10/30/2016--11/5/2016 Camren Weekly recap #8

(They didn’t have any shows,so nothing really happened)

1-Lauren followed this playlist and deleted it hours after when it got out of control (mostly fanmade)

2- THE GIRLS CONFIRMED 5H3 (and camila said she was excited about it)

3- Camila and MGK working on a Bad Things music video

4- Lauren was Khaleesi for halloween

5- Camila with Taylor Swift for halloween+the other girls seperated with their own friends

6- Why would we even raise camren suspicions on a picture of Sofi? I dont know, but it worked


Hello all you lovely readers!  I made a masterlist (FINALLY) I know how patient you all have been so I made this one for all you Mobile users (hopefully it works) and there’s also a page for it that I will update *Dan Howell strained laughter* after posting a new request.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for following.  Stay Golden Pony Boy.  You’ve earned it. 

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All smut will be in bold lettering and most requests will be between Dan and reader unless specified! Enjoy! <3 

Also I made a list of all the requests you guys have asked for so it shows everything I’ve done to what I’m working on and to what is to come. :)

1. Baking Time w/Dan

2. Mario Kart & Chill

3. Forest Gump (Jock!Dan x Cheerleader!Reader)

4. Puff the Magic Dragon, Dan

5. I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

6. The Suburbs

7. Award Night

8. Hallelujah

9. It Takes Two


The Summer Set Announce New LP, Premiere “Figure Me Out” Music Video

The band will release Stories For Monday on April 1. The Summer Set commented on their new album cycle:

It took us a while to figure this out, but we are back and thrilled to announce that our 4th album, Stories For Monday, is coming on April 1st. Since we can’t wait any longer, here’s the first song on the album, Figure Me Out. We’re proud of this one. Welcome to a new beginning.

Check out the album information below.

1. Figure Me Out
2. The Night Is Young
3. Missin’ You
4. Jean Jacket
5. All My Friends
6. Change Your Mind
7. All Downhill From Here
8. All In
9. Wonder Years
10. When The Party Ends (Can’t Hardly Wait)
11. Wasted

Kiss Under the Star


Situation- 1. Best Friends

6. Perfume

10. Cuddling

Speech-  6 “God! Don’t do that, you scared me!”

9. “Shut up and kiss me”

20. “How can you be so perfect?”

Rating:  ♡♛ 


Lying down on the thin material of the blanket we’d spread out on the slightly titled surface of my roof top, Sehun and I talked for hours on end about anything and everything. It was only since the past ten minutes that silence had taken over and a cool breeze passed through, causing his grip around my waist to tighten as he pulled me closer to the warmth of his body. This had been a thing we’d done since we were in high school and the tradition had lived on even after he became an idol and he visited home. Whenever I had a bad day we’d come up here and I’d just rant about what I think was wrong with the world as he listened and it was the same for him whenever he had something on his mind that he didn’t feel like he could talk to anyone else about. But tonight felt different. Tonight it felt like he wanted to hold me a bit closer whereas I just never wanted to let go in fear of him disappearing again.

My heart gently fluttered when I felt him lowering his body a bit to rest his head on my shoulder, taking me by surprise as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck and breathed against it.

“God! Don’t do that, you scared me!” I lightly scolded him as he pouted whilst pulling me closer.

“You smell nice…” He simply sighed, trailing his nose up and down the side of my neck. A few minutes had passed as we stayed in that position, our heartbeats slowly becoming the only thing we could hear over the bustling noises of the city in the distance. I slowly turned around in his arms to face his closed eyes and placed my small hand against the side of his face; trailing my fingers over every sharp feature and every one of his perfect imperfections. I slowly kissed each of his closed eyelids as he lay still with my chest against his, and I proceeded to kiss each of his cheeks.

“How can you be so perfect?” I sighed and his eyes snapped open in awe. I lightly giggled at his reaction as my hands continued their journey, trailing past his jawline to the back of his neck.

“I learn from the best” He chuckled, holding my hand and circling his thumb around my wrist “And by best I mean this guy I met in the mirror a few years ago and…” He couldn’t finish his sentence before his eyes shaped into the adorable crescents as he broke into fits of laughter

“Shut your narcissistic ass up and kiss me will you?” I suddenly asked, making him stop in and take in a huge breath. Even I was shocked at my own request, but I couldn’t seem to process my apology as he leaned in and slowly captured my lips into a breath taking kiss without a second thought. Our lips moved against each other as his hands began to smoothly caress my waist and I played with the small hairs at the back of his neck. The kiss began to grow more heated as he pulled my body on top of his, with my legs resting on either side of his hips and his fingers running through my hair. I reluctantly pulled away from his lips and hovered above him as we both let out heavy breaths at the lack of oxygen.  But he didn’t seem to care as he let out a little whine and tugged at my bottom lip with his.  I shook my head at him and lightly pecked his puckered lips but pulled away quickly  before he could take the kiss further, giggling at the second frustrated whine he let out this night.

“You’re such a tease…” He grumbled, tightening his grip on my waist and pulling me to lay down on his chest. The rest of the night was filled with giggles and random kisses, momentarily making us forget the priorities we had to attend to once we were apart.

Hope you liked it Lovey! xx

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