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Types of Boys: flower edition

Daisy boys: good listener, compares himself too much, loves his friends and family, has been through a lot but is happy, enjoys games, sports & nature

Rose boys: soft, likes art museums and oceans, feels lost about the future, deep thoughts, daydreams about a cozy domestic life, has a talent for literature

Sunflower boys: smells nice, fear of bugs, beautiful smile, amazing huggers, acts like they aren’t sad, a bit shy, puts others’ happiness first, loves dogs

Hydrangea boys: analytical and intelligent, wants to travel, great at teaching, gets good grades without really trying, cute lopsided smile, witty, likes memes

Violet boys: kind of a rebel, acts cold but is just sad a lot, wears hoodies a lot, sporty, cares too much about everything, enjoys sunrises, tries their best