Here’s some doodles of my OC, Olive Greene! Along with some cameos from my two of my other OCs, Celia Monochrome and Opal Bleu.

Olive is smart, introverted, sardonic, modest, and most of all, pessimistic. She can be rather harsh and snarky towards most people, proceeding to make sarcastic remarks towards their blunders or questions. This not to say she isn’t nice, though. She can be very polite, as well as affectionate and motivating. She shows this softer attitude towards a select few people, such as family and friends.

As for other facts about her, Olive is bi. Age-wise, I’d put her at around late high school or early college. She’s also a gardener, who particularly enjoys planting flowers. She has a pet bunny named John.

Why Axel/Lea is the most tragic character in Kingdom Hearts

-Hollow Bastion fell when they were just kids, that means Axel lost his heart when he was just a kid and was probably just lost in the darkness for years until he became a nobody

-He does all the dirty work so that Saix could get to the top of the Organization

-He and Saix drifted apart while in the Organization, getting into multiple arguments (a lot of these involving Xion)

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-Axel lost Ven, even though they met once they still became friends and the fact that Lea never knew what happened to him.

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-Axel found Roxas, whom he probably thought was Ven when they first met no doubt.

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-And then Axel lost Roxas, one of the only people he actually cared about in the Organization (besides Saix)

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-Axel lost Xion, someone he knew was just a replica yet he cared for her dearly and did so much to try and help and protect her

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-Immediately after losing Roxas, Axel has to go find Xion even though she refuses to come back again and he’s just so upset with everything that it results to Axel breaking down in front her and ending in a fight.

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-Axel’s last “memory” of Xion is of them fighting. Axel passed out after their fight and didn’t wake up until after Xion was gone, so he lost all his memory of her already. Their last moments together were in pain.

-The Organization tasked Axel to destroy Roxas. They were forcing him to go and kill his best friend.

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-He tried so hard to get Roxas to remember him, and Roxas didn’t until it was too late and he had to return to Sora.

-Axel was on the run from the Organization all through KH2, he had nowhere to go.

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-Even after Roxas was gone, Axel still searched for him tirelessly, even resorting to kidnapping Kairi just to get Sora to come to him to have a chance of seeing Roxas.

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-Axel comes back TWICE to try and free Kairi, getting severely injured each time.

-He was basically killed by his friend (Saix)

-After Axel is stabbed by Saix, he wanders through the dark portals, pushing himself to keep going because the only thing he wants is to see Roxas again.

-Axel knew that he was going to fade, so he put his entire “existence” into his attack to save Sora and the others

-When Lea wakes up in Hollow Bastion, the first thing he’s thinking about is Roxas; even after he faded he was in a dream with Roxas and had to finally say goodbye, crying none the less

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-Lea lost Isa. He was searching for Isa throughout KH3D and only to find that he had been taken by Xehanort and now a vessel.

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TL;DR Throughout Kingdom Hearts Axel/Lea has been in constant pain and losing those he cares about.

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When ‘Courtney Cox’ was on The Tonight Show she told Jay Leno a story about filming Friends. During filming one day, Cox kept reciting a line by Anthony Michael Hall which goes, “Chicks cannot hold their smoke, dat’s what it is.” Matthew Perry thought it was from Weird Science but Cox was adamant it was from The Breakfast Club. After asking around (sound men, production staff etc), they couldn’t come up with a definitive answer. They began betting starting off with $20 then making it larger. Perry actually joked that if he won Cox would have to sleep with him and if she won he would have to sleep with her. They then heard Judd Nelson (Hall’s cast-mate in The Breakfast Club) was filming Suddenly Susan in a nearby stage, so they went over and asked him and found out it was Breakfast Club. Leno asked her what the bet was to which Cox sneezed and then rang a bell. Perry walked out from backstage with a tissue in his hand. Cox then told Leno, Perry was going to be her man slave for five more months.

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Hey choromatsu who's your favorite brother?

Better hang out with brothers who don’t think I’m the worst

-Mod Choro

It was like any other day, wanting to sleep in more but knowing you had to get up and get stuff done. But first, you needed some coffee to function and if you could convince Sam to make a fresh pot while you enjoyed the warmth and comfort of being in bed just a moment longer, you’d be set.

When you ran your hand on Sam’s side of the bed, your hand brushed over something. You opened your eyes to investigate, noting that Sam wasn’t in the room, in his place was a cheerful sunflower on top of a folded note card .

The gesture warmed your heart. Picking up the sunflower in one hand you opened up the note with the other.

I love you for…

A grin appeared on your face, realizing you had to get up to find the rest of the message. This playful hunt for notes made you forget all about your morning coffee. You were already alert and your mood was bright, excited to find out what the next one said.

You got up, rushing to open the bedroom door and immediately found the second note on the floor with another flower.

all that you are…

Looking down the hallway, you saw two more flowers with folded notes on your path towards the kitchen.

You rushed to pick up the third note, gathering the flowers in one hand and eagerly unfolding the next message.

all that you have been…

When you picked up the fourth flower, you took your time opening the final note.

and all you’re yet to be.

With the message complete, the meaning of the words sunk in. It was such a romantic gesture, making you feel a little overwhelmed. You clutched the notes to your chest, taking in a deep breath to compose yourself knowing that Sam would be in the kitchen waiting for you. You couldn’t wait to thank him for the lovely surprise.

When you turned the corner to enter the kitchen you saw the friendly faces of Sam, Dean, and Cas who looked like they were about to greet you.

“SURPRISE!” shrieked the cheerful sing-songy voice of the excited, pudgy man who jumped out behind Sam, startling everybody in the room.

“Sully, we talked about this,” Sam grumbled as his willowy fingers massaging his brow in frustration.

“Oh right, I forgot,” Sully mumbled through one side of his mouth, “no shouting in the morning. Sorry, I just get so excited about birthdays.”

Sully turned to you whispering forcefully, “Happy Birthday.”

You laughed. The tension of the shock left your body as Sam wrapped his arms around you, gazing into your eyes purposefully.

“Happy Birthday Lauren,” Sam greeted you with a dimpled smile.


  • okay but imagine this: it’s been a thing since first year that wolfstar holds hands
  • it’s not romantic or anything (at first), just a casual friend thing that they do out of comfort, to remind each other that they aren’t alone
  • they get looks sometimes, though, and James and Peter even made fun of them at first but they’ve gotten used to it
  • they even do it in class sometimes
  • once in second year in Transfiguration, their fingers were just lazily tangled together atop the desk while they listened to the lesson, and McGonagall walked by and promptly tapped the little mass of hand to indicate that they needed to stop that
  • (but really they just moved it under the desk)
  • and though she’d corrected them, Remus swears he saw her smile a little 
  • so they totally walk down the corridors hand in hand, swinging their arms and laughing
  • but then towards the end of fourth year, hormones start exploding and suddenly Sirius isn’t so sure that he likes Remus as just a friend
  • in fact, he feels butterflies erupt in his stomach every time Remus grabs his hand in the common room or on the way to dinner or in the middle of History of Magic
  • so he spends much of the summer in his miserable house pacing around his room and running his fingers through his dark hair, trying to sort out his emotions
  • he’s sure that they’re just friends
  • I mean, they’ve only ever just been friends
  • but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be more than friends
  • he’s pretty sure he and Remus are just best buds
  • but he never sees any other best buds holding hands around the hallway?
  • okay, yeah, he definitely wants to hold hands with Remus as more than friends
  • also, he would very much enjoy to kiss Remus and lay his head on his shoulder and hug him long enough to forget about the rest of the world
  • the thought of calling Remus his boyfriend actually makes him blush a lot
  • (little does he know Remus has spent his summer the same exact way)
  • so now it’s fifth year, and what the bloody hell is he supposed to do about this little crush?
  • he eventually tells James, because he was about to burst and just needed to tell somebody
  • (he also doesn’t know that Remus has done the same thing)
  • James keeps being obnoxious about it of course, dropping little hints that make Sirius blush and shoot him an irritated look, leaving the other two boys alone quite often, always leaving them plenty of room to sit right next to each other
  • by Christmastime, James is getting quite annoyed with the fact that neither of his friends will get up the nerve to make a move
  • so he makes a concerted effort to give them special time alone in the common room on Christmas night
  • meaning he talks the whole of Gryffindor house—at least, those of them still there for the holidays—into being out of the common room by midnight
  • and he threatens Sirius on his life that if he doesn’t finally do something then, Merlin, he would do it himself
  • (he’s secretly done the same to Remus)
  • and he leaves the two of them there, insisting that they stay to talk as he himself goes upstairs to bed with Peter and a few other straggling Gryffindors
  • (both boys internally get what he means so decide not to resist)
  • so there they are. alone. accompanied only by the flicker of the firelight to send golden rays across Remus’s face, make his hair and green eyes glow, make Sirius’s stomach flutter. their hands tangled together between them on this scarlet couch. awkwardly angled towards each other. silence. both searching for words.
  • and, Sirius is furious to notice, James has strategically placed mistletoe directly above their heads
  • Remus catches Sirius looking up and does the same
  • “oh, lovely,” he says, frowning at Sirius
  • it’s then that Sirius decides to finally open his mouth and tell his best friend that he—
  • “Sirius, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to just drop this on you, but, I sort of, uh, well, I’ve fancied you for a while now and I didn’t really want to say anything, but James told me I needed to, and I tried to stop him but he said it was important and that he’d do it if I didn’t, so I’m really sorry and I hope things aren’t awkward now—”
  • completely taken by surprise, Sirius stops Remus mid-sentence by ramming his mouth into the other boy’s, and it’s messy at first, but then Remus realizes what’s happening and untangles his hand to wrap his arms around Sirius’s waist, and Sirius puts a hand on the back of Remus’s neck as he deepens the kiss, savors every moment of it that he can
  • he breaks off gasping for breath but smiling, and Remus is doing the same
  • “it’s not just me, then,” Remus says after a short silence
  • Sirius laughs and shakes his head, and is leaning forward to kiss his dorky friend again when they hear someone clapping across the room
  • Sirius whips his head around to see James leaning against the wall at the foot of the spiral staircase
  • “’s about time. I think I’ll go up to bed now. have fun, boys.“ he winks and ascends up the staircase with a smug, annoying little grin on his face
  • Sirius turns back around, still sporting that goofy smile
  • “merry Christmas, Moony,” he says, kissing Remus once again
  • and now they’re boyfriends, and James and Peter totally ship it, and their classmates are really happy about it, and it’s wild and beautiful and they hold hands all the time
  • and Sirius does, indeed, blush every time he tells someone