friends of the highline

Native New York

At the Highline with some friends. Tsii'yeel and all! We should start a Native Hair Day, no? Braid It Out 2015. Detanglethon ‘15. 

…Though NGL the moment humidity hits I’m gonna bun up and pretend I meant it.



by: pawlisko

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Our limited edition Skyliner set is here, named after our friend Sky Ferreira! We picked seven of our award-winning Highliner Gel Eye Crayons, shrunk them down to a travel-approved size and tucked them into a patent leather case. Happy gift giving. Available now in select Marc Jacobs boutiques & on

Roller Skating Days are Back

(Skating on the Highline. Photo by Ghidra)

Hurrah! The High Line Rink just opened Thursday beneath the High Line, at 10th Avenue and 30th Street, in a former parking lot (ALMOST as cool as our ice skating rink in front of The Standard, New York this past winter). The 8,000-square-foot rink is enclosed by orange and white construction barriers, reinforcing its temporary nature. The retro rink, which will be remain till Sept. 26, was the brainchild of Friends of the High Line, which maintains the park and provides most of its budget, and was created in partnership with Uniqlo.

Get a hold of your confidence, and meet us at the Highline, a few blocks north of The Standard New York. Read more on