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Your Dragon Ball Z Best Friend~


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  • Marron: Mmmhh, this cake is amazing!
  • Videl: Oh my Kami, get a room.
  • Marron: I would get a room with this cake. I think I could show this cake a good time.
  • Erasa: If you had to, what would you give up? Food or sex?
  • Marron [instantly]: Sex!
  • Trunks: Seriously, answer faster!
  • Marron: Oh, I’m sorry honey, when she said sex I wasn’t thinking about sex with you…
  • Trunks [to the others]: It’s like a giant hug!
  • Erasa: Gohan, how about you? Which would you give up? Sex or Food?
  • Gohan [with conviction]: Food!
  • Erasa: Okay how about… Sex or Books?
  • Gohan: ...
  • Gohan:’s like Sophie’s Choice.
  • Videl: What about you, Sharp? What would you give up? Sex or Food?
  • Sharpner [contemplating]: Uh… Um… I dunno, too hard.
  • Videl: No, you gotta pick one.
  • Sharpner: Uh… Food. ...No, Sex. ...Food! Sex! Food! Se- I dunno! I want both! I want- I want girls on bread!
  • Trunks and Gohan: *nod in agreement*

just found this pic of me with this huge awesome-looking tree. it’s when I was an undergraduate. I was on my erasmus programme and travelling on a ten day trip. this was in Bruges, a very sweet little place. the weather was freezing cold though 🙊❄️🌿

Dragon ball Spin off I would like to see

So hear me out:

Goten and Trunks in highschool. I would love to see them get into hilarious situations, Mai being there to keep an eye on the two of them, bulma doesn’t want any random ( hero bs), embarrassment, or any (gold digging) girls that are not good for her son. Trunks and Goten keeping their powers on the down low. Aliens and monsters attacking the city. Gohan being a teacher at the school.

Goten is the lovable kind teen that everyone is friends with. Still considers Trunks his best friend, and won’t go anywhere without him. Goten also is a bit naive and has even less understanding of Girls then his older brother. But thankfully Gohan is teaching there and is happy to give advice.

Trunks: The same confident teen, who is a bit spoiled. Most people think he is a douche cause he is so rich, but he doesn’t really care that much. He has Goten and Mai to keep him company. But he does envy Goten a bit.

Mai: Keeping a close eye on trunks because of Bulma’s request. She is loyal to Bulma, and with Pilaf and Shu, she has her eyes and her ears on anything that is going on and will protect the young master however she can.

More Marron!
[Smol (and buff!) pugilist Marron with her dad’s compassion and her mom’s pragmatism but none of the gravitas. Best friends with Trunks and Goten and has bones as hardened as Krillin’s for roughhousing with Saiyans as a kid. Currently trying to knock her dad off the ‘strongest human alive’ tier. Then she’s gunning for the aliens. -stares at ‘Ma’ symbol-]