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midnight drive [m]

summary: the waiter at a new restaurant is more than dashing and he catches every fragment of your attention. good thing you decide to stay after hours, to which he gladly offers a late night drive to you that only escalates into something more.

pairing: waiter!johnny & reader insert

includes: fluff, smut (car sex, fingering, oral, penetration)

wc: 12.2k

note: I know the cover picture is a sunset, but I couldn’t find a good photo of a midnight drive ;~; Anyway i hope you guys like my new fic! I used johnnys korean name by the way—i was really torn on which of his name to use… haha

It had been a monotonous day.

Ever since you woke early dawn for your morning run with your close friend and roommate, Yuju, you had been nothing but drained; your energy was gone like the wind. You did not get enough sleep to begin with and dealing with the drone-like strangers on the streets, a grumbling stomach—everything—was an arduous chore. She proposed the idea of going out for dinner again at her favorite local restaurant—one of the few places you actually despised because you found the food quite distasteful. But due to the many times you resisted ensconcing yourself within the confinements of the dim, fancy restaurant you finally complied with Yuju to eat there once.

You spent your day pacing the apartment as Yuju ran errands; you sometimes wasted hours by staring at the flickering television. Then, once she arrived back to the apartment on the dot of seven o’clock, she pestered you to get ready and kept the angry question of why you were lounging on the couch locked in her chest. You responded with a groan and pulled yourself from the sofa to drag yourself into the restroom.

You freshened up with a quick shower and minimal makeup, tossing on a dress nicer than usual and giving you the pop of spendthrift. You waited patiently in the kitchen for Yuju, who was taking her sweet time in perfecting the minor particulars of her makeup and hair. You were leaning on the counter, lips pursed into a pout as you dreaded the upcoming dinner. The food at Yuju’s favorite restaurant was nothing but bland to you, and you groaned at the thought of the given sustenance.

Yuju finally waltzed out of the bedroom appearing resplendent than most normal patrons, a bright smile sheening her face more than the diamond necklace that looms from her neck. Her shoulder length hair curved perfectly inwards, providing the appearance of a black sea of silk. “We’re just going out to dinner,” you commented with an eye roll.

“And I gotta look my best!” she responded while grabbing onto her keys. “Come on, I want to beat the line.”

You stepped out of the apartment and began walking to her vehicle. “If you spent half the time you did on your makeup, we would have skipped the line.”

Yuju only smiled. Inside her lean black vehicle she prepared to drive; the engine purred and she turned up the pop tunes of her fresh radio. She stirred up mindless conversations amidst the transport, rapidly jumping from topic to topic—probably from excitement of eating at her favorite restaurant. After all, it was not everyday for you to agree to an annoying event.

She parked close to the curb messily, moving slow and careful as her head turned to peer back, then to the front. Your fingers were drumming on your thighs as she steadied the car, and when she finally parked it close to flawlessness you felt as if you found a solace.

You and Yuju exited the lean black vehicle with a scenic smile, feet meeting the sidewalk as heads turn your way. You were gawking at the familiar sights, taking in the known scenery and recognizable architecture, and amidst the moment something different caught your eye—no, someone.

There was a waiter in Yuju’s favorite restaurant across the street serving drinks to a table outdoors, a shining beam gracing his expression. His hair swept over his forehead in a handsome manner, and the uniform he adorned seemed as if it was immaculately tailored for him specifically—because he looked that perfect. You felt your face get hot, a hopeless grin painting on your face and it matched his own.

“Are you ready to go?” Yuju asked you, shattering your reverie.

“Huh?” Your body jolted from her words and you flashed your attention back to her. “Ah, y-yeah.”

Yuju looked to where your attention was directed: right at her premier restaurant—the one that you found distasteful. She raised an eyebrow, piecing together two and two because you were never interested in what her loveable restaurant had to offer to eat. Then, it hit her. It was not the food—nothing like the outstanding drinks that came in an array of colors—it was a man, the waiter, that caught your eye.

And in that very moment, eating at the once despised restaurant did not appear all-too-bad.

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Young!remus Headcanons

Here are a couple Remus Lupin headcanons that have been in my mind for a while and I’m too lazy to write:

-He prefers tea over coffee, but on days after the full moon, he drinks about three cups of coffee a day.

-However, he prefers hot chocolate over anything else.

-He is bisexual, but never really explores being with guys (think what you want, but I personally don’t think Wolfstar ever happened).

-His favorite season is autumn, followed by summer. 

-He never really got into politics until he graduated from Hogwarts and was confronted with the First Wizarding War.

-He’s utter trash at quidditch.

-The sorting hat was leaning forwards putting him in Ravenclaw based off of his intelligent, wise soul, until it found that he has been a werewolf since the age of four and immediately called out Gryffindor.

-He’s a major horndog.

-He either gets up at the crack of dawn or stays sleeping until late afternoon. There is no in between.

-He did develop depression after what happened on the 31st of October, 1981.

-He was very close with Peter and found him to be his best friend towards the later years at Hogwarts.

-He truly did not enjoy studying, but found that he loved getting good grades more than he hated studying.

-He planned most of the Marauders’ pranks in Hogwarts.

-He only got detention eight times throughout all seven years.

-When asked who their favorite student was, most of the teachers said Remus Lupin (Professor Slughorn said Lily Evans, obviously).

-Everyone thought that Lily was cheating on James with Remus because they were such good friends (she was not, of course. They were only ever friends).

-He got very outgoing when he was drunk.

-He always had a sarcastic, witty comeback but often only mumbled it to the other three.

-He was rubbish at hiding his chocolate but because he would get so angry when somebody stole it, everyone knew not to.

-He was as, if not more, mischievous than James and Sirius but was much better at not getting caught.

-He has a very contagious laugh when he really laughs. (And even when he just grins).

-He’s quite lanky but his arms got very muscular around seventh year.

which made him even more attractive

-He’ll only ever let the Marauders call him Moony (Lily and you excluded).

-His mom was one of his best friends.

-(This one is kinda canon already but whatever) Remus hated talking about his lycanthropy, even with the Marauders. 

-He had a very low self esteem.

Sketches (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Jughead Jones x reader, Reader is an artist with a crush on Jughead and the feelings are mutual but have never been addressed. One day Juggy finds readers sketchbook forgotten at his house and sees drawings of him (some are of other things and people, but mostly him) ranging from cute and innocent to erotic and sensual moments between them. He confronts her and it’s a cute, fluffy mess full of long kisses and touches and azkdfuvbv please?

A/N: This is super cute and I hope I did it justice!


Sketches (Jughead x Reader)

(Y/N) was known around Riverdale for her art. Sketches, Paintings, Anything she could get her hands onto turned into beautiful pieces of art.

A lot of homes around town even had at least one or more pieces by her. She was the town’s artist since she was 9 years old.

She’s painted portraits the Blossoms, a scene from the diner for Pops, many other beautiful settings around town for others to see the beauty of their town.

But the one thing that she loved to draw the most was a boy named Jughead Jones lll.

They had been best friends since what feels like the dawn of time. Hell (Y/N) had introduced Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper to Her beloved Jughead.

Now in Sophomore year of High School, everyone but Jug knew of her crush on him. They insisted it was mutual but she just never saw it. It wasn’t until Jughead himself saw the sketches she tried so hard to hide, that he decided to tell her.

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Set directly after season 2 with some liberties taken. Based off a tumblr post that suggested Lena lives at her office. When Kara finds out, she insists that Lena comes to live with her. Shenanigans ensue.

Sorry if this sucks, I probably should have waited another day to post it but I had to get it out! Let me know what you think!

Read it on AO3 -

Lena never really thought she would miss having an apartment to go home to.

She spends so much time at L-Corp that an apartment would simply be an added cost, another thing for her already overworked brain to keep up with. Which is exactly why she hadn’t went apartment hunting on arrival to National City.

She originally only meant to stay in National City for a few weeks - to ensure that things were running smoothly at the new L-Corp branch before heading back to Metropolis.

But then Kara had happened.

Kara with her sunny smiles and her unfaltering friendship.

And somewhere between the brunches and late night donuts, Lena had decided to stay in National City. Because Metropolis may be her home city but she can never look at it the same, not since Kara. She had called Kara her only friend in National City, but really she had pushed any other friends she had away a long time ago.

It’s easier that way, less disappointing. Better for them if they stay away from the Luthor name.

It’s why she had left Jack.

No need to taint his wondrous research with her name - it would damn him from the start.

But Kara, Kara is different.

Kara doesn’t care about her last name.

Kara is the best friend she doesn’t deserve.

And so she had stayed - weeks had turned into months; and maybe she’s a workaholic and maybe she has commitment issues; but the house hunt had never happened.

And now here she is, over a year later, living in her office.

Most of the time it doesn’t bother her.

She works late anyway, having a bed the next room over is just common sense.

It’s efficient, it saves time.

But right now, she wants nothing more than to go home.

Only she doesn’t have a home.

She laughs mirthlessly.

National City’s richest CEO and she doesn’t even have a place to call home.

How fitting.

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funny story

When I was in high school the policy was that you couldn’t have hats or backpacks in the hallways, they were to be stored in a locker.

So one Friday I’m walking into school with a group of my friends and a couple of us are going to the same section of lockers. The evil vice principal, forget her name so I’ll say Mrs. G, who gave all my friends (and myself) a hard time constantly was in the front of school ‘welcoming’ students. Obviously since we’d all just gotten there we still had our bags with us.  She sees us with our bags and shouts over the noise in the hall to “go to our lockers and put away your bags!” A younger me, already at the peak of authoritative resentment for having been lawfully contracted to wake up for school at the crack of dawn every day and relinquish my constitutional right to freedom, decided to utter a counter retort. Only when I said “where does it look like we’re going stupid” some magical force had quieted the hallway just enough for my voice to be loud.

Immediately I was faced with a life changing decision, accept the consequences of my actions and wait for her to waddle through the crowd, or option B. So I bolted up the crowded stairs- the 2 lines of students heading up or down the narrow stairs had apparently all heard my dilemma play out and were sympathetic because the stairway parted like the red sea with everyone shifting to the side. My friends and the rest of the hall of students assisted my escape, closing the path back up as I’d gotten through.

The rest of the day I avoided Mrs. G. Since she probably didn’t know my name I made it through all my classes without getting called to the office. I was home free, a celebration for my friend group.

I got to the school basketball game that night and low and behold one of the 2 vendor/ticket people you give your name to was Mrs.  G. From that day on she knew my name.

Take it Out on Me | 3

Summary: Yoongi/Reader/Hoseok. When your boyfriend neglects you one too many times, the only thing left for you to do is run to his best friend for comfort.
Genre: Angst
Words: 2,787
Warnings: Cheating

Disclaimer: The plot idea is not mine and the two first chapters were written by @btsfiles. I am merely continuing it, with her permission.

-Admin Mari

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 (by @btsfiles)

Originally posted by leojuseyo

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anonymous asked:

Do you like animals? If so, what's your favorite animal?

Korekiyo: “For a favorite animal, I must say that I love dogs. 

Korekiyo: They’ve been through so much with humans, basically since the dawn of time.

Korekiyo: That’s why they’re man’s best friend, yes?”

I Need My Girl Ch. 1 | Roomates AU

Her is the first chapter of a new fic I’m writing. It’s a slow burn roomates au with eventual smut and a whole lot of fluff. Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together in NYC and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. What could go wrong? Here it goes.

Words: 1580

Warnings: Smut down the road and some pining. Things about to happen man. This might make you cry.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

 I don’t want your body  
 But I hate to think about you with somebody else  
 Our love has gone cold  
 You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else

 The 1975

They told each other everything, ever since they were little kids, everything except the fact that they both have had a thing for each other ever since each could remember.

But Betty had commitment issues and was never going to give up the one person who mattered the most. She didn’t believe in falling in love, at least romantically. She invited both boys and girls into her bed, but she always had them leave in the morning.

She didn’t even believe she was capable of that kind of love, she cared, so much, but never in that way for anyone. She felt as if every person she ever talked to, or kissed was just destined to fade away or for her to become uninterested.

Jughead was the only one she ever kept for herself.

He always belonged to her, over their 2 am conversations, over when her mom kicked her out in high school, and even when she went college in another state. He was always there for her; there was an understanding between them. He was hers.

Jughead, truthfully was always waiting for Betty to wake up and change her mind. As he saw each girl and boy enter and exit out the doors, he wondered whether she’d ever get over it.

Loving her was never for the sake of pining or wanting to get laid.

It was more than that.

He hated seeing her push away everyone. Yet she never pushed him away. He was always there to pick up the popcorn and turn on the movie so she wouldn’t have to talk about it. But all he wanted was to talk about it. The elephant in the room was holding over his head ever since high school.

But he loved her, and he knew she didn’t want that, she’s never wanted anything-long term.

He just couldn’t tell whether it was because she didn’t have it in her or that she just couldn’t connect.

Her parents fucked her up for sure, but so did his. They were both royally fucked up, overbearing mothers and alcoholic dads weren’t a piece of cake. Maybe they were both too fucked up for each other he thought.

Betty shrugged on her leather jacket as she grabbed her keys to her red Camaro, just about the walk out the door.

“Hey, where are you going Blondie? I thought we had a movie date tonight.” Jughead asked, as Betty was half way through the door. Betty’s head proceeded to slump over a bit as she closed her eyes. She had forgotten he thought.

“Jughead, I’m sorry but Ronnie just called and…” She said in a panicked tone, trailing off.

“And you have fuck date with her.” Jughead stated, eyes empty holding his stare. Her green eyes flitted out of his view, avoiding his gaze.

“Yeah, but you know like c’mon, a girl’s gotta get some!” Betty insisted as she tried to close the door behind her.

“Yeah, I mean… yeah! Go have fun. I’ll see you later.” Jughead stated as he forced a fake smile. It was getting harder to fake it, but yet again there he was watching her smile as she ran out the door.

He pulled out his phone and called the only person who would be free at such late notice.

“Hey Archie, up for a movie night? My microwave has some popcorn with your name on it.” Jughead said into the tone trying to sound sincere. He heard Archie laugh over the phone.

“Betty ditch you again?” Archie asked already knowing the answer. Every time Betty bailed on him Archie was always the one Jughead would go to. Trying to explain 25 years of love and complications to someone new sounded like hell for Jughead, and truly Archie was the only one who fully understood the situation. Archie was the only one who knew Jughead’s secret sad affair. An affair behind closed doors unnoticed by the beautiful Elizabeth Cooper. The girl next door that Archie used to hold a torch for but quickly got over the minute he started noticing things. Things like Betty dating, Jughead never dating, and the long glances left between the two. It wasn’t Archie’s job to get involved, he knew that. But watching Betty emotionally detach herself from everything and Jughead never getting over her and not doing anything about it was one of the hardest things to watch. The two were just so damn in love he thought.

“I can’t fool you can I?” Jughead quipped as a sad smile fell on his face.

“No you can’t. I’ll be over in twenty minutes.”


“I still don’t understand why she didn’t just visit him! I mean it’s the 1940s not the ice age, there are cars. And why wasn’t the mom arrested, it’s illegal to go through someone else’s mail! The shouldn’t have named it The Notebook , they should of named it Crazy Rich Mother Spoils Pure Love, Oh And They Die .” Archie argued with tears down his eyes. The Notebook always made Archie cry.

Jughead sat there smiling his ass off, looking at Archie distressed and grasping the couch pillow as he continued on with his speech.

“I know but c’mon, it’s a classic tragedy. Circling around each other their whole lives, finally ending it all together. It’s bittersweet, but… beautiful.” He answered as he went over to his dvd collection, looking for a safe movie. Archie definitely needed something lighthearted, no dead animals, no long lost loves. So no Disney.

“Jughead just cause you have a boner for constant heartbreak does not mean The Notebook is a good movie.” Archie fired back as he stuffed another huge handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“You just don’t like the movie because Sabrina said Ryan Gosling was hotter than you.”

Archie winced as Jughead mentioned Sabrina’s name. Jughead wasn’t the only one with a broken heart Jughead thought to himself.

“Oh my god, don’t even get me started on her. What a mistake.”

“You know I think she’d say the same about you Arch.”

“WE WERE ON A BREAK!” Archie exclaimed, clearly he was still not over it.

“THAT DIDN’T WORK ON FRIENDS AND IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK FOR YOU.” Jughead said, imitating Archie’s whiny tone.

To this Archie let out an over exaggerated ‘ugh.’ As Jughead slid the dvd of the movie Juno into the player and hit play.

About an hour had passed by when Jughead heard the door open with a thud. Archie turned his head as he saw it.

There was Betty Cooper, wrapped up in the arms of her newest fuck buddy, a girl about the same height as Betty with raven black hair. Betty sure had a type Archie thought to himself. The couple hadn’t noticed them 30 feet away sitting on the living room couch as they moved forward towards Betty’s room down the hall, pulling each other’s clothes off in the process.

Archie looked over at Jughead. His eyes were empty, focused on the pair, his eyebrows furrowed and then Archie saw it. The sad look in his eyes, the longing look as his blue eyes darkened and his cheeks flushed. He could see Jughead bite the inner part of his cheek and his jaw clench. It was like whiplash.

Betty and the girl now had disappeared and a set of sounds started to emit from the hall. Jughead turned his back to the TV, watching the next scene in the movie.

“Are-uh, you okay?” Archie asked softly, barely making a sound.

“Yeah, it’s just you know, good for her getting out there and getting some. Go her.”

Jughead didn’t even try to sound happy. He knew that his words were total bullshit. And in truth, his whole body was numb at the picture appearing in his head. The moans approaching weren’t helping either. He turned up the volume on the TV trying to drown it out.

“Does she do that a lot? Bring…guests over in the middle of the night for you to see.”

“I don’t think she thinks anything of it. She shares everything with me, it’s not like she’s ever tried to hide her dating to me before. Why start being discreet now?”

She doesn’t share everything with you Jug is what Archie wanted to say. Though he knew it wasn’t his secret to tell, and hell, Jughead wouldn’t even believe him if he had.

“Well Jughead, agreeing to move in with her wasn’t the best idea.”

“You don’t think I fucking know that Archie.” Jughead snapped. He immediately regretted his harshness and muttered: “Sorry, I just-“

“I know.” Archie finished. Jughead turned back to the TV wondering whether they should just leave. He turned to look at Archie but found him grabbing the whiskey from the cabinet and heading out to the patio.

“I figure you need a drink and that movie isn’t the best noise canceler.” Archie said offering a sympathetic smile.

“Yeah, you’re right. I do need a drink. Only because of the fact that I can’t let you drink that whole thing by yourself. Face the facts Golden Boy, you’re a lightweight.” Jughead joked as he closed the glass door and sat down against the wall outside.

Archie chugged back a swig of the whiskey, wincing at the sting in his throat.

“I think you’re wrong about that, I actually think you’re wrong about a lot of things Jughead.”

“Yeah, yeah, now stop hogging the juice.”

Best Friends

Request: 16 w Jungkook??? <3

16) You and your bias fake a relationship to make your crush jealous

Member: BTS Jungkook x Y/N x (ft. Jimin)

Type: Fluff/Angst

“I just want you to know, when I picture Hell, this is it,” Jungkook muttered with a wince as he wrapped his arms around you. “I won’t be as bold to say that being this close to you makes me want to vomit…

but being this close to you makes me want to take at least three consecutive showers.”

“I’m so glad you’re my best friend,” you hummed through barred teeth, patting Jungkook’s hands around your waist.

“You’re going to owe me a lot more than just an expensive dinner after this,” he sighed, setting his chin on your shoulder. “Maybe I’ll let you buy me all of the seasons of Naruto, then we’ll be even?”

“So are we including Shipuden…or?”

“Pfft, are we including Shipuden?” Jungkook grumbled. “And you call yourself my fake girlfriend.”

“Kookie, that’s like over 600 episodes,” you sighed, shaking your head. “Not on your best damn day are you going to end up with that.”

“I am putting myself through physical pain to help you,” he groaned. “And you won’t reimburse a victim.”

“Hey, I’m cute,” you pouted. “Dating me can’t be all bad.”

“To be honest it’s not much different from being your friend.” Jungkook sighed, readjusting his hold.

“And I’ve never paid you for that,” you hummed.

“Because I always considered it an act of charity,” Jungkook teased, crinkling his nose.

“I- oh, wait, wait, he’s coming,” you hissed, straightening up in Jungkook’s arms. 

“What do you see in him anyway?” Jungkook sighed. “You have like three inches on him.”

“Shut up,” you spat, immediately flashing a smile to Jimin. “Hey Jiminie, how are you?”

“I’m good,” he smiled. “How are you? Still with Kookie I see.”

“Yup, a whole month strong,” you nodded, the biggest smile you could manage adorning your lips. “I’m okay.”

“Just okay?” he smirked, looking at you through his lashes. 

“She’s being humble,” Jungkook pouted. “She’s much more than okay.”

“I don’t know,” Jimin clucked. “Last time I checked, “okay” is the interchangeable of “fine” which we all know is code for, not alright.”

“Well that escalated quickly,” Jungkook muttered, rolling his eyes. 

“Hey, don’t talk to your hyung in that tone,” you grumbled, shooting a dirty look to Jungkook as he continued to back hug you. You turned, fixing your grin again as you looked at Jimin. “Really Jiminie, I’m actually okay.”

“More thank okay,” Jungkook hissed in your ear. “Say itttttt.”

“Just okay,” you smiled, nodding to Jimin. 

“Well I think you deserve to be much better than okay,” Jimin sighed, patting your shoulder lightly. He was careful to give Jungkook a challenging stare as he did so before replacing his hand back to his side. 

You snuggled your head into the crook of Jimin’s neck and sighed. He smelled like cinnamon and honey. It had always been intoxicating to you, but this morning it made your stomach drop. You bit your lip as he chuckled lightly, readjusting himself to wrap his arms more efficiently around you as you both lounged on the couch. You had been together for almost a month and a half now, and things had been developing relatively quickly. 

You were conflicted as you lay between his legs. It was a similar scene of the day that Jimin had officially taken the plunge and confessed his feelings to you, even though you were “dating” his dongsaeng. He had waited until Jungkook had gotten into the shower, placing his gentle fingertips light on your knee as he spoke quietly and sincerely. 

Of course this was what you had wanted. You had asked Jungkook to fake a relationship with you in order to catch Jimin’s attention. After pouting and offering nearly every bribe you could think of, Jungkook had agreed, but only for a period of three months. He claimed it was a lost cause after that. When it was all said and done, you would’ve only needed to be together for three weeks anyhow. 

Even though he set a timeline, Jungkook was positive your plan would work, perhaps that was why he avoided it so vehemently. Jimin was particular with the things Jungkook had. There was always a rivalry between the two, as they were from the same hometown, both vocals, and both extremely talented dancers. If Jungkook were to date you, surely Jimin would want to follow, if he hadn’t thought of it already. 

As if hearing your thoughts about him and the recollection of conversations long past, Jungkook shuffled into the living area, rolling his eyes as soon as he saw you and Jimin. 

Neither of you had ever told Jimin of your arrangement. It would break his little honey stuffed heart that you had used deception to garner his attention. Instead, Jungkook sat through a two hour heart to heart with JImin (Namjoon moderating of course) where he only managed to speak four words through Jimin’s apologetic ramblings. “I really don’t care.”

“Hey Kookie,” you grinned, trying to catch the younger member’s attention. 

He nodded his head in your general direction, not bothering to look as he sidestepped into the kitchen. You bit your lip, anxious from his reaction. He had been acting strangely ever since you and Jimin had began dating and it irked you that you hadn’t been able to spend as much time with him. He was still your best friend after all. 

“Hold on,” you sighed, pushing off of Jimin’s thigh and crawling off of the couch. 

“Why,” Jimin moaned, catching you by the belt loop and springing you backward. He placed a light kiss on your cheek. 

“I’m thirsty,” you mumbled, pushing off of him again. “Do you want anything while I’m up?”

“Just for you to hurry back,” Jimin smiled, his eyes fading into half moons. 

You shook your head, finding yourself growing subconsciously annoyed with how cute Jimin was. You tried to ignore the feeling as you walked into the kitchen, stopping as soon as you saw Jungkook. 

He had his back to you, leaning against the countertop beside the stove. He looked as if he were trying to focus as he took deep breaths. You tilted your head to the side, placing your hand lightly on his shoulder. He immediately jumped, nearly punching you as he spun around. 

“Yah! Y/N!” he gasped, his eyes wide. “Don’t scare me like that!” 

“Who could it possibly be?” you complained, taking a few steps back. “You are literally in the dorm. You could expect at least seven people at any time and you were surprised by someone tapping you?”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the members and manager hyungs are pretty vocal,” Jungkook hissed. “They speak when they enter a room.”

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. 

“What do you want anyway?” Jungkook grumbled. 

“Water,” you spat, shouldering around him to grab a glass. 

“Oh,” Jungkook sighed, his tense shoulders immediately loosening. “Well…uh…okay. How are you?” 

“Much better before I almost got attacked,” you muttered. “Which honestly I feel to be a projection of something else you have going on.”

“Are you diagnosing me?” Jungkook asked, lifting his brows. “All of those episodes of Criminal Minds paying off?”

“No, if I were to diagnose you, I’d say you were a Narcissist with a touch of OCD and anxiety,” you mumbled. “I’m just making a general assumption.”

Jungkook shook his head, a bitter smile on his face. “Enlighten me, what am I projecting?”

“Well,” you sighed, setting your glass down on the counter, still not yet filled. “To begin with, you have some kind of chip on your shoulder about Jimin and I.”

“Oh? Is that right?” Jungkook chuckled. “How do you figure?”

“I think that’s for you to tell me,” you sighed, picking up your glass again and beginning to fill it. 

Jungkook shook his head, leaning back onto the counter behind him. He bit his lip while he refused to make eye contact. 

You set your glass down again, shifting to stand directly in front of him. Setting your palms on his crossed arms, you searched his face in an attempt to catch his focus. “Kook, talk to me.” 

“Why should I?” he muttered, looking down to the tiles. “It’s not like you’ve wanted to talk to me for the past month. Not since you finally got your precious JImin.”

“Kookie,” you whispered. He shook your palms from his arms. 

“Don’t Kookie me. You used me, Y/N. You got the boy you wanted and left the one you grew up with behind,” Jungkook growled. “I didn’t matter once you had him.”

“It’s not like that,” you sighed, trying to keep the tears from emerging in your eyes. “It’s just…this whole thing with JImin has been a whirlwind.”

“Needs a lot of attention, doesn’t he?” Jungkook laughed. “That’s what you wanted.”

“And what was it that you wanted Jungkook?” you whined. “You were the one who agreed to help me!”

“I wanted you!” Jungkook spat, his eyes finally meeting yours for the first time. “I thought you would’ve realized that…”

You remained silent, both of your heavy breathing was the only audible noise in the room. Your blood pumping was loud in your ears, but surely he couldn’t hear that. 

“You…you…” you stuttered, shaking you head. You were trying to comprehend. 

“Love you?” Jungkook nodded. “Am tortured literally ever day I walk out of my bedroom and see one of my best friends with one of my hyungs? Not just a best friend…but someone I’ve wanted to be with since the dawn of time?”

“You’re 19.”

“Technicalities,” he groaned, shaking his head. His brows were still furrowed as he looked at you. “Look, I know you’re a heart eyes emoji with JImin now. You don’t have to let me down all over again.”

“I’m not all heart eyes over Jimin,” you pouted. “I’m blushy faced emoji at best…”

“What does that even mean?” Jungkook groaned, his head leaning back in exasperation. 

“It means…maybe…maybe dating Jimin wasn’t everything I thought it would be,” you admitted, the words stinging as they came out of your mouth for the first time. “And maybe…I miss my best friend a hell of a lot more than I like being in Jimin’s arms.”

“You…just miss me?” Jungkook asked, lifting his brows. 

“I just miss you…” you affirmed. Jungkook nodded, his face falling a bit before you continued. “But I miss you so bad it physically hurts. I miss the way you brush your wet hair on my arm when you get out of the shower because you know it annoys me…I miss the way you poke my cheek when I’m not paying attention to you…I miss the way your arms felt around me…even when I thought you were faking.” 

“Well…” Jungkook sighed, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Maybe you’re all heart eyes emoji over me?” 

You rolled your eyes, trying to keep yourself from smirking as well. 

“I’ll take the silence as a confirmation,” Jungkook chuckled. “What a mess we’ve gotten ourselves into here.” 

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My opinion about 4 O'clock

Hello everyone who reads this. I will answer this first, yes my brotp is vmin but I don’t think the song is about our beloved Chim but just mentions him. I believe Tae tae is just waiting for Jimin but refers to him as the moon (like duh come on everyone). But what he mostly talks about is the bird. I don’t think he referred to anyone as his bird but he was simply just looking at a bird waiting for his best friend. 


One day,
I wrote a long, long letter to the moon
It would not be brighter than you
But I lighted a small candle {Jimin as the moon}

At a dusky park
A nameless bird that sings {A bird V saw}
Where are you {Wondering where the fuck Jimin’s at}
Oh you

Why are you crying
You and I are the only ones here {talking abut the bird chirping}
Me and you {Obviously the bird captured Tae’s attention}
Oh you

Following into the deep night
The sound of you singing {Referring to the birds chirp duh lol}
Brings the red morning {Talking about how the chirping of the bird means that the sun is rising so the morning is coming}

A step, and another step

The dawn passes
And when that moon falls asleep
The blue shades that stayed with me disappears {Tis’ morning now}

Even today, I live moderately
I walk in pace, moderately wearing down
The sun suffocates me {I’m guessing he doesn’t like the morning}
And the world strips me naked {Maybe cause he feels exposed and the only time he gets to spend time alone or with someone close is early in the morning or late at night}

I can’t help it, there’s no other way
I collect myself that’s shattered beneath the moonlight
I call you moonchild
We are the children of the moon {It might not just be Taehyung feeling exposed but also Jimin and maybe even the other members. So he refers them as “children of the moon”}
I breathe the cold night air
Yes we’re livin and dyin
at the same time
But you can open your eyes for now
Just like that any movie, like the line (from the movie)
The entire world is blue inside the moonlight

At a dusky park
A nameless bird that sings {The bird again}
Where are you {Still no Chim}
Oh you

Why are you crying
You and I are the only ones here
Me and you
Oh you

Following into the deep night
The sound of you singing
Brings the red morning
A step, and another step

The dawn passes
And when that moon falls asleep
The blue shades that stayed with me disappears
Following into the deep night
The sound of you singing
Brings the red morning
A step, and another step

The dawn passes
And when that moon falls asleep
The blue shades that stayed with me disappears

Cr. BTS Blog
Translated by PEACHISODA

So Taehyung only mentions Jimin a couple of times but the song is not about him. What I think is that he only has a little bit of time to spend with the guys on a personal level or just by himself. Since they practice 12 hours everyday and are constantly followed by the media. This song is about enjoying the moment of being alone, and Tae just waiting for his friend. Like he simply explained it to Namjoon and we took it out of context instead of understanding what Taehyung really wanted to say. Trust me I love the little things vmin do for each other but that doesn’t mean we have to make a big deal about it. So stop your gloating and try to understand and appreciate the message Taehyung and Namjoon wrote about. Thank you.

Scared Of Dancing?

Peter Parker X Reader One-Shot

Request:  Peter is super super oblivious to an obvious crush from the reader but likes her too and has no courage to ask her out so the reader takes initiative, sucks it up, and asks him to go out on Valentines Day?

Warnings: Very light cussing.

A/n: This was going to be up on Valentines day, but i’ve been sick for the longest time. Though i’m so happy that i finally got this done! 

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Staring at your room’s ceiling on Valentine’s Day was the complete opposite of what you really wanted. What you really wanted to do is be at the stupid school dance with a date. Actually having fun. But It’s not like people hadn’t asked you. Plenty did. You denied them all without much hesitation….all because you wanted a certain spider boy to ask you. Unfortunately, he was completely oblivious to all the hints you gave him. If you up right kissed him, he probably would just think of it as a friendly greeting. It was starting to annoy you.

It suddenly dawned on you that you knew he had liked you for ages, yet he had done nothing since then. So why didn’t you just take charge and tell him you liked him? It couldn’t be too hard to tell your best friend you loved them, right?

So you quickly put on some shoes, not wasting any time before making your way through the cold streets of Queens, wishing you had thrown on a coat of some sorts as soon as you stepped foot outside. Though it would only take you a few minutes to get over to his place, a few seconds alone with your own mind could be enough to send you walking back home without even trying to ask him anything.

Soon enough, you were climbing up the escape ladder of the cheap New York apartment. A part of you couldn’t believe that you were actually doing it, but the other part was screaming that it was well overdue. The glances, the lingering hugs, the constant blush on either of your faces…you couldn’t deal with only that forever.

You lightly knocked on the window of Peter’s room, already sure that he would be in there, probably working on fixing some junkyard computer as he always does. It didn’t too long before he came to open it up, a slightly confused look on his face.

“Hey, spider-boy. What’s up?” You let yourself in, almost stumbling to the floor, but Peter managed to stop you before you face planted. You mumbled a thank you. Oh god, what a good foot to start on.

“Um… Nothing. Weren’t you supposed to be at the Valentine’s Ball?” Pete asked.

“Well, the person who I wanted didn’t ask me,” you said, taking a deep breath before continuing, trying very hard to not mess up in some way. “So I decided to take the dance to him.”

“Wait, what?” His eyes went wide, a slightly confused look on his face. You couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he looked when he did that.

“Are you scared of slow dancing or something?” you smirked, holding back a light laugh.

“No, I just…,” he started, his face flushing a bright pink. You could tell he was having a bit of a hard time. “You wanted me to ask you for Valentine’s?”

“Of course. You’re the only person I’d ever consider being my date,” you admitted. It seemed like too much time went by with only silence, so you decided to lean over to press the on button of a nearly broken radio perching on Peter’s desk. It automatically went to some cheesy station, playing even cheesier 80s music. Somehow you managed to look calm the whole time, despite the fact that you could basically feel your heart popping out of your chest.

Smiling softly, you offered your hand out to him. “So… dance with me?”

It took him a few moments to realize what you said, his eyes scanning over you before he nodded yes in response, taking your hand and pulling you closer to him.

Surprisingly, it felt more normal than ever. You swaying to the beat under the moonlight, talking about small unimportant things while a soft medley faded into white noise. Your head was resting on his shoulder, arms gently wrapped around his neck, while his were resting just on your waist. It felt like no time had gone by at all, though when you opened your eyes slightly, you noticed it was morning. It didn’t bother you at all, though.

“What are we?” Peter murmured, more to himself than you.

“I don’t know.” It felt cold suddenly, like the air had gotten thick between you. Everything had only been lighthearted until then. 

“Well, what do you want to be?” You thought about it for a few long seconds, which seemed like hours of silence to Peter. Something you had thought about for who knows how long was not happening, and you were speechless.

You stared at him, moving one hand over to his jaw. It only took you moments before leaning in to softly press your lips to his. A warm feeling you’d never felt before filled you up. It felt like home. Sloppy, yes. But hell, did you love everything about it. And somehow, he loved it even more.  

"I just want there to be an us,” you said, after finally pulling away.

“I think we can work that out.” Peter smiled his bright smile, the exact one where you first knew you really cared for him.

“God you’re such a dork,” you noted, giggling slightly. You decided to poke his nose, knowing it annoyed him greatly. But this time it only made him gleam even more. 

“That’s why you like me.”

“Oh, I know.” 

Scars | M.C

This is a soulmate!michael inspired by the fact I have the same scar as Michael and people have joked he could be my soulmate because of it lmao. I wish. But it sparked the idea of a storyline.

“According to conspiracy theories, everyone has a soulmate. It sounds crazy, but the way you can tell is that they have a scar that matches exactly to the other person. There have been many people who have come forward to back up this theory, where they have met said soulmate and had the exact same scar. When it comes to their relationships, they claim to have felt like they were two pieces of a puzzle that fitted together perfectly When the two people come into contact for the first time, their scars begin to give off a stinging sensation, so it’s almost certain you’ll be aware of who your soulmate is if you get close enough.” 

You were up at a crazy hour, sat with your best friend as you watched another one of Shane Dawson’s conspiracy videos. Your best friend was hooked. You, on the other hand, found it interesting and entertaining, but didn’t catch onto believing so easily. 

“Imagine the moment, though, where you see someone with your scar. It must be life changing,” your best friend gushed.

You chuckled as you watched her become so infatuated with yet another conspiracy theory.

“Yeah, but what if your scar was on your butt or something?” 

“Don’t ruin the moment, Y/N. And anyway, we already know your soulmate has a forehead scar. Look at the beaut that you have!” she gestured to the marking on your head, your eyes crossed as you tried to look at it, but had no luck. 

“It’s a lovely story, but I don’t buy it.”

Y/F/N rolled her eyes. 

“You’re such a spoilt sport.” 

“I am indeed,” you yawned. “Now come on, we need to get to sleep.”

 “Oh right! Tomorrow is the day you get to interview the baes!” She began to get excited. 

You were a young journalist for a pop culture magazine and you were currently in a fancy London hotel that your work had paid for ready for you to be able to meet the pop rock band known as 5 Seconds of Summer at their O2 Arena show the next day. Your best friend was so excited, she doubted she’d have any sleep, but while you were almost doubled over with butterflies in your stomach, the exhausting journey had taken it out of you, so you were so ready to hit the hay. 

Dawn soon arrived and you were in your Über heading to the world famous venue. You kept going through your questions that were saved on your phone while your friend was singing along to the radio. You had convinced your boss to let her be your assistant since you didn’t have a camera man and she so happened to be quite the handy gal when it came to filming - she had taken some incredible concert footage in the past and had dabbled with a video camera from time to time, so she was perfect. And it’s not like she’d let you live it down if she couldn’t come with. 

You waited by the box office before someone from management came out to meet you with your passes which allowed you to access all areas, which was vital for your backstage interview. You were due to meet with the band for a morning interview in their dressing room before returning later that night with press tickets for the show to cover live on social media as well as give a review of what is said to be their biggest show of the UK leg of the tour. 

As you followed a member of management to backstage, you couldn’t help but feel a stinging sensation on your forehead. 

“Did I bump my head last night?” you asked your best friend. 

“Not that I remember - why?” 

“My forehead is stinging.” 

Y/F/N stopped in her tracks. 

“You have a scar there…” 


“Your soulmate is close by,” she whispered with excitement. 

You rolled your eyes at her insane suggestion. You probably did something in your sleep and fail to remember. 

The boys were fooling around in their dressing room, as per usual. Calum and Luke were playing FIFA as Ashton made himself a cup of coffee to ensure he was awake and alert ready for the day ahead. Michael,on the other hand, kept staring into the mirror as he rubbed against his forehead. 

“What’s up, Mike?” Ashton asked as he stirred his hot beverage before taking a sip. 

“My forehead stings a lot…” the guitarist moaned, trying to see if a blemish was growing. Nothing but his old scar sat in the place of pain. 

“You probably hit your head on the bunk again, you dope,” Ashton chuckled before taking a seat. 

A member of management knocked on the door to address the boys of your arrival. The four finished up what they were doing before each in turn stood up and shook your hand to introduce themselves, as if you hadn’t a clue who the hell they were. 

“Great to meet you,” Calum smiled as he was the last to greet you. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, you smiled. This is my assistant, Y/F/N.” 

The guys then took it in turns to greet your best friend, who was trying very hard to keep her cool and managed to fool them into thinking this was no big deal. 

As equipment was set up and you ran through the plan of the interview structure with the guys, Michael kept placing a hand to his forehead. You were doing the same, but managed to make it look as though you were playing with your hair. 

“Michael, stop doing that,” Luke rolled his eyes as he scolded the bleached blonde for fidgeting. 

“Sorry, my forehead is stinging, I don’t know why.” 

That’s when it clicked. You turned to your best friend whose expression was brighter than New York City at late night. 

“You know,” she began. “There’s this conspiracy that everyone has a scar to match their soulmate’s. If it stings, it means you’re near by.” 

You shot her a glare as she flashed you a cheeky grin.

“Interesting,” Ashton commented as he took in the concept. 

Calum began to Google it on his phone before studying a web page he had pulled up before his gaze flicked between the device and Michael’s bizzare behaviour. 

The interview began and there were literally no faults at all. All except you kept playing with your hair quite a bit, to cover up the fact that your forehead was very much causing an irritant. 

“Okay, I just need to switch memory cards,” your friend called out before stopping the recording. 

You began to chat with Luke as Calum nudged Ashton to point out your odd behaviour and how it matched the kind of actions Michael has been displaying all morning. The bandmates gave each other a knowing look. 

“Hey, Y/N, we’re heading to the cafeteria for lunch after this, would you care to join us? It’s on us,” Ashton suggested. 

You smiled and thanked him for such a generous offer. You decided to skip breakfast at the hotel and stick to an energy bar so your nerves didn’t cause a colourful upchuck before the interview. 

As you wandered the hallways to the canteen, you picked out what you wanted for lunch before taking a seat. Y/F/N had excused herself to the bathroom and the guys had a brief meeting before lunch. 

Michael wandered down the hallway and was about to enter the eatery when Ashton and Calum pulled him aside. 

“So, we’ve found the answer to your forehead situation,” Calum grinned. 


“You’re near your soulmate!” Ashton rushed out in excitement. 

“You’re not serious?” Michael scoffed. 


Calum passed his phone to him which had the webpage with information about soulmates, all summing up the symptoms Michael was baring. 

“Alright, but that doesn’t mean we’ll meet each other or know who one another is.” 

“Wrong,” Ashton sang before gesturing for Michael to follow him in peaking around the corner. 

There you sat clutching your head before pushing your hair back and revealing the exact scar that matched the one to Michael. 

“She’s the one.”

Part Two coming soon but only if you request it! I really hope you like it. If you don’t, I may just abandon it, lol.  


The Destructive Duo

Can you do one where the reader is Bruce’s biological child (and a vigilante with batman), and she and Jason fall in love? Could be a one-shot, could be a series, idk I just really wanna see something like this done! Even if it would be a bit weird

Maybe it’ll beomce a series… Who knows?

Jason Todd x Reader

A small thud echoed in the cave as Jason flipped in his new suit, “How does it feel to be the new Boy Wonder?” You joked as he ran up to you and Bruce, “This is the best day of my life!” Jason replied happily as he posed in his suit.

“Let’s go fight some bad guys!” He hopped into the batmobile, Bruce rolled his eyes but you just grinned and followed Jason.

You had followed your father’s foot steps into the vigilante lifestyle, once Barbara and Dick went off to do there own thing you had finally been passed the mantle of the one and only Batgirl. It was you and Bruce fighting side by side until one day a raven haired boy had tried to steal the batmobile’s wheels. Which was a hilarious story Bruce had explained to you and Alfred. Jason was a bit cold when he first met you but later warmed up to after he found out you were the Batgirl, Jason was a determined kid. He was skilled, smart, and strong. He was also a fast learner, so in a few months he was finally able to dawn the Robin mantle.

You and Jason had grown close over time, you both had become each other’s best friends, you both didn’t interact much with others easily and since you were around the same age you guys got along quite well. You had grown fond over him and if you were being honest you had developed a small crush on him, you liked to blame that on your raging hormones. Nonetheless, you and him had become what Bruce called, the Destructive Duo, since you guys always seemed to run off together.

“On your left.” You said as you landed a swift punch to a thug’s ribs, you rolled aside and kicked another one, Jason punched the one coming for him, ending the pathetic attempt of an attack.

“Not too shabby.” You looked down at Jason, despite him being a year older than you he was still shorter than you. Which you made sure to tease him about any chance you got.

Just at Jason was about to reply with a witty comeback sirens went off outside the bank, you both grappled out the windows onto the roof, the wind blowing your hair behind you gently.

“Want to race Brat Girl?” Jason grinned as you both overlooked the skyscrapers rooftops, “It’s on Boy Blunder.” You answered shooting off before he could say start.

“Cheater!” He called out from behind you as you ran to the next building.

“Jason stop being dramatic, it’s just a dumb gift.” You collapsed on his bed comfortably, “I don’t want anything anyway.”

“It’s your birthday I have to get you something.” Jason argued, it had been a year since you had met Jason. He finally gotten a growth spurt, only a bit, he was your height now. Which you were not happy about at all.

Over the one year your small crush for Jason had blossomed into something more. It was hard to explain but you knew it was more that just ‘liking’ stage. It was way beyond that, every small action he did made your heart flutter, to his unruly morning hair to his mocking smirk.

“Whatever you get me I’m sure I’ll like it.” You said, Jason lied down next to you on his huge bed. You both looked up the ceiling, you closed your eyes enjoying the silence and close presence of Jason. Just as you were about to ask Jason a question when he intertwined his fingers with yours. A red blush bloomed on your cheeks while Jason’s heart fluttered when you gave his hand a small squeeze.

Imagine going to Disneyland with Chris. (Part 1)

A/N: My love, @ateliefloresdaprimavera. This is the first part of your birthday request, you just gotta wait for the next part now. I thought I’d make it a little more real, give you a bit of a wait before Chris surprises you with the best trip ever. 😊 To all those with upcoming birthdays, enjoy. X

You laid on your couch with your MacBook on your stomach, watching your best friend on YouTube at the D23 convention. Chris looked up from his cereal when he heard you laugh, chuckling when he realized you were laughing at him proclaiming his well known love of Disneyland and all things Disney. “God, you’re a dork.” You commented, shooting him a smile before returning your attention to your MacBook.

Chris smiled as he watched you. God, what he’d give to wake up to you everyday for the rest of his life. He already had that, kind of, as he lived in the apartment upstairs and spent most of his morning in yours. You’d been best friends for a while now, having met in your hometown Boston. You’d moved to Los Angeles for a change in scenery a few years back, and Chris quickly followed suit. You believed it was because of his job, and while it was partly that, it was mostly because of you. He couldn’t bear to be more than five minutes of you- which was the drive time between your houses in Boston- hence why he got an apartment in the same building as you. Though his reason when you jokingly asked him why he followed you was, he said and you quote, “both your mom and mine said they’d kill me if I let anything happen to you.” That was true too, but it was the other thing more.

Neither of you knew, but your best friend was in-love with you; you loved Chris as much as he loved you. Neither of you wanted to admit anything because what you had was great and you were afraid that if it became something more, things would change. It didn’t occur to either of you that the change would be for the better, unlike everyone else around you. Your families and friends who’d seen the two of you together, who knew the two of you- had been rooting for a relationship since the dawn of time. If it were up to your parents, you’d be married with kids by now.

“Did you actually end up going to Disneyland after?”

He walked over with his bowl, moving your feet so he could sit. “No, we didn’t have time.” You rested your feet on his lap as he continued, “and if we did- you would know ‘cause I would’ve called you to meet us.”

“That would’ve been great,” you smiled. “I’ve never been to Disneyland.” You told him and he choked on his cereal; he turned to you with wide eyes like you’d just confessed to murder. “What?”

“You’ve never been to Disneyland?” He asked, shock and awe in his voice. “Are you fucking with me right now? Surely you are because- there is no way you’ve never been to the happiest place on earth.” You rolled your eyes as you sat up, putting your computer on the coffee table. “Y/N, are you serious?” He lowered his bowl and turned to you, looking genuinely upset. “But you’ve got photos of your family at Disneyland.”

“Do you see me in any of the photos?”

“I just assumed you were the one taking all of the photos ‘cause you’re a photographer,” he said with a shake of his head. You chuckled and he took your hands in his, “I am appalled. How could your family just leave you behind? Wait-” he thought back to the time you told him you got really sick and spent an entire summer quarantine at your grandparents’ house. “Were you sick when they went?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “We had the tickets booked beforehand and I got sick the week leading up to it and it was a lot worst than we expected, so I told them to go without me.” Chris pouted, giving you the saddest puppy dog eyes. “It’s fine,” you laughed. “I actually had a great time at my grandparents’, they were very accommodating. They made…”

Your voice trailed off in Chris’ brain because he remembered it was your birthday soon, surely he could surprise you with a trip to Disneyland. You were a freelance photographer so you didn’t really need to answer to anyone, he could take you for a weekend. Yes, that would work. He nodded to himself as he rose to his feet, taking his bowl of cereal with him.

“Where are you going?” You asked with narrowed eyes as he made his way towards your front door. He glanced back at you and shrugged, trying to fight his urge to smile. “Are you seriously that offended that I’ve never been to Disneyland that you have to leave to finish your breakfast?”

“Don’t be silly,” he chuckled. “I’ve just got some things to attend to.” You nodded mockingly; you clearly didn’t believe him. He cracked a smile as he said, “I’ll see you later.” He glanced back at you as he opened your front door. “We’re having lunch together, right?”

“If you’re willing to have lunch with me, Mr. I’m-too-good-for-a-girl-who’s-never-been-to-Disneyland,” you countered, trying not to laugh when he did. He winked and blew you a kiss before making his leave. “And you better bring my bowl back, Evans!” You called. “I’m sick of going upstairs to get my dishes.”

“Love you too, sweetheart,” was the last thing you heard before the door closed. Your stomach fluttered as you smiled uncontrollably. You did love him, as more than just a friend. You wished when he said it that it was more romantic than platonic too, but after so many years of being just friends- you’d given up hope. If it did, shouldn’t it have happened by now? Maybe the two of you were just meant to be friends and nothing more, or so you thought.

Upstairs, Chris had started planning for a wonderful weekend at Disneyland as well as a long awaited leap of faith; he was going to tell you how he truly felt about you. He was tired of playing it safe, telling you he loved you but not showing you how much made him feel like crap. He wanted to be with you and if being with you meant risking it all, he was ready to do it. After all, how could you say no to being with him if he asked at the happiest place on earth?

Part 2 will be here soon is here! x

I Need My Girl Ch. 5 | Roomates AU

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Hello all! This new chapter was already half finished by the time I finished chapter four so here it is! This chapter is more bughead-centric than the others and the whole thing (that is making you all cringe) is addressed ;) I am sorry to the person who recently sent me a request but I am starting it tomorrow I swear! All of the love you guys have been sending me in the comments has literally been breaking my heart! I have tagged the following who have asked to be tagged or are just being a damn sweet ass person!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Words: 2292

Warnings: There is talk of alcoholism and suicide. If this triggering for you you might not want to continue

Drink up baby, look at the stars
I’ll kiss you again between the bars
Where I’m seeing you there
With your hands in the air
Waiting to finally be caught
Drink up one more time
And I’ll make you mine
Keep you apart,
Deep in my heart
Separate from the rest.

Elliott Smith

A few weeks had passed since the incident and Jughead found himself feeling a new emotion towards Betty.

Every smile, touch, every time she would play with her ponytail, every look she gave him would make Jughead’s skin crawl. Every minute they spent together ignoring the situation, every time she would act as if that night in his room never happened, as if the moment they shared at Cheryl’s never happened, anger would settle in his chest.

The things that he used to love about her, the little things that would leave flutters in his stomach had now turned sour. They were tainted with the taste of what he couldn’t have. Now knowing what her touch was like in ways he’d never didn’t before had ignited a fire in him. One that Betty was trying her best but was failing to distinguish.

Each moment felt like a chore and he was loosing his patience. She didn’t tease him anymore and she filled their time doing small favors, silently trying to ease the guilt that still lined her face. She kept apologizing for little mistakes that she would make around the house. It was like she was apologizing for everything except the actual problem at hand.

The change in dynamic didn’t go unnoticed by Archie. Every time he was over it was like he was just there to be a buffer. Jughead would snap at just the littlest things and his body would tense up every time Betty would brush up against him. Every time Betty would laugh Jughead’s eyes would send daggers his way. One time Betty tried to do the dishes and he practically exploded. Something was very wrong.

Betty began to spend her nights out longer and she started sleeping over at Veronica’s, at Cheryl’s, at Kevin’s, at Sabrina’s, even sometimes she would show up at Archie’s.

The apartment became more of a common meeting place rather than a home to the both of them. Jughead picked up more shifts at Pop’s, ones particularly during the times he knew Betty would be home.

Betty’s thoughts began to become obsessive when it came to Jughead. Every time she would sleep with someone his face would appear. She was on thin ice with Veronica already, but one day enough was enough.

Betty tensed as she felt the nerves in between her legs begin to pulse. Veronica continued as she followed Betty’s moans before it happened.

Just as Betty’s head sunk further into the pillows and her eyes rolled to the back of her head she uttered his name.


Veronica stopped in her tracks as she watched the girl let go. Her eyes closed and her hands gripping onto the violet sheets. A tear fell from Veronica’s eyes as she watched the girl before her in a possessed state. Her face changed as her eyelids moved from side to side and her legs quivered.

Betty silenced herself as she had realized what she had just moaned. Her body stilled and her throat closed up as she saw a tear stream down Veronica’s face.

“You know if that’s what you’re here for, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing this anymore. I’m not someone you can just use to fuck away your feelings with.”

Veronica stood up from her spot and threw Betty’s dress in her face.

“Veronica I-“

“Even though this isn’t even anything, I don’t accept being someone’s second choice.”

“Veronica that’s not what, that’s not-“

“Get over yourself Betty and cut the bullshit…God, for once can’t you stop lying to yourself and everyone around you?”

Betty’s eyes froze as her mind went blank and her body went cold.

“That’s what I thought.” Veronica stated as she walked out her door into the bathroom down the hall.

Betty laid there as she stared at the empty door frame, listening to the water run from Veronica’s shower.

The sound of people passing through the streets and cars through New York’s roads filled Betty’s ears as she slipped into her dress. She trotted out of the apartment into the night, finding the closest bar in sight.

Four hours and 5 tequila shots later:

“He-ey, hey, hey…Baby, c’mon let’s go home.” Jughead whispered as she cried into his shoulder. He could feel her breath get caught in her throat as she tried to hold back a sob. Her body was shaking and he could smell tequila all over her. He pulled her up to carry her out of the house. He opened the passenger door of his truck with his left hand, pulling the car door ajar with his foot. He placed her carefully in the leather front as he buckled her seat belt.

“Just stay her okay? I’ll be right back. I promise.” He whispered against her cheek as he felt her nod her head under him. He closed the door as he walked back into Archie’s house finding him in the kitchen.

“What happened?”

Betty had showed up to Archie’s about an hour ago stinking of alcohol. Stumbling all over the place forcing Archie catch her before she tripped over the carpet.

“Do-on’t call Jug-gie.” Betty murmured as she lunged for the liquor cabinet.

“Betty what are you-“ Archie began before Betty cut him off. Laughing dryly as her hands trailed over the bottles before finding the vodka.

“You know, my mom called me today! I was expecting a long apology, a cry for forgiveness, maybe even a little groveling. But what does she say? She starts lecturing me about my ‘lifestyle’.” Betty exclaimed rolling her eyes unscrewing the cap on the bottle.

“She just doesn’t wanna call me a slut. But look at me! I am the slut. I’m the biggest fucking slut there is!”

Betty laughed into the bottle as she smiled when the rush of the drink went to her head.  Archie frowned at the sight.

“Mommy dearest didn’t think about that when she tried to send me to camp to ‘pray the gay away’. She was a lot happier when she thought she just had to worry about me getting pregnant.” Betty choked out as she held a grin. Her eyes were red and wild. She staggered holding onto the table as she gripped onto the bottle of vodka. Before she could take another shot Archie grabbed the bottle from her, pulling her into the kitchen.

“You’re not any fun!” She protested as she tried to grab the bottle from his grasp. Archie put the bottle away grabbing a glass of water as he eyed her cautiously. His eyes trailed over her face trying to find the Betty he knew. He had seen her drunk like this before but Jug was always there, there to whisk her away. The fact that she wasn’t back at her own doorstep calling on his friend was worrying. Why was she avoiding Jughead? He asked himself.

He handed the glass of water to her as she slid down to the floor.

“Drink this. You’ll thank me in the morning.” He said to her as he stared her down. He knew she would follow his orders if he didn’t break eye contact. Finally she broke, exasperated grabbing the glass from him in a puff glaring at him.

Archie stood up from his crouched position and reached for the phone. He knew that she would hate him if he called Jughead. But he was the only one who knew how to handle this. This Betty. The Betty with mascara running down her face and an empty grin on her face. The Betty with panic in her eyes and limp limbs. She looked like a cautionary tale lying down on his kitchen floor staring blankly in front of him. Her green eyes held nothing in them, like she was somehow not there, not present. It was haunting watching her lie there with her mouth parted sinking into the floor. The girl that was in love with his best friend was breaking before him and there was only one person to call. Archie dialed Jughead’s number and waited until he picked up after eight rings.

“Archie it’s 3 in the morning what the fuck?” Jughead groaned into the phone.

Archie moved away from the kitchen hoping Betty couldn’t hear his words.

“Betty she…she’s here. And it’s bad, really bad. She might be going full yellow wallpaper this time.” Archie paused as he heard a shuffle over the phone and a door click.

Archie walked Jughead back outside to his truck, stopping Jughead before he climbed inside.

“Jughead, we gotta do something.”

“Do what Archie?” Jughead yelled as his eyes trailed over Betty’s passed out state.

“She’s getting worse…she keeps pulling this shit. Getting drunk, going out constantly with people she doesn’t even know. And then as you say, she doesn’t even acknowledge it in the morning. Like it never happens.”

“I’m handling it Archie.” Jughead stated as he folded his arms leaning against the truck.

“Are you? Cause you carry her home and put her to bed just like you did with FP. And it’s not working. She needs help. She needs a professional. Maybe you can’t save her this time.”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about Archie. You don’t know her. I know her. And I know that she will be fine. She just is going through a rough patch, that’s all.” Jughead insisted as tears started to well up in his eyes.

“If she’s just going through a rough patch, then why is she showing up at my place instead of her own? Why is she suddenly asking me not to call you?”

Jughead paused as he took in Archie’s words. But no amount of truth could calm him down, he was breaking. The girl he loved was drinking herself to death every night and he had no idea how to cope. It was déjà vu all over again, and a little part of him resented her for it. His gut wrenched and tightly coiled in his stomach as he looked at her, curled up in his truck.

“I-I don’t know. The past couple of weeks, things have changed. I-I don’t know why.” He choked out.

“Look I know that you don’t want to force her into anything, but maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s time to stage some sort of intervention.”

“An intervention? You think Betty Cooper is gonna react well to an intervention?”

“It may be our only option left.” Archie said exasperated as they both gazed upon the sunken blonde. Jughead cried at the thought of telling her that something was wrong with her. He was always the one to reassure her that she was beautiful and kind and smart and that not a damn thing was wrong with her. Nothing at all. Was this really his only option left? It seemed like some sort of betrayal.

“Okay, but just give me a week. Let me, I don’t know, figure things out. See if I can get her to snap out of it.”


Jughead climbed into the truck, falling into the seat. His head fell to the back of the leather and he turned his head to look at her. He lifted his hand up to her face and pulled back a strand of her hair that had fallen in her face. She stirred at his touch as she breathed out in frustration.

A moment passed before tears started to well up in Betty’s eyes again.

“She didn’t even remember that it was his birthday today.”

In that moment Jughead realized that it was Betty’s dad’s birthday and that he had been so wrapped up in his own problems that he had forgotten. It had been eight years since he killed himself. Betty had found him in the garage after he hung himself.

A laugh erupted from Betty’s chest as she shook her head as the tears ran down her face.

“It’s like she didn’t even love him…maybe she never did.”


“She’s never loved me that’s for sure. At least not the real me.”

Betty began to kick the dash as she started hitting any surface around her. Jughead panicked at the sight, grabbing onto her wrists as she squirmed under him. In her state she couldn’t fight him off for that long, her head fell into his shoulder as she sighed.

“She may not know the real you or understand you. But she loves you.” Jughead waited a beat as she lay in his arms.

“And I love you…you know the real you. And even though I haven’t acted like it lately, I do. I always do.”

Jughead ran his fingers through her golden hair as he pulled himself from her grasp to put his keys into the ignition. Betty laid her legs on top of Jughead’s lap as he drove out of Archie’s drive-way. Jughead turned to the intoxicated girl next to him. Her eyes closed with her head leaned up against the window. Her breath slowed and he could see the imprint that her heady breaths left against the frigid car window. The yellow lights above flickered over her, bathing her in light as the rest of the car was hidden in shadow. The illusion was gone as his eyes drank up her soaken state against the passenger cream colored leather.

Betty Cooper was broken, and for the first time, Jughead had realized that maybe he couldn’t fix her.

lovely; part ii


PROMPT; in which archie andrews finds himself smitten with a dear friend, and after a not-so-fun encounter during lunch, it dawns on him that its about time he comes clean.

PARING/CHARACTERS; archie andrews x reader, jughead jones, betty cooper, and veronica lodge.

WARNINGS; god you’re gonna hate me but angst, feels and possibly fluff at the end.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; aaaaaaaand its back from high demand! i usually don’t do part twos to a lot of my imagines (i’ve had previous blogs) so this is a bit odd for me. either way, i hope you all enjoy!


It had been weeks since the dance, and for Archie, nothing had really been the same.

The world was duller and sadder. The bright red neon lights outside of Pop’s never seemed welcoming anymore. The playground behind one of the elementary schools always seemed depressing when the swing would move with the wind.

His music and grades fell slowly, chipping away like his heart did. Everyone noticed the ginger’s change in heart, the change in his personality.

You noticed it, and it made your heart shatter.

You had tried talking to him, but he would just look at you and walk away. Hell, you cornered him in the locker room once when all the boys had left.

You had never seen him so mad or upset when you did that. He looked ready to hit you, but, of course, he didn’t. He had just gripped your hand tightly and basically told you to never talk to him again.

So you didn’t.

And you had lost one of your closest friends.

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Traitors -- Draco Malfoy x Reader

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: That night in detention NEVER HAPPENED

Originally posted by owlswithfins

“Malfoy is such a git,” Ron growled through gritted teeth during lunch in the Great Hall. “I mean, did you hear him going on and on about his father’s stupid promotion? He might as well have become Minister of Magic with the way that git brags about it.”

“Ron, don’t even joke about that,” said Hermione.

“Yeah, can you imagine if Mr. Malfoy actually became Minister?” Harry remarked darkly. “You might as well give the position to Voldemort.”

Don’t say that name!” Ron hissed.

“Ron, it’s not like the name is going to hurt you,” Harry retorted.

“Yeah, but still,” Ron grumbled as he stabbed his Yorkshire pudding. He then glanced in your direction. You were sitting beside them, quietly poking your apple pie while resting your chin in your hand. “Oy, (y/n).”

“Huh?” You jerked slightly and turned to your friends. “What, Ron?”

“Are you all right, (y/n)?” Hermione asked with concern. She studied you from across the table. “You’re usually never this quiet.”

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Reyna Writes: Polka Dots and Shell Patterns - A Ninette BTU Remix

Written for @edendaphne‘s birthday~ Now that the blackout is over, I can post it!

Again, happy birthday, Eden! I’m so glad you enjoyed your present! <3


Living in Paris in the age of Hawkmoth meant that Nino had seen a lot of weird shit in his lifetime.

But this moment had to take the cake.

Sure, Nino himself had gotten a Miraculous not too long ago, and was still coming to grips with all that entailed…but to stand here and stare at one of his best friends—a best friend who was smart and pretty—who also, apparently, had a kwami…

“…So it’s true. You’re…you’re Ladybug.

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