friends who maybe aren't the best friends

Signs when liking people:
  • aries: is a really cute pixie who loves their partner a lot
  • taurus: loves someone who treats them like crap until one day
  • gemini: has double the amount of fun stuff down there
  • cancer: hates everyone but really loves most of them
  • leo: ships all their friends and secretly loves one of them
  • virgo: falls for flowery sciencey talk from cute girls but also tries to get in between enemies
  • libra: likes to smell them (and maybe taste them)
  • scorpio: terrorises little nubs who don't deserve it but also loves the occasional badass lass
  • sagittarius: falls for people "beneath" them that aren't really beneath them
  • capricorn: goes completely insane but not in regards to liking anyone
  • aquarius: falls for their best friend who doesn't like them back and after their friendship falls apart they go completely insane
  • pisces: strong independent fish lady who could start something with someone who doesn't emotionally drain them

anonymous asked:

I've gone by name my entire life, but the thing is, because it's foreign, people laugh at me for it. I really wanted to start going by a nickname but it wouldn't make sense for people to change what they have always called me. I'm not really looking for advice but I'm curious, is your real name Ally? Or is it a nickname?

oh ally is actually a name i gave myself because my malay teachers and friends found it hard to say my chinese name (which is the name in my passport and official stuff)! to hell with people who laugh at your foreign name i’m sure it’s beautiful and i would try my best to pronounce it right and do it justice if i were your friend.