friends: 9x13

More things that make you go ‘hmm’ from yesteryear:

Tony: Marriage is a leap of faith. If you love him, you gotta jump in feet first.
Ziva: This coming from a man who did not even go through with his own little wedding.
Tony: Ah, but I rocked the proposal. […] I even managed to shed a little tear


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Sometimes I think the wardrobe department at Supernatural just sits around dreaming up new and crazy costumes for Dean (or maybe they get bored of plaid and layers). He’s like a living Ken doll and I love it. Jensen is such a trooper, taking every one of these costumes and absolutely embracing the silliness of it all - wether he’s covered in mud, rocking lederhosen, or keeping a straight face with that hairnet on. Kudos to the costume department and Jensen. These costumes make me smile.