30 Day Challenge: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Day 30: Favourite Younger Days/Flashback Scene

My favourite younger days/flashback scene is Phoebe’s Past Life

It’s split into two parts, the first is Phoebe’s reminiscence and the second is the credits scene. I don’t know if it’s the accent or the fact considering it’s Phoebe this probably actually happened but my favourite part about it is at the end when her arm re-blows off the way she says “This is getting ridiculous no!” Hilarious!

Watching Merlin for the first time

Season 1:Wow this is such a fun and happy show,Merlin is a pure bean, he makes me happy

Season 2:Oh my,Arthur is great,this is fun,11 i love this show

Season 3:Morgana do me a favor and fall down those stairs again,thanks.

Season 4:Oh fuck thats dark,Morgana fuck off.ARTHUR CALLED MERLIN HIS FRIEND IM SOBBING

Season 5:Hey old friend….here are the remains of my broken heart,i ve been crying for a week and im still broken.Please H O L D M E

  • Friend: How are you
  • Me, internally: Aph France is considered a 2D creepy character by the majority of the Hetalia fandom and it really upsets me because he is such a historically rich country who has fought in so many wars and had to be strong and 'big brother france' and if you look past the first few episodes he clearly cares about his friends and especially in season 5 you see how he truely is when it discusses how immortals have to lose everyone they love and the reincarnation of Joan of Arc with the line 'God has done wonderful things" he is an immortal trying his best to stay positive and cheer everyone up and he is considered 'creepy' and a 'rapist'
  • Me, externally: fine lmao you?