Politics should not divide friends

I saw a post saying they wanted there followers to stop following them if they were a on the other side.  Reblog if you don’t care if your friends/followers have a different political viewpoints and just enjoy talking with them despite one minor difference.

Headcanon Idea List

This is sort of like my prompt idea list- just send in a letter and a character and I’ll fill out the rest! Request it here ✯


[[I couldn’t come up with things that start with X so if you have any ideas feel free to message me!]]

What would it be like…

A - Asking you out
B - Being best friends
C - Celebrating your/their birthday
D - Double dating!
E - Eating dinner
F - Flirting with you
G - Getting protective over you
H - Hugging you
I - Inviting you to team up/join their organisation of heroes
J - Joking around with you
K - Kissing you
L - Lounging around on a lazy day
M - Making you breakfast
N - Netflix and chilling
- Overcoming a fear [include a fear]
P - Partying
Q - Quarrelling with you
R - Rescuing you
S - Sleepingover with you
T - Taking care of you when you’re sick
U - Using technology
V - Vexing each other
W - Waking up to you
Y- Yelling at each other (for the angst!)
Z - Zoo date!

21st Century Love Affair ~ The Chronicle Of Tweet-Flirts

Once upon a vacation…

Then came a birthday…

And a cake…

Oh, what about that kilt?


And all is right in the world again…

There’s the two of them - cheering their team on - together…

And on the next fine day…

… to be continued


After reading this string of tweets, what is the best description of the relationship between Sam and Cait?

a. Co-workers/Colleagues
b. Close friends
c. Lovers
d. Soul mates
e. All of the above

Time’s up. Should be plain to see the answer is e. All of the above.

a. They obviously work together
b. There is a strong friendship when their conversations cover a variety of topics, span all hours of day, any day of the week
c. Sexual tension, innuendos galore
d. Their connection is more than skin-deep. They seem to share a similar rhythm of life and not get enough of each other even after working together all day

Hope this has been a fun read - until the next chapter…

[Image source: @jamesandclairefraser]