places where shiro might have disappeared to
  • ceiling tiles of the black lion
  • texas
  • bruh maybe he just wanted to relax. maybe he went to an alien spa. dont judge him let the man relax
  • maybe he just found out he had the ability to turn invisible and wanted to freak the fuck out of his Friends
  • his body merged with zarkon and he finds out he can control zarkons body. cue a very disturbing realization that zarkon is like 2 feet tall and constantly hiding in a giant mech, and sneaks abord the castle. everyone freaks out.
  • alien sephora
  • hes a ghost that only the mice can see, but the mice dont know that shiros dead and just treat him like normal. they constantly mention all the shit shiros doing to get attention to allura but allura just thinks theyre being mean/silly. cue angst
  • no one knows where he went but the black lion can pilot itself now and when they form voltron the other paladins swear that they can see shiro in the cockpit, smiling sadly.
  • the future, freaking out several aged-up paladins by falling and breaking the dinner table. pidge has muscles
  •  yo danny fenton he was just 14,,,,, oh sorry yo takashi shirogane was just 25 when he hecking died
  • hes lost in the depths of space and gets picked up by space pirates, loosing his memory again. several weeks later voltron finds him using tracking with the armor hes wearing and discover the blast had rendered him deaf. the team works around it and makes an impromptu sign language 
  • shiro is found 15 minutes into episode 1, hanging out with the cow lance bought in the air vents.
  • there are several different shiros from different universes running around the castle now. none of them are from this universe. none of them are able to connect with the black lion, but they can stack on each others shoulders and form the Shiro Lion
voltron witch au

i was inspired to share my personal headcanons for @catnippacketswitch au !! their headcanons may differ from mine, but this is simply my elaboration off of their idea!

lance: water/sea witch

  • so many sea trinkets
  • shells, rocks, sand, driftwood, salt water, beach glass etc.
  • a lot of them are scattered around his room; on windowsills, tucked next to picture frames, decorating his workspace.
  • others he likes to turn into jewelry
  • loves making + enchanting jewelry, is very generous and enjoys giving his creations to his friends
    • “sorry you had a bad day, i added a charm to this cone shell necklace i made for you for protection”
    • “sand dollar dust for good luck! go get ‘em, buddy!”
  • meditates a lot, always trying to remain Cool, Calm, and Collected™
  • is actually A Mess the majority of the time, emotions very similar to the ocean’s tides
    • has the most trouble keeping his sacral chakra balanced (emotions, sexuality, self expression)
  • strong connection with the moon, performs a lot of rituals to better connect w + understand her
  • (though he considers himself secular)
  • aromatherapy!
  • is a very sentimental person, and strong emotions buried deep inside of him can be drawn out by certain scents
  • he’s not afraid of his emotions, and therefore has shown great interest in aromatherapy
  • often asks keith to make incense for him using his essential oils
  • cause lance is bad at it and keith is a pro (but lance’ll never admit that)
  • his grimoire is an absolute Mess
  • just a shitty torn up blue composition book covered in stickers and sigils and messages from his friends
  • he just shoves shit in it there’s no organization whatsoever
    • “lance i just wanted to compare correspondences my lap is literally covered in sand right now”
  • bath magic !!!! super into glamour and bath magic
  • has tried to make his own beauty products but found that pass-times such as baking aren’t high-up on his list of talents
  • sometimes him and hunk will make products for lance together, but most of the time lance will just buy some trustworthy and organic products from his favorite metaphysical shop or flea markets
  • lifetime supply of rosewater
  • poplar wand - feeling - (water) emotions, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, empathy, dance, instincts.
  • grip made of fabric from an old, beaten up Childhood Baby Blanket
  • is almost always humming and will 100% get a new song stuck in your head everyday
    • sings during rituals
    • sounds like an irl siren
    • beware

keith: fire/desert witch

  • lots of rituals
  • rituals involve lots of dancing (which he’s actually very good at)
  • uses his athame in every and any way possible - often incorporates it in his dancing
  • technically considers himself wiccan, but dislikes labels
  • worships the major planetary bodies in our solar system, though mainly focuses on the sun and moon
  • is a peaceful witch until provoked, then will show no remorse when he curses/hexes ur ass sorry honey
    • shiro always tries to convince him not to, but he isn’t normally very successful
    • lance and pidge are both total enablers for cursing lmao get him
    • everyone is so surprised when hunk; sweet, kind, caring hunk, encourages keith’s habit
  • (but lance could never actually curse someone, he just lives for drama)
  • (pidge could)
  • (pidge will)
  • writes everything in charcoal
  • constantly covered in charcoal
    • lance: uhh dude you got a little *points to the smear of charcoal on keith’s cheek*
    • keith: oh thanks *wipes cheek with charcoal covered hand* did i get it?
    • lance: yep yes yeah you got it buddy
  • burns written spells/sigils to activate them
  • just burns everything tbh
    • “split ends? no no, i lit my hair on fire”
  • no feeling in fingertips lol
  • makes incense for lance despite the massive headaches he gets from the strong scents
  • dabbles in blood magic
  • candles + wax everywhere
  • enjoys making different salts
  • endless supply of fire-salt
  • owns one (1) cactus
  • enjoys different textures and fabrics, therefore owns a bunch of tapestries and altar cloths
  • has world’s shittiest handwriting, but has a really cool (fake) leather-bound grimoire that he found on a road trip in the mid west
  • doesn’t remember the shop name
  • doesn’t remember the shop

pidge: green + tech witch

  • herbalism!
  • loves making jars + bottles using their own herbs
    • sometimes uses some of hunks crystals
    • or any other objects of importance, depending on the spell
  • seriously though their room is a mess it’s fllled with plants on shelves and hanging and on the floor
  • jars and bottles everywhere
  • random pieces of tech all over the place
  • do they have an actual floor? who knows
  • corners of their room are covered in mold and moss and there’s dirt all over the place
  • dirt under fingernails 24/7
  • relies heavily on their pendulum when making literally any decision ever, ranging from:
    • “should i eat this sandwich labeled ‘hunk’?”
    • to
    • “should i pack up my shit and leave to find my family (whom i cherish and love more than anything in this plane of existence), completely disregarding the safety of the entire universe and the fact that i will backhandedly and indirecting be the one responsible for the rise of the galra empire?”
  • recently got into making elixirs/potions (from hunk)
  • makes special gem elixirs to water their plants with
  • makes different ones depending on the type of plant and or what problem it’s having
  • sigils on everything
  • writes in anything they can - dirt, spit, tears, blood
  • pretty low-key tech witch, just really likes tech + adds simple magicks into their work
    • writes chants + spells in HTML
    • desktop background sigils
    • emoji spells
    • etc
  • e-grimoire that’s surprisingly pretty organized
  • only because its digital tbh they can’t keep papers and folders organized for shit
  • see: their room

hunk: kitchen/cottage + green witch

  • loves all types of cooking, but baking particularly!  
  • loves gardening
  • very generous!!!! loves giving!!!!!!!
  • bonds with pidge over plants :’)
  • has a shared greenhouse with them
    • they each have one half of the greenhouse, but they help each other out with their plants when needed
  • loves comparing grimoires with his friends
  • his grimoire is a big file-folder looking journal
  • it’s pretty tidy and he puts a lot of effort into it, but he’s not super artistically inclined when it comes to paper and pencil so it’s rather plain
  • though he is very crafty in other ways!!
  • super into knot work
  • picked up/dabbles in a little jewelry making thanks to lance
    • though he uses his crystals as jewelry pieces, not sea trinkets
  • crystal healer!
  • is! such! a! good! healer!
  • basically always has a stable root chakra
  • steady as a rock (or so he lets on)
  • always grounding himself
  • sometimes he’ll have to take off his shoes to better ground himself, but he’s become so good with his chakras that he normally doesn’t need to
    • actually experiences his emotions like a Normal Teenager should, but has taken on the self-appointed role of being his friends anchor
  • really enjoys tea and makes blends for himself and his friends
    • pidge is absolutely hooked on hunk’s tea for getting rid of cramps…God Bless………………..
    • tries not to rely on superstition, but indulges in the occasional tea leaf reading
  • his room has lots of shelves/cabinets because he likes having as much walking space as possible
  • has his mattress on the floor tucked in the corner
  • spreads out his workspaces in the center of his room on a small blanket when he needs it
  • lots of dried herbs
  • enjoys browns and oranges

shiro: space witch

  • Casual Astronomer™
  • eats lunch at midnight lol
  • hates coffee but needs caffeine to keep himself awake
  • hunk makes him good Wake Up teas
  • pidge has a special potion they’ve created that’s basically like death coffee
  • he only drinks it when he’s really desperate
  • he cares a lot about his health, so he tries to makes sure that he gets enough sleep
  • he’s still always tired no matter what though, the poor guy
  • has the stereotypical witch wardrobe
    • lots of black flowy clothes/dresses
    • sharp winged eyeliner
    • layered witchy necklaces
    • tons of rings
    • big floppy black hat
    • black nail polish
  • has basically all known constellations memorized and can point them out at any given time during the night
  • has a bunch of astronomy-related tattoos
  • does his own tattoos/stick n pokes
  • enchants and makes his own ink
  • has given everyone in the coven a little stick-and-poke on their wrist of their elemental symbol
  • picked up photography in his teens and has managed to get some really amazing shots of the night sky
  • plain black grimoire
  • really enjoys the dark, therefore does everything in it
  • spells, rituals, etc
  • glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and walls of his room

allura: hedge witch

  • utterly fascinated with the Other World
  • most connected with her third eye and crown chakra
  • is always up at ungodly hours because she knows certain spirits are up at those times
  • her workspace is basically just a place where she can contact spirits and deities
    • centerpiece is an offering tray
    • grey chalice
    • her basic setup has melted white candles, though she’ll change the colors depending on who she’s planning on contacting
  • astral projects nearly everyday, mostly during the evening/early AM
  • she tends to spend around 1-3 hours in the other realm, but could honestly spend days if she could
  • she texts shiro whenever she plans on beginning, and texts him afterwards
  • that way if she does get lost or distracted and takes too long to return, shiro can come and help her out if needed
  • though there’s never really been a situation where he was needed in that way
  • allura knows what she’s doing, friends
  • probably owns a mug that reads “i’d rather be astral projecting”
  • most experienced in the coven
  • comes from a  family of witches, learned from her father
  • has the prettiest most organized, coherent, and detailed grimoire
  • seriously her handwriting is amazing
  • super good at calligraphy
  • loves:
    • palm readings
    • tarot
    • astrology
    • divination
    • aura readings
  • notices a person’s hands before anything else
  • makes her own tarot decks! they’re so pretty
  • has decks for all her friends
  • her and pidge sometimes use each other’s pendulums :’)
  • can tell a person’s sign simply by observing their mannerisms for a short period of time
    • someone: does literally anything
    • allura: ugh you’re such a [insert sign here]
Cute Lil Arin Hanson Things~
  • his laugh especially when he laughs really hard and it increases in pitch
  • his positivity 
  • how much he cares and loves his friends
  • his smile 
  • his passion for life
  • how much he supports his friends and upcoming artists
  • his generosity and perseverance
  • his hair like wow
  • his buff arms that I want him to squeeze me in a hug with
  • his cute lil tum
  • his femininity
  • his kindness
  • his voices
  • his sense of humor
  • his rapping/beatboxing     
  • In conclusion I love Arin Hanson hes the best

Thank you to my son Nate @grumpyhanson for the help with this list

ok but remember when b.a.p was on weekly idol n they friggin crushed the random play dance bc if that doesnt tell u how talented n hard working those boys are then ??????? wyd????????

Shiny: Depends on person. For example i do get alot of naughty thoughs when i am drunk. Minty loosing form and act silly… not sure what cherry gonna act but she’s waaay too young for that..

Shiny: Enough booze for you young lady. 

Minty: Buutt moooooooom i’m feeling fine! serrriouslyyy..

Shiny: yee.. i see… you are going straight to bathroom.Mint:…Fine…

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NCT 127 as Highshool Students

:)) this has been in my drafts for like 4 months lmao okay lets goooooo


  • nervous but smart
  • a senior
  • just here to make good grades
  • seems like the “sensible friend”
  • looks like he doesn’t study and zones out in class
  • actually the salutatorian
  • is really chill (sometimes does weird shit but its okay bc his friends love him usually)
  • kinda anxious
  • is embarassed 24/7
  • looks like he might cry or laugh half the time
  • taeyong will fight everyone for him (tbh taeyong will fight anyone for his friends)
  • a choir kid but not That choir kid
  • you know what i’m talking about
  • is an underappreciated tenor
  • the soprano section is shaking
  • when doyoung makes the tenors sing warm ups he effortlessly goes the highest
  • sometimes does a little run down the scale softly if he feels up to it
  • everyone thinks he’s a freshman bc he always looks confused
  • roasts someone once every year
  • its the best thing and everyone is always on guard around him when it gets to that time of year
  • its usually during ap testing season


  • clumsy but cute
  • hot and awkward
  • “hey girl how u doing- oh shit i’m going down, jaehyun, jaehyun i’m down pls help me :(“
  • is part of band and is a section leader for percussion probably
  • the percussion squad is Wildt and (occasionally) so is he
  • kinda hipster
  • kinda emo
  • kinda cool
  • makes it work
  • regrets his life just a little
  • knows a lot of “useless facts”
  • u think they’re useless until it saves ur life at 3 am on a tuesday night and ur running away from the police
  • if u need him to keep a secret he got u
  • will never expose u (lmao yeah he will)
  • jaehyun is his Bro for life
  • smart and kinda knows what he’s doing (not really)
  • was homeschooled for a hot minute until grade nine
  • was already popular bc he used to hang out with the graduates formerly known as exo
  • that person who when they ask for a favor it could be borrowing a pencil or need help committing murder there is no medium


  • Stressed High School Student™
  • “GPA”
  • “SATs”
  • “g r a d u a t i o n”
  • a senior and Stresst
  • valedictorian, probably has multiple scholarships, still worries about tuition
  • “if i get hit by a rich person’s car, do u think i can sue them into paying my tuition?”
  • “…taeyong u have full scholarships to both Stanford and Oxford dude wtf”
  • “yeah sure but consider it okay”
  • has an existential crisis every time someone mentions college
  • so disorganized
  • still somehow gets his shit together?? and good grades??
  • finds solace in the fine arts
  • quit theater senior year bc it was Too Much
  • knows and is into unusual shit
  • is actually really nice to the freshman
  • him @ freshman: don’t date the seniors, children, bc they’re fuckin snakes
  • a big softie that worries about others more than himself
  • helps everyone with their hw (while putting off a 10-page paper which is probably due the next day)
  • probably voted prom king
  • in junior year he took five ap classes and took an SAT the day after the ap physics test
  • is a Legend
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he says he doesn’t date every time someone asks him
  • “i don’t have time for dating when collegeboard is already up my ass half the time”


  • a lil snarky, a lil sweet
  • and the tinniest bit salty
  • a soft boi
  • doesn’t wanna be a soft boi
  • wants to fight everyone
  • but also knows he’ll get his ass kicked
  • takes good care of his friends
  • his giggles melt hearts
  • his smile makes people run into walls
  • can u tell i’m yuta biased
  • basically hot and he kinda knows it
  • when its prom season he gets hella promposals
  • both he and jaehyun are tied for most promposals given in their years
  • he just goes with winwin
  • lowkey kinky
  • sometimes it slips out
  • loves winwin very much
  • is in choir, but rarely gets solos
  • isn’t bitter about it (is a little bitter)
  • likes complimenting and roasting people in the same sentence
  • will smile in ur face and call u ugly
  • exposes u for ur bullshit
  • but still loves u
  • knows all the Tea bc of winwin
  • in theater only for the drama (the lipton tea kind)
  • lowkey a ride-or-die friend


  • is That choir student™
  • choir student director usually goes to senior
  • but u see
  • ya boy is one talented mf
  • he’s chill (not really) until he steps behind that music stand
  • will tell you ur offbeat and singing off key every five minutes
  • “choir is life”
  • makes the tenors sing high af
  • “doyoung i can’t reach that note”
  • “dOyouNG i CaN’t rEAcH tHaT nOTe”
  • dabs softly to the musical accompaniment
  • a diligent student
  • that super organized student that always has everything
  • including and not limited to: band-aids, stapler, calculator, pencils, pens, ibuprofen for those in pain, literally anything u need ya boy got
  • will come for u and ur edges
  • is soft for his friends (especially the underclassmen) and throws figurative hands with everyone else
  • feigns politeness when u first meet him
  • flips the switch when he gets comfortable
  • will talk shit about u
  • but in a helpful way
  • he and jaehyun throw verbal hands on the daily
  • will kick ur ass if u say anything bad about jaehyun tho
  • everyone calls him when they feel like procrastinating (taeyong. taeyong does.) bc he will set them straight
  • when he smiles everyone falls for him
  • basically a huge cutie with a cute smile that has a slight choir obsession and the occasional roast


  • hot but dorky af™
  • also embarrassed half the time
  • can be really smooth?? on accident tho
  • is in choir
  • is cute
  • Best Friends™ with Johnny
  • together they are jj project
  • sorry wrong group
  • looks like he’s doing okay but is Panicking
  • is a Nerd and proud
  • on the basketball team
  • can go Zoom Zoom Fast and Swosh
  • idk what that means bear with me bruh is 2 am
  • wants to play other sports but then remembers he does not have Time for that
  • had a bowl cut in the middle school and was the cutest thing
  • got a haircut in freshman year and puberty hit
  • now hot
  • no one knows how it happened
  • can u tell i love jaehyun sjfjffjklkfk
  • anyways he cute af
  • is honestly just here for the ride
  • almost throws hands with doyoung on the daily in choir
  • but will come for u and everything u love if u even look at doyoung the wrong way
  • won homecoming king both freshman and sophomore year
  • gets a lot of promposals
  • turns down everyone and goes with johnny bc they’re bros for life (duh)
  • will hype u tf up, especially johnny, even if u are failing and doing badly rip
  • “ur doing amazing sweetie”


  • confused™
  • quiet but knows all the tea
  • like a sponge, he soaks up all the gossip
  • can destroy lives with all the shit he knows
  • shares his secrets with yuta
  • people are a lil afraid of him bc he stay quiet but he stay woke and knows shit like no one has ever crossed him ever since the Incident
  • some irrelevant person made fun of winwin’s korean so he exposed tf out of them in powerpoint form the next day everyone in the district heard about it
  • deadass u think he’s chill until someone insults a friend of his and he will throw the fastest hands, usain bolt tf outta u
  • he’s like a ghost like u don’t see it coming but two seconds later u on the floor in pain
  • everyone dotes on him
  • is one flexible mf
  • taeyong almost cried once bc he saw winwin doing a split and the poor boy really thought this youngin broke his dick rip
  • is a cheerleader and a gumanst gymnast
  • despite all this ya boy is shy
  • yuta swooped in on this child freshman year and has protected him ever since
  • really smart but people think he’s dumb and/or doesn’t study bc he’ll stare off into space sometimes
  • jokes on them bc when it’s time for tests ya boy comes thru
  • literally everyone (yuta and taeyong and that one guy from the neighboring school named kun) is in love with him (no but really everyone)
  • is in choir but no one knows bc u never hear him


  • that one kid that is in every club/art/fine art
  • probably in band (plays the trumpet and soon to be section leader in junior year)
  • always Tired™
  • is popular, but doesn’t know how
  • very chill and quiet when u first meet him and then gets clingy when he’s comfortable
  • is in ap music theory and music composition
  • takes mostly ap classes
  • is that person that didn’t take the ap class but took the ap test and somehow got a 5
  • is that guy with a 4.6 gpa
  • an overachiever, not by choice, he just can’t help it
  • says he can handle it
  • cannot handle it
  • on his way to being Taeyong 2.0
  • gets roasted occasionally but doesn’t mind (usually)
  • if anyone other than people in the Squad are mean to him literally everyone will come up and square up so damn fast no matter where they are
  • plays a lot of sports
  • is the impossible myth of Social Life, Good Grades, and (Mostly) Good Health
  • is that Chill Jock™ that in the fine arts
  • doesn’t play football bc “that’s band season, duh”


  • Dramatic Theater Kid™
  • cannot wait to roast someone (mark) and their monologue
  • on the soccer team and is Great
  • will kick u in the shins if u piss him off and ur will feel it thru ur shin guards don’t mess with him
  • is popular with people bc Visuals and Talent and cute personality duh
  • someone once tried to pull a “do u like messi?? <3” on him and he roasted them and then lectured them on why Ronaldo is better
  • sings really well and Student Director Doyoung loves him
  • is basically doyoung’s child
  • is hard to date bc then u get doyoung as ur in-law
  • someone: hey donghyuck-
  • doyoung: he is f i v e bitch fuck off
  • he might just be Doyoung 2.0
  • tries his best to study hard
  • is actually really soft and sweet once u get to know him
  • works hella hard like ya boy don’t get the lead in every musical for nothing
  • makes sure to get mark honey-lemon water before singing the national anthem bc he has to that after marching band (bc they’re both in varsity choir ofc)
  • packs mark tons of water bottles so he doesn’t die while doing 50 different things during a football/sports/anything tbh
  • will still roast mark for missing a note during the national anthem tho
  • has great fashion sense
  • knows some of the tea and winwin is lowkey teaching him his ways
  • p e t t y


  • haechan, yuta, doyoung, winwin, and jaehyun know this song and dance by heart if u start up that beat they already in formation


uh so like…i hope u enjoyed?? anyways thanks for reading!

Mr. Clumsy

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1201

Masterlist | ↠ Request

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“I’m starting to regret it, Jungkook!”

Looking at your phone screen, you glared at him.

“Noona, please~” 

Sitting on your couch, you reached out for your tea and took a little sip of it. “No, Jungkook. You can’t.”

Pouting a little bit more, he started kicking the air. “Ahh, why? I want to say it to him.”

“Kookie, no!” 

Looking sadly at you trough the screen, he huffed. “Why are you telling me something that I’m not allowed to tell someone else? You know that I can’t keep it to myself!”

You rolled your eyes. “That’s why I’m regretting it, you idiot.”

Suddenly, he started smirking. “Do you want to talk to him? I can give him my phone so you can FaceTime with him too.”, Wiggling his eyebrows, he stood up and started walking. “I’m sure you missed him.”

Panicking, you tried to stop him. “Yah! Jungkook, don’t! Yah, yah I’m not ready to talk to hi-”

Not listening to you, he shouted. “Hyung, Y/N noona wants to talk to you!”

Without warning, he turned his phone toward Namjoon and voilà, you saw your best friend smiling widely at the screen while reaching out for the phone.

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Little did he know that your heart was melting right know because of those dimples. 

Ugh, god, help! 

“H-Hey, Namjoon.”

Beautiful! Well done, Y/N! You stuttered! 

Showing his beautiful pearly whites, he greeted you back. “Hi, beautiful. How are you?”

Stop calling me beautiful, please. My heart is going to explode!

“I-I’m fine, thanks and you?”

Wow, very nice! Now you can’t even talk properly!

“I’m just a little bit exhausted because of the concert but besides that, everything is fine.”

“Oh, should I hang up? Do you want to sleep?”

Smiling cutely at you, he shook his head. “No, I want to talk to you.”

Breath, Y/N! Breath!

“O-Okay then..”

“So, what have you been doing lately while I was gone?”

Taking a deep breath, you started talking about your problems, your school life, basically everything and anything that you could remember. This was one of your favorite things in your friendship. Even though he was far away, stressed and exhausted, he would make sure to listen to your problems without complaining. Thats what you loved about him. Thats why you loved him.

While you were talking, you didn’t realize that he stared at you with a little smile while leaning his chin on his hand.

You looked up at your screen and saw that he was staring. Getting a little bit flustered, you stopped talking. “W-What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing, I just realized how much I missed you.”

I-I think I’m dying. R.I.P Y/N..

Looking away shyly, you fiddled with your fingers and whispered. “I missed you too..”

Suddenly, you heard Jimin shouting. “Hyung, we need to go! You can talk to your girlfriend when we’re at the hotel.”

“Yah, I’m not his girlfriend!”

“Yah, I’m not her boyfriend!”

Realizing what just happened, both of you started laughing. 

Again, you heard Jimin shouting. “I think so too!”

Rolling your eyes, you smiled at Namjoon. “Take care of yourself and don’t break anything!”

Copying your movements, he answered while standing up. “I not that clums-”

Suddenly, the only thing you could see was black. “Ugh, not again.. You dropped the phone, right?”

Picking up the phone, he turned the screen toward himself. “Oops..”

You giggled while shaking your head. This time, you heard Jungkook shouting. “Hyung? That was not my one and only precious phone, right?”

“No, I would never drop your phone, are you stupid.”

Laughing at their conversation and Namjoon’s alarmed face, your prepared yourself to say goodbye.

“Bye, Mr. Clumsy.”

“Bye, Beautiful. I’ll see you in two days.” he said while waving back.

And finally, the time had come. The boys were arriving today. 

Wearing your favorite summer dress, you went to the park where you decided to meet up with the guys.

Sitting on a bench, you started waiting. After five minutes you heard seven familiar voices. Looking up, you saw the boys walking toward you. You smiled widely, stood up and started taking little steps toward them.

Smiling with that beautiful smile and those beautiful dimples, Namjoon started walking a little bit faster toward you than the boys.

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Opening his arms, he waited for you to run into his arms. Not waiting a minute longer, you started running toward him and jumped into his arms. He started spinning around, nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and left a little kiss there. Standing there in that position for a while, you hugged him tight. 

Breathing in your scent, he placed you on the ground and looked at you. “I missed you so much, Beautiful.”

Smiling at him, you pinched his cheek. “I missed you too, Mr. Clumsy.” 

Looking over his shoulder, you saw the guys standing a little bit further away from you while staring at you. You called them over to you but they started shaking their head. 

Confused, you looked at them. Right when you wanted to walk toward them, they started counting. “3, 2, 1! Hyung/Namjoon, Y/N likes you!”

Frozen, you stood there. Eyes wide open, you looked at Namjoon. He too, was looking at you with his eyes wide open.

Jungkook, I’m going to kill you! I told you that you’re not allowed to say that to anybody!

All of a sudden, Namjoon started smiling. 

Wait, why was he even smiling? Oh no, no please! Don’t smile! I don’t want to see your dimples please.. I can’t endure it anymore!

Standing on your tiptoes, you put your hands on his shoulder and kissed his dimple.

“Ugh, finally! I always wanted to kiss that.”

Realizing that you said that out loud, you covered your mouth with your hand while looking at him with wide eyes.

His smile grew wide and he opened his mouth to say something but you started rambling to yourself. “Omg, I’m so sorry, Namjoon! Omg, how can you do something like that, you stupid girl! Are you insane?! Your best friend is here after two months and the first thing you do is something like this! He things you’re insane! Thats it! Thats it with your friendshi-”

Suddenly, you felt something soft on your lips. At first you didn’t realize what it was but when he started moving his lips, did you realize what was going on. 

Before you could do something, he leaned back and smiled at you while saying. “Ugh, finally! I always wanted to kiss that.”

Wait, wait, wait.. WHAT?!

Again, before you could react, you heard the guys shouting, laughing and running toward you two. Engulfing you both in a hug while hitting Namjoon’s back, they shouted. “Finally, you two confessed your feelings to each other!”

Okay, I think I’m in heaven right know..

Flower Boy Cafe!Seungcheol

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  • requested by anon: flower boy cafe au + aegyo + flower crown thrown in somewhere + him doing cliches to get you to like him
  • this was a nightmare
  • This was not what you wanted
  • You did not sign up to be volunteered to go to a cafe in which the boys practically served the girls in their fantasy
  • your friends were so persistent, they said you’d love it, and you really did not enjoy hearing your friend squeal and cry over these server boys
  • and they even had themes
  • ‘Here is your drink princess’
  • He winked at you, this server named Seungcheol, dressed in a blue blazer with gold frills on it, a crown rested on his head to signify that he was a prince
  • You barely looked at him as he handed you your drink
  • Your friends squealed, the tables nearby squealed also, it seemed as though this Seungcheol was a big shot in this business
  • Girls were literally throwing themselves at him, touching his arms, flipping their hair, batting their pretty fake eyelashes and puffing out their glossy lips
  • You wanted to groan and leave
  • but your friend insisted on staying
  • ‘Did you see how he looked at you, he totally likes you’
  • You take a sip of your drink, glancing at Seungcheol who’s caught your gaze, sending you a wink which makes you scrunch your nose, ‘he’s literally throwing the same look to every girl in this room.’
  • and you would agree, he was handsome, he had a nice jawline, a nice build, and maybe his personality was good too but at the same time, he just seemed so into his own looks
  • The so called ‘Flower Boy’ Cafe was now a regular for you and your friends, not so much you as you were more pulled into the shop with your friends begging
  • ‘Just one drink pleeaase’
  • And you give in
  • Each and every time, you run into Seungcheol, who shoots his signature smile, a wink and you continue to frown at him
  • ‘Why won’t she like me!’ Seungcheol groans in the back room where he’s waiting for the prepared drinks
  • Wonwoo shrugs as he waits also ‘maybe you’re not her type. She likes Chan’
  • Seungcheol looks through the kitchen window, he catches you happily chatting with Chan who’s jumping in excitement over something
  • Seungcheol grumbles, as he brings over your drink, he pulls an open chair, sliding it in with you and your friends
  • Your friend’s eyes are jumping out of their sockets and you pull your drink to get a sip as Seungcheol settles himself next to you
  • it was flower crown day, all the servers were wearing variously colored flower crowns, on top of Seungcheol’s head rested a pretty arrangement of white and pink flowers
  • Seungcheol tilts his head at you, staring into your eyes as you drank
  • ‘What’ you spit out and Seungcheol smiles
  • ‘Sorry, i got lost in your beautiful eyes’
  • Your friends squeal and you cringe at his words
  • ‘Please don’t’
  • Seungcheol’s smile slightly frowns but he picks himself up
  • He awaits your return with a new plan
  • When he sees you and your friends step through the door, he almost knocks Joshua on the ground when he races to serve your table
  • He leads you the way with a smile on his face, he opens your chair for you and you dodge, moving to the seat next to the one he grabbed while your friend quickly snags the one he pulled out
  • When you’re awaiting your drink, Seungcheol approaches you, a single rose in his head as he gets on his knee, offering the flower to you
  • ‘A rose, for the most beautiful girl whose beauty couldn’t compare to anything else’
  • You take the rose with an awkward ‘okay’ setting it in the middle of the table before turning back to your friends
  • His plan didn’t work that day
  • The next time he sees you, he actually did push Joshua to the ground, he was determined today, today was the day
  • you notice today, his name tag was different, it didn’t display his usual Seungcheol, but instead an S.coups
  • Seungcheol grins as you point it out
  • ‘Today we’re trying different names, to add a cute effect’
  • When he says the word cute, he places a V sign using his fingers to his eyes and you’re back to your deadpanned expression
  • When he brings you your drink, you notice the plate of macarons, he sets them down in front of you, ‘on the house’ he states
  • You’re taking a bite of one of them and you were just about thinking they were delicious when you hear Seungcheol’s shrill high toned voice
  • ‘S.coups wants to eat a macaron!’
  • You choke
  • And everyone is looking as you’re choking on a macaroon, the other servers coming over to help you calm down and seungcheol standing there awkwardly
  • As a sorry, the cafe gives you a drink for free
  • The next time Seungcheol sees you is early in the morning, there’s no customers and Seungcheol sees an unusual sight
  • You walked in alone, no friends to squeal or giggle with him around
  • ‘Is Chan here?’
  • “Chan?’ He grumbles ‘why do you like Chan and not me! You see him like five seconds every time you’re here’
  • You’re taken aback, he was usually so smiley and chipper but here he was, a little scowl on his face which you kind of couldn’t take seriously with the fluffy cat ears on his head
  • ‘um, Chan has my chem notes and I need it to study?’
  • ‘Oh’ it was a word that stretched out long out of his mouth
  • Chan’s shift was in an hour so you decided to sit and wait for him since he was mostly likely coming to work after class
  • You sat patiently as Seungcheol got you your drink
  • The place was slow in the morning, rarely any customers and if there were, other servers were quick to seat them
  • Seungcheol stood idly next to you, tapping his fingers on the table
  • And you got a good look at him, a look without him smiling and grinning with winks at the customers
  • Without them, he was seemingly more calm, more adult like
  • He stood tall with his shoulders back, his hands couldn’t keep still that he either kept tapping or played with something on his shirt
  • He was like a puppy, restless, needing attention, always wanting to move
  • ‘How’d you get this job?’
  • Seungcheol perked up, this was the first time you actually initiated conversation with him
  • ‘They gave me a job application while I was walking by, said I had the looks’ he shot a flashing smile
  • and for once your lips tugged up, a small laugh coming out and Seungcheol’s shoulders moved up at the sound of the tune
  • You two stayed like that, small talk as he leaned over the counter, the conversation ceased when Chan walked in, hair damp as you finally noticed it started to rain
  • ‘I didn’t bring an umbrella today’ you whispered but Seungcheol caught on
  • Seungcheol pulls Chan aside ‘cover my shift’
  • ‘What! I have my own shift to do.’
  • ‘There’s like no one here, i’ll be back in an hour, thirty minutes after an hour, at max. Please’
  • ‘Fiine’
  • and with much bickering, Seungcheol’s holding the umbrella over your head. Covering the both of your heads as you two take the short walk to the bus stop
  • you two are close, shoulders touching as the rain bounces off the umbrella, you push into him a couple of times when avoiding large puddles and Seungcheol can’t stop grinning at your cute actions
  • ‘We should do this again’
  • You look at him weird ‘walk in the rain together’
  • Seungcheol smiles, ‘talking. I liked talking to you’
  • You slowly nod your head ‘it was nice. Better than you pulling cheesy lines and trying to kill me that one time with the macaron’
  • Innocent laughs come out in unison, you board the bus and Seungcheol watches as you leave
  • The next time, you’re back with your friends
  • And there’s no cheesy lines
  • No plan
  • Nothing
  • Because he talks to you, casually, like you’ve known each other for years, and there’s sparks between you two, a slow flame building up every time he says the simplest things

some gems from the liberal redneck’s videos:

  • shieet.
  • these are the same mothafuckers who put mountain dew in sippy cups and beat a 6 year old with a wire hanger for standin’ in front of the tv during dr. oz
  • y’ALL are so full of S H I T
  • NOT
  • mouth-breathin’ troglodyte daddy
  • unless you’re also suggestin’ that we have separate bathrooms for catholic priests i think you need ta’ cut the shit
  • you’re freaked out. the thought of a man wantin’ to be a woman DEESGUSTS y o u. 
  • because like most things that disgust you, you lack the capacity to understand it.
  • you know, homos, algebra, shit like that
  • his conservative, transphobic, homophobic facebook redneck friends
  • his thick Tennessean accent
  • are y OU SHITTIN’ ME?? 
  • i got one question: since when do rednecks give a shit about books?
  • y’uns
  • what ever happened to free speech? 
graves in his ilvermorny years
  • he was sorted into wampus, the house of the warriors
  • percival always thought he would be sorted into the thunderbird house, as it was the house of his father, and his father before him, and such
  • not a talkative child, percival was quiet and serious, but also righteous, always striving for the good
  • he was in the same year of seraphina picquery, among others, who became one of percival’s closest friends
  • his pet was a black and white owl called nebula
  • by his third year at the school, everyone at ilvermorny had a thing for percival graves’ eyebrows
  • his favourite subjects were charms and transfiguration, even though he was particularly skilled at potions, and had a thing for astronomy
  • his magic was powerful since he was little, and his teachers saw early his incredible potential
  • to pick divination wasn’t really in his initial plan, he wanted to stick to subjects that will be useful for an auror career, but it was between easy and fun, and seraphina picked it as well
  • it was all fun until he started to have actual visions, they were often vague, small ones, but still they made percival wonder
  • along with his powerful magic, he was intelligent, athletic and agile, “born for an auror work”, as his charms’ teacher used to tell him
  • seraphina and him were the most popular students of his year (and probably the entire school), and there were thousand of rumours about them dating, both of them thought it was the joke of the century
  • every single valentine’s day, however, they were surrounded by chocolate, small gifts and thousands of letters of admirers
  • “how many amortentias did you get this year”
    “about twenty eight”
  • he entered wampus’ quodpot team during his fourth year
  • (and at his first match ever, against horned serpent, a particularly bad blagging sent him to the school’s infirmary half conscious and with a bent elbow, seraphina will never forget it)
  • once, while playing idly with a cup of of coffee, he had a vision of a quodpot match against the pudwukie team, where scott jones, one of his classmates; sent a quod his way that exploded directly in his face
  • he contemplated for a while about it, and he decided to play the match anyway, where his vision became reality, he managed to avoid some of the impact of the explosion and just got some scratches on his cheek
  • after that, pervical picked the habit of checking a crystal ball from time to time, just in case
  • at age sixteen, percival was able to perform wandless and wordless magic
  • during his fifth year, he became wampus’ team captain, and won the house cup every year until he left the school
  • (and his popularity only grew and grew after that)
  • he was so good, some of his teachers told him he could think about a professional career out of it, but percival’s goals were set on becoming an auror
  • like so, percival earned a top grade in potions, transfiguration, charms and astronomy during his examinations of his seventh year at ilvermorny
  • (seraphina picquery only surpassed his grades in one subject: defence against the dark arts)
That Detailed Post About How I Met Michael Rooker And Sean Gunn And We Talked About Sexbots

You guys seem interested in how my weekend went (I’ll only focus on the Actually Exciting parts, aka Rooker and Gunn so I don’t bore you with my life lol) and I’m still reeling from how this might have been the most fun I’ve had at a small (ish, sort of, maybe I just think of it as small because it’s local for me) con, so I’m going to ahead and writing a big old post about it. So strap in, because this might not actually make any sense since this is the first chance I’ve had to breathe in like two days. (Also notice that my wifi is on!)

So rewind to like a week and a half ago. I’ve been planning on going to this con for a while since it’s close to me and I’ve been going for the past few years, so it’s sort of a situation where if I have the weekend free, I just show up (I cosplay a LOT so I go to tons of cons mostly to just hang out with people). I can’t remember the guest list at all and I don’t really care, because the people I CAN remember are from things I don’t really watch/read/whatever, so I’m planning on just going and hanging out and maybe shopping. I’m planning on just going for Saturday, and wearing a Star Wars thing. 


After seeing vol 2 a *few* times, I’m like okay, yeah, I think I especially love Michael Rooker now. So I follow him on facebook and twitter and instagram, and “related events” things start coming up as things that he’s going to, you know, to advertise, and I see THAT CON. So now I’m like….???????? Excuse me???? So I checked and yep, he’s right there on the guest list, and I’m an idiot who doesn’t actually pay attention to anything. So now I’m like well, shit…what do I even wear to see him? Because I HAVE to at least meet him, and I just CAN’T do that in a Star Wars cosplay. And then I realize that I’ve been putting some stuff together for Gamora ever since I saw vol 2 the first time, and I’ve got a wig and paint on the way (and this isn’t a big deal, because paint is kind of my thing, so I’m like yeah okay I can just throw this together the day of and probably things will not go wrong). But a week is not enough time for me to put together any of her canon outfits, especially because I really want time to make them nice. So I pull out a pair of black pants, a white tank, and a leather jacket from my closet and it’s like…okay, whatever, here we are, this is fine. So then I bought myself a little baby Groot with a Ravager jacket because I needed some kind of SOMETHING to carry around, and didn’t have time to make a sword or gun or anything (he was a hit by the way).

Then late last week I get the vol 2 art book and I’m super excited because of all the Iron Lotus girls in it and I’ve been super needing exactly that because I’m going to be making one over the summer so I’ve been STRUGGLING to find refs. So now I have refs…and a centerfold of a sexbot. So now I have exactly what I need Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn to sign. (Spoiler, they did. I will post it).

Now fast forward to yesterday, which was Saturday of the con. I’m in a Star Wars cosplay because folks were expecting that and it felt wrong to back out of it so soon before the con, and it was SUCH a struggle forcing myself not to go up for autographs because i HAVE TO WAIT until I’m wearing Gamora. BUT, they did a panel, which I waited an hour and a half in line for and sat just behind the VIP rows which was pretty good. And let me tell you, that might have been the best panel I have ever been to in my life, and I’ve been doing this for like 6 years now. 

Sean Gunn (who plays Kraglin and also did the onset Rocket where he wore a green morph suit and crept around on all fours, I saw a print of it at his booth, it’s absolutely incredible) was there right on time, and Michael Rooker was late, so we got like 20 minutes of what he just called “coherency” where he did the q & a by himself. Memorable points include:

  • The first song on Kraglin’s awesome mix would be Jukebox Hero by Foreigner. He said this immediately, with no hesitation at all, so he’s definitely been thinking about it. 
  • Sean’s favorite non-gotg MCU character is the Silver Surfer
  • He doesn’t know how much of his own whistling at the end of the movie was actually used and how much was just edited in, but he is an amateur whistler and he’s just started, so give him a break, okay??
  • They played around with a LOT of ideas about what kind of a character Kraglin should be. Originally he was supposed to cackle a LOT
  • On Gilmore Girls he was constantly afraid that he would be out of a job, because his character was never supposed to be recurring 
  • Michael Rooker is the world’s biggest Gilmore Girls fan

Then Rooker finally snuck in, and stood behind Sean to get everyone to cheer for Sean, and then the HOLLERING

  • His greeting was I’M MARY POPPINS, Y’ALL
  • He is, in fact, the world’s biggest Gilmore Girls fan
  • If he could play any other GOTG character it would be Kraglin, and again, this was said without any hesitation (Sean said he would play Yondu, because the guy who plays him SUCKS, which Rooker agreed with)
  • They went to the same film school
  • Michael Rooker says he can walk down any street anywhere and talk to ANYONE and make friends
  • His favorite line from GOTG 2 is “my underwears” because it isn’t underWEAR, it’s underWEARS 
  • He just says whatever pops into his head at the time and goes with it
  • He likes to believe that Yondu turned into stardust and went to another galaxy to kick some more ass 

Then there were still a lot more questions to get through, so they had to lightning round it, in which Rooker jumped up and walked down the middle aisle, put his mic in the face of whoever was next in line to ask a question, and answered YES to every single one

  • “How was it to work with Stallone again after–” YES
  • “What’s it like to–” YES

And then they went back to their tables and I didn’t see them again until Sunday (today). I spent like 45 minutes speed-painting myself, used my bf’s shirt as an umbrella in a torrential downpour, and managed to remember both my art book and Groot, and I got my ass in line to see Rooker and this was the most rewarding day of my life. I think I had to wait like 20 minutes, but I paid for a photo and an autograph, and when I pulled the book out everybody working at the table was super interested because like nobody (except Michael Rooker????) knew that it exists, so while I was up there everybody was just flipping through it and that was cool and all but my heart was going like 70 mph 

And then,,,,,,,it’s my turn, and I get a big ol HI, SWEETHEART (and for those of you who don’t know from anything else he’s done, he does sound exactly like Yondu, like that’s just default Rooker) and I’m just kind of hi :D and he said i looked good,,, and then he saw that I wanted him to sign the centerfold and he was pretty Happy with that and was like “Where should I sign?? OH, RIGHT HERE” at her entire pelvic/upper thigh region

Which is indeed where he signed it 

And he wrote YONDU WAS HERE

And then he was like “Oh yeah, i love this book, this is a good book” so we flipped through it some and it was A+ High Quality Content

ANd then he had to stand up for the photo because it was one of those deals of the security or staff guy on hand just takes one with your phone, which is a LOT cheaper than doing the official photo ops and tbh sometimes the phone ones come out a lot better, and you can actually talk to him which is neat. So he stands up, and he’s like ‘alright, c’mere baby’ and i’m like :D again 

and he put his arm around me which was A++++ 

And he rubbed my back which was like,, the BEST

And he was SO NICE

And he said sweetheart like 17 times 

And he’s just SUPER FRIENDLY and so easy to talk to so overall 10/10 will repeat this experience 

Then I was like okie doke, time for Sean Gunn, so I went over to his booth and stood in line and because EVERYBODY wants to see Yondu but less people want to see Kraglin it was a lot shorter and I could talk to him longer, so he signed the same centerfold and we went through the ‘where tf to put it’ struggle because Rooker took up the Good Spot, so now I’ve got KRAGLIN next to it, but he also hadn’t seen the book so we got to flip through it and talk. And I told him that I got it because I needed refs of the girls, and he was like wait why? and i was like well,, cosplay,, and he was SUPER interested in that so we talked about how I’m planning on making a sexbot cosplay (to go with a Yondu, that’s a long and different story but I’m Very Excited because he’s a Very Good Yondu) and then Sean asked what the girls are credited as, because on set they called them Sexbots, so uh, CONFIRMED. I told him that I’ve also been calling them sexbots, but they’re in the book as ‘lovebots’ which is just you know, the same fucking thing but family friendly

So he’s interested in my cosplay, and everything was fantastic, and also a lot of little kids really liked my Gamora, and also I got a free print out of it

And everybody loved Baby Groot

So it was a really good day

(if you want to see the centerfold and also the Me then I’ll post them)


“I don’t know this, death, Y/N, but I promise you I will protect you.” -Amara

23 Reasons To Love Caspar Lee

in honor of his 23rd birthday of course (warning: cheesiness ahead) 

  1. his smile
  2. his laugh
  3. the way his eyes get little crows feet when he’s laughing and super happy 
  4. how much he adores his friends
  5. his spiky blonde hair 
  6. his love for his home country 
  7. the way he teases josh (we all love it and so does josh let’s face it) 
  8. his videos
  9. his hilarious yet simplistic tweets
  10. his kindness
  11. his sense of humor 
  12. his adorable inability to ever prank joe back 
  13. how he isn’t afraid to be affectionate 
  14. his compassion 
  15. his abs (to get a little superficial lol) 
  16. the way he gets so excited about fridays 
  17. how you can’t ever really insult him because he’ll just kind of twist it to his advantage 
  18. how much he cares for maddie 
  19. how much he loves his mother and his family 
  20. how much he loves us, his viewers 
  21. his adorable personality 
  22. his ‘exclusive interviews with’ sketches (that he hasn’t done in a while but i have hope haha) 
  23. his determination 

ya know…just to name a few ;) happy birthday caspar!!!

Reactions Masterlist - Jungkook (Part 3)

Jungkook reacting to:

  1. Your wedding dress
  2. Being on a honeymoon with you
  3. Fanboying over your idol group knowing you’re G-Dragon’s little sister | Part 2
  4. Secretly dating you and hearing two guys ask you to prom
  5. His girlfriend hosting a party at their house while somewhat having social phobia
  6. Teaching you how to play guitar
  7. You being a really bad singer
  8. Learning the girl he likes is blind
  9. Finding out his girlfriends’ bias used to be Suga
  10. His girlfriend not letting him kiss her on the lips after weeks of not seeing her
  11. Seeing his ideal type on the streets
  12. His girlfriend being jealous of his noona fans since she’s younger than he is
  13. His girlfriend talking about how good Jimin’s ass looked during War of Hormone
  14. Seeing his girlfriend float in those huge white shirts of his
  15. His girlfriend getting drunk at home
  16. Playing the pocky game with his girlfriend
  17. His girlfriend being insecure about her eyes
  18. His girlfriend doing something really cute for his birthday
  19. Finding out he was his girlfriends’ ultimate bias before they even dated
  20. You telling him you can’t date yet because of household rules
  21. You being jealous your daughter favours him over you
  22. His best friend telling him she’s pregnant
  23. His girlfriend being insecure about that little cub on her stomach
  24. His girlfriend being really clumsy
  25. His girlfriend hanging out with another member instead of him (him being jealous)
  26. Finding out his girlfriend used to be really sick as a child
  27. His wife wanting more kids when they already have 3 or 4
  28. His girlfriend giving him the silent treatment
  29. His girlfriend fangirling over his thighs in leather pants to her friends
  30. His girlfriend being someone who cries easily
  31. His girlfriend being insecure about her appearance
  32. Finding out you’re a fan of anime/manga
  33. You being stressed out about university applications
  34. Finding you slightly snore when you sleep
  35. Finds you reading fanfiction about him
  36. Having a small girlfriend
  37. Dating a younger, more mature girl
  38. Being called “oppa” by his girlfriend in her mother tongue
  39. You, his gf, being a fan of another group and fangirling over them
  40. You, his gf, being half Filipino and half Korean
  41. His son crying whenever he kisses you, his wife
  42. You, his gf, having lots of photos of Jimin on your phone
  43. You, his gf, having lots of acne
  44. (BTS ASK) Bonding with his child
  45. his crush having heterochromia
  46. Keeping your relationship hidden from the public
  47. inviting his s/o on set, who gets lectured by staff about how they are in the way of his career
  48. (BTS Ask) Dating an idol
  49. Meeting gf’s family for the first time
  50. (BTS Ask) 1st time with Jungkook

Want more? Go to Part 01 & 02 of Jungkook’s reaction masterlist.

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Monthly Horoscopes – May 2017

Apr 22, 2017 by ANNIE 2 COMMENTS


Where you felt constricted in April, you have a strong sense of liberation and forward movement in May, dear Aries. You are in particularly good shape with studies, communications, and ideas this month. Venus has now returned to your sign in direct motion. Even though you can be journeying along already-traveled ground until the middle of the month, you nevertheless feel that you are getting a second chance to get things right, and this is comforting.

People want to be around you – they like and seek out your company. From the 3rd, Mercury turns direct in your sign, reinforcing a sense that key areas of your life are no longer stuck or, at the very least, turning the corner.

Furthermore, your ruler, Mars, is working in harmony with your sign all of May, reinvigorating motivation to pursue personal interests and studies and to enjoy more movement and interaction with your neighborhood. It’s an excellent time to make connections – with others and mental connections. This improves even further from the 21st when the Sun enters the picture. Until the 15th, Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception, supporting one another. Your communications, teachings, ideas, and writing go over exceptionally well, even if you can be a little hasty with them at times. Even better, you’re satisfied with them.

Saturn and Uranus form an alliance once again, and projects begun towards the end of 2016 can enjoy a revival. Or, you work wholeheartedly on plans that bring both security and progress to your life. Following all the rules to the letter is not typically your cup of tea, but you also see the value of more structure and definition in your life. In fact, at this time, you’ll make the most progress by honoring some tried and true traditions, even if this seems counterintuitive. In May, getting ahead requires special attention to rules and order.

When planets move through Aries this year, they oppose Jupiter, and this is always a signal that you have to make accommodations for others even when you’re attending to personal plans. This month it’s related to love, communication, and mental space – work with others, and you’ll advance more satisfyingly.

Another emphasis in your solar chart this month involves your second house of resources. Even though you’re returning to some new starts or beginnings, this is also a great time to develop projects and focus on building and development. Life is supporting your talents, finding good use for them. You are working smartly now, finding ways to do what you need to do without impinging too much on your personal time.

Very little is holding you back right now, so take advantage. It’s a great month for initiating, building, developing, and learning. Gathering information can be a big focus. Your powers of attraction are super as Venus spends the entire month in your sign.

Key dates are the 9-10 when you can make exciting discoveries and come to wonderful epiphanies related to money, business, reputation, and intimate relationships. It’s a superb time to release a burden or to handle a problem that’s been hanging over your head for way too long. The 11-12 is tricky as disillusionment is possible, but out of disappointment comes a new and exciting project or vision. The 16-17 is similarly tricky, but not as immediately advantageous – adjustments need to be made to your expectations, past problems may resurface in relationships, and legal or business obstacles may be part of the picture for some of you. The 24-25 can be a time for taking on an all-new attitude or plan to get your daily life in order. You shine on the 30-31 in oh so many ways, not the least of which relates to your writing, studies, or communications.


May is a month of personal power for you, dear Taurus, and this year, you’ll carry forward some of this empowering energy into June as well. There is a robust and active focus on personality development, finances, work, health, and talents. On many levels, you can feel revitalized. People notice you for who you are not only what you do. You’re getting ahead because of your fabulous personality more than other assets in May.

While Venus, your lovely ruling planet, spends the entire month in your privacy sector, it’s moving direct all month, and there is a sense of forward movement nonetheless. You’re still in an incubation stage when it comes to your love life and affections – there are things to process and perhaps some healing to do before you’re clear. However, if this was agonizing at times in April, it’s a much smoother process in May. Venus will enter your sign in June, and you’ll be raring to go, but for now, laying low makes sense. Sorting things out will serve you very well now. In fact, you may need to deemphasize your love life to take advantage of other opportunities.

Pay attention to serendipities in May that relate to love, health, and work. You’ll be tuned into levels that you may normally miss, and hunches can be mighty compelling now.

Partnership matters may reach a turning point around the 9-11. You’ll come into strong touch with your feelings related to a negotiation, commitment, or one-to-one relationship. The month is outstanding for doing some ruminating and digging. You might find some real gems from old projects or ideas or recover lost valuables. From the 16th, you’re speaking up more often and making executive decisions.

There is powerful energy with you for breaking down long-standing problems or blocks. You receive great cosmic support this month for efforts to sort out financial and emotional predicaments as well as putting bad habits behind you. There can be breakthroughs happening now. More stability in your career can figure strongly.

Other key dates include the 11-12 when you feel the confidence to take charge of work or money-related matters. This can be about increasing your income or levels of work satisfaction. For some, getting healthy is a passion. The 16-17 may involve the letting go of false expectations or outdated projects and dreams. A situation related to work and friendship is not mixing well now, and adjustments may be necessary. Personal freedom feels a little limited due to a close relationship or commitment. New beginnings with finances are likely after the 25th, but first you need to sort out tricky matters related to outstanding debts, support, or old commitments. The 30-31 is excellent for making travel or educational plans, legal outcomes, or publishing or idea sharing.


The first three weeks of May is typically a period of tying up loose ends and living life under the radar, dear Gemini. To some degree, it’s the case this May, but you’re also living quite spiritedly! Your ruler, Mercury, ends its retrograde period on the 3rd, for one, and you begin to catch up to speed. Mars is not only in your sign all month, it’s in mutual reception with your ruler, bolstering up your energy and giving you further power to assert yourself and courage to pursue your desires. Routes to satisfaction are becoming clearer and clearer. While April had its fair share of roadblocks, May feels more energizing and supportive overall.

People tend to follow or respond positively to you as you seem to be where the action and energy are at this month! You are getting support from friends, associates, groups, or even your community. You enjoy working independently, and you can have many (or one or two fabulous) ideas for a start-up. The month is particularly supportive of your efforts to connect harmoniously with others. Areas of life that tend to fare best are friendships, partnerships, education, and financial life. Relationships can be both committed and open or both steady and exciting. You are combining progressive and traditional elements quite seamlessly now in your relationships, or you may be rewriting some of the rules for the better with friends and partners. Partnering or teaming up can be very advantageous for achieving your goals, so even though you do have a strong independent streak in May, open yourself up to the possibility of enlisting others’ help or getting active with friends.

The Full Moon on the 9-10 is eye-opening and warm. While this is a time ripe for discovery and blooming, it can also be a time for keeping things under wraps, deliciously private, or simply strategic. Intimate matters, work, and health may thrive now, reaching a turning point. Surprises are likely related to platonic relationships.

The 16-17 requires some adjustments. A lack of direction or unclear responsibilities can seem to get in the way of your pursuits. Either find ways to accept ambiguities or attempt to define your goals and commitments more satisfyingly. People may be calling you out on promises or expecting far too much of you when you need some personal space.

The Sun is in your sign from the 21st forward, launching your month-long personal power period. The New Moon on the 25th kickstarts new beginnings, but you may need to get over a hurdle first. Around the 28th, a significant person may seem to be blocking you. For some, it’s about circumstances getting in the way of your plans, or a sense that others, in general, are cooling off, conservative, unsympathetic, or unsupportive. The last two days of the month play more in your favor, especially related to resolving problems, getting back into the swing of things, developing new or picking up old interests, studies or other “busy work”, and a stronger feeling that you’re on track.


You’ll see encouraging forward movement and clarity regarding long-term goals, career, and life direction in May, dear Cancer. Where things seemed blocked, delayed, or unclear in April, you’re likely to see advances and resolutions this month. Friendships, networking, group connections, and your social life are in focus.

Despite all of this, there is much going on behind the scenes and on an emotional level as you deal with loose ends and prepare for a personal new year. Some may be taking some form of time-out or period of repose or recuperation. This is a time for considering what you want to take with you into the new solar year the begins around your birthday. This is about doing a spring cleaning in your psyche.

You receive real cosmic support for making updates rather than radically change areas of your life. Stability is important for you as a Cancer, but change is something that you need particularly on a professional or reputation/image level, and this way you can have both! Work, career, health, and partnership are areas for making important updates and adding a little more order and structure. You might begin a slow but steady lifestyle change or line of work. Work can have just the right mix of routine and gentle challenge and interest.

May is an excellent time for professional appeal or for making friends through your career or business. It’s a good time for polishing up your image or bringing more personal appeal and a creative touch to your work. There can be second chances to make an impression.

Around the Full Moon on the 9-10, you are in excellent shape for excitement in your social or romantic life as feelings come into full bloom. There can be powerful epiphanies and a significant turning point in a relationship or with a project dear to your heart.

The 16-17 can be a little tricky and adjustments are necessary. Work and social life are not mixing well now. You may find yourself torn between playing it safe and seeking out a bit of adventure. Another potentially tricky time is the 28th when a Mars-Saturn challenge tends to enforce slowing down or taking a break. This is a time for making sure you don’t overload. There can be a sense that others are leaning on you too much or taking the credit for your hard work, and this can reach a boiling point.

Discussions with friends or ideas generated through your networks can be truly inspiring and useful, particularly from mid-month forward.

The last two days of May are excellent for relationship advances and practical affairs. Meaningful conversations may occur now, and a sense that you’re making broad, long-lasting changes is empowering. There can be the reveal of valuable information or resources. Somebody has your back.


May can be quite excellent for broadening your horizons and branching out, dear Leo, through an expansion of your audience, travel, or studies. A personal philosophy or belief system comes into stronger focus and more clarity for some of you. Where April was bumpy, blocks clear in May.

You’re also in a good position to take charge of your work, manage others, take the lead, and make great strides towards your larger goals in May. You’re willing to put in the legwork and just the right amount of extra effort to shine or even outshine.

You’re taking a very well-rounded approach to life this month, which may very well be the key to your overall success. Activities with others keep you busy and motivated. Learning with study groups can be beneficial, or you might acquire new knowledge or gain inspiration from groups you connect with now.

There can be valuable epiphanies around the 9-10. Home and family matters assume larger importance to you now. You might discover or connect with compelling feelings about your living arrangements or family situation. This can be a wonderful time for reaching out to or spending extra time with family. It can also be a time for significant memories that help you make decisions in the present.

On the 11th and 16-17, watch for your recreational or romantic life mixing poorly with your work or reputation. Hasty communications should also be avoided. The desire to take on new projects, studies, and interests is strong, but you may need to work out matters of finances and support before going forward. Ambiguities slow you down, so look for ways to cement the details.

Saturn and Uranus harmonize again this month – this is the second of three exact aspects. This is a period for making meaningful changes in your life without entirely overturning existing structures. It’s a great time for building something exciting! It’s also useful for making updates, which can feel good even if the process is slow. You may find ways to combine adventuresome activities with practical accomplishment. Teaching can be useful now as it motivates you to update your skills to keep up to date.

There can be the chance to start fresh on a social level after the New Moon on the 25th, but you may need to clear some hurdles to get the ball rolling. Disagreements, blocks, or absence and distance with friends or lovers can be an issue in the last week of May. You may have been wrapped up in a relationship or a passion project recently, and tensions in a friendship or with a group can reach a head now. Make sure your responses are careful and considered and aim to reach a compromise for best results.

The last two days of the month support new interests and friendships, or a new lease on an old friendship. Your enthusiasm wins others over, and your unique qualities and perspective give your personality extra sparkle.


Mars brings extra muscle and motivation to your career, image, status, and responsibilities this month, dear Virgo. You are more ambitious than usual and quite focused on accomplishment. You’re not in any mood to be told what to do, preferring to lead the way yourself in May. Mars and your ruler, Mercury, are in mutual reception until mid-month, and Mercury turns direct on the 3rd, making the 4-15 quite excellent for getting things done. You’re certainly standing out, and while this is a special power period, it’s the case in a general sense for the entirety of May.

Even so, a lot is going on under the hood this month with your intimate life and/or with money matters and support. Where there was much waiting around, delays, backtracking with these issues in April, doors are opening to you in May. The chances of smoothing over a disagreement or attracting the support you need are high.

The 9-10 is fantastic for opening up the lines of communication or for making connections, reaching out, putting the word out, and making your ideas known. Mind you, there can be a rush to get something done and a harried pace, but this can also be an exciting time for discovering a passion or new interest.

On the 16-17, try not to rush decisions related to friends, projects, and money. This is a time for slowing down if you’ve been pushing too hard, or for navigating speed bumps, likely related to family matters and partnerships.

A Saturn-Uranus aspect is strong this month and is quite excellent for making significant updates and changes that don’t feel destabilizing. You’ll feel this mostly with family, finances (debts), and in your intimate relationships. This can be an improved time for children or creative projects as well. A relationship that is both stable and exciting may figure strongly for some of you. Making conditions work for you with loved ones may involve accepting non-traditional setups with new rules, for example. Steady changes to update your home can be in focus.

After the New Moon on the 25th, you get the opportunity to start fresh with your image or career, but you may need to get past an obstacle first. Around the 28th, family matters or responsibilities compete with your ambitions to succeed. Indeed this interferes with the pace you prefer to keep with your work or projects, but you may need to slow down before you move ahead. The 30-31 brings lovely support for your ideas, learning, travel, and career aspirations.


Where you may have felt stuck, in limbo, or delayed in April, dear Libra, more clarity arrives in May. This month is strong for a sense that you’re getting back on track. Relationships smooth over. Your stellar ability to compromise, negotiate, and bring balance to your life is back up to par, and then some! Relationships, finances, passion, intimacy, education, and adventure make up the larger themes of May and are areas of increased focus and opportunity. Learning and exploring with a partner or good buddy can be very beneficial now. Meeting people through your personal interests, studies, or travels is gratifying.

Even so, in many ways this is a month for doing some soul-searching, digging, and investigating. You may be doing a lot of observing and planning, and you’re inclined to pour quite a bit of energy into engrossing projects and interests.

On the 9-10, you’re in particularly good shape for making financial discoveries and adjustments. This is a time for recognizing your worth or value and seeking out your rightful share. A conversation or news arrives now that nudges you towards these epiphanies. A business deal or project might come to full bloom now.

All month, you’re looking to break out of the mold or routine in various ways through what you learn and where you go. You’re more courageous and motivated to try new things.

The 11th and the 16-17 can be tricky to navigate but will work to your advantage if you slow down, reconsider, and make adjustments. Be particularly mindful of your communications (you may come off as insensitive or uninterested) and watch for poor decisions resulting from restlessness on these dates. If your daily affairs are out of whack (and with Neptune a long-time guest in your sector of work and routines, this is quite likely), you may be suffering now as your situation prevents you from grabbing opportunities. Make it a priority to tidy up your life so that this doesn’t keep happening.

Coming into stronger power this month is a Saturn-Uranus influence that began in December, and that will lift this coming November, supporting improvements and updates. Areas of your life that benefit from new rules or constructive changes include your relationships, home life, projects, and studies. Alternative relationships, routines, courses of study, or living arrangements and setups that have been difficult to integrate into your life in the past now may work well for you with new rules. There can be an excellent balance of tradition and innovation.

The last week of the month has its highs and its lows, but you come out a winner. You may be dealing with a frustrating responsibility or delays and breakdowns with communication or transportation, and this prevents you from getting where you want to go, either literally or figuratively (or both!). Some of you can be bogged down by mundane activities, the correction of errors, errands, chores, and other responsibilities that you hadn’t anticipated or put out of your mind. If you’ve been neglecting problem areas, they may demand your attention now. Travel or educational plans may be delayed. Try not to stress over differences of opinion or bumps in the road. Once over this hump, you’ll be in prime shape for enjoying the opportunities of the 30-31 related to education, publishing, connecting, and traveling. You’re excited about expanding a business, relationship — or your mind and experiences.


Where there were delays, confusion, and irritations in April, you’ll enjoy forward movement, corrected courses, and clarifications in May, dear Scorpio. For you, areas most affected by slowdowns have been relationships, work, routines, and health. Clarity comes to these areas of life in May, and perhaps some second chances to work things out. May not only eases you forward, it also features some very supportive influences for your practical affairs and partnerships.

After the first week of the month, you’re in particularly good shape for sorting out your duties, organizing your personal and work space, and researching your options.

The 9-10 can be an especially illuminating period when projects come to bloom, and you come into touch with your true feelings on a matter. What you’ve been brushing to the side can no longer be ignored! This can be a magical time for relationships but also for self-discovery. Your intuitive “feelers” are on double duty.

May can also be a significant money month, not necessarily for windfalls but for getting good deals or gaining support more effortlessly. You don’t shy away from dealing with imbalances of power or from tricky, taboo topics this month, and you’re ready to take charge in your intimate life.

Try to treat the 11th and 16-17 as times for making adjustments instead of pushing your plans forward. You might feel that delays encountered now break your momentum, but they don’t need to – in fact, corrections you make now can save you time in the long run. You’re in demand, but you also need time to yourself and don’t always feel prepared (Jupiter in your solar twelfth house can have this effect). Second-guessing plans or a significant other — and possibly even yourself — can figure strongly now, but consider this a test of strength. Take a break from the action to rethink a few things.

Fortunately, a Saturn-Uranus influence with you since December comes into strong power this month. You can benefit from updating and improving finances, work, health, studies, and home life. Changes that have been difficult to integrate into your life in recent years might now appear highly workable. Make new rules so that you can get alternative approaches to work, living conditions, or health working for you. You might enjoy more freedoms in your daily routine by making structural changes or a more stable income figures strongly now. Work can be both interesting and profitable.

Conversations that left you living with question marks or that led nowhere may be revisited this month, with the blanks filling in. The lines of communication open with a significant other or good buddy. You’re in particularly good light on the job, at the gym, or other activities related to your daily routines and health pursuits, leading to social or romantic opportunities, or simply more pleasure in your everyday life.

The last week of the month includes a New Moon in your intimacy and sharing sector, prompting the urge or need to start fresh. It also presents a challenge or block to your desires. Money and ownership matters can be at the root of conflicts. This can extend to non-material ownership, such as possessiveness or carelessness in relationships. A middle ground or compromise should be sought for both internal and interpersonal conflicts. The last two days of the month are particularly ripe for making exciting lifestyle changes and feeling very much on top of things.


You move beyond the blocks and delays of April, dear Sagittarius, and enjoy special attention, relationships, and improved routines in May. Problems straighten out and answers or news you’ve been waiting for arrive. Mars charges through your partnership sector, bringing relationships and interactions with others to life, while charming Venus spends the month in your romance and creativity sector. This is one of the most relationship-focused periods of the year. It’s a time for making connections, meeting people, and becoming more active with friends, partners, and lovers. Conversations that left you stumped in April can start to make sense this month. Projects or endeavors related to work or health that stalled are now picked back up or picking up pace.

The 4-15 when Mercury is direct and in mutual reception with Mars is quite excellent for setting things straight and building your relationships, whether these are love or business connections.

The 9-11 is a time for exciting interactions, personal appeal, and pleasant events, but also an unexpected moment of truth and a need to rest, reflect, and otherwise pull yourself together. This is not about getting clear or reliable answers from the outside but about clear, intuitive flashes and realizations within you. You can discover how you actually feel about someone or something, and it may be hard to explain what brought you to your conclusions. Your instincts and intuition are working overtime now. This is a time for recognizing your need to pay attention to mental and physical health.

Take things slowly around the 11th and 16-17. This year’s Jupiter-Neptune influence peaks now and can be disorienting at times, largely because you have troubles integrating your social life and family life, or satisfying your need for safety and your need to experiment. Decisions may be weak or painful to make due to lack of confidence and a feeling of being out of step. Avoid letting problems get you down and work on fixing things and making adjustments. Problems encountered now can break your momentum, but you’re sure to build it up again once over these humps, this time more wisely or confidently.

A helpful influence in your life since December picks up power now and helps you to see areas of life that can use an update. You have more faith that your efforts are counting for something and responsibilities can be more satisfying and enjoyable as a result. You’re able to work hard and play hard now, or simply enjoy a healthier balance between work and play. If you’ve had troubles adapting to certain elements of your life that have been unreliable, inconsistent, or unconventional, particularly related to children, time off, or romance, you’re now finding ways to make these things work for you. Laying down some new rules may be at the core of this.

While the New Moon on the 25th clears the path for new beginnings or a fresh approach to partnerships, you’ll need to work through a block before you honestly feel you can begin anew. Saturn in your sign opposes Mars on the 28th, leading to a standoff or bringing a frustrating matter to a head. If someone’s been too pushy with you or bringing chaos to your life, you’ll want to do something about it now. Draw boundaries, but make an effort to compromise if need be. It’s too easy to overreact or make a point when meeting someone halfway (if they deserve it!) is your best bet. The last two days of May are gorgeous for relationship and creative excitement and insights into money and work.


The month ahead is one of diverse themes, dear Capricorn, but perhaps most importantly, you’ll feel that you’re moving forward in May. This comes as a relief after the rather stuck, “in limbo” feel of April. May is a month of more clarity in your home life or with living conditions and arrangements, as well as your romantic life. There is a strong focus on both work and play this month. Recreation, romance, creativity, hobbies, and children can be sources of more pride nd involvement with these areas of life increases.

Mars rips through your sector of work and health all month, revving you up and motivating you to take care of business. This influence also brings more muscle to your health and wellness or self-care programs – if you’ve been putting off going for a check-up or slowing down on fitness, this is a time for getting back into action. You want to take charge. At times, the need to initiate, lead, and work independently can stir up competition or conflict with others, so do what you can to either tone things down a little or prepare yourself for a battle or two, depending on which you prefer!

The 9-10 can bring sudden or unexpected social activity and epiphanies. You may be liberated from a household responsibility, for example, or a friend appears almost out of nowhere wanting your company or help. Alternatively, this can be a time for discovering your feelings about a friendship or project. You’ve been quite preoccupied with your personal life and work these days, and now you’re being pulled out of your routine, nudging you towards a better balance. The Full Moon now is a reminder that giving back is rewarding.

The 11th, 16-17, and 28th are more challenging dates that require you to muster up patience. You’ve been experiencing increased desires or prompts to communicate, connect more spontaneously and openly, and share your ideas, but there are times such as these where insecurity can undermine this. Do what you can to deal with possible fears of leaving yourself vulnerable. Toughening up on this level takes time and steady mini-challenges wherein you challenge yourself to face your fears on a small scale.

However, one of the year’s star influences peaks this month and involves your ruler, Saturn, which gets fantastic support from Uranus. You first met this aspect in December, and it will continue to back you up until November. This is a time for updates, steady progress, and improvements – changes that don’t destabilize you, in other words. There can be opportunities to make an alternative setup work, perhaps related to your home life as Uranus is a long-time guest in your home and family sector. Living conditions and family relationships improve with more steadiness and security, yet still manage to maintain a spirit of openness and progress. Money and health matters can also improve. Here is a chance to put structures or new rules into place that don’t entirely impinge upon your freedom In fact, with some buckling down, you’ll better enjoy your free time.

The New Moon on the 25th brings power to your work and health sector (even more so) and encourages you to improve your habits and begin fresh with your routines. However, it occurs close to a Mars-Saturn opposition, exact on the 28th, and you’ll likely have to buckle down and make some compromises before you start brand new endeavors and strive towards your resolutions. Where you’ve been overdoing or pushing too hard, you now need to draw up limits and follow some rules. This aspect occurs along your health and service axis in the background of your chart. Aspects that are in the foreground are generally considered more challenging because of their in-your-face nature. However, background aspects such as this one can involve some suffering in silence, which can be just as if not more frustrating! Allow yourself the right to relax. While the world seems to be demanding a lot of work from you, and your own competitive or ambitious feelings can be at play as well, you need to slow things down before moving forward.

The 30-31 presents opportunities to get back into the game, ideally this time, well-rested! While work certainly benefits, this can also be a time for an edge in your romantic or personal life.

Where there were delays or extended periods of limbo in April, dear Aquarius, blocks lift in May (April showers bring May flowers?). Slowdowns for you primarily revolved around communications, transportation, house and home, love, and money. May is vibrant with themes, and while it promises some ups and downs, energy flows more smoothly than April overall.

You are in a strong position for improving — and enjoying — your home life and family relationships. A fair part of you needs to recoup, regenerate, and decompress this month. However, you are also craving special attention, fun and games, romance, or hobbies and recreation. You want to shine! Mars moving through the sector of your chart ruling all of these things, and the Sun joining along from the 21st, ensures a lively, animated, energized period — at least some of the time. Ideally, you’re able to rest hard and play hard. If not, you’ll find time for these things, and your heart is certainly tied up here in May. (June and July will be more work-oriented). This is a fabulous time for pouring energies into a passion project or heartfelt pursuits, and a romance or getaway for some.

The 9-10 is an eye-opening period. You can make some exciting discoveries now, but you’re also likely to be called to action if you’ve been too heavily engrossed in your personal life. The Full (Flower) Moon occurring at the top of your solar chart plays a big role in this — you may be called to task, or simply required to fill a responsibility or take the lead now. It may be a time of a promotion, culmination or the turning point of a project, recognition, a new title, status change, or award. This is tied into exciting news or discoveries about your studies and personal interests.

Periods to hold back, reconsider, and slow down include the 11th, 16-17, and 28th. Your desire for new experiences, adventure, and intellectual excitement, while sometimes on the back burner, is always with you on some level this year, but it can clash with your security needs at these times. Challenges in your social life or responsibilities to friends and groups can also compete your increased need for down time or personal time.

An influence involving your traditional and modern planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, that’s been with you since late last year comes into stronger power in May. This influence has your back until November, and it supports your efforts to make workable updates and improvements to your life, particularly related to communications, studies, friendships, long-term goals, and personal initiative and image. You’re coming across particularly well now. Your life feels a little more stable but not boring, either. You’re able to work with the best of both the traditional and unconventional worlds. It’s a great time for learning, sharing ideas, teamwork, and group connections. Increased enjoyment of your duties or work is likely now, and for some of you, this is because you’re making a living from your hobbies or ventures that you love.

The New Moon on the 25th is an energizing, empowering one. However, it requires you to follow some rules or handle problem areas and excesses before you get the chance to begin fresh creatively and/or romantically. If you’ve been going a little too hard in the areas of recreation, personal interests, your love life, and leisure time, then you may need to tone things down, include others, or follow some rules. Once again, pacing yourself is necessary, and it requires patience. The 30-31 opens up excellent opportunities for sharing your creative work, romantic communications, or advances in your projects and hobbies.


Most of the slowdowns or confusing moments in April are behind you now, dear Pisces, as May promises you slow but steady forward motion. Clarifications and advances related to finances, business, studies, communications, and transportation figure strongly now. These things improve, flow naturally, and pick up momentum this month. Ideally, you’ve come into touch with what and who you value, and you’re now ready to apply what you’ve learned. As a result, you’re picking and choosing your projects more mindfully.

Mars charges through your home and family sector all month, and the Sun joins along from the 21st forward. This is action-oriented energy applied to your personal life. You’re likely to get in touch with buried resentments that can frustrate you enough to make changes. You get the chance to work on or in the home. You may be defending, rallying for, or motivating family now. Your home life or inner life can be animated, colorful, and busy.

You can also be knee deep in studies, personal interests, writing, speaking, errand-running, and connecting this month. You can be very influential or persuasive in your communications, guidance, or teachings.

The 9-10 is a time for making epiphanies and personal discoveries, as well as for releasing and connecting with feelings that were previously held at bay or pushed down deep. Even though any Full Moon can feel heavy or draining, it can also be a time of release, liberation, announcements, and projects reaching a turning point. For you, there may be a culmination of studies, published works, or the need for travel or freedom to discover and explore things beyond your routine.

The 16-17 can require patience and foresight. Self-doubt is temporary and can have the useful function of slowing you down, potentially giving you the chance to see where you can make some changes or adjustments that will ultimately work very much in your favor. As much as you may seek an escape route right now, know that it will subtract from your confidence and energy levels. Responsibilities weigh heavily on you as they seem to pop up at the worst time. However, applying yourself now benefits you later.

A supportive influence that’s been with you since December gains power this month, and it’s helping you improve your work, image, reputation, self-esteem, and finances. You may be able to stabilize your work or income without sacrificing your freedom and independence. It’s a good time for some Pisces to make a real go of self-employment, and for others to find more enjoyable ways to make a living. Alternative means of making money or doing business can work now with additional structure and more self-discipline.

The last week of the month brings a New Moon and the chance for a new beginning, with a few strings attached! You may need to pull out of yourself or your personal life and come up for air now. Responsibilities need your attention before you can really throw yourself into personal projects and ventures. This is a time for taming impulsiveness just enough to bring things into better balance. The 30-31 is excellent for personal influence and a competitive edge, as well as creative ways to improve your finances, security, and home life.

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*I regret that I was unable to write these monthly overview horoscopes for April as explained in the Site News section of Cafe Astrology. I have decided to use this as an opportunity to write monthly summaries a week ahead of the month in question, and that’s why you’re seeing May horoscopes a little earlier than usual.

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Apr 23, 2017 at 12:41 am
Thank you! I have wanted to get back to doing the monthlies earlier for years now.
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12:19:14 AM

Sun 10°  Taurus 08’ 31"
Moon 03°  Cancer 22’ 08"
Mercury 24°  Aries 43’ 12" R
Venus 00°  Aries 48’ 50"
Mars 06°  Gemini 06’ 46"
Jupiter 15°  Libra 32’ 02" R
Saturn 27°  Sagittarius 19’ 48" R
Uranus 25°  Aries 22’ 26"
Neptune 13°  Pisces 40’ 29"
Pluto 19°  Capricorn 22’ 30" R
Chiron 27°  Pisces 17’ 01"
TrueNode 00°  Virgo 36’ 44" R

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