Every time you’re with me, I can’t help myself to hope and dream that somehow, deep inside you… You like me too. I know this is completely absurd because we’re just friends in everyone’s eyes, but can I dictate my soul? Can I stop myself from dreaming that fate will bring you closer to my life? Can I stop this feeling that I’m feeling for you? If you make me feel every single time that you like me too? Your actions, those words, your stories, the way you care about me. Everything. It makes me fall even if I don’t want to. I’m helping myself to get away from this mess, but it grows every day. It pulls me closer to you. And I can’t help it. It slowly consumes me and it drives me insane. Everything around me reminds me of you. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but I don’t want you to be with someone else. I want you to be with me. Please hear me out. I’ll risk everything because I don’t want you to get hurt again. I don’t want to see you cry and beg again. I want to protect you with all of my strength. I want to love you for the rest of my day. Please, let me introduce myself once again. But this time, it will be better.

You know what kind of friend you should have? The one that is your therapy,that is your 24/7 therapist that will not make you swallow pills,but instead - will bring you back on your feet,standing steadily. You should have a friend,that is your notebook,that someone,whom you can tell everything from the depths of your heart. Someone that will listen to you,doesn’t matter what you say,doesn’t matter how it sounds. That will always be in your reach everyday,every night,doesn’t matter how far away you are. The one,that you can share dreams and aspirations,goals, your lifetime ideas. That one,that will make your dreams come true step by step. That one,that you can live your dreams with. Appreciate people like that,they are rare and you should never let them go.

Love and be loved.

—  thoughts about one of my friends

I’ve never shipped any couples so much like Mikayuu. Remember the title of ch 15? “A Complicated Relationship”.The bond between Yuu and Mika isnt simply friendship or love, It’s family - an emotional combination of different types of feelings. Friends can betray, lovers can leave but true family never cuz it’s bloodstream.Mikayuu stirred emotions in you and made you think. It changes the way you view sth, make you admire the work that was put into Mikayuu. It’s something that’s irreplaceable.

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INFJ and INTP Interaction

Truth to tell, I know only one INFJ, and some of the following will be based on experiential evidence. The INFJ I know is an interesting and complex person, with a big heart that’s somewhat hidden behind a sadistic mask. She’s a little disconcerting to be around, especially when people don’t know her. She comes across as scary even to the people that she does know better (such as me).

Honestly, I think I as an INTP annoy her somewhat. The INFJ’s dominant function is Introverted Intution, which means that the INFJ is super perceptive. The auxiliary function is Extroverted Feeling, which means the INFJ needs a connection with people and also has the ability to reach out to people. That hyper-perception, though, can manifest itself as perfectionism. The INFJ I know is a perfectionist, not just with herself, but also when it comes to other people. She doesn’t have unlimited patience with people who don’t get done what they’re supposed to get done when they’re supposed to get it done.

Conversely, INTPs tend to be laid back when it comes to deadlines and people getting stuff done. That doesn’t always sit well with an INFJ. 

Another potential problem with INTP and INFJ interaction is the fact that INFJs actually care about people and want to help them a lot more than INTPs do, to the point that the INTP comes across as pretty callous and uncaring to an INFJ. The INFJ doesn’t necessarily have a problem interacting one-on-one with the INTP, but the INFJ might feel the need to reprimand the INTP for his treatment of others. Naturally, INTPs don’t like being reprimanded for stuff like failing to live up to social niceties, so that can cause an awkward strain between INTP and INFJ.

Those are some of the problems possible in an INFJ/INTP friendship. There are some upsides, though, too. When it comes to personality, the INFJ has a strong one. The mask they put on for the world can be a little hard for sensitive people to handle (although they quickly remove that mask when there’s a person with a real need), but the INTP is usually one of the less sensitive types when it comes to caustic remarks and dark humor. Also, the INFJ can be understanding, so he’s going to be fine listening to the INTP’s excited bursts of randomness. And the INTP enjoys interacting with INFJ’s deeper, unique perception.

Both of these types fit under the “uncomfortable in general society” tag, so there’s also that common bond. The friendship might never become what you’d call comfortable, but there’s certainly no lack of excitement when the INFJ and the INTP get together.