friends who buy you food are

things the zodiac signs do when you're friends with them

Aries: the friend who chews like a dinosaur in jurassic park and talks themselves into a rage once you’ve mentioned something they know a lot about, unintentionally addresses you with wrong names several times a day

Taurus: always buys gifts for you and lends you books and cds and gives you their food without you even asking for it, it’s a bit awkward but endearing

Gemini: accidentally drunk calls you instead of their mom, cries over dog pictures at 2 AM at sleepovers and makes you wonder why you even invited them

Cancer: sends you a ton of snaps of their cat and artsy photos of the water when they’re in the bathtub

Leo: drinks so hasty the drink dribbles down their chin, burps really loud and doesn’t even care you’re staring at them

Virgo: buys truck loads of washi tape (the expensive one) and cardboard with pretty patterns to make birthday and Christmas cards, gives the ugly and screwed up ones to you

Libra: puts their hand on your arm and hits you with their legs under the table when they want your attention, won’t stop until you tell them to

Scorpio: looks like they listen to you but doesn’t, stares at you for an eternity and then says something really weird like “ Did your teeth grow? they look bigger than they were yesterday. ”

Sagittarius: that one who’s so full of energy and in such a good mood everyday it makes you feel like a lifeless sack of meat next to them, the child your parents always wished they had

Capricorn: stays calm in almost every situation, a soft smile resting on their lips, a dreamy sparkle in their eyes when they look at you. it seems like there is nothing that can upset them. but when they get angry with you, oh boy. OH BOY better run

Aquarius: wears clothes no one else would buy and looks gorgeous, will support you in everything in everything you do even if you go through a super edgy emo scene hardcore neon anime xD sOrANdom phase they’ll give you a thumbs up and say “You do you, buddy.”

Pisces: squeals and laughs and talks and argues way too loud in public and doesn’t even care when you tell them to be a bit more quiet they’ll get even louder just because they can and they enjoy embarrassing you

Even and Magnus as best friends:

• Even sings pop songs at the top of his lungs while Magnus dances (ridiculously) along to it.
• Magnus randomly throwing himself at Even expecting the other to catch him because ‘trust fall’
• Magnus walking into the common area and seeing Even talking to his mom and knowing that his best friend just needs someone who understands so he creeps out to buy them all Thai food.
• Even and Magnus competing to see who tells the worst jokes.
• Even and Magnus coming up with the most elaborate (read ridiculous) handshake in the world
• Isak living in a permanent state of embarrassment because they’re both so EXTRA.
• Even cheering on Magnus as he and Vildes relationship progresses.
• Magnus showing Even memes from this century because ‘Ev what do you mean you haven’t watched parks and recreation.’
• Even has Magnus watch these really elaborate movies and when he ask about his thoughts. Magnus states how he liked the clothes, ’ MAGNUS this is a masterpiece and you’re going to tell me about the clothes?!’
• Magnus always asks really strange questions such as do birds have feelings. And while the rest of the boys roll their eyes and laugh, even then spends the next hour on google linking him articles.

AU prompts
  • “We both take the metro (or train/shuttle/bus) often and see each other there all the time, we keep staring at each other but have never actually talked, and it’s getting weird” au
  • “Whenever I get coffee at your Starbucks you spell my name wrong and it’s turned into a challenge to see how wrong you can get it” au
  • “Your mail keeps coming to my address which is really weird since they’re nothing alike, but it turns out our mutual friend who wants to set us up keeps switching the mail on purpose” au
  • “We’re watching my favourite movie in class and this asshole keeps talkin- woah hello, you’re really cute, what was I saying??” au
  • “Your cat and my dog are totally in love, and I think it’s so cute until I realise that it’s your pet, because we kind of hate each other” au
  • “Who the fuck keeps buying all of my favourite junk food from the local super market” au
  • “Cute and talkative taxi driver” au
  • “You’re always the most spirited person during Spirit Week and I really want to beat you this year” au
  • “Why is the love of my life wearing that ridiculous costume to school, it’s not even Halloween, what the actual fuck” au
  • “I always see you at my sporting events cheering really loudly and you don’t know this but the entire team loves you for it” au
  • “It’s exam seasons and I just found you trying to drown yourself in a bowl of ramen noodles” au
  • “We’re camp counsellors at a really cool camp, but the rivalry between our cabins is sort of famous, and now we might get fired because the manager caught us racing toddlers” au
  • “I’m a waiter/waitress and you always sit in my section. I really like you and i thought you liked me back until you walked in here with a date, w h o o p s would you look at that I keep spilling stuff on them” au
  • Another waiter/waitress one: “You always come to this place and never talk much, but now these two assholes are harassing me and you step in and defend me” au
  • “You’re really passionate about Harry Potter and I tell you I’ve never even watched the movies so now we’re going back to your house for a movie marathon and you’re on a rant and I don’t know what I said” au
hwayoung ; boys24

y'all are ugly as fuck if you say “hwayoung has the right to say those things + hes right + fans should be more aware of their breath”. uhmmmm no bitch lmao who the fuck does he actually think he is if he can say those type of words? these are the fans who put money in his pocket, put food on his table, buy their songs, damn i get its unpleasant to smell bad breath but doesn’t mean he has to be so damn rude talking shit with his friends about it . he sounded so ungrateful to all the fans who wait hours for the hi-touch with him. i don’t care what his deal is but to talk down on the people who make his “career” possible is just flat out wrong and if he doesn’t want to go through 700-800 people a day who actually support him then he can stop being an “idol” lmao. i hope he fucking chokes on his own words.

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85 solangelo



“It’s not what it looks like”

As soon as the door slammed behind them, Nico dragged Will to the bed and situated himself in his lap. “Thank god that damn party is over,” Nico said as he stroked Will’s hair. “Who even hosts a party but doesn’t buy any food?”

Will chuckled and kissed Nico’s cheek, “Leo Valdez, apparently.” He leaned forward and brushed Nico’s lips with his own.

“Kiss me like you mean it, Solace!” Nico exclaimed. He fisted his hands in Will’s shirt and drew him forward into a sloppy kiss. Will’s hands buried themselves in Nico’s dark locks while Nico smiled against his mouth.

“It’s good to be alone,” Will sighed as they pulled apart.

“Yes, finally,” Nico agreed. “I love our friends and all, but it’s nice to be able to have some time with you.”

“It would be easier if you just told them we’re dating, Nico. I’m not trying to pressure you, but they’re going to find out eventually, and it’s better sooner than later. What we have is beautiful and I hate hiding it,” Will said.

Nico shifted in Will’s lap,  “I know, but as soon as we tell them, they’re going to be all over us saying ‘I told you so’. I think I want to keep my pride for at least a few more months.”

“I don’t see why you care so much,” Will replied. He moved to intertwine his fingers with Nico’s, “You’re dating your childhood best friend, so what?”

Nico rolled his eyes, “They spent four years teasing me about how they were so sure I had a crush on you and planning every detail of our future relationship while I denied every word of it.”

“But you did have a crush on me, right?” Will asked with a hopeful smile.

Nico’s face reddened, “That’s beside the point.”

Will exhaled in defeat, “Okay, fine, we can keep it a secret. But promise me we’ll tell them soon?”

“Soon”, Nico replied.

Will grinned and pecked him on the lips before moving downward and trailing kisses across his exposed collarbone. Nico’s eyes fluttered closed. There was nothing he loved more than the sensation of Will’s lips on his skin. He caressed Will’s shoulders and neck as he moved on to his jaw and whispered adorations into his ear. Nico laid his head on Will’s shoulder, allowing himself to get lost in Will’s words.

The moment was broken when they heard the sound of the door opening, and light from the hallway spilled into the room. Will’s head shot up and he released Nico, who tumbled off of Will’s lap and onto the bed.

“Nico? Will?” said the voice of Jason Grace. Nico sat up and spotted Jason standing in the doorway, his eyes wide and his face the color of a ripe tomato.

“Jason! It’s not what it looks like!” Nico exclaimed.

Jason raised an eyebrow curiously, “Oh?”

“We uh-” Nico’s eyes flitted to Will. His hair and clothes were rumpled, and his lips were swollen. “Will accidentally tripped and fell on top of me.”

Jason’s surprised expression quickly morphed into a mirthful one, “So you two weren’t in the middle of an intense make-out session?” Both boys’ faces burned, which was all the proof Jason needed. “I knew it!” he cried.

Will stared at him in confusion, “What?”

“I knew you two were together!” Jason answered.

“What? How?” Nico demanded.

Jason doubled over laughing, “Are you kidding me? You two are always looking at each other with bedroom eyes.”

“Jason!” Nico shouted.

Jason straightened up and took a few deep breaths to compose himself. “Well, I’ll leave you two alone. Besides, I have to go tell Percy he owes me ten bucks,” he said.

“Good, hurry up and get lost, Grace,” Nico replied.

“By the way Nico,” Jason added as he was closing the door, “I told you so.”

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Simon wasn’t sure why the situation warranted getting flowers.

Sure, he knew that when people were in the hospital, you were supposed to bring flowers. But he thought that flower hospital visits should be reserved for people who were gravely ill or enduring an especially painful surgery.

Jace did not deserve lilies just because he was getting his tonsils removed. But Alec was covering food, Isabelle was covering movies and most other recovery entertainment, and Clary was covering general comfort with her healing presence. So Simon would feel a bit guilty if he didn’t arrive at the hospital with something for his ailing friend.

And what did you buy for sick people? He’d considered bagels, but that might be hard to swallow for someone who had just gotten their tonsils ripped out, literally. So he psyched himself up, felt a pang of regret for not taking Allegra, and entered Santiago’s Flowers with bravery.

It was a damn shame that Simon was allergic to flowers. They were beautiful, and he use to love going to the botanical garden when he was a kid and his reactions weren’t that horrible.

The small shop was literally overflowing with flora. Brightly painted pots held plump, bright plants that proudly bloomed in the sunlit space. Tangles of vines spilled from hanging pots, some leaves brushing against Simon’s hair as he navigated through.

He sneezed three times before he even got to the register. But hey, it was a pretty sight.

“Be with you in a second!” A voice called from a back room, where the sound of trickling water could be heard if Simon listened closely. There was a particular plant on the counter that had tiny white flowers blooming every few inches. Simon rubbed his finger carefully over a petal and was amazed that something so soft was so natural and real.

“It’s jasmine.” The voice said, closer this time. Simon looked up to see a man about his age, with tendrils of black hair that resembled the wild ivy above them. He had a light spattering of freckles over his nose and spilling onto his cheeks and a small smile on his face as he regarded the plant fondly, like it was an old friend. “It represents dulcis amore. Sweet love.”

His voice was like honey. The whole thing, with the flowers and the beautiful person and the bright colors was like a scene straight out of a movie. Simon could’ve used this opportunity to say something smooth in return, but instead he sneezed. Again.

“God bless you.” The man said, raising his eyebrows. He looked amused. “I’m so sorry.”

“Uh, about what?” Simon said, rifling through his bag to look for Kleenex.

“Allergies are the worst. I am blessed to not have them. I couldn’t imagine not being able to be around flowers.” The man said matter-of-factly. He looked genuinely sympathetic, which was endearing. His name, according to the teal tag that was attached to his apron, was Raphael.

“I can be around them, technically.” Simon said with a shrug. “It’s just a little, uh, inconvenient. It’s worth it, though.”

Raphael smiled, seemingly satisfied with this answer. “So what can I do for you?”

“I need flowers.” Simon blurted, and then laughed a little nervously. He wished he could blame acting like an idiot on the allergies, but that was all him. “I mean, obviously. Uh, I just need something pretty? Something that’s kinda calming to look at.”

“Color preference?” Raphael asked.

“Yellow.” Simon said firmly, knowing without a doubt that it was Jace’s favorite.

Without another word, Raphael walked away from the counter and entered the maze of the store. Simon waited, unsure if he was meant to follow or not. This guy was cute, honestly, and Simon knew that he probably looked a little gross right now, what with his running nose and red eyes. He didn’t want to worsen the situation.

The flower boy returned a few moments later, carrying a vase of bright yellow flowers that billowed from the glass and dangled elegantly from their stems, each one a little work of art.

“Yellow lilies.” Raphael told him. “Pretty and cheerful. Perfect for you.”

Simon didn’t know if he was going into anaphylactic shock, or if the cute guy was actually flirting with him.

“I’ll take them.” He managed to say. He was rung up quickly and he scrawled his signature on the receipt, which Raphael examined.

“Thank you for your business, Simon Lewis.” Raphael said with a calm smile. “Come back soon. Maybe with medication, if that helps?”

Simon replied with something completely unintelligible and stumbled out, clutching at the vase with an iron grip. He couldn’t get the image of freckles out of his head as he made his way to the hospital and up to Jace’s room, where his friends were all gathered around a sleepy and subdued Jace.

“Hey,” Simon greeted quietly, making sure not to jar his friend with too much volume. He set the flowers on the side table, adjusted so that Jace could see. “How’s he doing?”

The question was directed at the alert and conscious people in the room, but Jace answered it himself in his raspy, whining voice.

“He’s dying. He’s already dead, actually, he’s–are those flowers?” Jace’s unfocused eyes were fixated on the lilies and he reached out to touch them, his hand missing just slightly. Clary guided Jace’s hand upward so he could feel the petals and he looked back at Simon, tears welling in his eyes.

“You got me flowers.” Jace moaned, reaching forward to hug Simon weakly. “You’re so good.”

“Someone film this.” Simon instructed, and Alec responded by swiftly pulling out his phone.

“Already on it,” he said as he pointed the camera at his weepy, drugged brother who still had his arms loosely around Simon’s middle. “This is so much better than the video of Izzy after she got her wisdom teeth out.”

“They’re yellow lilies.” Simon told Jace as he worked to detangle his friend and set him back in bed. “The guy at the flower shop said they were good for cheering up. He also told me about jasmine, which represents love, but I passed on that because you haven’t taken me out to dinner in months.”

Jace didn’t seem to register the joke. In fact, he seemed almost asleep suddenly. Simon turned to his friends, who were all making faces at each other.

“What?” Simon demanded.

“When I go to buy flowers,” Isabelle said carefully, “the cashiers don’t usually explain to me which flowers represent love unless they give me their number afterwards.”

“Is he cute?” Alec asked, while Clary simultaneously demanded to know his name.

“Woah,” Simon put his hands up in defense. “I talked to him for what, five minutes? I feel like you guys are more desperate to hook me up than I am. Which, really guys, is sad.”

“You spent five whole minutes in a flower shop?” Clary said with an emphasized gasp. “You made me move my flowers to the balcony but you can stand around in a shop with some guy just because he’s cute? Wow, Simon.”

“That’s not at all the same!” Simon exclaimed, honestly lost. “Five minutes is how long it takes to buy the flowers. And I did it for our poor, tonsil-less friend. Not some guy.”

“Okay, okay.” Isabelle hushed Clary before she could retaliate. “Si, if you like him, you should go back.”

“I don’t even know him.” Simon insisted. “And besides, I’m terribly, horribly allergic unless you’ve forgotten. I’d rather not step back inside a pollen bomb just for some guy and his freckles.”

“Freckles.” Isabelle sighed dreamily. “I love freckles.”

Simon loved freckles too, actually, he always had. The image of them floated through Simon’s mind for days, accompanied by the sweet scent of flowers that he swore was following him like a ghost.

Three days later, he popped an Allegra and went back.

“You look better.” Raphael said in lieu of greeting when he saw Simon walk inside. He had been kneeling down to water a small potted succulent and he stood gracefully, his pink tin watering can bumping against his leg.

“I came prepared this time.” Simon said with a triumphant grin. “Because, uh, my friend really loved the flowers. So I figured, hey, might as well get some more.”

“But you’re allergic.” Raphael pointed out, his head tilted like a confused puppy.

“Yeah, um, they aren’t for me. It’s almost my friend’s birthday. So I thought I would stick with the same idea, because it worked really well on the last guy.” Which was a blatant lie, admittedly, because the next birthday coming up was his own and that was in over a month. But still. He couldn’t get the image of Raphael and his flowers out of his mind.

“Well,” Raphael looked thoughtful, “I’m assuming you want another recommendation?”

“Yeah! And he really liked when I told him what the flowers represented, so maybe you could just tell me about some of them?”

Raphael only cracked a tiny smile, but the sudden sparkle in his dark eyes meant that he was truly excited about this. His passion showed as he explained different Latin translations and growing habits of each species of plant. He gestured with his hands, which Simon couldn’t help but stare at as they glided through the sweet air between them, sometimes brushing against the obtrusive tangles of leaves and vines.

Simon spent nearly an hour there, listening and nodding along and staring until finally, unfortunately, he sneezed.

“Oh,” Raphael abruptly stopped his background on sage, “Bless you. Too much, huh?”

Feeling like Cinderella at the ball, Simon begrudgingly realized that his time was up. He followed Raphael to the register and paid for his violets, which were so beautiful that Simon felt the urge to take pictures.

“I apologize if I rambled a bit.” Raphael said, looking up at Simon with a sheepish grin. “Not many people ask for anything besides the price. It’s–nice to have someone who’s interested.”

“Oh, I’m interested!” Simon said eagerly. “Really. And you explain it so well! I mean, it’s really cool that you’re into something so unique and cool, because the only thing I could talk about with detail is like, Star Wars–”

Raphael laughed, which was almost overwhelmingly beautiful. Simon’s eyes were watery, and it was either from the pollen or the sheer beauty of the human in front of him. Probably both.

“Well I appreciate having someone who’ll listen. You should stick around here. I’ll stock up on tissues, maybe.”

Simon did just that. He came in almost every day, listening to Raphael talk about the flowers. He also met Magnus Bane, who worked part-time and fondly rolled his eyes when Raphael started off on tangents. He referred to Simon as their “unofficial temp” and taught him how to handle the plants, how much water to give to each, and occasionally he whispered Raphael’s favorites in Simon’s ear and gave him little pats on the shoulder.

He had nowhere to put his growing collection of flowers. He made sure to hide them in his room, knowing that Clary would mercilessly tease him if she knew what he’d been up to. His room was tiny and the amount of pollen made it almost impossible to breathe, but the sight of the flowers made him think of Raphael and his eyes and his freckles, so Simon kept them.

He was getting away with it, too, until Jace arrived, unannounced, at the apartment in the early morning. This was when Simon was usually alone, Clary having already gone to her early classes, and he used this time to take his medication and stick his head out the window to breathe fresh air.

Not today.

“Lewis?” Jace called, unlocking the door on his own with his back-up key which Simon regretted allowing him to have. “Hey, I’m just dropping off the–”

He stopped when he saw Simon, who probably looked like an absolute wreck. Simon attempted to hide his face behind his mug of morning coffee, but Jace was already approaching quickly.

“You look like hell.” Jace noted, eyebrows scrunched up in concern. “Are you sick?”

“No.” Simon said with his congested voice that rounded out his words. “It’s just, uh, allergies.”

“Are there flowers in here?” Jace inquired, turning around. He searched the empty living room, then moved on to Simon’s bedroom. Simon was considering tackling Jace before he could reach the door, but he was already too late. Jace stood in his doorway, eyes wide, taking in the sight of dozens of flower pots. “What the hell?”

And then Simon remembered that Jace had been barely conscious when the entire conversation about the flower shop had taken place. Simon made a mental note to thank the heavens at Temple the next time he attended and quickly formulated a response.

“They’re uh, they’re for Clary. They’re a surprise for Clary.”

Jace looked incredulous. “What’s the occasion exactly? I know I haven’t forgotten anything, Lewis, it’s all in the database.”

“Don’t call your brain the database.” Simon muttered. “It’s not really for an occasion, exactly. See, I figured since spring is her favorite season we could do like, a surprise party for her. With flowers. Just because.”

Jace’s golden eyes lit up with unharnessed excitement and he bounced on his heels. “That’s a good idea! She would love it!”

Relief washed through Simon as he nodded, absentmindedly swiping at his nose with his sleeve. He wanted to take his medicine and not have to worry about now planning an unnecessary party, which would only happen when Jace left.

He pushed him out, promising to update him with any new developing plans for the party that Jace was predictably eager about. He loved parties and he loved Clary, so it was a great match.

The entire ordeal had left him drained enough that he resolved to take a quick nap on the couch. The nap leaked into an actual three hours of sleeping and by the time he woke, Simon had to frantically get ready for work.

The day passed with no time to visit Raphael, which Simon couldn’t help but feel disappointed about. He embarked early the next day, determined to have enough time to let Raphael finish his explanation on succulents.

“I had a customer mention you yesterday.” Raphael said when Simon entered. “He came in and bought out a bunch of yellow lilies. He said you were having a, um, spring party? And that’s why you bought all of your flowers?”

Simon flushed a bright red and cursed Jace’s relentlessly moving lips. Raphael was looking at him with confused eyes and arched brows, so he was going to have to explain the truth. However dumb the truth may be.

“So, I made up all these occasions as to why I needed flowers.” Simon admitted softly. “Because I wanted to see you? It’s not that I don’t like the flowers–I do! But I’m like, super allergic, but that didn’t matter because I really, really like seeing you. Anyways, I lied to my friends about it because I knew they’d tease me if they knew what I was doing for a cute guy–”

“I’m cute?” Raphael asked, and Simon looked up to a smug smirk on the florist’s face. Simon couldn’t help but laugh at himself and the whole situation, because honestly it was ridiculous. He was ridiculous.

“I’m sorry for making it up.” Simon breathed. “But you looked really happy whenever you were talking about them. And I know how much it sucks to not have anyone willing to listen about your passions.”

“Well I can still tell you about the flowers without you having to be nearly killed by them, idiota.” Raphael chuckled. “We’ll grab some dinner later tonight, yeah? And I’ll get to see what you look like without your nose all red.”

“I’m cuter when I look normal, I promise.” Simon insisted, which made Raphael laugh again. He plucked a lily from the plant beside him and gently tucked it behind Simon’s ear so it rested amidst his brown curls. Simon sneezed.

“Bless you,” Raphael laughed, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Simon insisted. “It’s worth it.”

ASTRO REACTION: When they want to comfort their significant other because they were hanging around and their ex appeared and she saw accidently

Jinjin: “okay… oppa will buy food for you!”

He’d avoid talking about your ex with you, since he wants you to feel better and then would try everything to make you forget about the other guy.

MJ: This guy would use his whole body to make you feel better. Mj looks like the type of friend who would say some serious words, but one second later would be messing around.

Eunwoo: “Focus on me baby, just in me and I’ll make you happy”

Moonbin: He wouldn’t be so active as his hyungs, Moonbin would give you space and wait to talk about it. And at last would be that friend who listen to you talking about your feelings and dry your tears.

“a few days and you’ll forget about it… I promise”

Rocky: “you know… I think we need to show this guy how good you’re without him” *pass his arm over your shoulders and smile*

Sanha: He wouldn’t even give time for you to feel sad or something like this, Sanha cute mode would be on and he’d easily make you smile for the rest of the day.

~ADM Cherry~

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The signs as squad members
  • [ Venus signs ]
  • Aries: The playful friend who is always hyper af
  • Taurus: The sweet friend who always falls asleep at hangouts
  • Gemini: The cute one who eats all your food
  • Cancer: The emotional one but has all the drama
  • Leo: The one who buys you presents but them wears your clothes
  • Virgo: The friend who knows literally everything
  • Libra: The one that always arranges the hang outs
  • Scorpio: The intense friend that you have deep convos with
  • Sagittarius: The energetic friend who always wants to go somewhere
  • Capricorn: The responsible one that drives everyone home after drinking
  • Aquarius: The open-minded one who is up for anything
  • Pisces: The one who tries to give advice to everyone and sort out everyone's issues

Hiya, buddies and pals! It’s me, your friend Jadey, and I’m opening up commissions! 

I live with my parents - who are poor and getting old, especially my father who works seasonal and is laid off during winter and spring - who have been supporting me. So I’d like to help them various expenses such as paying the bills and/or buying food for a family of four plus cat, among plenty of other expenses … My parents and I have applied for jobs but we never got callbacks, but money is still a necessity. 

Some people have expressed interest in commissions, and well, I like drawing! So if I scratch your back, maybe you can scratch mine?

  • Pixel Art - Simple / Detailed: $1 to $5, depending on complexity
  • Icons: $5 / Icon Pack: $15 for 15, $5 added for every additional icon
  • Sketches - Traditional/Digital: $10
  • Lineart - Traditional/Digital: $15
  • Lineless Color - Traditional/Digital: $20
  • Lines & Color - Traditional /Digital/ Blended (traditional lineart, digital color): $20
  • Colored w/ Shading - Traditional / Digital / Blended: $25
  • Colored w/ Background - Digital / Blended: $30

What I WILL be willing to draw:

  • Fanart of almost any fandom, specification may be required.
  • OCs; whether they’re human, alien, robot, furry, pony (those last two intersect a little but bear with me) or any combination thereof.
  • Canon/Fancharacter (or Canon/OC) shipping.
  • Tasteful nudity (no genitalia, mind you) and/or suggestive themes.
  • Comics! I can draw a comic for you, if you like!

What I WILL NOT be willing to draw:

  • Anything promoting a harmful mindset; this means recognizable transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, antisemitism, ableism, ect.
  • Abusive relationships portrayed in a positive light, such as ince$t or ped0ph!lia, or anything romanticizing abusive or unhealthy relationship dynamics.
  • Anything sexualizing underage characters, aged up or not, or romanticizing relationships between a canon adult and a canon minor.
  • Explicit sexual content or intercourse between characters, regardless of age.

My personal email is and the paypal I’m using (belonging to my parents) is - correspondence with regards to commissions would be much appreciated!

the best thing about the (totally canon) cutter/atriox car dealership trailer is atriox saying “YOU KNOW I HATE PUNS”

like… are these two actually begrudging roommates who just go out to annoy each other on work days? what is their history? do they go to bars together at the end of the week and atriox has to carry cutter home? did cutter buy atriox’s tie so he can look smart for work? from the second trailer on the plane, they obviously vacation together and bicker like an old married couple over who gets the arm rest… are they actually best friends? they clearly know each other really well because cutter knows exactly what food atriox doesn’t like…

i’m more intrigued by the off-handed implications of this single line than i was the entirety of the last damn game…

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Hwtr the girl they like who they are really close friends with on her period


If he’s away, he’d text you constantly to see you how you are—but it’ll only obtain the opposite effect. At some point, you’d get pissed and start yelling at him that he was a nuisance; and that’s when he knew he fucked up. So he’ll show up to your house with different stuff (food mostly) and he’ll offer a truce—he’d be the type to buy you pain pills or tampons on his own, to be honest. Because there’s never enough. Seeing him so worried (and that innocent and charming smile with which eh greets you) melts your heart and you let him in. Afterwards, Joji would mostly stay out of your way and observe you, trying to determine how bad it was and how often your mood changed. He wouldn’t try to piss you off. Secretly, he’d brew you some tea and come join you later on. Which you’re thankful for—you don’t need someone constantly worrying about you. You’d be happy with just staying in silence next to each other or, if you’re having something on your mind, someone to listen to you. And Joji’s the guy. He’d stay over (he insists) and he might even sing you to sleep. His voice always manages to relax you.


He won’t know much about it at first (cause he don’t care), but because you’re the girl he’s crushing on, he’d make sure to study all about it—even if he might find the whole process rather disgusting in the beginning. He’ll try to understand what you’re going through and search for the best ways to soothe the pain. Max might approach you as if you’re a wild animal, proposing many things that you guys use to do in your spare time together, like watching movies or eating junk food. He might be a little annoying with his ‘Do you need something? Are you mad? Should I buy some tampons?’ and you’d be prone to lash out at him, although you know he’s trying to do his best in taking care of you. Heck, you might even try to take advantage of his kindness and send him to buy you some tampons—you’re slightly disappointed that he doesn’t seem as embarrassed as you would’ve wanted to see him. After he gets used to you and learns your habits, he’d be more easygoing with the whole thing; he’d showed up at your house as soon as you told him that you were on your period with a DVD in his hand “Brought a shitty move, let’s do this.” 


Ian doesn’t know many things about a girl being on her period either, but he’s not as clueless as Max—“It’s when you bleed for seven days, no?” At least you are used to Ian being an asshole but it still doesn’t save him from a shoe being thrown at him. He’d be rather panicky inwardly when he sees your face grimace in pain and he’s afraid to touch you—in case he might cause you more pain. Which you constantly assure that ‘no, you can fucking touch me.’ Would probably just sit on your couch awkwardly (wanting to be anywhere but here, yet he wouldn’t stop worrying if he was away from you) and watch you in fright as you pace around the room and vent all of your frustrations regarding this certain problem. He’s mostly afraid that you’ll randomly start throwing things at him. He finally relaxes when you calm down and, sweet as a kitten, ask for him to hold you. You’d stretch over his lap and Ian would put his palm on your tummy, on accident. And his warmth would actually be a miracle worker against your pain—even you’re surprised by his mystical powers. The pain went away just like that! After this, you make sure to call Ian over whenever you were on your period to use his magical witch doctor powers.  

university!gyuhao au: texting
  • mingyu: yo minghao wake up u shit its 8am i nEED U
  • minghao: fuck off
  • mingyu: wake up flaky ass bitch its an emergency
  • mingyu: i have stats at 10AM I NEED COFFEE
  • minghao: tell wonwoo to fetch u some not me
  • mingyu: but u liVE NEXT TO A 7-11!!!!
  • minghao: buy me dinner
  • mingyu: but i always cook food for u u dumbass
  • minghao: but u havent taken me out to dinner yet
  • minghao: I was the one who took YOU out for mcdonalds after midterms
  • mingyu: nO
  • mingyu: COFFEE PLEASE
  • mingyu: i nEEDD NAO
  • minghao: u suck balls
  • mingyu: only urs
  • minghao: lol
  • minghao: wait what really
  • mingyu: no
  • mingyu: are u still there
  • mingyu: have i offended u my dear friend
  • minghao: open ur goddamn door im outside with some bread and coffee
  • minghao: u owe me 7 bucks and a meal tonight too
  • mingyu: MY SAVIOR
  • mingyu: ok
  • mingyu: love u
  • minghao: luv u too
tendo’s animate cafe report!!!

animate, the largest anime goods store in japan, sometimes arranges cafes themed around various cartoons and franchises! they are wildly popular and you can’t just make a reservation; you have to participate in a lottery online in order to secure a slot. i applied literally 30 times and won 4 or 5 slots? i don’t even remember exactly. plus i got to go with a friend who won a 5th or 6th time.

animate cafes offer tiny portions of food for outrageous prices, but if it’s themed around characters you stan for, it’s all worth it. they also offer limited goods that can’t be bought anywhere else, and for each food item you buy, you get a random coaster. there’s a lot of blind packaging, so people who go to animate cafes will often trade goods with each other.

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My dear followers, my babies,

At first I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you can enjoy the people around you & the food.

I have deeply respect for those who suffer from a eating disorder and those who are addicted to alcohol. Be strong these days, try to eat, try to enjoy without throwing up. And if you are going to drink, behave yourself when you get too impulsive. You all are so strong.

Also my love goes to those who are alone these days. No matter if it’s about having no friends or family, or if everyone passed away. Make a good day for yourself, watch christmas movies, turn on christmas music, and buy yourself something nice.

And I wish all the strength for those who have to celebrate Christmas with the one who raped them, or abused them. 

I wish you all the love from the whole world, and a very merry Christmas.

I love all of you.

I Promise To:
•Be there for you when you’re sad.
•Hold you when you’re anxious.
•Show you off to all of my friends.
•Take you out on cute days.
•Cuddle with you on lazy days.
•Support you with everything you do.
•Be faithful to you.
•Buy you food when you’re hungry.
•Take care of you when you’re sick.
•Rub your stomach when you have cramps.
•Cook for you.
•Try to make you smile everyday.
•Sing your favorite song to you when you’re sad.
•Make you feel important.
•Make you feel special.
•Care for you and all of your needs.
And most of all:
Love you with ALL I have.
—  All I want in return is effort.

anonymous asked:

What can I do to be happier?

To be happier practice mindfulness. Practice being compassionately aware of the present moment. Notice your thoughts and feelings and regulate your breathing to intentionally invite those feelings you prefer.

The simplest way to create  happy moments is to practice generosity and gratitude. You can do this in your mind or in interactions. To do it in your mind, breathe calmly and think about times you have been generous or about things or people that you are grateful for. To practice as you interact with people, give with a sense of generosity and receive with a sense of gratitude. For example, if you are buying lunch, remember to be grateful as you receive the food that somebody prepared for you and give your money with a sense of generosity hoping that it brings happiness to those who receive it.

To create healthy habits for happiness, practice noticing your breath and taking deep breaths regularly throughout the day. Exercise regularly. Spend time in nature. Spend time with friends and family. Take regular breaks from technology to breathe and be present where you are with whoever is there.

Finally, like breathing deeply creates calmness, smiling creates happiness. In some situations the happiness comes before the smile, in others, the smile comes before the happiness. Practice both.

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A friend of mine said that in Brazil, you doesn't say "I love you", you say "Te pago um salgado"... Is that true? If so, what does that mean?

XD OMFG WHO IS THIS PERSON? We say “Eu te amo”. “Te pago um salgado” means “I’ll buy you a meal( or some kind of salty food )”

BTS as best friends

Seokjin: the kind of best friend who’ll lowkey embarrass you in a club because of his dance
Namjoon : the kind of bestfriend who’ll end up teaching you random learnings
Suga : the kind of best friend who’ll grumble at you being hungry but buys you food anyway
Jhope: the kind of best friend who’ll drag you to an amusement park even if it’s nearing closing time
Jimin: the kind of best friend who’ll give you small gifts everytime you meet
Taehyung : the kind of best friend who’ll start playing with your hair and braids it
Jungkook : the kind of best friend who’ll show no mercy in beating you in games


I know you probably wanted a full one shot more than 610 words but….I couldn’t really come up with a way to make it that long.

You escaped the castle with Arya, using a bag of gold you had managed to take from the tower of the hand before the Lannister guards and the gold cloaks arrived to buy the two of you a room and food. And you stood next to Arya as your father, Ned Stark, was pulled up onto the Sept of Baelor steps. It wasn’t right. He hadn’t done anything wrong. No matter what the Queen and the Small Council members were saying, you knew your Father would never do anything dishonorable. Never. Especially toward the memory of Robert Baratheon who was always his closest friend.

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