Summer Bucket List 2016

1. Say yes to more things

2. Build up an aesthetic for my room

3. Also paint it

4. Create art

5. Take photos with my disposable camera

6. Build up a wardrobe that is sensible, fun, and chic

7. Go hiking/camping

8. Go to the beach often

9. Do a photoshoot with my friends

10. Eat good food

11. Practice hella

12. Go to a concert

13. Feel healthy

14. Make out

15. Make money

16. Make new friends

17. Learn how to do my makeup better

18. Get another cool diary

19. See retro movies

20. Buy records

21. Go to the swap meet

22. Write in my diary

23. Get a better butt and slimmer waist

24. Exercise more (yoga?)

25. Be a happier and more free-spirited person

26. Gain confidence

27. Read interesting books

28. Learn to drive a bit

29. Do my summer school

30. Go roller-skating

31. Drink semi-responsibly

32. Skinny-dip (@night)

33. Visit an art museum

34. DANCE (inside and out)

35. Be beautiful (inside and out)

It’s the Product, Stupid

I found this on Reddit and think the points are perfectly stated: 

I believe I could help the church out considerably with their missionary work endeavors, but I fear they are not really interested in real improvement.

However, for all of our friends in the church office building that are reading this, I shall over some feedback, without even charging for the consulting provided.

Let us start by talking about what the problems in missionary work are not:

1. It is NOT a lack of missionaries out in the “mission field”
2. It is NOT a lack of money and resources devoted to the program
3. It is NOT that the members are “slacking” or unmotivated
4. It is NOT that the missionaries are “unworthy”
5. It is NOT that the missionaries need to work harder
6. It is NOT that there needs to be a new program
7. It is NOT a problem with the approach
8. It is NOT a problem of language or communication
9. It is NOT that members don’t have non-member friends
10. Nor is it that the members are scared to talk to their friends about the church.

Here it is in a nut shell - The problem is the product. The problem is that the members wouldn’t wish the church on their worst enemies let alone their friends.

Most members - even the active ones- do not leave church on Sunday feeling measurably better than when they went in. They are not “uplifted”. They are frustrated, saddened, and upset. Nearly everything is done half-assed.

The EQ President is only doing his calling because he was guilted into it. The cub master doesn’t want to be in scouts, but feels obligated because his son is in the program. The RS President is trying to be a funeral organizer, guidance counselor, principle, mother, wife, and welfare consultant all rolled into one and wonders why she isn’t “good enough.” The YW have a budget that wouldn’t run a lemonade stand, and the idea of a fun ward activity is a potluck dinner in a smelly gymnasium that hasn’t been cleaned effectively because the members are supposed to do that to, in their spare time.

The home teachers and visiting teachers (aka all the adults in the ward) are spending 3 evenings a month chasing down people that don’t want to be visited. Not to mention the lies that they are forced to tell themselves in order to fit into this supposed ward family. They can’t tell the truth that they find the temple weird, that they support gay marriage, or that they really don’t want to spend two years of their life pushing religion on people that are perfectly happy without it for fear of being labeled a social pariah.

The problem is most ethical and moral human beings wouldn’t wish the church on anyone. They intrinsically recognize that the church is to religion what McDonalds is to a fine dining experience. It is bland, it is cheap, and it is barely functional. The average member, even if they don’t recognize it consciously, understands the truism that “what is good in Mormonism is not unique, and what is unique is not very good.” When individuals do “share the gospel”, what happens. Research your own experience and that of your friends. Someone posts a pro LDS thought to Twitter, or Facebook. Who likes it? Other members! That’s it! No one else, and the majority of those members only “like” it because they feel obligated to.

Give the average member the choice of attending the temple or a recently released movie (Star Wars) and most will pick the latter every time. This is especially true if they aren’t trying to demonstrate to the questioner how righteous they are. Why is this? Because, they get more fulfillment out of the movie at the local Cine-mark than they do from the movie at the International House of Handshakes. Give members a choice of an early summer boat trip on the first Saturday of April or watching conference and what will most pick? Why?

The problem isn’t the sales force folks. The problem is that the product does not work as advertised. If the membership of the church was actually getting out of their church experience what they say they are getting out of it, then you wouldn’t be able to stop them from dragging their friends in the door, and more importantly, their friends would quickly recognize it. Why does everyone have an I-phone or a droid in their pocket? Because they work. Because they add value to their life. Because there is a real and measurable benefit. Why is the missionary program stagnant? Because it doesn’t deliver what it promises.

And so my friends in the COB (Church Office Building), until you fix this very fundamental problem. It won’t matter what you do with the missionary effort or what cool new program you try. Until you fix that flaw, anything else is doomed to failure, and to make matters worse, putting this repetitively on the members only exacerbates the problem.


Rachel: Oh, hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we play rock-paper-scissors, and whoever loses goes in first.

Joey: HAHA I win!!

Ross: What is that?

Joey: That’s fire. Beats everything.

Phoebe: Oh, really? Does it beat water balloon?

Joey: Well played, Phoebe Buffay, well played.

i thought i’d share friends


9. The domestic at the beginning of TGG my god

8. The pool – when Jim shows up, you know shit’s about to get real, particularly Johnlock shit

7. John at the grave – every time I think “it’s not going to be as bad I remember” and then


5. The cab ride deduction in Pink – that connection is wild, and then they have to look away from each other to giggle and smile secretly like :O :O i’m on fire

4. “I imagine John Watson thinks love is a mystery to me” – actually I love that whole scene b/c I don’t think Sherlock getting all openly sentimental in S3 would’ve been the same w/o him rejecting it earlier, that whole scene is soooo … poor bby

3. The Empty House Reveal a;sldkfja;slkj

2. John and Mycroft square off in the warehouse in Pink – John is Too Hot also I love Mycroft