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ive seen a few of my mutuals make posts abt this already but just fyi if u feel the need to constantly remind mixed ppl that they are half white ur a terrible person and i hate u :)

I reblogged a post similar to this earlier but it got me thinking. Imagine if Simon had stayed a vampire and Raphael somehow survived as a vampire too. Imagine Magnus, Simon and Raphael in the future

  • Simon and Magnus becoming really close friends, despite the fact that Magnus still calls him Sheldon
  • Simon becoming Raphael’s second in command of the vampire clan
  • Raphael and Simon finally accepting their feelings for each other
  • Just generally hanging out, going to Taki’s and shit. Raphael only goes with them because Simon begs him, but he actually loves seeing them
  • Simon watching over Clary and Jace’s descendants
  • Magnus not petrifying again because he has such close friends who keep him capable of love
  • Little One calling Simon and Raphael their uncles
  • The three of them reminiscing about long gone friends
  • Simon comforting Magnus one the anniversary of Alec’s death and his birthday every year
  • Magnus doing the same for Simon when it’s the birthday/anniversary of Clary and Izzy’s death
  • Magnus and Simon doing the same for Raphael about his mother and brothers
  • Just generally looking after each other
SFPD Recovers Ex-Chili Pepper Guitarist’s Stolen Telecaster
A valuable piece of rock history is back with its rightful owner, thanks to San Francisco police investigators. A vintage 1966 Fender Telecaster that was owned by former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist...

Frusciante had given the instrument to a friend who planned to loan it out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this month, according to police. That friend was reunited with the guitar on Thursday.

Police said the guitar exchanged hands three times over the course of the 10 days it was missing.

Frusciante played with the Chili Peppers from 1988 until 1992, and again from 1998 until 2009.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.

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I love me a healthy dose of Puff in the morning! You and the rest of the hardies turned me into a SamCait addict. I have to get my fix everyday or I turn into a raging avocado eating bitch. Uhm I can say avocado can't I? More power and love to you and the rest of the crew! xxx

Avocados are your friend.  In fact, besides being delicious, avocados protect against eye disease, they aid in weight loss, they help stabilize blood sugar, they lower the risk of heart disease and they can help lower cholesterol.

All hail the avocado.  Let’s not put a pox on the avocado just yet.  After all, Sam and Cait love them, too.


Hello Friends.. FACT: Lesbians can fly. Bisexual women can walk on water and Pansexual women can move things with their minds. JUST CLEARING UP SOME QUEER WOMEN MYTHS FOR YOU .
This week we talk about those myths that go around and bust those motherfuckers open. don’t forget to LIKE, REBLOG and SUBSCRIBE HAPPY FRIDAY lots of love

Ella and Leah xoxo

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Name: Joshua, bear Nickname: Vot, pookie, carebear underwear Nationality: bear/Indonesian Relationship status: bad dirty jokes Likes: BEEEARS, programming, cartoons, your friends, honey I believe hah Dislikes: people who say senpai too much, rude people, advertisers in friend streams Random fact: I think you have the cutest laugh and you have an adorable accent

oh and your 18 woops

Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

“Yeah I guess it was pretty silly of me to think you and Pyro were an asset, haha.”

2 of the 6 works i’m making for shadowenza​! I hope she’s ok with all this and even if she’s not im having a ton of fun making them. I rarely use Pyro’s in my Sfm works so these are really unique for me.

2.moments where they pretend around others that they’re simply friends but in fact are lovers. Fooling the others in believing nothing is going on between them.

first week of college done and it’s been wonderful so far. made a best friend and even though we just met last week it’s like we’ve known each other for years. loving all my classes for far (even though the design one’s are killing me with all the work) and the campus is really nice here. honestly thought that I would end up hating college and be very secluded like I was in high school, but it’s turned out to be very different with meeting more people and making friends and the fact that we’re living on campus affects that also because then you see the people more an get to know them. it’s been great and i can’t wait for the rest of it

me: *tells troy bolton fact*

friend: youve told me this before

me: thats impossible i have over seven troy bolton facts

‘No-one can know exactly why or how the young wolf and bear became friends. I think that perhaps they were both alone and they were young and a bit unsure of how to survive alone.’

'It seems to me that they feel safe being together, and so every evening met up for their dinner.’

'It’s very unusual to see a bear and a wolf getting on like this… It is nice to share rare events in the wild that you would never expect to see.’

'When I realised that no one had observed bears and wolves living near each other and becoming friends in Europe, I concentrated more and more on getting pictures to show what can happen in nature. Then I came across these two and knew that it made the perfect story.


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Heard that in Denmark it's normal to drink at age 16???? what

ya that’s when we start in the danish version of high school, and it’s pretty much the norm. actually, for most people, it starts around 14 yrs. fun story: 

through literally all foreign exchange student programs it’s the norm to have these three Top Rules:

  • No Driving
  • No Drugs
  • No Drinking

however there is one exception: if the exchange student is going to denmark. the two first rules still holds up, but the drinking rule is cancelled out. this is because it’s so much a part of our youth culture that to actually fully intergrate you need to be allowed to do it. alcohol is even sold at school parties, by students or teachers. of course noone is forced to drink, and people uncomfortable with drinking are taught some tips by the programs on how to avoid drinking at parties without being shut out socially, before going to denmark. (fill a beer cottle with water, drink only one can of cider the entire night, etc.)