MBTI types: Why they refuse to sleep
  • ENFP:got food to eat before they expire in four hours
  • INFP:got a TV show to binge watch before the next season comes up
  • ENFJ:busy inspiring people through famous quotes
  • INFJ:busy compiling inspiring quotes from famous people
  • ENTJ:obsessed with planning an event
  • ENTP:obsessed with a video game
  • INTJ:had random thoughts about a book series they finished
  • INTP:had a random dream about a movie series they finished
  • ESTJ:finalizing a project due in three years
  • ISTJ:finishing assignments due in three months
  • ESFJ:catching up with new friends
  • ISFJ:catching up with old friends
  • ESFP:attending all exclusive parties in their area
  • ESTP:attending all parties in their area
  • ISFP:working on paintings for a festival
  • ISTP:working on a busted car engine

thewhitepearlreaper asked:

I feel like Ame was more Mom-ish in this episode, it reminded me of the whole "Now honey why don't you go play while my friend and I catch up." On a more serious note though, I'm glad she has someone to talk to though, she definitely needs it.

she was! And when Vidalia said they’d both been busy and Amethyst said “Yea, I get it, kids” and put her arm around Steven. imo, all the Gems are more like Steven’s older siblings than his moms (its just the vibe I get, especially since the show was created by Rebecca about her little brother) but this was definitely one of the more mom-like behaviors she’s had. Just, like, ‘older sister acting like your mom’ sort of thing

and I agree! I loved seeing her be able to catch up with an old friend and have someone to confide in and vent to who is a third party. It doesn’t seem like she’s had the benefit of that in a very long time.

Shuffle Tag

tagged by kunpimuak nichkhunswife 5idam hello friends! and yay thanks i love tags!

gonna combine three tags into one cuz I’m lazy lmfao

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music, write down the first ten songs, type your favorite lyrics for each song, answer these questions, and then tag 10 people.

1. Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: JYP Nation (2AM & 2PM) - No Goodbyes (WHY IS THIS SO APPROPRIATE T-T)

Just like when we were happy yesterday
I hear your voice again
Will it be hard to get close to you now?

2. Second song will describe your love life: 15& - Shy Ma Boy (these songs on point haha)

I wanna be your babe, say something
So frustrating, I’m going crazy
Don’t lose me, boy

3. Third song will be played at your wedding: 15& - Rain & Cry (this is kinda depressing lol)

The song is playing, rain is falling
and I’m drunk with thoughts of you
I cover my ears but I hear your voice (my tears took over me)

4. Add “in my pants” to the fourth song: SNSD - I GOT A BOY…. in my pants (oh nooooo lmao)

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him

5. Fifth song will be played at your funeral: INFINITE H - Pretty (aw i kinda like if this would play at my funeral LOL )

Like birds of a feather flock together, you’re on my side….
..Even if there’s nothing, I’ll swim over to you
Our destiny will keep going

6. Sixth song is your theme song: Big Bang - Loser (OMG SAD LIFE CUZ ITS TRUE)

It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love
I can’t listen to hopeful love songs anymore

7. Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: Kim Soo Hyun - Dreaming (Dream High OST)

Even today step by stepI step forward carefully
My heart is full of fears
but it’s an excitement I’m embracing

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song EXO - Call Me Baby with a shovel and a screwdriver LMAOOOOO

There are many who shine but look at what’s real among them

9. Ninth song will describe your week: miss A - Breathe

Boy, when you watch me, my heart skips a heartbeat
When you leave me, pain just comes up against me

10. Tenth song will play when you miss someone: GOT7 - I Like You (AWS)

You’re not flashy but you softly glow
Like the moon in the night sky
Like the flowers in the field
You seem plain but you’re special
Like a gem that can be seen to people who know

~whew~ that was a lot but it was fun haha obvi I’m a big jyp nation fan heu heu~ but i have more kpop songs just not as much as jyp LOL

t a g g i n g sgahit jaebeom-s yougotmeyugyeomie vip-ahgase nichkhunswife ibipo kimnamjoontrash ohmarkiepooh sowrongitsmari igot7-love

have fun guys!

#ALittleScruffNeverHurtNobody… A gloomy Saturday in NYC today which means a perfect day for studio catch up. So happy to have a stunning old friend (@collinbaja ) by to catch up and snap a couple of #TangibleByJeremyKost snaps for you! So happy to see him doing so well!

As part of Tangible, his image can be yours. 1x available for purchase for $100 shipped. He gets one when this one sells and I keep one for the archives… Three in existence and only one available for sale!

going on a 6 hour car ride (ALONE) tomorrow (WILL BE BORED OUT OF MY MIND) 😷 I’ll be going through all the messages I missed from my two week trip + this past week and chatting with u cuties for hours (stay tuned!!) I’ll also update you about my trip and all the stuff that’s been going inside my head the past couple of weeks

I ran into my childhood neighbor at a party and he told me about how in 9th grade he recorded a song to profess his love to me and changed the lyrics to have my name and was gonna literally boom box it outside my apartment holy shit

I really want to combine the Monster Falls AU with the pirate AU

In which Stanford discovers that the way to turn everyone back is hidden in a treasure chest on a deserted island or something

Stanley gets what he always wanted (to sail around the world with his brother) and he’s happy

Dipper is still a cervitaur, but with a cute pirate outfit and he gets to hang out on long journeys at sea with the author of the journals how cool is that?!

Mabel sticks as close to the ship as she can and stay safe and looks out for anything they can’t see in the sea (and maybe meet Mermando again? She wouldn’t date him, but they can still be friends and catch up. I’d like to see Mabel with guy friends that she doesn’t plan on dating.)

Bill is a siren, of course, and knows about the way to set everything back to normal but oh my god he can actually touch things in the real world now! Not only that, but he can wreak havoc on innocent people with just his voice! Why would he want this to end? So that’s a problem for our sailors

Ah, you know? If I had the time, energy, and attention span all at once, I could probably whip up a fanfiction on this.

illpickadecentnamelater asked:

So I don't know what your thoughts are on this - Bhunivelze grabbed Hope by using the Rose Phantom, right? And didn't he do that by slowly driving him (everyone on the ark) into insanity with her? Something I see a lot in new world fics is a mention of Hope's trauma from Bhuni's torture, or that he doesn't remember enough coherently to be traumatized by it, but never a mention of him trying to put the pieces back together of a mind/spirit broken by the image of someone he trusted. Prompt?


Because he can’t bring himself to face them, especially Lightning. Because he knows he’ll smile at them and then say that he’s so glad to see everyone alive and together again, that he’s happy to be back with everyone– 

And then realise how good of a liar he’s become.

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What was supposed to be a 1 hour napped turned out to be 4 hours. I even checked my phone, and i must have woken up, turned of my alarm, and went back to sleep. oops.


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There's so so much happening at VidCon... Something with Carter Reynlds, some stuff with tronnr, British YouTubers aren't there, something with ph-an being compared to Colleen and Joshua... Too too much

I know i know its so crazy. I can barely keep up with the tronnor stuff and then hannah and ingrid and dan and phil its insane. I don’t even have wifi right now and im busy with friends. Catching up tomorrow is going to be hell. But ahh its been so fun!!!

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You watch ONCE UPON A TIME!? ;-;

GURL YASS, but I only watch it when I’m at my friends house X’D. My friends help me catch up with any new episodes, and I’m going to there house today so I’m gonna watch the rest of ouat (uwu)

A Note on Just Friends

I posted four chapters this weekend. You can find chapter 19 here and here and get yourself caught up. Some BIG things happened in these last couple chapters, so I want you to make sure you don’t miss anything.

(Also, if you’re interested, I am conducting a giveaway for my lovely followers. Ends next Saturday.)

Happy reading!