friends of pusheen

Phil’s Liveshow// 3.9.17

He’s wearing the blue hoodie we told him to keep from last week

Username ideas that are just words animals: softraccoon explosiveemu ridiculousotter 

He got his friend burger socks, pusheen handwarmers, and planet lollipops

“Uranus is a blackberry. Your anus is a blackberry.”

He hasn’t listened to Ed’s new album yet smh

The Ed Scar Story

Green Light has grown on him

The + and - on the Nintendo Switch was confusing him

He wishes there were more games for the Switch

“I’m generally quite giant as a person”

Slime train

He liked the bomb diffusion video but it was really stressful 

Blue is His Color

He doesn’t suit brown or beige

Dan suits brown more than he does

Wearing black makes him feel vampire ish

He likes living in London because it’s close to everything 

He put on Crufts (if he got the first dog we saw it’d be a cocker spaniel)

“You and your friend. Or friends if you’re lucky enough to have more than one.”

He likes to play the adverts game where you guess the product before it’s revealed

He’s watching Bates Motel , Firefly, Walking Dead, Broadchurch, Steven Universe, Homeland, and Riverdale

He got sweet potato fries with Hazel

Him and Dan signed some new posters

Miracle Berry makes everything weird 

“Looked like a happy doggo”

Timezone research

Top fans won dogs (and one cat)

Tour made him want to see more of the world

AmazingPhil video probably tomorrow or this weekend

He had yogurt with granola and berries for breakfast today because he’s trying to be a bit healthier 


He sang a lullaby 

He still uses the galaxy backpack

Phil doesn’t know geometry 

If he doesn’t upload tweet him some disappointed cat gifs



Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||

My haul from Character Box~

Hey guys! So, I got to go to the Character Box here for the first time in a while today, and if you don’t know it’s a shop that sells anime/cartoon paraphernalia and I feel like I got soo much stuff ^^;;; So I thought I’d share what I got with you guys~ it wound up being around $40 for everything, which actually isn’t bad for places like this… ^^; 
So, starting from the right, a cute little Pusheen keychain plushie and notebook, Rilakkuma chopsticks+holder, absolutely adORABLE MECHANICAL PENCILS -

CAN I JUST SAY, I LOVE THESE CHOPSTICKS SO MUCH, I can’t wait to eat with them~ n0n (definitely using them as an excuse to have ramen tonight ahahah)
Oh, what’s in that clear box at the top, you ask?

save him

OKAY LOLOL SO. The Rin keychain is already out of his packaging because when I was sick with the flu last week, my sister and her boyfriend bought it for me and brought it home to cheer me up because they knew he’s my favorite, so when we went there today I just had to get the Haru to go with him ^^;; the destined pair must stay together right. ♡ they’re soo cute n-n I’m probably going to hang them in my room somewhere. 
And I’m guessing the butterfly keychain was supposed to be for Rei, because there was no name on it or anything… But I bought it anyway cause it’s pretty ^^’
also!! I wanted to use this opportunity to show you guys the Rin and Haru necklaces I bought online as well! I’ve never mentioned them before, but I love them so much.. I wore the Rin one out today ^///^ and then there’s the Rei badge which my sister bought for me ages ago because that’s the only thing from Free they had at the time xD;

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my new trash I mean my new treasures ^__^;; I had a really fun day and I’m really excited to start practicing kanji in my notebook~ it feels official somehow n-n

People I think will be interested in this~ @chiyamabunny, @jennshaiel, @doaaradwan ^__^