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Beautiful Things I Have Witnessed in the Last 24 Hours
  • Some of my seminary friends choosing to wear their clerical collars as a reminder of God’s presence in the world and their willingness to listen to any stressed out citizens.
  • My friend buying wine, grape, juice, and challah for 2 a.m. communion after the results were called.
  • People gathering in our seminary chapel in a rainy morning to hug each other hard and sob openly during the service of mourning and high five the children who blessed us with their presence.
  • My systematic theology teacher rescheduling our exam because she knew that everyone had been up until the wee hours waiting for the results and was probably in no place to sit through a three hour exam tonight.

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What do you think of Christian/Catholic Witches? Like @pastorwitch On Tumblr

I won’t comment on specific people’s practice. 

In general, my question is whether a magical practice is coherent with clear Christian theology (”Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits…”), and I believe that many ways of understanding magic are contradictory to basic understandings of a God who is intimately and vigorously involved in the world + omnipotent and independent. But then a lot of witches are into it more for aesthetic and political purposes, and don’t actually believe in the metaphysics. 

I tend to think that ‘witchcraft’ in terms of actually casting spells just isn’t real, and, rather than thinking it is real and thus can summon demons or w/e, the two dangers are either doctrinal ones (through actions, confessing beliefs that are at odds with Christian beliefs) or more directly sinful ones (attitudes of entitlement or pretensions to divine power). 

for the record, one of my closest seminary friends @violentcharity is a Catholic esotericist/occultist and although I don’t really share a lot of his beliefs, what I’ve seen isn’t incompatible with orthodox Christian theology. 

I just got three seminary friends to agree to watch the three hour 25th anniversary Phantom of the Opera with me. 

You know, the show I listened to every day after school when I was thirteen and reliably cry through the last twenty minutes of. The one with the dramatic, maladjusted, inappropriately intense antihero I strongly identify with. The show I have spent ten years accruing fun facts and strong opinions about.

They have no idea what they’re getting themselves into .

Me: *is a stale cinnamon roll, been in the world two long, too sinnacal.”
Me: *rolls my eyes at every mushy worship song I encounter on the radio*
Me: *makes jokes about youth group Christian culture.”
Me: *is immune to pretty much every church platitude in the book*
Also Me: *hears the words “death has lost its sting” in pretty much any context: 

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