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Pidge's mom already thinks shes dead, assuming the earth kids have been declared dead since they went missing like Shiro was

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Something that deeply hurts my heart is thinking about Colleen Holt. She lost her husband and son in space. Then her daughter disappears without any forewarning and there’s no way to track her down. Colleen is left alone, completely alone, in a house meant for a family. She loses her entire family in less than a year.

I suspect that Pidge, Lance, and Hunk aren’t declared dead. Teenagers disappearing isn’t the same status as a spaceship disaster on the far side of the solar system. Something bad happens in space, and you’re dead. There’s no question about it. Colleen received the news and bam, she knew why her husband and son were dead, and that was the horrifying fact of the matter punching into her gut. 

But there are many reasons why teens might disappear that involve them still being alive. Katie could have run away from home. Colleen would be terrified, but it’s a very different sort of news.

Furthermore, this time, Colleen wouldn’t have received the news from anyone. The Garrison wouldn’t contact her about Pidge Gunderson’s disappearance alongside two other teenagers… because Pidge was under an alias unrelated to the Holts!

Of course, even if Colleen received news from the Garrison, the Garrison wouldn’t call Pidge dead. Sure, the Garrison did have alarms ring off because of the approach of an alien vessel, but the only thing that happened was one ship crashed - which they quickly contained - and another teenager set off a few explosions that didn’t harm anyone. 

Pidge, Lance, and Hunk would have been filed as “missing.” And there would be searches for them, and police reports. Colleen would have her own separate police report looking for Katie Holt - a different file than for Pidge Gunderson.

It would be scary and terrifying in a slightly different way for Mrs. Holt. Colleen would of course be terrified that something terrible happened to her daughter when Pidge goes missing. But there would still be a chance Katie is alive - different than when the news outright announced Takashi Shirogane, Matthew Holt, and Samuel Holt died near Kerberos. At first there would be hope - maybe Katie just skipped a few days of class. Maybe Katie ran away? That concept still hurts, but it’s better than the alternatives… kidnapping, assault, who knows what else.

But as more and more time goes on, there would be less sense of hope. It’s the sad thing about missing child reports… the longer the child is missing, the more likely something very bad happened to them, and if they do get found, they’re dead.

Colleen would suffer from knowing Matt and Sam are dead, knowing how they died, knowing they’re definitely dead. That is something that requires its own long-lasting mourning and coping. With Katie gone for months and months and months… it’s a different type of long-lasting pain. That fear of what happened would just continue gnawing. It is so SCARY when you DO NOT KNOW what happened!

There would be so much pain at the unknown… no confirmation that her daughter is alive or dead… no idea what horrific situation befell her daughter… endless ideas popping into her head about what could have happened, each worse than the last… some days a trickle of hope that Katie still could be found… hope that she would hear news… fear that she would hear news… 

The not knowing is a horrifying thing, too.

In the end it would be assumed that, even though no one found the three missing teenagers in the Garrison, and no one found Katie Holt either, they couldn’t be alive anymore. Or it would be unlikely they would be alive anymore. Colleen wouldn’t need an official declaration of death for her daughter to know that, in such a situation as this, Katie is most likely dead.

And yet always in the back in her head would be a nagging… What happened?

I cannot imagine living in the house alone with all the ghosts of your past happy life… Katie and Matt’s bedrooms still bedecked in books… Sam’s office its typical clutter… a table meant for four… family pictures in the living room… no one to sleep with at night… a house far, far, far too large for her… and far, far, far too quiet…

It would be agony.