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you and your gf are honestly relationship #goals

man if I had a quarter for every time someone said this to me, we’d be living in a brownstone in the west village.


In almost unbearable heat

and stifling, heavy air 

I sat by the window

trying and failing 

to read a book

Without much thought

I picked up my phone to check

my FB page for yet another

bit of entertainment

to help distract myself 

from the humdrum routine

when something caught my eye

A video of yesteryear’s star

the legendary Dilip Kumar

I didn’t follow him then

nor do I do so now

But even so my eyes

welled up with tears

For I remembered my dad

who used to be an avid fan

My mind was haunted by

thoughts of how easily

people leave us in this life

and yet somehow remain

with us, in our memories

for as long as we live

Not always at the forefront

yet their presence echoes 

in so many of our thoughts

and the lightest trace 

of their remembrance

makes our paths cross

over and over again…..

recently my blog (offentaed) has reached a very big milestone that I never in a million years thought I would achieve.  2000+ followers?!!  It’s insane to even think about-  that people actually like the content that I create and reblog.  I came to tumblr only about a year or so ago to vent my love for a seven member boy group and now I have amazing friends and followers (who I love love love so so much).  I want to show you all some love in return- so i’ve decided to write a few things about some of my favorite people on tumblr ( i want to do a new post weekly- just to show love for you all).  Some of them I have talked to and others their url or their tags have just made my day better (if you all remember correctly i am a url and tag whore)  

so really thank you, thank you, thank you

(i know for a fact i didn’t get all the people i wanted to, i had 20+ pages to look through and i didn’t make it through many (only 2 to be exact) .. so anticipate a new appreciation post next week!)

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kaleb: took one look at me and got up and went to the piano.

i literally hit the jackpot ya’ll. 

We were lovers. Now we’re pretending to be friends but are we really just friends? We’re kissing, holding hands and acting like we’re still in a relationship. So tell me what are we?



So, are you ready, you think? To start dating? No, definitely not. My grief group said that I wouldn’t be ready until I can get through the whole story of Michael’s death without tearing up.


Up until junior high, I thought it was fun just to play with everyone. That was what volleyball was to me. But that’s not it…that’s not it…I want to be like the others, and…I want to be able to make my body move right! I want to control the ball! I want to play on the same level as the other, better players! 

happy birthday micah my everything @choutarous


your wish has become our wish too!  ♡ ♡