friends with weed are friends indeed

The bong hit me back 🤛🏼🔥☠️

Avenge me? (Or just get stoney 🌬)
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A friend with weed is a friend indeed 
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It’s going to be a day of seshing/swimming at the lake for me 🌞
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where the hell are his parents?

lol well, they’re in the house but not anywhere nearby. Most of the house is soundproof* and the garage most definitely is (what with the cars, machines, sculpting station’s saw…it gets noisy) so, it’s not like they’d hear what’s going on. Considering the time of day (night) they were probably in their room, showering, working, or something….essentially on the other side of the house. They have no reason to suspect this is going on aside from Ibis’ past behavior.

*= some exceptions apply like names being shouted…

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Placebo ��


Sick day dabs
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anonymous asked:

Do you think Eric and Dylan would do drugs? Which ones? Id love to see them on drugs hahahahahaha

“Yes they did, and some friends and a coworker said they believed they did harder drugs too (but there’s no proof they actually did.) As for weed, there is proof. Witnesses say that they saw and/or joined them smoking weed in the smoker’s pit at school. On Eric’s survey, he said that his favorite thing to do on the weekend was “get stoned.” And, friends of theirs such as Chris Morris and Cory Friesen, said that they did indeed smoke weed.”

Apparently, Eric took cough Syup (?) :

Discussing his drugs of choice, Eric Harris, on his Trenchcoat Mafia web site, stated the following: “My recent OTC [over-the-counter] of choice is cough syrup. I recommend it highly. It’s the best thing after a hard day of being called ‘ gay’ by a schoolyard full of fashionable jocks and cheerleaders.” -Comprehending columbine

Dylan was into drinking ; He got drunk sometimes as a way to suppress his shyness and depression :)

But I don’t think they would do stronger drugs such as cocaine, etc.