friends surprise birthday party

pinky promise

request: can you write something about Harry’s girlfriend throwing him a surprise 23rd birthday party with all his friends and he gets v drunk and just loves her a lot

no warnings.

“Love, do we have to go out tonight? I just want to stay home with you.” I smiled when I felt Harry’s arms go around my waist, pulling me to his chest.

“We already made reservations.” I turned in his arms, “Don’t be so lame, it’s gonna be fun, I promise. Besides, you won’t get to see your family next week since we’re flying back to L.A. and you know they want to see you for your birthday.“

"You’re right.” He kissed me briefly on the mouth, “Come on then.” He said, tugging me by the hand.

I smiled to myself as we left his flat, knowing that he had absolutely no clue what was waiting for him at the restaurant.

“What are you so happy about today?” Harry asked as we got out of the car.

I shrugged, “There’s lots to be happy about. Like how my boyfriend is the best guy in the world.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Stop being so corny you’re making me uncomfortable.” I laughed and he pulled me in his arms, kissing me again, “I feel the same way about you, you know.” He said tucking a hair behind my ear.

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Prompt #305: Imagine your OTP (1)

Imagine your OTP where Persons A + B always fight with each other but they have a common friend and they both plan a surprise party for Person C’s birthday.

+ if they find out about the other party and try to sabotage them

++ if they have to cooperate eventually

House Aesthetics
  • <b> Slytherin:</b> Bloodshot eyes and dark circles; wearing sunglasses at night; doing the opposite of what you're told to do; making smart remarks under your breath in serious situations; smirking with no specific reason; daydreaming about the places you'll visit one day; staying up until 4am with plans on starting a dictatorship; saving money for traveling; taking pictures of seemingly silly things, even a water bottle; listening to music so loud the person next to you on the bus can hear it; having few but precious friends; having late night conversations about random things;<p/><b>Gryffindor:</b> sneaking out in the middle of the night; getting drunk on cheap wine in the woods; pulling the silliest pranks; fighting over ways to overcome economical crises; sleeping over at a friend's house and acting like it's yours; truth or dares getting out of hand; kiss cam in the train station; going out with friends on a rainy day; having surprise parties on birthdays; expecting your college acceptance letter; swearing a lot; talking too fast;<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> Soft sweaters; getting excited for fall; stepping on dry leaves just to hear them crunch; finishing a good book; paint all over your face and hands after painting; the strings of the guitar beneath your fingers; eating popcorn and watching corny movies with friends; painting your nails in your favorite colours; your favorite fictional character has a happy ending; being awkward in social situations; old pajamas and new books; being awake at 3am in wikipedia, learning seemingly useless facts;<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> laughing hard with friends; the smell of freshly cooked cookies; telling stories over the fireplace; making bad puns; realizing you're alive; your mother's smile; complimenting strangers; going through family pictures; siblings playing together at the park; people smiling at the ground; hugging your best friend; noticing little things;

my friends threw me a birthday party, a surprise one? i’ve never had a surprise birthday party and i’ve always really wanted one????

back home i tried dropping so many hints and never got one, but here at college i said one thing and once, never expecting that my friend would actually put one on for me? but she did?? 

i was so surprised like i walked into our lounge and there were honest-to-god streamers and cutout flowers and freaking post-it note collages in the windows wishing me a happy birthday. ten people, ten whole real people collaborated to make this happen, there was a designated Diversion Person™ and everything, i just cannot believe that i have been so blessed with such kind friends

i just love my friends so much and they’re such genuinely great people

i cried :’) 

Holmes' Birthday

I am not quite sure why Lestrade and I thought that it would be a good idea. I suppose we were simply very glad to have Holmes back from the dead. In hindsight, it was not the best idea that either of us had ever had; it should have been obvious that it would take more than a three year long absence to cause our friend to enjoy parties.

“He’s coming!” hissed Inspector Gregson. “Quick! Places, everyone!”

Holmes entered the room and flicked on the lights. “Oh God no!” he groaned. “Why are you all lying in wait for me? Is this your idea, Watson? Mind your head! Yes, of course I can see you. I think that you had better come out from under there before you hurt yourself.”

Despite my old war wounds, I had squeezed into the shadows beneath Lestrade’s desk. I extracted myself gingerly.

“That’s better,” my friend remarked once we had all come out of hiding. “Now, perhaps you could kindly explain to me why I have been called here under false pretences, Lestrade?”

The little dark-eyed man frowned at him. “The idea was that we all throw you a party as a means of… well… we are all very glad to have you back with us.”

“You made that quite clear on the night when you arrested Colonel Moran. Besides, I have been ‘back with you’ for almost a year!”

The inspector nodded. “And you celebrate your birthday soon. I thought…”

“You thought that you would celebrate my birthday and the anniversary of my return now, so that I would not become suspicious.”

“Well… Yes.”

“In your office.”

He shook his head and smiled at my companion. “Of course we can’t celebrate here! There isn’t the room! Come with me.”

We followed behind as the inspector eagerly dragged the protesting detective down to the officers’ dining hall, which was still decorated for Christmas.

Hopkins handed Holmes a glass of champagne and offered him a smile. “We are glad to have you back,” he said quietly. “All of London mourned for you.”

My friend gazed into his glass solemnly for a moment and then returned the inspector’s smile with quiet thanks. He then cast a glance in my direction, a strange look which I could not decipher upon his face.

The party was rather a sombre affair as a result of Holmes’ quiet, almost pensive mood. Indeed, it reminded me rather of the wake that we had all attended after the fellow’s funeral rather than a celebration of his return.

All the same, I believe that the thought behind the gesture was not lost on my companion, for he thanked everyone warmly before we left for Baker Street.

“That was the most ridiculous idea that you and Lestrade have ever had,” Holmes informed me as I seated myself at his side in the cab.

“Sorry, Holmes, but you see…”

He smiled at me and rested his hand at my wrist. “I do see, yes. There is no need for you to explain or apologise, for I also missed you.” With that, he gave a quiet yawn and closed his eyes. “Just give me some warning the next time that you wish to surprise me, would you, old fellow?”

Exo reaction to you finally becoming an adult


*queen is jealous of the attention*
“ya ya.. your an adult now..”


*so happy for you*
“I brought you a puppy”


*happier then you are*
“omg your an adult now!!! We need to go shopping!!”


*He would not let you lift a finger on your birthday, he’d get you anything you want and let you relax for your whole birthday*


*He’d likely plan you a surprise birthday party only inviting your closest of friends.*


*He would probably prank you massively on your birthday, like getting angry at you or pretending like he completely forgot, but in the end of the day he would give you a well-thought out present*


*party hard*


*’IF’ he remembers he’ll probably get you something simple, knowing you don’t like big flashy presents. (probably writes you a song tbh)*


*prepares you anything that you want cuz he’s rich*


*He would do his best for a perfect birthday, but it would end up as a horrible disaster with absolutely nothing working out. At least the thought was there*


*would focus his whole attention on you, if you were in the mood your day would be a fun filled adventure and if you weren’t feeling it, you would watch tv and eat Cheetos*


“I will be your present tonight… ;))”

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So today my friends will throw a surprise birthday party for me and my friend but we know about it so it won’t be a surprise for us, but for the guests. Me and my friend will be hidden inside the house and when everyone is gathered around the front door waiting for us we will come out from behind them screaming SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS! How cool is that?


Imagine being Merlin’s birthday and you throwing a surprise party for him.

Ps: not my gifs

Y/N: So do you like it?
Merlin: I love it, but you didn’t have to.

After that Merlin hugged you and thanked you, for the wonderful party you did in his honor