friends of the epoch

The Epoch of Dancing
The Epoch of Meeting Him During His First Month Sober
The Epoch of Pretending We Did Not Meet the Way We Did
The Epoch of Eggshells and Peanuts on the Bar Floor
The Epoch of a Pop In the Chest
The Epoch of Going Home With Him on the First Night
The Epoch of Hearing Him Sing
The Epoch of Seeing Hidden Tattoos for the First Time
The Epoch of the Beginning of His Sheets
The Epoch of Steve Sleeping on the Couch Downstairs
The Epoch of Trying Not To Wake Him Up When You Panic at 2am
The Epoch of Letting His Music Put You Back To Sleep
The Epoch of Convincing Yourself This Night Was the Same As Any Other
The Epoch of Convincing Yourself It Was the Same With Him As It Had Been With Any Other
The Epoch of Accepting You Are Wrong, All the Time
The Epoch of Staying the Whole Next Day
The Epoch of Cohesion
The Epoch of Songs About Suicide 
The Epoch of Telling One Another Terrible Things
The Epoch of Nakedness
The Epoch of Making It to 28, and to 31
The Epoch of Promising to Call On That Birthday
The Epoch of Feeling Your Heart Stretch So Far You Think Something Is Clinically Wrong With Your Breathing
The Epoch of Dreaming About Stones in Your Windpipe
The Epoch of the Re-Entrance
The Epoch of Saying Things Too Soon
The Epoch of Wondering What He Is Like When He Is Not Sober
The Epoch of Father Poems
The Epoch of Mother Stories
The Epoch of Worrying He Will Love Her, Again
The Epoch of Making Up Stories and Trying to Take Them Back
The Epoch of It Being Too Easy to Love One Another
The Epoch of Worrying You Will Be the One to Break That Easy
The Epoch of Not Knowing How To Trust Ourselves to Love Someone Else
The Epoch of Condemning Easy, Good Love
The Epoch of Sleeping Better With Him In Your Bed
The Epoch of “It’s All Good”
The Epoch of Spaceship
The Epoch of Overhearing and Overthinking
The Epoch of Not Saying What Is Wrong, Because It May Just Be You
The Epoch of Reminding Yourself Not All His Friends Will Love You
The Epoch of the End of Fleeting and the Beginning of Staggering
The Epoch of A Hand Absorbing Stress Pressure Like Sand
The Epoch of Worry That You Are Falling Into Your Old Patterns
The Epoch of Contemplating the Disease of a Bread Knife
The Epoch of Re-Learning Your Name As Your Own and Keeping Him Beside You
The Epoch of Wanting to Stay
The Epoch of Not Concerning Yourself With Worry Over Being Unpolished 
The Epoch of Not Lying
The Epoch of Saying Things You’ve Said Before and, This Time, Meaning Them 
The Epoch of Pressing Your Cheek Against the Linoleum and Hearing Someone You Once Knew, Fuck In a Kitchen Below You
The Epoch of Being Asked to Be His Girl
The Epoch of Elation in the Span of His Palms
The Epoch of Being Petrified Rock
The Epoch of Uncoiling the Wire Until Weeks Feel Like Gifts
The Epoch of Waking Up Next To Him, Still
The Epoch of Staying
The Epoch of Wondering Where You Turned to Get You To This Sunlight
The Epoch of Willing Out the Congestion, and of Smiling and Meaning It, and of Dancing In A Graveyard Kitchen, and of Wanting to Go On. And of Wanting to Go On.

“Lifespan of a Love” By Emma Bleker

(Structure inspired by Anne Carson’s Eras of Yves Klein)

anonymous asked:

hi admins! i was wondering if there are any new baekxing stories that have caught your attention? i feel like we don't get many of those these days... or what are you guys' favourites baekxing fics??? thanks so much for this blog btw, love it <3

Baby Don’t Worry (Everyone’s Watching) (nightclub!au)
But It’s Your Daddy’s Job to Take Care of You (sugar daddy!au)
Corté (dance class!au)
Early Bird (coffee shop!au, photographer!au)
Eighteen (best friends!au)
Epoch (reincarnation!au)
Haven’t Met You Yet (neighbors!au)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (Just Like You) (domestic!au)
If I Can Hold Him (language barrier!au)
On This Planet Spinning (post apocalypse!au)
Pretty Me Up and I’ll Put On A Show (crossdressing!au)
Two Shots (canon!au)

I’ve read Early Bird and I really liked it! 

- alexa

anonymous asked:

hiiii! i love the stories you recommend so much,,, pls keep it up. was wondering if you know any AUs where yoonmin is in a love triangle? thank you 💘

i think you’re talking about ot3 (& if you’re not then ask again and maybe use an example?) so here u go

yoonminseok (one of my faves, thats why i have more to rec):

Room for one more: angst with a happy ending, romance

secret love song: texting au, chatfic, fluff

three-dimensional love: friends to lovers

EPOCH (my favorite): inspired by 365 fresh music video, fluff, angst, attempted suicide, smut

i’m hot (sticky sweet): a/b/o dynamics, alpha!hoseok, alpha!jimin, omega!yoongi, pwp

Moonless Marigold: soulmates au, fluff, college au


Kiss It Better: a/b/o dynamics, alpha!yoongi, alpha!jungkook, omega!jimin, smut

For_Yoongi.avi: pwp, daddy kink

Dark & Wild: i need u au, smut, romance


Snapchat: pwp, smut, snapchat au

Seasons of Love: slow burn, established taegi, college au

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor: mild smut, crack

& if anyone wants a specific ship then just ask!


Tottoko Taisho-kun 2001 Epoch. Very nice to have this toy in Japanese packaging. I bought all these Hamtaro figures in NA packaging as a child. Actually I recently saw a lady selling the western ones NIB at a car boot sale. She had so many different ones, nostalgia! I wanted them… But unfortunately, I decided against it due to pricing.

Anyway here’s Boss. Love the selection of comic style ‘posters’ along the top. The back has a little diagram labelling the tools included, the shovel goes into the bucket. And there’s a list of all his friends!