• Friend: How are you
  • Me, internally: Aph France is considered a 2D creepy character by the majority of the Hetalia fandom and it really upsets me because he is such a historically rich country who has fought in so many wars and had to be strong and 'big brother france' and if you look past the first few episodes he clearly cares about his friends and especially in season 5 you see how he truely is when it discusses how immortals have to lose everyone they love and the reincarnation of Joan of Arc with the line 'God has done wonderful things" he is an immortal trying his best to stay positive and cheer everyone up and he is considered 'creepy' and a 'rapist'
  • Me, externally: fine lmao you?

“Takuma..If I’m useful…I can be with you again, right?”

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houjin yatsurugi viewing guide

first, some basic info: houjin yatsurugi is a local hero show based in the town of kisarazu in the chiba prefecture. its motif is vaguely inspired (though i couldn’t tell you how) by the legends of yamato takeru, and thus each protagonist shares that name.

as a series its greatest strength probably lies in its fight scenes & stunt choreography, which are absurdly good considering this is a much lower-budget production than your average mainstream show. if you like satisfying hand-to-hand combat in your toku then you will most likely enjoy this.

on the other hand it’s also very soft & kind - the stakes are mostly on the low side, there’s a lot of goofy silliness, and the “villain” characters tend to be really likable (think team rocket from the pokemon anime).

which isn’t to say it doesn’t have its problems - the biggest would be an over-reliance on certain anime-esque tropes. there’s a lot of “women hitting men for being ~oblivious and you’re meant to find it hilarious & slapstick,” as well as some other not-so-great jokes here and there. also a real clumsy writing-out of a character in s3. but i like to think the issues are eclipsed by the rest of it, which really is an overall fun experience.

there are 6 seasons of houyatsu as of typing this, 5 of which are available on the production company’s youtube channel with english subtitles (make sure to smack that mf closed captions button).

a note on the subs: they fall into two categories. the subs for seasons 1, 2, & 4 are generally ok, with a bit of grammatical awkwardness/typos occasionally. then there are the subs for seasons 3 & 5, which are. not good. especially s5. you can still understand what’s happening (it’s a v straightforward show) but they often read as if they’ve been put through google translate. just a fair warning.

optimal viewing order: