friends u can keep


dont worry, im here for u 💕  


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead

so glad everyones appreciating shiro tonight i wanna cry

QUICK someone be my gf before the school starts

Happy one year anniversary you wiener winner award for most typo message B )) !!

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me: i enjoy sherlolly, but i understand the odds of it canonically happening are not high and so will not become discouraged if i do not see it on screen. i will continue to enjoy fanworks and my own headcanons and continue to live my life peacefully

sherlock season 4 trailer: *airs* *molly cries* *sherlock says ‘i love you’*


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ive been trying to sleep for nearly an hour but i got the Nightmare Feeling and i dont want to wake up my friends with odd noises/shrieks

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@ the nervous anon about their dad going through their phone uninstall all apps but if you have photos or something you want to keep on most phones theirs a setting where you can hide folders there is for andoroid anyway!

or send them to one of your friends so they can keep them for u!

EVEN  WHEN  HE  WAS  HUNGRY  HIMSELF,    in  harrenhal,    hot  pie  would  make  sure  to  steal / cook  extra  food  for  arya  and  gendry  if  they  hadn’t  had  enough  to  eat  that  day    !

Ok ladies, let me help you with how you should set up your New Years resolution:

• Stay to yourself: it’s hard to do. but if you need a friend to talk to deadass just log into Tumblr
• Mind your business: almost like staying to yourself but literally show no interest in anything or anybody. “Oh Gigi is pregnant? Cool idc”
• Give these niggas NO pussy: if you need to fck, masturbate.
• Be friendly but Don’t: aka it’s ok to be nice to other women but just know that bitch lowkey is jealous of you so make sure you don’t get too close.
• Give these niggas NO attention: “what’s your number?” “I don’t have a phone”
• Get money: that speaks for itself.
• Love yourself: aka do what makes YOU happy, if someone doesn’t fuck with it, you don’t fuck with them. Fuck them.
• Don’t text back: when you become to accessible, people don’t like you. Let them miss you.
• Go clubbing twice a month or none at all: it is not cute to be in every scene girl, sit down forreal.
• Keep up: WITH YOURSELF. Not with the kardashians not with the next bitch. with yourself.
• More guy friends: because bitches are real life haters. And please don’t let your guy friend try to touch your vagina or else shoot that nigga.
• Be inevitable: be for yourself. by yourself because nobody’s gonna fuck with you like you fuck with you.
• Less friends more associates: keep a good associate u can go to the clubs and parties with and when you go home deadass act like you never met them. The key is to never get too close. That bitch probably jealous of u anyway.
• Buy yourself things: lots of things. fuck whoever said money doesn’t bring happiness. But make sure u handled your PRIORITIES FIRST. Don’t be a bum bitch.
• Smoke less: it actually slows you down and there’s too much money to be made, gotta stay alert.
• Eat smart: it’s all about portions. and if your a thick thick girl don’t try and get skinny, if you like being fluffy be fluffy. Fuck what a boy thinks about you, they’re gay anyway.
• Meditate: on God it helps life. Take a walk. Sit on the beach at sunset. Sit on a rooftop and just smile.
• Don’t fight: don’t even argue.. these hoes are ugly. they’re trying to have you fight them to catch their ugliness. Don’t fall for the trap. Just stare, laugh, shake your head and walk away.
• Don’t twerk: whatever you do leave that for the ratchets. They’re your entertainment.
• Indulge: have a glass of wine or 2. And Icecream because you deserve it.
• PRAY and GIVE THANKS: every morning and every night. Even if life feels like it’s shitty at times. It’s an obstacle God wants you to conquer.

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marcy i hope u dont keep feeling like u gotta change bc of the way ppl expect trans women to "look cis", u are so so beautiful as u are! the world is so nasty to trans folks & trans women especially and u being u is so special and amazing and i hope u can keep doing it and know that ur friends will support and love u no matter what u do!!

thank you so much please listen to sonic blue spheres for me

“ira, have you shown her your toy soldiers?”

The Signs as I know them.

Aries- i thought u were daring and super cool

Taurus- scary when mad but a good person to talk to

Gemini- u can annoy me but sometimes ur really nice.. i wish i knew u better

Cancer- the ones ik irl are really frickin annoying but can be helpful. The ones I know over tumblr are really sweet & super helpful!

Leo- ur so competitive and i wish u knew how hot u are like damn

Virgo- ur a great friend! really nice and has a dry sense of humor (which I love)

Libra- i love the people of my sign so much. at least half of my friends are Libras. A few ik are super chill but all of them come to me for help and are ok when I do the same.

Scorpio- a perfect blend of mysterious. best friend u can keep a secret well.

Sagittarius- ur just cute basically

Capricorn- can be annoying but also really fun at times. I wish u could make up ur mind tho like omg

Aquarius- you’re really cute but I feel embarrassment for you daily

Pisces- I hate Pisces guys but I love the girls. Don’t ask me why.. but it’s a thing. The guys are fuckboys and the girls are sweet lil beans who are super fun to talk to!

Song Preference: Therapy- All Time Low

C A L U M: “Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to, they’re better off without you.”

“(Y/n)?” you heard Calum call cautiously, hearing the floorboards creak under his weight as he tried to find you. “Babe, I’m calling a truce, please come out,” he pleaded, but you weren’t having it. You were gonna finish what he had started. If he wanted to start a nerf gun war with you as you were watching American Horror Story (your absolute favorite show), then he was just going to have to deal with your retaliation. You heard him make his way down the hall to your hiding spot, in the hallway closet, and as you heard him pass you, you ran out and jumped on his back, tackling him to the ground. “(Y/n)! Stop! Pl- please s- stop!” he laughed as you began to tickle his sides. “Never!” you shouted as you straddled his hips, wiggling your fingers against his waist in an attempt to get back at him for interrupting your show. “I pro- promise to not me- mess with yo- your show ag- gain.” he gets out between laughs. You move your hands from his sides and cross them over your chest, a satisfied smirk on your face. He flipped the two of you over so he was hovering over you, your wrists pinned over your head by one of his massive hands. His face inches from yours as he said, “I let you win, ya know?” with a childlike glint in his eyes. You brows furrowed and you gave him a pout as you struggled to free your hands. Getting the idea, Calum let you go, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing his lips to yours. His hands began exploring your body, not caring that the two of you were sprawled in the middle of the hallway. Your heart was hammering in your chest, and his breathing was heavy as you mumbled against his lips, “I love you, Cal,” You became well aware of the way he froze before he pulled himself off of you. You sat up on your elbows, confusion swiping your features, as you watched him make his way into the bedroom the two of you shared. He was muttering things under his breath, and you got up to follow him, chest aching, thinking this was nothing like how the first ‘I love you’ was supposed to go. You shuffled into the bedroom, only to find Calum had gone into the bathroom and locked you out. You heard him sniffling, and the voices in your head started assuming the worst. I scared him and now he’s gonna leave me.’ you thought to yourself, and the clenching in your chest just got worse and worse. You tapped lightly on the door, “Cal? Baby please come out, we need to talk.” You had to admit you were surprised when the door creaked open, expecting more of a fight coming from him. You noted the tears that were cascading down his cheeks, and the only thing that was on your mind was to stop the tears, even if that meant him leaving you. “Baby, why are you crying?” you questioned, trying to get him to meet your eyes. “B-because I- I can’t.. I don’t know how to-” he shook his head, feeling flustered by the way things had played out. “Babe..?” you were so confused, and his lack of communication wasn’t helping. “Because you love me when you shouldn’t. I- I don’t deserve you.” You sat there, shocked, not knowing what to say. His eyes were down, but you took his face in your hands, making sure he wouldn’t break eye contact. “Listen up, Hood, and listen good. It’s you and me for the long run, got it? I don’t care if you don’t think you’re good enough, because I know that you are. You’ve seen me at my worst, and you’re still here. You deserve all the love I have to offer you.” There was a smile playing on Calum’s lips as you leaned in, and after a few seconds of his warm lips on yours, he broke apart to look into your eyes. “I love you too, (Y/n). So, so much.” As he leaned down again to reconnect his lips to yours.

A S H T O N: “In a city of fools, I was careful and cool, but they tore me apart like a hurricane.” (His POV)


“Promise me you won’t forget me, baby” She whispered into my neck. I never wanted to let her go, but that wasn’t going to happen. I had to go on tour, and even though I wanted to keep her by my side forever, I knew that wasn’t possible. “You say that like you think it’s possible,” I laugh without humor, trying to break the tension and sadness that’s hanging in the air. “Just.. please, Ash? Promise me you won’t forget about me” She said, her voice wavering with every word she spoke. “I promise, baby. I could never ever, not even in a million years, forget you.”

*2 months later*

I woke up as the sun shone through the streaky window of the hotel room. I looked around sleepily, and as my eyes landed on the figure beside me, my blood went ice cold. “Fuck!” I yell, startling my guest awake. “Hey baby,” she slurred, still not recovered from whatever she was drinking in the club last night. I felt sick to my stomach as the images from last night flooded back to my memory. She was nothing like (Y/n) was, but as intoxicated as I was last night, anything and everything was better than being alone for another night. “You need to leave.” I told her cooly. “Excuse me?” she said, shocked. “Leave. Now.” I said even firmer, glaring at her from across the bed. 'It’s not her fault you fucked up, Irwin,’  the little voice in my head told me. I squeezed my eyes shut, willing the images from a few hours ago away, not wanting them in my head, not wanting to be reminded of just how much of a shitty boyfriend I was. 'That you still are.. ya know, unless you tell her what happened.’ the voice in my head reminded tauntingly. I sighed, knowing this would possibly be the hardest conversation I’d ever have. I picked up my phone, silently counting the hours behind I was from home. It was about 11am where she was. I was wondering if she would even be out of bed yet, given the fact that it’s a Saturd- “Hello?” My thoughts were cut short when she answered with her beautifully groggy morning voice, my heart beginning to hammer in my chest, not wanting to start my day or hers like this. “Hey baby,” I said, using the name I knew would make her melt. “Oh! Ash, good morning my sunshine.” She said, suddenly full of life. I knew it would be hard, but prolonging it would make things even worse for her. “(Y/n), there’s something I need to tell you.” She heard the regret in my voice, and I assumed she knew what was coming, but that didn’t mask the fact that I’ve hurt her more than I ever meant. The silence on the other end was nerve-wracking, and I spoke slowly, “Before you say anything, just listen, okay?” She replied with a quiet, “Okay,” as I began again, “It was a mistake, a stupid, drunken mistake. She meant nothing, literally nothing, I love you so much and I was just so lonely and I just missed you so much I couldn’t be alone another night in this damn city. I have no one, ya know? A- and I- I fucked up so badly but I can’t lose you pl- please don’t give up on us.. Don’t give up on me, baby.” My breathing was uneven and the tears were flowing freely, but hearing her small sniffle on the other end was enough to break my heart. I knew she was done, she wasn’t gonna deal with my shit any more, and the clenching going on in my chest was almost unbearable. “I forgive you,” I heard her say through the phone. As my hopes began to rise, she continued, “I just don’t know if I can trust you anymore.” Her voice cracked at the end, and I felt my entire world start to slip away. “I understand completely,” I whispered to her, not wanting to upset her even more. “We can talk when you come back, okay?” She requested, and my voice wavered as I asked, “What are we now, then?” Her silence was enough of an answer. She gave a quiet, “I love you, Ash.” and I could hear the strain in her voice, trying to keep her composure. Before I could get any words to come out, anything to try and save our crumbling relationship, I heard the line go dead.

L U K E: “You were never a friend to me, you can keep all your misery.”

You walked through the door of the flat you shared with your boyfriend, Luke, tired from your day of working the cash register at the coffee shop down the road. You smiled, remembering the day you met Luke and how he’d spilt his iced tea over the counter, and how clumsy he was when he was nervous. You bounded up the stairs, making your way to your bedroom, coming to a halt when you see the door is closed and hearing small sniffles coming from inside the room.  You leaned against the door, and after heard the familiar cough of your boyfriend, you made your way quietly into the room. “Lukey?” you muttered, not wanting to startle him with your presence. “Lukey, what’s wrong babe?” you begged quietly, wanting nothing more but for the tears to stop. “Am- am I not good enough, (Y/n)?” he mumbled through his tears. You were so confused, what was he saying? Of course he was good enough, how could he ever think he’s not? “Luke, what are you talking about?” you demanded, wanting to know where this crazy notion of “not good enough” was coming from. He let out a defeated sigh and handed you his phone, which was opened to his twitter mentions. 'Luke isn’t even a good singer, idk why they let him lead the band.’ 'why did they even let you in the band like????’ 'get some singing lessons, maybe then you’d be more than just an opening act’  The words ignited something inside of you, and before Luke could take his phone back, you powered it off and threw it across the room where it landed lightly on the couch. He peered up at you from the bed, confusion on his face. You took his sad face into your hands and, making sure you had his full attention, you began, “Luke Robert Hemmings, if you weren’t "good enough”, would the biggest boy band in the world want to tour with your band.. twice might I add? If you weren’t “good enough”, would you be touring the world with your three best lads? Seriously, Lucas how many people can say they’ve gone from a garage band on YouTube to touring and meeting and collaborating with amazingly talented people and have their own record deal? How many people can say that?“ He looked at you with a glint in his eye as he mumbled, "Justin Bieber?” You smiled, glad your words were able to distract him from the dark place he was in a few moments ago, and you pulled him into a tight hug. “I love you, (Y/n),” Luke sighed, as he nuzzled his head into your neck. You smiled down at him, thinking how crazy it was that such a talented and amazing person could be so insecure. You reached into your purse and pulled out your phone, getting ready to send the biggest indirects of your life.

“@YourTwitterName: Honestly, if you can’t support my boyfriend, then you can shut your fucking mouth. #kthanks”

M I K E Y: “Give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty.”

You sat there silently staring at him, not knowing what else there was left to say but goodbye. Your bags were waiting in a heap by the door, and the only thing standing in your way was Michael. It was the fourth time this week you two had gotten into an argument, and it wasn’t a small thing, no, this was much bigger than him not doing the dishes or you not folding the clothes. “(Y/n), please say something” Michael urged, hating the silence that was practically choking him. You sighed and rolled your eyes, more frustrated than sad about the entire situation. The night hadn’t started off bad; in fact, you and Mike were actually getting along. You had made dinner and he had set up a blanket nest in front of the TV, and you thought, 'Hey, maybe tonight everything will turn itself around.’ But when he received a text from Cal asking if he wanted to go to the clubs, Michael had barely offered you an explanation as to why he was leaving before he was out the door. You couldn’t believe it.. well you could, but you sure as hell didn’t want to. You were beyond pissed, and you called Luke, who you had known wouldn’t have gone out with the boys. He said you could crash at his place for the time being, and didn’t ask for an explanation. You threw your things into a bag as the tears stung your eyes, trying to ignore the pain in your chest when you thought of how Michael would come home only to realize you’d left. But, as fate would have it, he had forgotten his wallet and walked into your shared flat just as you were walking out. He gave a confused glance before looking around, slowly realizing what was happening. So here you were, staring each other down, with the silence unbearable for both of you. “Get out of my way, Clifford.” you stated flatly. You weren’t bluffing, but you knew all you really wanted was to have him snatch your wrist and hold your body against his, and have him tell you he’s sorry he let the relationship get the way it did, but all he could do was stand there and stare at you, not wanting to end things like this, or at all for that matter. “No,” he whispered, “No!” he said again louder, coming to his senses. “You’re not leaving me, (Y/n)! I need you, okay? I fucking need you to be here for me when I get home from a shitty day of recording. I need you to be there for me when no one else is willing to deal with me and my shit. I need you to call me out on all the bullshit I do and to help me be a better person. I just- I really fucking need you, baby girl.” He choked out the last word and your chest felt as though it was about to burst out of happiness, finally getting the emotion out of Michael that you’d been craving for so long. You made your way to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around your smaller frame, almost as if he didn’t want to break you. “You know how shit I am with emotions, babe, but I really do love you.” he sighed into your hair. Your stomach gave a twist at his words, and you tightened your arms as you whispered into his neck, “I love you too, Clifford. So, so much.”

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mama’s tips 4 good living:

  • if someone throws the horns up @ u, throw em back
  • protect yr friends
  • keep yr promises as much as u can, but
  • learn to understand when keeping yr promises isn’t possible/healthy
  • evaluate the way u are being treated by those around u frequently and w the help of trusted friends. change unhealthy dynamics when u notice them
  • drink lots of water
  • take a nap if u need to
  • it’s okay to skip class/a work shift/an event. it’s okay to rest. it’s okay if that rest was not scheduled. things can flex around yr needs
  • fake it til u make it, but
  • it’s okay to be too tired to fake it and to let out a lot of bad emotions instead
  • do not ever be embarrassed of crying
  • do not ever be embarrassed of the things u love and enjoy
  • do not ever be afraid of putting yrself first