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The great day has arrived! It is Algy’s 5th Tumblr Birthday.

Algy’s surprisingly fluffy 5th birthday party will start at midday, over on his sideblog @lovefromalgy

It is YOU, Algy’s wonderful Tumblr friends and followers, who have made these five years of Algy’s adventures possible, and YOU who have kept Algy going through good times and bad. Thank you all so very much!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the thousands of almost-invisible followers who Algy does not really know but who see his posts and leave notes from time to time…

And a VERY SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU to those hundreds of amazing friends and followers who Algy has come to know and love over the past five years - who frequently “like” Algy’s posts, leave kind comments, and send Algy messages. 

Algy loves you all and sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy birthday hugs, and hopes that you will be able to join in his birthday celebrations xoxo

To take part in Algy’s birthday party on @lovefromalgy, submit one or more images, or post on your own blog and send Algy a link (your own original work, please). If you post on your own blog, please be sure to let Algy know, as the Tumblr notification system for being mentioned on another blog doesn’t work…

And of course come along to @lovefromalgy and enjoy the fun whenever you can. This very special party is likely to run on into the night here in Scotland (GMT).

Submissions can be made at any time from now until the end of the party. Here’s the link to the Submit form again: again:

To celebrate, Algy is also running a small retrospective of his 5 years of amazing adventures, on his main blog @adventuresofalgy. This was originally planned for just two days, but Algy has now decided to spread it over 5 days - one day for each year :)


get to know me meme: [5/5] favourite female actors ➩ Gillian Anderson 

Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need. ❞

“Remember that all people are weak and are unjust. Learn to forgive, not to be offended. It is better to move away from what is harming you - you cannot force love… Do not look for friends among people. Look for them in Heaven - among the saints. They will never leave or betray.”

~Staretz Nikolai Guryanov

(Icon, All Saints of Scotland, via Mull Monastery)

ID #91500

Name: Tabitha
Age: 18
Country: Scotland 

Hello! I’m not sure how to write an introduction so yeah.

I’ve had a pen pal before, a few years ago, and it was fun so I’d like to try it again!

I did go to college for a year to do a portfolio preparation course for art school, but have since left. I have really no idea what I want to do with my life, haha.

I love languages, I studied French all throughout high school and I’m studying Italian and Spanish at the moment. I’d welcome anyone from another country, or anyone who’s looking to improve their English!

I’m quite shy and socially awkward so I spend most of my time reading (Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchet) and watching documentaries (Louis Theroux). I’m also obsessed with the supernatural and conspiracy theories. I’m really gullible so I will and do believe anything. 

Preferences: Someone around my age, not in the UK

25 Movies You Have To See Before You Turn 25

1. Almost Famous

The exact moment I decided to be a writer was while watching Almost Famous. In fact I paused the film around halfway through because I was hit by a wave of inspiration and had to go write something. A poem, I think. I’d always written, but this film made it look like something one could do as a job, and that it might lead me on strange and interesting adventures. Mostly it’s a film about being different and weird and finding acceptance for it through your art, and that spoke to me on so many levels. I’m different! I’m weird! I write! Maybe I can do this?! Thirteen years later, I’ve still not been on tour with a rock band, but I do write for a living. Thanks, Cameron Crowe.
Daniel Dalton

2. Trainspotting

Taught me the following lessons:

Don’t do heroin.
Save your money.
Listen to your heart, not your friends.
Don’t do heroin.
Scotland is interesting.
Be careful who you pick up when you go to a club.
Don’t do heroin.
Always use protection.
Fries are called chips in Scotland.
Don’t hang around criminals.
Don’t have kids.

And don’t do heroin.
Norberto Briceno

3. Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams is the greatest documentary ever made and was what taught me to start thinking about privilege and poverty and how that relates to “following your dreams” or whatever, when I was a young stupid teenager constantly being told to follow my dreams.
Summer Anne Burton

4. The Breakfast Club

It will remind you that individuality is the key to being happy. You do you. Never pretend to be someone you’re not.
Anna Neyman

5. Laurence Anyways

Aside from having exceptional cinematography and a soundtrack you will keep listening to after the fact, Laurence Anyways grapples with gender identity in the 21st century and what happens to everyone around you when you do decide to transition. Not only that, but Xavier Dolan was an impressive 23 years old when he directed this film.
David Bertozzi

More movies to see here.

I’m taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
He knows where he’s taking me
Taking me where I want to be

We’re flying high
We’re watching the world pass us by
Never want to come down
Never want to put my feet back down
On the ground

Promises me I’m safe as houses
As long as I remember who’s wearing the trousers
Never let me down
See the stars, they’re shining bright
Everything’s alright tonight

psa: it’s john and paul.
Never expected - MissingMissFisher (bokchoynomad) - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


“I never expected her. Sometimes people sneak up on you, and suddenly, you don’t know you ever lived without them.”
— Elle Kennedy

Jack Robinson heads to England, mainly to go after a certain lady detective, and to assist a war friend from Scotland Yard with an intriguing international mystery. The case calls upon both of the detectives’ sleuthing skills when their English holiday cottage unwittingly becomes the base for their undercover operation…as a married couple.


Yes, I couldn’t resist!

After the amazingly positive responses to my very first casefic (Someone we don’t fool), I got bitten by the casefic bug and have started on my next one.

I loved writing about Archie and Fern so much that I decided Phrack just had to adopt their undercover aliases once again. Then @comeaftermejackrobinson convinced me to create my own series for it…so here we go!

Includes some very brief cross-over with the main characters from the Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries novels by Carola Dunn. You don’t need to have read them to enjoy this fully MFMM-centric story (but knowing about them will enhance the enjoyment hopefully)!

P.S. I found this wonderfully touched up photo of Phrack via Google, but can’t find the photo credit (do let me know if it’s yours or if you know who did it!)