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when you and the squad all ready to go out but none of you can drive so a mom has to

Pokemon Go(Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1638

Summary: Stark!Reader has downloaded Pokemon Go and, as expected, it has ruined more lives than one.

A/N: So this was a lot of fun to write, AH! I’m trying to space out my writing so that it’s not like, three Matts in a row, followed by two pietros and so on. Also if anyone plays Pokemon Go please help me.

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summer; in the summer there are so many more possibilities. yes, school you get to see everyone and there is routine and after school adventures. but during the summer you can call up you friends and go anywhere. you can explore on the trails, go hiking, rock climbing, find secret river and swimming holes, explore along the coast, sneak out in the middle of the night and steal a row boat on the bay and go to the nearest island. you can go camping with your friends, lay outside until the sun comes up the next morning, go sailing, skinny dipping, tubing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, pool hopping, star gazing. you can jump off cliffs into the water and scream at the top of you lungs before you hit the bottom. you can go to the old ice cream store and watch all the tourists pass by you as they get off the ferry and try to pick out the cutest one to try and meet as they explore your quaint little town. you can go to the locals’ hang out spots and have bonfires. catch lightning bugs, listen to peepers while you lay in the middle of the road in the dead of night. sneak into summer camps and hang out with your friends who work there. go biking all through the town and jump off the docks into the ocean. make daisy chains, find summer romances, dress in nearly nothing, count swimming as your shower for three days in a row, go to all the summer festivals and street fairs.
in short, summer, because of all the wonderful adventures and memories that can occur in just two and a half short months.
—  me
What I have learnt from and about Germans
  • Berlin is not actually part of Germany, its completely different to everywhere else

  • Germans are always on time. A-l-w-a-y-s

  • Myth: people don’t actually wear lederhosen or dirndls here.

  • Bretzels are only famous because they are a tourist icon

  • same for bratwursts

  • and beer …although germans drink a lot of beer

  • beer is generally cheaper than water :|

  • yes you have to pay for water a restaurants, bullshit right?

  • The water here is safe to drink, people just really like mineral water

  • Myth: germans are not fat, on the obesity scale it goes USA - AUS - GERM

  • So many people do further education here (university)

  • ^^Probably because the education system for uni is so much better here in the outside structural features such as fees, course options, number of universities

  • However, while the Australian education is slowly bringing in alternative ways of learning the german way of learning is still comparatively very formal and old fashioned,

  • Don’t be casual with your teachers; you know each other on a strict last name, I am not your friend, I am your teacher only basis. I call all my lecturers in Melbourne by first name …and go drinking with some of them that doesnt happen here.

  • Neo nazis do exist, but most people are highly regretful and open about their countries past

  • people here really like to save money …in every possible way

  • Their public transport system is brilliant, but expensive and very controlled

  • Most Germans are highly organised and structured in everything they do, less things happen spontaneously here …in less a foreigner starts it.

  • Their organisation can be good at times; more gets done in the office, a building will be built faster, the gym class is more intense; but for work it’s all less productive and more fun in Australia

  • Germans and most Europeans are direct in the way they say things. Australians and Americans are not, so at first it feels like everyone is out to insult you, they’re not. It’s just a cultural difference, but takes some getting used to.

  • Germans are more stylish than us

  • No one would leave the house in a wife beater, boxes and thongs (heeeey Werribee Plaza)

  • But for a night out people don’t dress up to the extent that they do in Melbourne; walk up swanston on a saturday night and every girl is six inches taller and eatting the cake plastered to her face. Girls actually go out in jeans here, shock horror.

  • No one wore heels in dresden, and people believed in the statement “don’t you know you’d look a little better if you wore less make up?” god I loved that.

  • People don’t actually care more for the environment than Australians; its just that the government give Germans far better ways of looking after their world than good'ol T. Abott does; aka good prices on apartments, brilliant public transport and great recycling systems

  • Germans can and do manage to look stylish riding bikes; this contrasts greatly with Melbourne’s horrible lyrca clad men, seriously I have friends here who ride bikes in heels

  • Children are tougher here.

  • Almost no one over 18 still lives at home …I love still living at home in Melbourne

  • Germans tend to be specific about things; if they reserved a seat on the train, the carriage is empty, except you, sitting unknowingly in their seat, tough titties, you my non-german friend need to move and quick.

  • While many native english speakers talk (for lack of better words) “a lot of shit” germans tend to only say something when they have something of vague importance to say.

  • I wish someone had told me ^that^ before now, Germans hate small talk, so do I but I thought the silences were “awkward silences” no they were just silences, they don’t always need to be filled

  • the lack of small talk makes them seem wiser (emphasis on the “seem”)

  • Germans take life more seriously (than Australians anyway), its good in a lot of ways but means people tend to get insulted by sarcasm …by my sarcasm

  • Workplaces are more serious; people get more work done but I miss yelling “thats what she said” between offices at my Melbourne graphics job, and the chill atmosphere.

  • Germans do have a sense of humour (myth busted) its just while Australians like relatively stupid humour, german humour tends to be smarter, so despite being relatively fluent most things go over my head and people think I’m an idiot

  • “your mum” (deine Mutter), is used in the way we use “thats what she said”. Why have I only just discovered this? Everything makes sense now.

  • I don’t care what people say, coffee in Germany cannot compete with Melbourne coffee. Coffee here is crap, c-r-a-p, it really is.

  • Germans are not racist (compared to a lot of Australians), although many people tend to have a problem with the turkish immigrants. Or if they live in Brandenburg…

  • Turkish coffee is actually really good, germans should be nicer to turkish people

  • Despite considering myself an introvert, the german society is far more introverted than Australia’s society and it leads many foreigners to come to the conclusion that germans are cold, rude or shy, ALL WRONG.

  • Customer service in restaurants here is brilliant but in most shops its terrible

  • People do what their job is but don’t tend to do more. While doing retail jobs in Australia I was always told “customer comes first” and “customer is always right” or “if you haven’t gone out of your way to help a customer it’s not far enough”. It’s not like that here, go to the supermarket and pack your own bag buddy, if you take too long people are going to get angry.

  • Young people here stress over stupid things that they don’t need to think about for decades.

  • It’s harder to make friends here initially than in Australia, people take a while to open up and you need to be the one to make an effort not the other way around.

  • However if you become really goods friends with someone in Germany they’ll never forget you. While my Australian godmother has long since forgotten who I am my german host parents always write and send care packages. While I’ve lost contact with most people from school in Australia my best friends from when I went to school in Emden when I was 16 always check up on me. While my Melbourne art teachers aren’t so interested in what I’m doing, my art teacher in Emden almost started crying and wouldn’t stop hugging me when I visited her.

  • In general German people are deeper, more introverted, hospitable, friendly and brilliant people.

  • So perhaps some of my comments are generalisations, obviously they are, they’re all generalisations. And they’re all based off the people I’ve got to know. Which is about 0.001% of the German population.

  • But at least I didn’t give you the tourist book example which talks of only oktoberfest, beer, bratwurst, bretzels, cars, rough language, german is too hard to learn, lederhosen, castle, squirrel, bullshit story. I hope that was an appropriate waste of 10minutes for you.

Immediately after school Luke and Michael go to their treehouse. This was the same treehouse where they stopped hating each other and actually became friends, thanks to Calum forcing the trio to hang out together.

It became a safe place, their second home. That’s why when they were 15 Michael texted Luke to meet that night. That’s when Michael, with tears in his eyes and head hung low, first admitted he likes boys. Upon hearing this Luke immediately wrapped his arms around his best friend and held him close, letting him cry into his chest. “You know this doesn’t change anything between us right Mikey? I’m not going to leave because you like boys. I’m here. You’re okay.” Luke mumbled into Michael’s sandy blond hair while rubbing his back. His tears of fear and anxiety turned into tears of relief. Michael prayed that Luke wasn’t going to treat him differently now. He still wanted to have sleepovers and cuddle. They spent that entire night cuddled up in the treehouse looking up at the stars and sharing more secrets.

Thunder echoed from the sky as lightning illuminated it. Michael biked to the treehouse as quickly as possible to meet Luke, who was terrified of this weather. Michael climbed up the ladder and took off his soaking jacket. He saw Luke sitting on the floor shivering under a blanket with tears streaming down his face. Michael knelt down beside the younger boy and wiped his tears. “I’m sorry Mikey. God I’m such a baby. You shouldn’t of come here for me.” Luke cried while trying to push him away. “No I’m here,” Michael consoled while wiping his friends tears. “Don’t apologize Luke you’re not a baby. Shhh don’t worry bubba I won’t ever leave you. Michael softly began singing one of their favorite All Time Low songs, it always made Michael feel better so he hoped it would have the same effect on Luke. Secretly Luke was jealous of his voice it could be soft and warm but he also had his own style and confidence. Soon his breathing and heart rate slowed down to normal and suddenly Luke became aware of the situation. He was in the arms of his dear friend, who biked in the pouring rain because he knew he would be scared. Thinking back on it, Michael had done tons of things for him. At school he stood up for him against other, more popular, kids, he listened to him ramble in the middle of the night about his dreams, and he never made Luke feel uncomfortable or awkward. Just then he realized how he actually had a huge crush on Michael.

They made lots of new memories there. The boys dragged their guitars up there and practiced together. Michael found one of the songs Luke had written and asked him who is was about. All Luke could do was sheepishly smile and shrug because he wasn’t about to admit it was about Michael. One day after playing an impressive cover of I Miss You a crazy idea popped into Michael head. “What if one day we were in a famous band touring together? That’s my dream, to be on a stage far away from here bowing in front of millions of fans. Wouldn’t that be great Luke?” Luke wasn’t listening though because he was staring at Michael’s unusually soft pink lips. Calum noticed Luke staring and when Michael wasn’t looking gave a look that said “make a move already you idiot and stop being so obvious about it.” Calum left, giving a lame excuse about needing to do homework, leaving the pair alone in the treehouse.

It’s late and they both know they should be going home but both of them feel too snug and protected to move. Luke shifted his position on the couch till his whole body is on top of Michael with his head resting over his heart. Michael stretched one arm around Luke’s torso the other reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze signaling for Luke to look up at him. When he did their eyes met for a brief seconds before they shyly glanced away. The older boy admired Luke since he wasn’t looking. He was blushing and had a cute dimple in his cheek and his eyelashes fanned out perfectly. He was so kind, funny, and pure boyfriend material. When Luke glanced back, Michael had a huge grin on his face. His radiant, heart shattering smile gave Luke a burst of confidence. He fawned over Michael’s pretty face and lips then pressed his lips to them. They felt soft and sweet. They didn’t think their hearts would ever beat normally again.

Of course later they officially became boyfriends. Calum was ecstatic as was their new friend Ashton. They had cute dates at the movies and in the park. They went roller skating and held each other up on wobbly legs. Their favorite spot was a close by ice cream parlor. Luke always got strawberry and Michael always got chocolate about halfway through eating their cones they switched and finished the other. On rainy days they made a picnic and brought it to the place where it all began.

The treehouse was the last stop before the airport. From the airport was London where they would really begin their music careers. The four boys sat together reminiscing the good times that got them to where they were going. Michael whispered a promise to the walls that they would return soon. It was always the first place he went when he returned home. It was the place where he collected his thoughts and wrote his best songs. It would probably be the place he would propose to Luke.

People whining about Asami always bringing up the Avatar State with Korra like “she treats her like the Avatar but not Korra she’s always talking about the Avatar” darn right she is because she knows how important the glowing-it-up thing and the “I have a responsibility” thing are to Korra, and she wants to make sure that Korra knows that she’s still capable, it’s like talking to your friend who loves riding bikes and saying “So how’s the bike-riding going” and “You’re the best bike-rider” that’s relevant to their interests. 

Jon’s dad bought this Rancho Santa Fe-built Masi Gran Criterium back in 1980.  He entrusted me to find it a good new rider- I cleaned and framesavered it and set out looking for a caring home.  Ben is the perfect caretaker- he’s got some quality contemporary parts to hang on this Columbus SL beauty and he’s gonna ride the heck out of it.  Pic of the complete build to come….

I have a friend who bikes to work. He was telling me there is a type of fellow biker that drives him crazy. This type wears all spandex and is always trying to pass my friend even though they’re not faster than he is. They’re like some spandex-y, overly confident moron who assumes they’re faster and so endangers everyone by trying idiotic passing moves that are basically just inappropriate and inexcusable. And anyway as my friend was telling me about this, I suddenly had this distinct feeling that how my friend the normal biker sees these idiot bikers must be how women have to see idiot men all the time. It’s like the same kind of idiocy.