friends of the san juans


This is my best friend named Princess. She’s 11 years old and a rescue from the San Juan animal shelter in San Juan, Puerto Rico. ❤️ she more photogenic than she thinks!

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Could you show some buildings of old San Juan you enjoy?

Calle San Sebastian

Its near impossible to choose a few buildings of a place that means so much to you. I spent many unforgettable moments of my teenage and young adult years roaming the streets of Old San Juan, hanging out with friends, misbehaving or just killing time. So, the buildings that stand out in my mind are those places that hold personal moments for me, not necessarily those that are the best examples of colonial architecture in Puerto Rico.

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Since Pap looks just like Gaster, Sans must look a lot like his mom. Have you given any thought about who she is, why she's gone, how she met Gaster ect. ect?

the idea is that she’s gaster’s long-time friend who’s probably a lesbian and offered to carry his babies for him when he told him he wanted to have kids one day

she’s a short but buff puerto rican/cuban lady who is very pretty and fierce. she met gaster at the worst place possible to make friends [a gay bar] when he was still in college, they got along super well and she knows about his entire life, they were best friends until she had to move back to san juan to take care of her parents [she and gaster stayed in touch, and in one of her visits he said he wanted a kid, that’s how sans happened]

the skelesons wouldn’t have been born if gaster didn’t trust her more than anyone else. he would probably have ended up adopting a kid instead.

i gotta think of a design and a name for this lady, but this is pretty much the concept so far!


Stop being this SHIELD guy for just one second, okay? 
Skye & Coulson (2x14)

I had a cockroach invasion in my kitchen. They climbed on the table when my friend Laura, who is fanatical about cleanliness, visited me. I almost died of embarrassment. I didn’t know what to do and I prayed to the Virgin of San Juan, so that she would help me in such a difficulty. Thanks to her divine intervention all cockroaches disappeared that night. I thank the Virgin because Laura didn’t part company with me after that incident. I love her very much and we have fun together.

Party Foul- Cameron Dallas Imagines


I was in a great mood, I was with my friends at San Juan. We were going to las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, which is basically just a big party where everyone goes to drink, dance and have fun. I was dancing around with my friends just goofing off but of course being the clumsy diva I am, I tripped and fell face forward to the ground. It didn’t hurt that much, I think the few drinks I had broke my fall. I looked at the ground and saw a guy with a pained look on his face.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Damn! I’m so dumb. Are you okay?” I asked while I helped him up. “Yeah I’m okay umm-” he said while wiping away some dirt from his pants. “Y/N” I said while smiling at him. This guy was hot.

“Cameron.” He said while smiling and extending his hand for me to shake. “Well listen Y/N, you owe me a dance for what you did just now.” Cameron said while scratching the back of his neck and grinning. I turned around and looked at my friends for approval and they all just smiled and nodded. I looked at Cameron and he took my hand and guided me to where there were people dancing. He put his arms on my waist and guided me while we danced for what felt like hours but were actually minutes.

“I’m tired of dancing, let’s just go someplace quiet.” I said while grabbing his hand and leading him away from the crowd. We sat down on the sidewalk and started talking about random stuff.

“Wait so you’re from California? That’s so cool, I’ve always wanted to go there.” I said while smiling. “Maybe you can go in the summer, I’ll show you around. It’s really beautiful, not as beautiful as you though.” He said while chuckling and I just playfully shoved him.

“So how long are you gonna be in Puerto Rico?” I asked curiously. “For another two weeks, I literally just got here 2 days ago” he said while laughing.

“You know Cameron, if you need someone to show you around, I’m down for it.” I said with a flirty tone. “Would you really? I’m literally so lost. I don’t know what’s there to do here.” He said while sighing with relief.

“Well, first I will take you to eat mofongo and then-” I said but was interrupted with Cam saying “what’s mofongo?” While I shrieked dramatically. “No no no, this cannot be. We are going to have a busy two weeks” I said while laughing at him. “Are we now?” He said while wiggling his eyebrows and chuckling. “Perv” I said while playfully shoving him, making him laugh and to put his arm around my shoulder lazily.

One of my friends texted me saying that they were leaving. I got up and helped Cam up. “So I have to go, but I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked while he nodded. “Here, put your number in” he said handing me his phone while I handed him mine. We exchanged phones and I put mine in my pocket. “Well, it was really nice meeting you. You’re a really chill guy.” I said while holding his hand and giving it a squeeze. “Nice to meet you too Y/N, you’re a really beautiful girl and I’m looking forward to these next two weeks.” He said while he held my other hand.

We were left standing there with both of our hands intertwined and smiling like idiots. One of my friends cleared her throat signaling me that it was time to go. I frowned a little and let go of one of Cam’s hands while I said “Bye Cam” and started walking away. He pulled me back by my hand and grabbed my face and kissed me. I froze and a million butterflies erupted in my stomach. He let go and said “Bye Y/N” while sexily smirking and walking away, leaving me dumbfounded. My friends all started shrieking and asking me questions while I just stood there with a goofy smile. I couldn’t wait for the next two weeks. I really like this Cameron guy.

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Our Hike to Alaska Basin.
(below Brown Mountain in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado)

Pic 1) The red arrow points to where I parked my Jeep.
Pic 2) Some of the rocks were a little too sharp for Dave’s feet.  Poor fella. :(
Pic 3) Dave looking down at me, after I climbed down into a small cave.
Pic 4) Dave and I, inspecting the scenery, making sure everything looks right. (Tuttle Mountain on the right, Engineer Mountain in the far distance)

(pic 2 & 4 taken by my friend Sam)