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Different anon but! Who cosplays Dario? That would be so cool to see!

Aaa! You can check out one of the amazing cosplayers HERE! They did an amazing squid/Splatoon Dario! <3 (and a tiny lil Garrett)

Some embarrassing AUs to think about:
‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

‘I thought I was alone in the apartment block laundry room but you were taking a nap in the back corner and woke up to me dancing and singing Britney Spears with a towel around my neck like a cape’ AU

‘You wandered into the 24hr Tescos/Walmart etc. I work at drunk at 2am and now you’re crying over a lettuce and comparing it to your ex and I have to ask, are you okay?’ AU

‘I bet my coworker that i could fit a whole iced bun in my mouth and you walked in to buy a cake just as i choked and coughed it everywhere’ AU

‘I saw you at a con but mistook you for my friend from behind who was cosplaying the other half of our OTP so i kissed you from behind and OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY’ AU

‘I’ve just finished watching Marley and Me in the cinema and snot is dripping down my face because “THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT’ and you’re the person who was sitting next to me the entire time and can’t get out of their seat until i move’ AU

I had a claw-some Caturday at Megacon!! I was a lone Chat Noir with my buddy Finn the Human…looking for adventures and a Ladybug! I finally found my lady but…where is she now? Can anyone help meowt in identifying my purr-ecious lady, sweet enough to go along with this smitten kitten’s shenanigans? 


I made it back alive, but after a migraine saturday afternoon I didn’t have as much time in the costume as I’d hoped. I’ll just have to make up for it with more cons in this monstrosity.


Okay, so thanks to @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, I had this moment a few months ago where I was scrolling through my dash, found a really pretty picture, and had this exact train of thought:
“oh, wow, these look really nice, and look, is that a furisode? and it’s sparkly and oooh, fairy lights could work really well with that cape… OH NO YOU DON’T, you have at least 10 projects on your list and you haven’t started any of them!“

So of course I went and asked beanpots a ton of questions then went on fabric-hunting and a month ago, I started putting the project together.
Yesterday night, I hemmed both layers of the skirt (I finished by 01:45, it was totally worth it!), and this morning, I finished the collar of the juban - now everything except the cape is done! (At least sewing-wise, I’m still waiting for “some” beads and the fairly lights to arrive.)

It takes 30 minutes to put this thing on alone - and I can’t even do it correctly, because I can’t fold the sides up neatly. Luckly, I have a friend who agreed to cosplay Day!Viktor with me and help me dressing up. Otherwise, I have to do this thing with the sleeves that Chihiro does, because they are in the way:


I’ll be at Animecon 2017 in Kuopio, Finland

Cosplay: Young Uta from Tokyo Ghoul


So, my awesome friend Spacefille and I finally did our Ancestor GHB/Summoner photo shoot. We had our lovely friends who took took our pictures.

The pictures will be posted in three posts~


GHB Pics

Summoner Pics


Photographer Friend

Photographer Friend


Grand Highblood


Fuck I’m so excited!!! It’ll drape better when I add in the lining and it’s all just pinned bc I can’t sew it until I get more fabric and I still need to make the sleeves but fuck!!!
I made all of this in less than a week and the sword isn’t that great but it’s my first attempt ever at one and IT’LL DO
I’m so excited to wear this with my princess at Momocon aaaaah

Throwing in a few non-book cosplays to break up the content a bit.  

Sun and Neptune are one of our favorite costumes to wear and it is so much more fun now that people actually recognize them.

edit:  Just remembered its National Best Friends day!  This picture seems super appropriate.

My health prevented me from going to Boston Comic Con to meet Matt.
I bought a photo op with the hope that I’d go, but not meant to happen.
So my friends went with “me” in my place.
Matt wanted to hold “me” and actually said he had to do a double take.
Best compliment a cosplayer can get.
I’m so thrilled and happy I have friends like this.


Hey, everyone! So I realized a long time ago that I’m REALLY BAD at updating my cosplay blog, but to be fair, I’ve been super busy and Uni life has been pretty hectic. But I found some down time now that Summer Vacation is upon us, so here are some photos from this past ALA with me and the Eveelution group I was a part of with some of my best friends. <3

Glaceon is by me

Leafeon is @doc-hatchet

Flareon is @wulphi

Vaporeon is @meahowcosplay

and Jolteon is @yinyangdreamer

If I could read the font, I would credit the photographer.