts drooling over the jewelry workshop] thinking about making a home here?
  • percy: [completely unfazed abt having his ass slapped] i’m… certainly thinking of some plans.

What Plans, Percival

In response to the latest TG;re chapter I have a question.

So YAOI is fetishizing a gay relationship with no relationship development, right?

YURI is the same thing but with lesbians and just women in general because a lot of people seem to think two girls can hook up and still be straight.

Okay, so what do we call an abusive straight relationship that has an entire series of one-sided pinning, fetishizing, no relationship development in anything further than a fucked up friendship? 

I thinking Bullshit, it has a nice ring to it y’know?  

Cause it’s a bullship.

I wish there were more discussion about friendship breakups and how hard they are. Romantic breakups have songs, movies, cultural weight. You can talk about breaking up with a significant other on social media and expect sympathy. Nobody talks about breaking up with friends.

I know that’s because of amatonormativity and how romantic relationships are seen as ‘more important’ than friendship. Which is bullshit. We need to talk more about the importance of friendship and how much it hurts when suddenly someone you thought you knew and trusted decides you’re no longer an important part of their life.

This obviously doesn’t just apply to arospec people. It just been on my mind a lot recently and I thought it’s something aro people could really relate to.


Antis keep saying that sakura’s love for Sasuke is unrealistic. Yet they fail to forget that the whole manga is unrealistic. No one is that stubborn and still pure at heart after going through hell(naruto) no one goes that far for ones friend (Naruto) no parents will be willing to put all their faith on their child when he was just brought to this Earth cause he’s their son (minato and kushina) no one is so pure, perverted, at heart(jiraiya) no one starts a freakin war cause the girl they loved died (Obito) plus no person will kill every single person from their family, even the innocent children, out of orders and spare their brother because he loves him more than anything( Itachi).

Naruto is the most unrealistic show ever, which includes the MC having bullshit friendship/nakama and everlasting promises as their power up. The show ain’t realistic so why? Why does sakura’s feelings have to be judged by real life scenarios. Her love for sasuke is pure and everlasting. It’s not supposed to be realistic.

Sirius: It was a fucking dare okay? Just drop it already.

Sirius: I’m not.

Remus: We’ve been best friends since we were eleven… you think I don’t know when you’re lying?

Remus: … No.

Sirius: What are you doing?

Remus: *takes a few steps towards Sirius and pushes him down to the bed*

Sirius: R-Remus, what the fuck are you-

Remus: Same thing you did.

Sirius: *growls sarcastically* Right… gonna one up me? Way to handle-

Remus: SHUT UP!

Remus: *snarls* You’re a fucking prick. You kissed me… then ignored me. You’ve been treating me like shit ever since. 

Do you want me to go away? Ten years of friendship and suddenly this bullshit? You’ve thrown me into a fucking nightmare… you’re putting me through Hell and you won’t stop!

What do you want!?

Sirius: *taken aback* … I… 

Sirius: … I don’t know.

Sirius: I don’t know what I want.

Remus: You kissed me without asking if I wanted it. You left without hearing me out. Do you give a shit about anyone but yourself?

Remus: The kiss…

Remus: ….. Tell me I don’t mean anything to you.

Remus: ……. I wanted it. 

Remus: I’ve wanted you for a long time… Sirius. 

What do you want?

So it happens. We grow up and we stop talking but it’s like instead of growing apart, we’re all growing in. When we should be growing into ourselves and into the world, we’re actually finding ourselves in our bedrooms and hiding our fears in-between the sheets we never have the time to wash. All of a sudden it’s our senior year and everyone is partying but all we see are the walls of our rooms and not anyone we used to care about. It’s time to get up but all we really want is to get out. Suddenly I’ve forgotten all the people I’ve always really cared about.

September 19, 2016 | 10:05pm

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“It’s bullshit to think of friendship and romance as being different. They’re not. They’re just variations of the same love. Variations of the same desire to be close.”
- Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

Kiss the Girl

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

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