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Some more character appreciation sketches for Disney’s Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) and some Lady Tremaine (Cinderella). Mainly exploring different expressions for her appreciation blog ( maleficent1959 ) Feel free to request if you wanna see other doodles!

Bonus! Maleficent finally gets invited to a gathering– it’s all she ever wanted to begin with. The surprise birthday party was her dear friend, the Evil Queen’s idea~ The last sketch was inspired by this song (it came out a year after SB was released!)

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Hi Sophie! I was wondering if you knew of some good enemies to lovers fics. The length or rating doesn't matter. Thanks for all that you do ❤️

oh my god yes, i have a few. not that it’s my favourite trope or anything

Enemies to lovers

  • Lightning Strikes the Heart [4/4] by @thebravestprincess. what can i say about this one? it has it all. it’s long ( this is how enemies to lovers is supposed to be. there is running in both directions. you’re gonna be exasperated at times but the resolution will be worth it
  • A Thin Line by @curiousthingdarkness​ Killian Jones and Emma Swan have at least one thing in common: their mutual hatred for each other. When a work assignment forces them to be around each other they discover that perhaps the lines between emotions are sometimes difficult to distinguish. (Modern CS AU) 
  • settle on down with me by @saramck​ Killian has a soft spot for blondes in yellow rain coats and cut-off jean shorts. Emma has a soft spot for punching country boys with dirty mouths.~7,000 words / Rated T
  • strangeness and charm and edit by @bluestoplights​  Killian Jones is a pirate captain down on his luck after a falling out with the Evil Queen. Emma Swan just found out she was the Savior. Their shared goals bring them on an epic quest to liberate the kingdom once and for all. It’s a lot easier said than done.
  • No Way In Hell and edit by @effulgentcolors​  Heartthrob Killian Jones and Hollywood’s ice queen Emma Swan are chasing their dreams, hating each other since before their first meeting and thinking they will just have to tolerate the other while the shooting of their latest movie lasts. But there’s some fine print on their contracts and it seems that they don’t know quite what they have signed up for, both on and off set.
  • Rack ‘em Up by @always-a-slut-for-pirates​   Emma and Killian are professional pool players that both live in Boston and frequent the same pool hall. Emma had always found him insufferable. But when fate forces her to get to know the man behind the cocky attitude she starts to question everything she thought she knew. 
  • Unfinished Business by @ive-always-been-a-pirate Having her bakery on the block adjacent to that stupid floral shop had always been so frustrating for Emma Swan. It was just her luck that the place’s owner, an arrogant Irishman named Killian Jones, thrived on pressing her buttons and making life as a small business owner so complicated. So what will happen when two stubborn people unexpectedly start mixing business with pleasure? 
  • Kindred Spirits by @captndevil​  Emma Swan hates Killian Jones - he’s arrogant and self centered but she’s stuck with him for the foreseeable future with them running in the same circles. What happens when she agrees to go camping with her friends, Killian included, and what will happen when she has to get in a car with him, alone? Modern AU. 
  • Crossing Party Lines by @onceuponajollyroger  Captain Swan, Modern AU: When Emma Nolan teams up with her brother’s best friend, and her personal rival, Killian Jones, to plan the ultimate surprise birthday party, Emma’s the one who is in for quite a surprise. 
  • Shut Up and Dance With Me by @passing-fanciful  The weather outside is frightful, leaving Emma and Killian trapped alone together in David’s New Hampshire cabin with a lot of unresolved feelings and no place to go. 
  • I Choose You by @mayquita  When Emma Swan’s brother and his fiancee decide to get married, she suddenly becomes the maid of honor. Although she is not very fond of weddings, her sister-in-law-to-be assigns her a mission, helping her with the wedding photographer’s choice. What she didn’t expect is that they are the ones who need to be chosen by the photographer, who turns out to be an insufferable Irishman. His name, Killian Jones.
  • Don’t Like You, Maybe I Do by @ahsagitarius

For my wonderful Sasha, may you have a fabulous birthday! С днем рождения @some-people-call-it-tragic​ 

(I hope I got that right and didn’t just call you a blind squirrel in Russian or something even worse.)

“Tell me, did you enjoy yourself tonight, Dean?”

Dean forced himself to look up from where he’d been absentmindedly staring at the glass in his hand, taking a sip of his remaining whiskey before offering Cas a slow nod.

“Yeah, Cas… Yeah, that was nice.”

Castiel -who was sitting right beside him, their knees touching-, nodded too, mirroring Dean. “Sam insisted on inviting some friends over for your birthday, I wasn’t sure you’d appreciate a surprise party, but I trusted his judgment.”

Shaking his head, Dean huffed in amusement. “I figured… It’s fine, it was good seeing everyone again.”

A silence fell, and Dean noticed how soft music was still playing in the background, even though the guests were long gone. His mom had been there, and Jody, and Donna, and some of their other fellow hunters. Even Claire had tagged along; she’d given him a dorky birthday card that jokingly spelled the message ‘congratulations, old man’.

Dean had laughed about it good-naturedly, of course. That was typical Claire.

And yet, now that the only ones left were him and Cas, along with a lot of empty glasses and some leftover snacks, he found that it nagged him. Because even if it had been an ongoing joke between them, she wasn’t wrong. Dean wasn’t getting any younger.

“I can almost hear the gears turning in your head.” Cas muttered, and Dean felt a hand carefully grazing his knee. “Something is wrong, isn’t it?”

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Dancing On My Own: Part 1

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language, Drinking, and Angst

Word Count: 637

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. While he had harbored secret feelings for you over the last few years he had always told himself if it was meant to happen it would. You were one of his closest friends, and the thought of losing you because of his own feelings paralyzed him. He hadn’t planned on Steve building up the sudden courage to ask you out on a casual date. Even as your relationship with Steve progressed Bucky held out hope that you would realize Steve wasn’t the man for you. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: This story came to me in bits and piece as I listened to “Dancing on My Own.” Everyone knows I’m a sucker for angst.

I love hearing from all of you! Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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Bucky sighed to himself as he turned back to the bar. He couldn’t continue to watch Steve twirling you on the dance floor – or the way you looked at Steve as you smiled brightly at him. He felt sick to his stomach with jealousy. He drained his glass of scotch and grimaced as he internally chastised himself for thinking of his best friend’s girl.

“I told you – you should have said something to her years ago,” Nat’s voice rang out beside him.

“Easier said than done,” he muttered miserably as he turned to look at the spectacle yet again. Steve had thrown you a surprise birthday party with all of your closest friends, and you were having the time of your life. “I just…” Bucky stopped himself before he could finish his sentence. It was bad enough to think it – he couldn’t bring himself to say it too.

“I know,” Nat replied softly with a sad smile as she placed her hand over Bucky’s. She had been the only person he had confided his feelings to when he was no longer able to keep them to himself. Of course he should have just manned up and told you to begin with. Maybe if he had done so he would be the one dancing with you and not Steve. Bucky groaned as he ran his hands through his hair.

“Come on Barnes,” Nat replied as she grabbed ahold of his hand.

“Where are we going?” he asked puzzled.

“I’m taking you dancing,” she replied with a grin as he reluctantly followed her to the dance floor.

You were having the time of your life as Steve twirled you around. “Okay, stop stop!” You squealed, completely out of breath, as he brought your body close to his. “Some of us aren’t super soldiers!” you laughed as Steve chuckled. “Where’s Bucky?” you asked concerned as you scanned the dance floor.

“Over there with Nat,” Steve responded as he threw his chin in the direction of his best friend, who was laughing as he twirled Nat around. You felt a sudden pang of jealousy that you quickly swallowed down. You reasoned with yourself that you were just being protective of your best friend.

“How long has that been going on?” You asked – not masking your annoyance as well as you had hoped.

Steve laughed. “Buck’s a grown man – he can take care of himself Y/N. I assure you,” he responded as he squeezed you tightly to him.

You had been with Steve for over a year now, and most of it had been great. He was always the gentleman, and always went out of his way to go the extra mile. He was quite the fan of grand romantic gestures – which you appreciated. However, even with how great Steve had been you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. You had been trying to bury that nagging feeling desperately – how could something be missing when you were dating Captain America? There was just no way. Nevertheless, you were completely shocked when the music stopped, and Steve went down on one knee to the gasps of your friends.

Bucky froze at the sight of Steve lowering himself. “This cannot be fucking happening,” he muttered as Natasha crashed into him with an audible “Hey!”

“Oh shit,” Nat whispered as she followed Bucky’s gaze.

More than anything Bucky wanted to disappear. He couldn’t believe what was unfolding before him as Steve fished out a small box from his pocket and opened it to the oooohs and ahhhs of the crowd. Bucky’s eyes met yours and he swallowed hard. For a split second he noticed that your eyes seemed glazed over with fear – not excitement like those around you, and he silently prayed that the next words out of your mouth would be “No.”

Part Two

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A mess of domestic evak headcanons just because:
  • If they moved into a new place, imagine them bickering at IKEA over what furniture to buy (who knew Even was so particular with colour schemes, then again he is an artist)
  • Even would buy a bunch of paint and blank canvas’ and paint paintings to hang up around their apartment (each one that pops up is a fond memory to look at because Isak has never seen Even as content as when he’s drawing and painting them)
  • They 100% have a gaming corner/room that has a pull out sofa in it so they can cuddle and play games at the same time
  • Even of course cooks the most but he’s teaching Isak, and Isak is really trying, but it’s hard to focus when your teacher is as attractive as Even
  • They dance around the kitchen to all kinds of music, singing along, and Even still grins so big whenever he gets Isak to belt out a pop song
  • Maybe they get a pet and it becomes Even’s emotional support animal (I’m imagining a cat) and Isak loves it not only because it helps Even, but it also makes their place really feel like a home
  • PILLOW FORTS. For the first month or so they don’t even own a sofa, they just sit on a mountain of pillows
  • Movie marathons; it quickly becomes tradition to watch at least two movies every Saturday and even months later they still haven’t gotten through all the ones Even’s seen
  • Even has a habit of over excitedly talking through the movies about the scripts or the lighting or the music, and Isak has a habit of kissing him when he does because Isak loves hearing Even talk about the things he’s passionate about
  • They actually get into the habit of doing laundry, though it takes forever because they get distracted kissing every ten minutes
  • They have a wall of Polaroids because Even ‘wants to be able to hold the memories in his hand’ at first Isak doesn’t see the point, but as the collection grows, he gets the appeal and then he’s taking them too
  • Some days they’ll just sit by the window (like when they were getting to know each other) cuddling, watching the world go by; they don’t really talk in those moments but they don’t need to, having each other there is enough
  • Isak handles most of the bills, he’s pretty good at maths as well as biology and Even will sometimes call him ‘my genius kjæreste’ and it makes Isak blush every single time
  • Even has a spot (which Isak refers to as Even’s happy place) in the apartment that is filled with sketch pads, pens, paint etc. as well as a record player, where Even can go to if he needs to escape reality (this mostly happens when he can’t sleep, Isak has found him asleep there more than once)
  • For the first time since he was a child, Isak feels at home. Living with Eskild, Linn and Noora came close, but something about this place being just for them, makes it extra special
  • They have a rule that parties will only happen there when they plan them, this is their safe space, they don’t want it ruined by parties 24/7
  • Surprisingly their friends stick too this rule (with the exception of a surprise birthday party for Isak that is)
pinky promise

request: can you write something about Harry’s girlfriend throwing him a surprise 23rd birthday party with all his friends and he gets v drunk and just loves her a lot

no warnings.

“Love, do we have to go out tonight? I just want to stay home with you.” I smiled when I felt Harry’s arms go around my waist, pulling me to his chest.

“We already made reservations.” I turned in his arms, “Don’t be so lame, it’s gonna be fun, I promise. Besides, you won’t get to see your family next week since we’re flying back to L.A. and you know they want to see you for your birthday.“

"You’re right.” He kissed me briefly on the mouth, “Come on then.” He said, tugging me by the hand.

I smiled to myself as we left his flat, knowing that he had absolutely no clue what was waiting for him at the restaurant.

“What are you so happy about today?” Harry asked as we got out of the car.

I shrugged, “There’s lots to be happy about. Like how my boyfriend is the best guy in the world.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Stop being so corny you’re making me uncomfortable.” I laughed and he pulled me in his arms, kissing me again, “I feel the same way about you, you know.” He said tucking a hair behind my ear.

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so came home from work today, took a nap, and family an friends surprised me with an early birthday party when i woke up…this was my cake lol thank you @whoever the artist is on the picture they took!!! i guess she chose dva because she knew i cosplayed as her/have a lot of dva merch :,) so cute

INFJ Confession #3012

I hate that I always figure things out. The other day my friends were planing a surprise birthday party for me but it was so obvious I just knew immediately what they were up to. It’s so annoying at times.


My bf and I went to our friends surprise birthday party on Saturday. and then I had to wake up at 5 for an all day work event on Sunday. 😏

I still need a nap. And a workout. I haven’t had a real workout since Thursday. Cash me in the gym tonight, how boh dah.

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I might be very late to the party, but Reiner for the headcanon meme? All of your answers are amazing and I love them!

You’re never too late to the party, Allison! Thank you for the ask! Note: This is gonna be a mix of canon and modern, sometimes mixed even within a bullet point. 

  1. Reiner is the Team Dad to Mikasa’s Team Mom. He’s the go-to guy for advice, from fixing a flat tire to improving training techniques to bandaging a broken heart. He’s a great listener, and always knows exactly what to say. He’s also the one that makes sure his friends are taking care of themselves; he ensures that they’re eating and sleeping and aren’t running themselves into the ground. He cares so much about his friends, and has no problems with being the ‘leader’ of the group to keep everyone happy.
  2. He’s wickedly smart. He gets all A’s with very little effort. Even in college, when he does have to amp up his studying a little bit, he has no problems getting good grades. Academics come naturally to him. 
  3. He’s also very athletic. Reiner’s main sport was football, but he played most of the common sports throughout his childhood (soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.) 
  4. He is so sarcastic, it’s not funny. He could go on for hours of witty banter with Ymir or Jean, even Annie and Bertholdt. It’s very amusing. 
  5. He’s an only child, (canon: his parents had trouble conceiving. modern: his dad died when he was seven. Sad, I know, but this is just how my mind’s worked it out, and I can’t change it.) But his aunt, uncle, and little cousins live with him, so he’s like an older brother to them, and has all those oldest child, older brother mentalities. 
  6. Bertholdt is his best friend, and Reiner is Bertholdt’s best friend. They grew up together, and mean a lot to each others lives (whether you ship them romantically or not.) 
  7. He’s very slow to anger. Reiner has a generally laid back personality when it comes to people, and it takes a lot to get on his bad side. He’ll usually remain neutral in arguments unless someone is being way out of line, or they’ve insulted him or Bertl or Annie personally. And even then, he’s able to keep his temper in check to have a level-headed conversation to end the argument instead of letting it get out of hand. 
  8. He’s an adept strategist. He’s a formidable opponent in board games cause he always seems to be one step ahead of you.
  9. He seems super smooth, but he can be utterly hopeless around those he likes. He will say the dorkiest things because his filter disappears around people he knows he’s into. But he can also be so freaking romantic and sweet when he has time to think about it.
  10. Reiner is the kind of friend who will throw you a surprise party for your birthday, who will bring you ice cream if he knows you’ve had your heart broken, who will offer you his arm if your walking on a sidewalk slippery with ice. He’s a very considerate, caring person, and does all he can to help others. It’s just part of who he is.

Character Headcanon Asks

Forgetful (Request)

Please can you do a sad oneshot where Harry forgets your birthday but plans a surprise party for another friend instead with a happy ending x


There were a lot of things you hated about your birthday being in December. When you were growing up, birthday parties had been hit or miss depending on how much snow was on the ground that particular day. Not to mention that your birthday was two weeks before Christmas which meant that nobody was thinking about the fact that it was your birthday.

When you had started dating Harry several months earlier, the one thing you really liked about him was how much he paid attention to details. On your first date, he had started asking every question he could think of about you and your life; he wanted to know everything.

So when you woke up the morning of your birthday to find Harry already gone from the other side of the bed, part of you had a sneaking suspicion that your birthday had something to do with it. Although you didn’t want to get your hopes up, you couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to.

As the day progressed, you got a few calls and texts and Facebook messages from people wishing you a Happy Birthday, but you didn’t see Harry at all. By the time the afternoon rolled around you finally decided to text him just to see what he was up to.

Hey babe, whatcha doin?

Hey love, sorry. I meant to text you earlier to see if you were up but I’ve been super busy.

No worries. I’ve just been taking it easy. :) Are you planning on being here for dinner?

I’m not, but I was going to invite you to come with me tonight. It’s [friend’s name] birthday and we’re having a big party for him. That’s why I’ve been running around all day, trying to plan it.

You felt your stomach drop when you read the text. The realization that Harry had been away all day because he was planning a party for someone else and not you hit you like a thousand pound weight right on your heart.

Harry had forgotten your birthday.

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