Idk about you guys, but

the fact that this cinnamon roll,

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this fucking meme,

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and this emotionally unstable lost boy

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all have the same voice actor kind of makes my childhood better.


I know that feel Greg, I know that feel. 


Phoebe’s Band-Aid simile (s01ep05 / s08ep02)

season 5 The 100: predictions

we have survived everything, living in space, the post apocalyptic world, wars with grounders and mountain men and the wave of radiation. We lost loved ones. We survived. 

Now what? We live. We rebuild. We make all out of nothing. Because we have hope and our fierce spirit of survival has gotten us this far. Now we really make this our home. We deserved it, all of us who are still left.  We inherited this earth. Let’s make this life worth living.