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when you get dragged to a different country in the middle of the school year and now you have to study in that different country (im p chill about it but this blog is the best Peri blog ever and i want to see the little nerd react)

Well it sure is going to be fun to play catch up when I get back.

Catching up on some old requests/gifts/things that I owe people.

I’m pretty sure this one is for @otpblackholemagnetar, from, like, over a year ago. The request was for “Cherik, tipsy Charles explaining genetics to students, Erik being fond and amused.” I know nothing at ALL about science, so those bits turned into mostly metaphor, but here you go.


“DNA,” Charles said very earnestly, “is like…you know, it’s like a…it has rungs…”

“Ladder,” Erik said, gently looping an arm around him, guiding him away from the petrified graduate student. He sent the boy a you will not speak of this look, though the precaution seemed to be unnecessary; the students all adored their favorite professor, and found Charles to be precious and brilliant in any case. This student’d mostly looked petrified in the sense of not knowing what to do with a tipsy Doctor Xavier at a faculty function; Erik, having known Charles for a very long time, was more amused than anything else.

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Spent the morning catching up with some old friends. We meet up every three months or so (life having scattered us to the winds) and tend to gravitate to cafe Boscanova in Boscombe and, tumblr friends, I have to recommend this place; great food and even better coffee. An independent doing well is always something to support. 

Order a black-eye coffee. 

Trust me on this.

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According to the Seacrest interview Gwen did in 2014, she and Blake met during a photoshoot for The Voice's 7th season. She basically said he was the greatest guy ever upon meeting him. Playing coy was neither Blake or Gwen's strong suit during that season. LMAO It's so adorable how they hit it off as fast as they did.

I think this is the cutest thing!! This interview with Carson (on his radio show) from October 2014 is adorable, she’s raving about all the guys and someone on Twitter pointed out it seriously sounds like she is about to says she has a huge crush on him, but she stops herself halfway through the sentence. Blake:

Like obviously it was totally innocent, but they were so open with their love for each other. I bet one said they loved the other on camera at least 10 times before anything romantic ever happened. And just in general the way they talk about each other in old interviews is so adorable i die. 

when you’re not on tumblr for one day it’s kind of the same feeling as when you’re sick and miss one day of school and feel really disoriented when you get back

just fyi i promise im fine and didn’t go awol- im getting bad headaches from my glasses and contacts so im trying to be good to my eyes until I can get an exam done and new prescriptions (which will happen whenever I eventually get my tax return back) <3

I was watching RWBY2 with my friend y’know, catching her up since she hasn’t seen it

and we got to the dance arc and she learned that Weiss didn’t go with Neptune or Jaune and her first reaction was to go “Oh so she went with Yang?”

Like, I wish buddy, that would have been like, 100x sweeter. And now I am sitting here upset at what I didn’t even know I wanted

haikyuu!!, kenhina // a reunion, two summers later

“Hey, go on without me,” Shouyou says, and Kenma, hearing him say it, doesn’t quite know what to expect; is wholly unsurprised nonetheless when he sees him bounding back across the carpark.

“But Hinata-senpai, the bus - ”

“I have a friend to catch up with! I’ll find my way back later!”

Kenma hides his smile behind a slight turn of his head, seeking the sunlight.

That first-year needn’t worry about Shouyou, he thinks, for even if he misses the last train back to Miyagi he’ll just run along the highway, all night, till he gets there in the morning, and it’s really humanly impossible, but because it’s Shouyou, he’ll make it happen anyway.

And when Shouyou calls his name, he’s breathless -

Kenma! Found you!”

“You saw my text,” says Kenma, raising a hand in greeting.

Shouyou’s words seem to come tripping out of his mouth before his feet skid to a halt. He’s a blur of motion, as elusive as he’s present, a persistent bundle of contradictions. Smaller than Kenma, too big for him to hold on to.

“Of course I did!” Shouyou exclaims, his grin brighter, louder than his protestations. “I looked at my phone right away after the match! I was going to text you the score!”

“I thought you might be busy…”

“Were you watching, Kenma? Did you see when I did that pwaaahhh thing?”

“Yes,” says Kenma. “I did. It was really amazing, Shouyou.”

Shouyou beams with pride.

Deja vu, thinks Kenma. They don’t meet by chance anymore, but it still feels like a collision every time.

Summer in the city is warm. Kenma’s used to it, bugs and sweat and all; he’s learned how the heat feels radiating off the asphalt and concrete, grown accustomed to the late afternoon sun on his cheek as he walks along the pavement, and most of all he’s done his time in carparks, waving hello, goodbye.

This is where all his roads lead, down the miles and a mobile phone line -

To a kind of light he can’t find anywhere else.

It never stays for long, and sometimes Kenma thinks it’d blind him if he looked right into the heart of it, but even from afar it reaches for him with an open palm, and right here, close up -

“I miss you, though,” says Shouyou, voice softening just a touch.

- the immediacy of it leaves Kenma speechless.

Oh, he thinks, and it’s all he can do to hold Shouyou’s gaze.

“I mean,” says Shouyou, flailing vaguely, “Nekoma’s not the same without you! But Lev has improved, like, a lot - ”

“He was so crappy to start with,” Kenma mutters, and Shouyou laughs.

I miss you too.

“Hey, Kenma… thanks for waiting for me.”

Kenma nods, lets his gaze flicker skywards, for a moment.

“It won’t get dark for a while,” he says. “Want to come see my university?”

Shouyou’s eyes go wide.

“I’d love to,” he breathes, vibrating with excitement, and Kenma smiles.

Muto Tomu G+ 2016-02-11


Good evening 〜☆

Tonight I had dinner with my cousin and a friend from elementary school (^^)

It turns out my cousin’s college friend was my good friend in elementary!!!

That friend had to change schools, so we hadn’t seen each other again until today, ten years later \(^o^)/

After going so long without seeing each other, we had a lot to talk about, like what we’re up to now and reminiscing about old days (≧ω≦)♪

What a coincidence ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧

久々に会ってお互い大人になったけど変わってないところもあって、なんだか嬉しくなりました(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♡
Since we saw each other last we’ve both become adults, but in many ways we also haven’t changed. Somehow it made me glad (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♡

Although today was a holiday, were you able to relax(^^)??

I was tagged by @lavellaning and @ikyfv to do this 5 million years ago and unfortunately I’m only getting around to this just now. ; u;

1. Favorite romanceable character? sweet jesus idk probably at the moment that’s Fenris– but I haven’t been able to play through all romances yet to give you a fair answer but here we are.

2. Non-romanceable character you wish you could romance and why? KREM. A THOUSAND TIMES KREM. I feel like really there is no explanation needed bro.

3.  What one character was not in DAI that you wish was from any of the previous games and why? Ditto with everyone saying Zevran. And Sebastian, if he counts because lol that cameo in DAI was not satisfying at all. 

4.  What one character would you like to be friends with in real life and why?  Rowan because she deserved better, tbh. Alistair too, because he just seems like he’d give really good hugs.

5.  Do you have any favorite fanfic writers or artists? Gosh I’m terrible and haven’t read any fic for the past month and can’t recall  the authors of the ones I was utterly addicted to in Dec/Nov. (But you guys should totally give me recs Im all about recs) I’m terrible but I’ll take the time to look them up and put them on my rec’s page once I have the time. But my mutuals all count for favorite writers and artists!!

6. Who is your least favorite character in Dragon Age (does not have to be a companion) and why? Sweet Andraste that dude in DA2 who kidnaps elven children and kills them (he kills them, right? its been a while and my memory is fuzzy) for being tOO PRETTY??? Gosh he was so creepy I was noPING to hard at the quest how awful.

7. Did you make Alistair King or keep him as a Warden or did he run off to become a drunk?  Why? I made him king in my first playthrough because I played as Lady Cousland and wanted to do the cheesy marriage endgame. My second, he’s kept as a warden. I’m sure at some point he’ll end up as a drunk because I like playing through all the options. welp.

8. If you create fanfiction - who is your favorite character to write? If you don’t, then who is your favorite to read? I don’t think I’ve branched too much in my writing so far as canon characters are concerned but get back to me in a few months when I hopefully have my butt in gear and have posted a few chapters of my fics and I’ll have a more concrete answer for you. 

9. What is your hope for DA4? A soundtrack that matches the quality of DAI because that was seriously one of the highlights for me and the moment I heard it I knew I’d be a slave to this series. I really hope we get to see more countries, but I feel like that’s unlikely aside from Tevinter, but I’m reeeeaaally hoping we at least get more lore about Antiva and Rivain. And the return of the DA2 crew, yes pls. 

10. Name a character for each : Fuck/Marry/Kill

ahahaha;;;; uh???? fuck Zevran, marry Hawke, kill Danarius. 

11.  Share your favorite DA picture or fan art? ahdufaj;sdf THATS TOO HARD JESUS??? But this piece is apparently the first under my ‘fav’ tag which i try to use sparingly. 

It’s the weekend & we have so many catch ups lined up lunching & dinning with family & friends we haven’t seen in a while , but first breakfast 💕 so dark & gloomy here in Melbs this morning I needed some brightening up 💖 Pink shades of goodness!! Banana, dragonfruit smoothie with srawbs,grapes & kiwi💖💖💖 recipe in comments. Enjoy your weekend my gorgeous IG friends 💖💖#breakfastideas #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastofchampions #smoothie #smoothiebowl #smoothiebowls #smoothierecipe #smoothieoftheday #summervibes #melbournefood #protiensmoothie #vitamix #fitfam #beautifulcuisines #foodart #eeeeeats #feedfeed #veganfoodshare #vegan #whatveganseat #plantbased #rawfoodshare #glowlean #inseason #eattherainbow #dragonfruit #gloobyfood #glutenfree #dessert #801010 by theradiantkitchen