Hello all you lovely readers!  I made a masterlist (FINALLY) I know how patient you all have been so I made this one for all you Mobile users (hopefully it works) and there’s also a page for it that I will update *Dan Howell strained laughter* after posting a new request.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for following.  Stay Golden Pony Boy.  You’ve earned it. 

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All smut will be in bold lettering and most requests will be between Dan and reader unless specified! Enjoy! <3 

Also I made a list of all the requests you guys have asked for so it shows everything I’ve done to what I’m working on and to what is to come. :)

1. Baking Time w/Dan

2. Mario Kart & Chill

3. Forest Gump (Jock!Dan x Cheerleader!Reader)

4. Puff the Magic Dragon, Dan

5. I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

6. The Suburbs

7. Award Night

8. Hallelujah

9. It Takes Two


The Summer Set Announce New LP, Premiere “Figure Me Out” Music Video

The band will release Stories For Monday on April 1. The Summer Set commented on their new album cycle:

It took us a while to figure this out, but we are back and thrilled to announce that our 4th album, Stories For Monday, is coming on April 1st. Since we can’t wait any longer, here’s the first song on the album, Figure Me Out. We’re proud of this one. Welcome to a new beginning.

Check out the album information below.

1. Figure Me Out
2. The Night Is Young
3. Missin’ You
4. Jean Jacket
5. All My Friends
6. Change Your Mind
7. All Downhill From Here
8. All In
9. Wonder Years
10. When The Party Ends (Can’t Hardly Wait)
11. Wasted

the best offense is a good defense // part II

1. Things I Can’t Change - The Story So Far
2. Oak Street - Knuckle Puck
3. Passing Through A Screen Door - The Wonder Years
4. Cope - Sleep On It
5. Skin Deep - Real Friends
6. Something To Keep - Bonfires
7. Hard to Please - State Champs
8. Love Your Friends, Die Laughing - Man Overboard
9. Porch Light - Handguns
10. Say What You Want - Neck Deep
11. Glowing Crosses - Fireworks
12. Engulfed In Flames - Such Gold
13. If I’m Lucky - State Champs
14. I’ve Given You All - The Wonder Years
15. Solstice - Sleep On It
16. Navy Blue - The Story So Far
17. Storyteller - Such Gold
18. Came Out Swinging - The Wonder Years
19. Sleep Deprived - Handguns
20. Everything I Never Want To Be - Real Friends
21. Nothing To Hold - Bonfires
22. But Why Would You Care? - Knuckle Puck
23. Where I Left You - Man Overboard
24. Your Best Friend - Seaway
25. I Couldn’t Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago - Neck Deep
26. I Don’t Love You Anymore - Real Friends
27. The Glass - The Story So Far

Shoutout my buddy jakesonaplane and sleeponitband from Chicago, IL